10 Best Bass Pedals in 2021

The right effect pedal will provide various possibilities for you to refine your work and produce a special sound that is unique to you and your music. Where do you start, with so many on the market to choose from? Today, you can choose from thousands of pedal choices, and it can be very frustrating to know where to start looking, or to know what kind of sounds and characteristics you need.

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1. SONICAKE Wah/Volume Guitar Pedals

The SONICAKE Volume/Wah pedal is first on the list. This pedal is 100 percent analog, with wah-wah and volume having a 2 in 1 feature. What is described as a 'Crybaby Style Vintage' sound is created by SONICAKE. For ease of movement between the two, the 2 in 1 can easily be switched between using the secret footswitch.

Two LED lights are included that easily show you which state you are in. The SONICAKE is especially tiny and compact, making it a perfect choice for bass players with a lot of gear constantly on the road. As it's so compact, it also ensures you can save room on the pedalboard.

The wah-wah tone has been reviewed as one of the best on the list on this particular pedal. The outer shell is plastic, making it very light; however, the selector of input, output, volume, and wah is all metal, making it sturdy. Another advantage of the SONICAKE pedal is the clean, quiet switch between different sounds.


+ Signaling analogue
+ Slight and lightweight
+ Quiet changes

 Why We Liked It - There is analog signaling in the Sonicake, something seldom found on pedals nowadays. The best alternative for a great vintage sound is this pedal!

2. Zoom B1 Bass Effects

The Zoom B1 bass pedal, with over 80 different effects and controls to choose from, is number two on the list of our bass effect pedals. A cool feature of this bass pedal is that it is possible to use up to five effects simultaneously, creating special and multi-layered sound outputs.

For ease of use when performing live, the pedal requires an onboard chromatic tuner, reverb, looper, envelope filter, and rhythm unit. This pedal is ideal for gigging bass players who are always on the road, with 100 different memory locations, who need preset effects stored and ready to go while playing on stage. From a rock bass stage, overdrive, mad distortion, to octave effects, this pedal offers all the effects you might ever need.


+ Effects number
+100 places for memory
+ Presets supplied

Why We Liked It -You would not need another bass pedal, with so many different bass effects and presets to choose from!

3. VOX StompLab 2B Multi-Effects

To ensure you will not lose sight of it on a dim, unlit stage, the VOX StompLab 2b pedal comes in a crazy red color. With an easy to use gui and accessible access to the sounds you want, this bass pedal is great for inexperienced beginners on the bass guitar as all is clearly laid out.

It contains 100 preset programs divided into various musical genres, making it an extremely fast bass pedal for a novice to use. Like Clean or Distortion, Wah-wah, Chorus, Echo, Delay, envelope filter, and many more, this all-in-one pedal has many effects to choose from.

All of them are conveniently chosen by pressing a few keys. There are also 90 different VOX presets that are already included. In the world of distortion and effect pedals, if you're a novice, then this is the purchase for you!


+ Special colour of red
+ Easy for novices
+ Presets supplied

Why We Liked It - This pedal offers a range of presets and effects that can be easily selected by clicking a button. This is suitable for inexperienced players or beginners!

4. Behringer Bass Overdrive

First up is the Bass Overdrive pedal from Behringer. Don't let this pedal's budget price fool you. Top quality is the quality and range of effects available! To ensure the highest quality sound output at all times, the Behringer bass pedal has 2-bad EQ and Gain controls, and also includes special balance control for when you turn between each effect.

The Behringer pedals are a perfect choice for a bass player on the search for an affordable pedal with several choices, with blend knob, reverb and envelope filter included. While you play, the Behringer bass effects pedals ensure simple tone control.

Reviews also noted that it is also easy to move this pedal to a guitar, so if you are a performing musician working with a variety of different instruments, it's great. Let's not forget about one of Behringer's best things; the price. Look no further if you're on a budget and are looking for a pedal that can give you features of far more expensive models!


+ Price for budget
+ Controls for EQ and Benefit
+ Works on the guitar too

Why We Liked It -For those on a budget and who are not able to lose out on critical effects and functions, the Behringer is a great bass pedal!

5. Percussion Plus 900P

The Percussion Plus 900P is number 5 on our list. This ultra-durable bass drum pedal has a single spring pendulum that, as you play, will pass the stroke power right to the drum head. While it is extremely robust, this product is lightweight and easy to transport. With a fast, smooth recoil, the response of this specific pedal is excellent.


+ Single pendulum for spring
+ Enduring
+ Lightweight weight

Why We Liked It -Thanks to its weight and ability to compact easily, the percussion plus 900P is the ideal bass drum pedal for gigging and traveling.

6. Xvive Bass Distortion pedals

For those bargain hunters out there, the Xvive bass pedal is the ideal pick! As it's the cheapest distortion pedal bass on this list, if you're after a reliable, easy bass pedal, the Xvive is an excellent choice.

A true bypass footswitch is included in the Xvive, making transfers between options and controls extremely simple and fast. It's like you have two pedals for the price of a really cheap one, with an overdrive level already built into the pedal! Reviews have found that Xvive is extremely simple to use and to initially work out all the settings and choices.

This means this might be a really nice choice for you if you are a beginner level user of external pedals. With the option of using this bass pedal for your guitar, it means that when you play live on stage, you can easily switch between instruments.


+ Price for budget
+ Simple controls
+ Works on guitar as well

Why We Liked It -For those on a budget looking for a great distortion pedal, the Xvive bass pedal is ideal!

7. Compressor Guitar Pedal

First up on the list is another for those on a budget looking for bass distortion pedals. The Compressor bass pedal, one of the cheapest on the list here, hosts a truly analog circuit with a true bypass and a wide adjustable range. It is powered by an AC adapter, ensuring that you don't have to worry about running out of battery or swapping batteries while playing!

To add to the sounds made, it will use compression to ensure that there are no inconsistencies in your music. The anti-skid rubber pads on the back are a funky feature of this pedal, so there is no risk of it slipping or sliding around while on stage! It is made of aluminum alloy, so this pedal is highly durable but lightweight as well. One of the Compressor's selling points is these unique pedals that can produce a great sound quality, regardless of your bass guitar, musical genre, rhythm or lead guitar.


+ Price for budget
+ Signaling analogue
+ AC adapter powered by

Why We Liked It -This compressor bass pedal is not only great on a budget for a bass player, but it also works absolutely on an analog signal, which will please all those looking for the retro sound output!

8. Behringer Compressor

The number eight on our list of pedals is another Behringer product. This bass pedal uses compression to create a noisy sound output and raise a low signal without reducing the quality of the original sound. The controls are simple to use on the Behringer Bass Compressor, allowing you to pick the right sound and controls you want quickly and easily.

It may not be the best on the list in terms of longevity because of the plastic shell, but it is definitely one of the lightest, compactest, and easiest to bring around. This makes it a perfect alternative for a bass player who is gigging. The Behringer Compressor will be a fantastic pedal at a budget price, giving you all the basic features your music will require, at a very low cost!


+ Controls readily used
+ Lightweight weight
+ Budget Price Price

Why We Liked It - For inexperienced bass players or intermediate users, the Behringer is a perfect choice as the controls are extremely accessible and easy to use!

9. KLIQ TinyTune Tuner Pedal

The KLIQ TinyTune Tuner pedal is number nine on the chart. This mini bass pedal can fit comfortably on any pedalboard, and while traveling, it is easily transported. This pedal will ensure your gigging and playing time is much more relaxed and speedy with precise and rapid tuning, and a large and easy-to-read display unit.

If you're a beginner bass player, this tuner will also fit well, as the choices and levels are clearly displayed. Two display modes are included in the tuner to choose from;' meter display' and 'strobe display.' The KLIQ TinyTune pedal material is aluminum, ensuring it is lightweight yet robust.

With an instrument such as a five-string bass or a 12 string guitar, this reliable bass pedal will be able to work! The reliability and high quality of the materials used on this pedal have been noted in reviews. For those who are going to transport it around and gig a lot, it's great!


+ Size Mini
+ Simple controls
+ Lightweight but enduring

Why We Liked It - The KLIQ TinyTune Tuner pedal's mini size is great for musicians traveling and gigging who might have a lot of other pedals and amps on their stage when playing!

10. Behringer Super Fuzz SF300

The Behringer Super Fizz SF300 is last on our list. To recreate the 'famous fuzz tones of the 60s and 70s,' the Behringer Super Fuzz for bass guitar is marketed. The Super Fuzz provides three distinct sound modes; classic distortion, grunge, and gain boost, making this a great choice for novice users, a beginner bass player, or those who want to buy a simple pedal with few complicated effects.

If you are looking to add a grungy, distorted sound to your music, this bass pedal is great. It's not just convenient for beginners; for those on a budget, the Behringer Super Fuzz is also fine. This bass pedal is less robust than the others mentioned because of the budget price. The Super Fuzz is made of plastic and will be perfect for anyone who only uses it in their home. This isn't for heavy touring and flying.


+ Controls readily selected
+ Budget Price Price
+ Lightweight weight

Why We Liked It -The Behringer super fuzz offers an impressive sound distortion output at a budget price!

Bass Pedal Buyers Guide

What to Look For When Buying a Bass Pedal

The number of choices can be daunting when looking for the right bass pedal. It can be tricky to find the right one, with so many different pedals to choose from that have unique effects and features. We have compiled a list of characteristics or effects here that usually come with bass pedals, and what you need to look for to fit your needs.

Preset effects

There's a preset choice for many bass pedals nowadays. Presets typically involve a setup to produce an overall sound you want with various effects added. Typically, they are very open and simple to use. Usually, presets are so comprehensive that no more presets of your own need to be created. If you want to make your own or tweak the presets, by clicking a button, they can then be stored and easily accessible on your pedal!


Something called Modeling will be supported by several guitar and bass pedal makers. This is when additional digital processors are used by the manufacturer that can reproduce or 'model' the sounds of different bass sounds, effects, instruments, and amplifiers.

Analog vs Digital Signal

The effects produced by pedals and other bass guitar accessories were analog until the 1980s. Pedals and amplifiers started to change into digital signal processing with the digital revolution in the 1980s. Analog effects had to be based on sounds and effects that already existed.

Today, however, many new sounds and effects can be produced with a digital signal. Both analog and digital signals have several pros and will rely on the individual preferences and needs of the person. The majority of pedals today, however, will be focused on digital signal manipulation.


Compression refers to effects that will decrease the input signal dynamic range. This implies that it will eliminate dynamic variations, thereby creating a smoother and perfect sound quality. Usually, the compression setting will determine the input's upper and lower decibel range. The compressor will then boost or limit the sound output in comparison to the sound input if this is exceeded.

Wah Pedal

Wah wah is one of the most popular effects on pedals. You can use your foot to rock back and forth on the pedal with this feature; this will then add a trebly sound to your music, similar to the 'wah wah' actual sound. This effect is typically very easy to use, even when on stage you play live.

Overdrive and Distortion

Overdrive and distortion are often confused, but they are completely different effects. As if you have turned your amp up to the full volume level (in terms of distortion), the Overdrive effect will improve your pitch, but it will not necessarily increase the volume level. A little more aggression than an overdrive effect can add to the distortion effects. A distortion effect will alter the tone of what you're playing entirely and will completely take over the signal.

EQ Effects

Equalization effects from the sound signal raise or cut those frequency sounds. It enables you to regulate the emitted bass, mid and treble frequencies. Usually, one or two tone knobs will be included in a bass guitar, allowing you the ability to use EQ effects quickly and easily. With this, however, pedals can go much further and can give you more accurate power.

Chorus Effects

To generate multiple voices on the same note or notes, the chorus effect can replicate the original sound. If you want to thicken the sound and create a more multi-layered production, this is a great choice. You can get chorus pedals as well.


In your music, a reverb effect can create a subtle form of delay or echo. Some type of reverb effect will be included in most pedals, although you can also buy reverb specific pedals for a much more enhanced and accurate tone.