Yamaha HS8 Review

Music fans will inform you that one of the most important speakers in the history of pop music was the Yamaha NS10. In the 1980s, every record producer's best friend was this speaker. It was notorious for exposing all the errors and inaccuracies in videos, which was why it was used in their studios by producers as a monitor.

This inability to prevent sound imperfections, of course meant that the Yamaha NS10 could often turn from being the best friend of a manufacturer into its worst enemy. Unfortunately, some years ago, this controversial speaker, which inspired many powerful emotions, was withdrawn, leaving many to look for a substitute.

The Yamaha HS8 is the nearest speaker to the Yamaha NS10 on the market today. If it is a home studio or a professional set-up, it is a perfect monitor for studio recording. This speaker, like the Yamaha NS10, provides incomparable clarity, so that every single detail, good and bad, can be clearly understood.

The bass reflex system and the 8-inch, 75-watt, cone woofer also mean that a subwoofer does not have to be used. If you were a fan of the Yamaha NS10 and are now searching for a new option, then with the Yamaha HS8 you can't go wrong.

Yamaha HS8

Key Features

The Yamaha HS8 is an excellent speaker that is filled with outstanding features. The most important ones are here:

8” Cone Woofer: This woofer gives you minimal, well-defined, bottom-end output sound distortion.

1” Dome Tweeter:This is an effective tweeter that gives you clarity with high-end performance and crispness.

Combined 120-Watt Amplification:This is a method of strong and high-response bi-amplification.

38Hz – 30kHz Frequency Range: This frequency range ensures that you can replicate every single detail that gives you an accurate audio picture.

2-Way Bass Reflex System: The need for a subwoofer is eliminated by this improved bass system.

Room Control: This counteracts problems that come from being put near walls by speakers.

High Trim Control:This role helps you to monitor the high-frequency response more.

MDF Enclosure:Any resonance gets rid of this.


  • + Like the NS10, with the HS8, there is nowhere to hide. Every single information is clearly replicated and amplified, making it suitable for manufacturers looking for a monitor for recording. If you can hear anything in the mix, then you can correct it and make music that is flawless.
  • + The combination of the 8-inch woofer and the 2-way bass reflex system ensures that there is no need for a separate subwoofer for the low-end frequencies to be so efficient and well specified.
  • + The two control systems, room control and high trim control, mean that the speaker is completely adaptable to any room or studio in which it is positioned and the location within the room in which it is placed, so that quality monitoring is still accurate.
  • + The sound quality and capacity of 120 watts mean that the HS8 does not only need to be used as a display for the studio. It is also a great home speaker that will have everything that lives up to its high expectations for audiophiles.


  • - The Yamaha HS8's only con is that it's not the Yamaha NS10. But it isn't the fault of HS8. And the NS10 has been discontinued, sadly. The HS8 is not however, a consolation prize. In its own right, it is an outstanding speaker, and studio producers will love its monitoring capabilities.

Who Is It Suitable For?

For producers who are looking for a monitor, the Yamaha HS8 is suitable. It doesn't matter what kind of studio you have, or what the size of the studio is as it is easily adaptable to all environments with room control and high trim control.

The Yamaha HS8 is also ideal for someone who is a fan of the Yamaha NS10, as it is an excellent new alternative to the classic NS10 speaker that has been discontinued.

Why We Like It

The Yamaha HS8 provides unparalleled clarity, like the Yamaha NS10, which ensures that every single detail can be heard clearly, making it ideal as a recording monitor, but also for audiophiles who want to be able to hear absolutely everything on their favourite albums. The Yamaha HS8 isn't exactly the NS10, but it's a great choice that doesn't disappoint.

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