8 Best Bluetooth Speakers in 2020

We are battening down the hatches in our normal style, blasting up the volume to bring you a succinct and unbiased comparative analysis of the 10 best on the market Bluetooth speakers.

We've sifted through the several hundred available and weighed each one's pros and cons so that you don't have to, freeing you from the comfort of your homes to shop.

We have collected all the relative data as always and put it in a jam-packed buyer guide that aims to respond to all your inquiries, enabling you to make a more informed purchase.

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1. Bose SoundTouch Wireless Speaker

With their 30 model that makes for a very impressive room-filling model, we are opening our review offerings with a very esteemed offering from Bose's third generation of the SoundTouch series.

It acts as a stand-alone product in stereo, something we don't often see with a special Bluetooth speaker.

"The dimensions are 9.7" high and 17.1" wide with a depth of 7.1" and it has a decent capacity, giving it plenty of room to house its very capable full-range collection.

With a large response, it efficiently manages all aspects of the frequency spectrum and reproduces sound with good details.

While we would suggest that the bass is a little muffled at full outputs, it has a reasonable volume. It is instilled with a cut-off security device to prevent the components from overheating and overloading, which can lead to it cutting out if it is absurdly cranked, but it is designed to pair with multiple speakers from SoundTouch.

The cut-out problem is much less likely when connected together and they have a far greater headroom with the workload shared between them.

With a great loss-less signal, it functions smoothly over the Bluetooth link. It can even be directly plugged in, although it seems to incur a nominal lag.

Within the 802.11 b/g/n band, the wireless signal has compatibility, and is a slightly stronger signal for simple broadcasts with speeds that almost equal a direct line, but its exclusivity makes the device a little more expensive.

For easier activity, it can operate with Alexa devices, or directly from your mobile via the app, but it also comes with its own remote control.

It also has on-board controls that allow you to save up to 6 settings for quick Bluetooth retrieval, directly saving your favourite podcasts.

It is compatible with audio formats such as AAC, Apple Lossless, MP3 and WMA and has a mains power cable.

It has excellent aesthetics and the form of the speaker front is subtly angled for better audio dispersion, in either classic black or brilliant white.


  • + Strong audio with premium content.
  • + Outstanding building.
  • + Pairing easily.
  • + Secure, wireless high-speed connection.

Why We Liked It:The components inside are top quality, and with well-defined highs and no mid-range muffle, the audio produced has great balance. For music and dialogue, they work wonderfully and the Bose SoundTouch 30 might just be one of the best sounding choices on the market.

2. B&O PLAY Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Another high-end beauty is our second range, which is blessed with some premium components and superior circuitry, but comes in a more compact size, making it suitable for your travels.

It has a rather durable design that includes a solid leather carrying strap to support the product's portability. The dimensions are 10 inches in length, 8 inches in width, 6 inches in height, and it is suitably light to match its intent.

It has amazing aesthetics and is a curvaceous cube-like speaker with a grille of 360 degrees that offers maximum dispersion of audio. To shield it from the elements, the grille is anodized aluminium and it also has a non-slip top made of a tough polymer.

We particularly love the Shaded Rosa model designed by Cecilie Manz with a grille with a dark pink tone, complemented by the golden strap and silver housing. It comes in a variety of colours.

A full-range, long-stroke high-performance speaker driver that measures 5.5" and works in conjunction with a trio of Mid-range tweeters with high capacity. They are 1.5" in diameter and in the mix they can provide definition and detail.

It also benefits from providing dual balanced passive bass radiators to avoid clouding of the low-end frequencies and reduce issues with distortion. They measure 4 inches each and do a fantastic job at powerful levels of handling the bass.

Because of the 360-degree design of the box that serves up the unmistakable Bang & Olufsen signature sound, the audio is omnidirectional.

The Bluetooth operates unimpeded, it can remember up to eight users to facilitate the social networking knowledge of businesses and remain linked to 2 devices for fast switching at the same time.

It has a maximum power of about 240 watts, the battery will last up to 24 hours playing for 8 hours straight at 75 percent volume, giving you plenty of time between charges..


+ Durable development.
+ A commodity of premium quality.
+ High-performance array for speakers.
+ Battery for 24 hours.

Why We Liked It :It's another premium Bluetooth speaker that brings a lot to the table, the style is well thought out and beautiful not just practical. The sound is excellent quality, the speakers are high-output with excellent efficiency and the signal remains clearly streaming over a generous battery allowance.

3. Amazon Echo Bluetooth Speaker

If you're shopping for a Bluetooth speaker with mod-cons on Amazon now for a familiar face, then you're likely to have seen the company's patented item. The Echo is a fairly advanced little piece of kit designed to meet your home audio needs for optimum synchronisation with Alexa.

It is a highly recommended best-seller with many acclaims that have been well-designed and developed and most importantly retails that make it a practical solution at an affordable price level for most.

It features a cylindrical standing design that enables it to provide an omnidirectional 360-degree listening audio dispersion and can be put in any space anywhere.

One of its greatest advantages is the connecting design that enables it to pair with multiple speakers all operated from one centre in a comfortable hands-free manner through voice commands courtesy of Alexa positioned throughout your home.

Its compatibility with Alexa also means that it can provide users with news, weather, traffic alerts, sports scores, and can be used to schedule your Fire TV and answer calls from your phones.

Alexa is constantly learning and developing and the app is cloud-stored so that you instantly get all the updates. At present, it can handle orders from Uber, Dominos and DISH as well as manage a host of devices from businesses such as Phillips, Samsung, Sony, WeMo and much more.

It is fitted with seven far-field recognition microphones and relies on advanced beamforming technology from companies so that you can talk cross-room from a real distance. It even has a drop-in option to talk room to room, so you're not going to have to yell around the house.

The drivers are very capable and constructed out of a woofer-tweeter combo of quality components. The woofer is just 2.5 inches long and is backed by a reflection tube that holds the bass clear. The tweeter is 2 inches and deals with the high-end frequencies effectively.

With strong definition, the audio served up is well-balanced, rich, and full-range, and newer versions explicitly support Spotify and Sirius XM. To keep your music streaming without interruptions, it operates with an advanced audio delivery profile and has a mains plug-in cable.


  • +360 audio.
  • + Well-engineered combo Woofer-tweeter with port for bass reflex tube.
  • + Can be tied up
  • + compatibility with Alexa for unrestricted voice control of your home and life.

Why We Liked It:-It offers decent home audio, but its most notable features are its compatibility and far-field recognition, which makes it a command centre for almost everything, with the Echo's possibilities practically limitless with its continuously updating functionality.

4. Harman Kardon Mini Portable Wireless Speaker

Next we have a high-end Bluetooth miniature speaker that is still much larger than some existing mini options and packs a pleasantly powerful punch. It is around a third of the size of Harman Kardon's original Onyx model and is very well-made.

It has the same round and round shape, but its diameter is slightly over 15cm. In order to give it some stability, it has a wider flattened bottom but has an overall depth of only 9.5cm.

It is made of high-grade materials and the grille is very solid and covers more than 60% of the surface with its outer dome shape offering a significant hand in the performance of audio dispersion.

However its compact size is disappointing because it houses a speaker unit that is very well-engineered. The dual mid-range units are canted left and right despite having a mono woofer and tweeter, and will provide a semi-stereo listening experience without pairing to a secondary unit, while true stereo sound is recommended.

Up to 3 devices may be linked and the last 3 paired for instant recall will also be remembered. It can be used for calling conferences, which is a handy bonus. The on-board Bluetooth offers a stable, steady stream and the battery lasts for 10 hours of playtime and much longer when idle. Via a mini-USB it recharges.

It has top-mounted controls and also has an auxiliary mini-jack input so that you can play or connect it up to a laptop or tablet directly from a mobile device.


  • + Wonderful portability.
  • + Construction of consistency.
  • + Powerful array for audio.
  • + Suitable battery life.
  • + Good aesthetics borrowed from the bigger iteration of the Onyx.

Why We Liked It:We love its round shape, it is an idyllic size in a compact housing for quality audio, the mids are canted which, despite the lows and highs being replicated in mono, gives the audio a stereo feature.

5. Ecoxgear Ecocarbon Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

For the outdoor sort who likes a bit of audio on their ramble, our next choice is the obvious one. With elements such as shock and waterproofing at the core of its design, it is incredibly well built to take into account the rigour it will be placed through.

It's a little larger than pocket-sized but could certainly be considered handheld, but the company has cleverly provided users with a heavy-duty carabineer-style clip to hang the speaker from a belt loop or backpack strap or anywhere else they choose.

It features a sturdy densely-woven metal grille and, due to its thick rubberized surround, has strong protection from knocks. The edges have an elevated tread like a car-tire, so if you choose to hold it it is non-slip and they even raise it from the surface to provide better projection to the audio.

It is very resistant to water and particles and can even withstand a brief submersion, but it is designed to float cleverly enough if it ever encounters a body of water.

A waterproof plug that stays attached to the main speaker housing covers the charging electronics and the onboard top-mounted controls are separate from the sealed electronic components as well.

It provides up to 12 hours of run-time between charges, and because of its smaller footprint, the audio generated is surprising. It is fitted with dual 16-watt speakers and a passive 3-inch subwoofer that offers a decent dynamic range and reasonable resolution for stereo audio.


  • + Portable all-wetter outdoor option.
  • + Clever concept characteristics.
  • + approved IPX-6.

Why We Liked It:Thanks to the inclusion of a passive subwoofer, it is a well-manufactured choice with decent specifications, the audio is impressive for its dimensions and has good clarity.

6. B&O Play by Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth Speaker

For a more palm-sized model that brings greater portability to the table, the BeoPlay model from the Bang & Olufsen team is eighth in our sights. It is fully circular and has a diagonal diameter of 5.2 inches, making it slightly larger in size than a CD.

It is once again very well-made from high quality components inside and out that make it a premium option.

It has a solid aluminium shell with a thin profile comparable to many of the ones we highlighted and features a loop-hole with a cord for easy hanging anywhere you want to put it.

The rounded surface gives a stronger dispersion of sound than a flattened one that projects the audio from the curve of the grille.

In order to deal with a large frequency response and deliver well-balanced audio with good definition, it has a capable full-range speaker array within.

For handling voice calls and voice commands via voice recognition, it has a built-in mic. It mutes with an LED indicator (red/green) through the microphone button.

It also has a power button along with up/down volume and Bluetooth easily links buttons to pair. It is fitted with a USB C port as well as an auxiliary input mini-jack. It charges within 3 hours and can stream at a moderate volume level for up to 24 hours.


  • + Heavily-portable.
  • + Profile Thin.
  • + Microphone built in.

Why We Liked It:For those on the go, it is a great tool that is full of convenient mod-cons and can remotely be voice-operated.

7. Libratone ZIPP MINI Portable Wireless Speaker

The ZIPP MINI from Libratone is another great mini Bluetooth speaker choice to consider. It still stands at a commendable 8.8-inches tall and disperses omnidirectional audio with its cylindrical form.

It features Danish engineering that is intelligently designed to produce dynamic audio using the company's patented FULLROOM technology that gives it a strong mono tone.
It has an advanced internal structure that hosts a cone of 360 degrees. With two 1 " tweeters and one 4 " sub assisted by two passive bass radiators, the array is formed to remove distortion from the equation.

The SOUNDSPACE technology of the speakers enables it to be combined with up to 6 other Zipps 2 for conventional left and right stereo or more for surround-like sound large enough to launch a band.

For one-touch retrieval, you can preset your 5 favourite Internet radio stations or save playlists. Its Bluetooth signal streams directly from vTuner, Spotify, Tidal, and many more are solid and unproblematic.

It has an integrated dual mic for managing your calls and is a smart speaker that can connect with Alexa by pairing or plugging an Amazon Dot, Tap, or Echo into it.

It has a hush detection function that when your hand is put over the top, will silence anything instantly.

The covers are interchangeable so that you can adjust or match the decor of your room to your own design.


  • + Nice definition of audio.
  • + Pair up to 6 Group Zipps.
  • + Compliant with Alexa.
  • + Hush function for detection.

Why We Liked It:It is an amazing smart-speaker that can be customised with new aesthetics because of its interchangeable covers. In spite of being a mono option, the audio is powerful with great bass handling and the link-up feature is a bonus for large gatherings and social sharing.

8. Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker

We leave you with a low-budget option that is a decent all-rounder, and while it may not live up to audiophile standards, it is more than tailored to suit your regular casual listening average.

For a budget Bluetooth speaker, it's lightweight but sturdy and surprisingly well-built.

A quality enclosure with curved edges contains the array. The modules are well-engineered and manage the frequency spectrum capably, offering ample detail with balanced stereo audio.

To hold distortion at bay, it bears two high-sensitivity drivers and benefits from the company's proprietary bass port.

To help keep it secure from drops, the materials used are tactile and give it shock-resistant features. It is extremely compact and can be kept in a backpack or handbag for travel.

The controls are top-mounted and the battery can provide up to 24 hours of listening between charges with ease. Bluetooth has strong signal strength and reliability, and to further extend its functionality, it can communicate with Alexa compatible devices.


  • + Low-cost, robust building.
  • + Dual drivers and a connector for bass.
  • + Can connect devices with Alexa.

Why We Liked It :It has a robust design that is necessary for a low-cost Bluetooth speaker. It has a powerful speaker unit and is of decent quality for audio reproduction.

Bluetooth Speaker Buyers Guide

Before we dive into answering some of your pressing FAQs in the buyers' guide for our Bluetooth speaker, we will first send you our recommendations from today's review choices.

1. Top Pick

Our top option is the Bose SoundTouch Wireless Speaker because it is incredibly well-designed, delivering some of the best audio around and running on a premium Bluetooth bandwidth that keeps stutter-free signals. This bad-boy outperforms all the other hands down in terms of Bluetooth streaming alone and is 5G ready should you consider upgrading.

2. Premium Choice

Now the above Bose could have been put in our premium option just as easily, but given that we have already crowned it with its beautiful but functional design and a 24-hour battery, that spot could be reserved for none other than the Beolit 15 Play from Bang & Olufsen. With a full-range audio array of dedicated mid-tweeters and dual bass radiators, it is immaculately built and offers 360 degrees of audio that you can take with you.

3. Great Value

There's none other than Amazon's Echo Bluetooth speaker in our great value spot, which is really so much more than just a speaker. The Alexa cloud capabilities make it a much smarter piece of kit that makes it a versatile addition to a modern home, monitoring everything you might practically want from your home's lights and temperatures to scheduling or even micro-managing your busy life.

Are Bluetooth Speakers as Good as Wired Speakers?

First off it largely depends on the concept of good and what we are trying to categorise. For example, the audio generated can be just as good as a wired speaker with identical installed components that match each other in terms of their dimensions.

First of all the way the audio is produced depends on the response of the speaker cones, which react to fluctuations and disturbances within the magnetic fields.

So from a technological point of view, indeed the audio can be wired or wireless, or on-par.

That said a Bluetooth speaker depends indirectly on interpreting the electrical signals, and while modern Bluetooth has stepped up its game for the most part and works reasonably clearly, it can be subject to a lack of consistency. In fact, this is true of older version operations, so you might argue it is less efficient than a wired solution.

Of course, since the stream is read in a wireless way by the speakers rather than directly, there is a nominal lag. This is unproblematic for many ears, but the nominal sum adds up over a long course of time and can build a longer pause as time passes to a point where it is visible, surprisingly so with a live stream.

The image and audio will soon become totally out of sync with each other if you are watching something and using a Bluetooth mic, which can hinder viewing.

This can sometimes cause stuttering as the audio attempts to catch up in real-time with the current signal.

These days, there are many digital processing technologies in place that seek to directly solve these problems by using a codec within the electronic chips that enables them to stream accurately in real time.

The operating bandwidth plays a very important role and there are some higher-end speakers that use faster frequencies to ensure a steady stream, including the Bose SoundTouch for which we opened our reviews.

Cheaper Bluetooth products work on busier signals, which reduces the efficiency again, because in this day and age, as you can imagine, there are a multitude of Bluetooth devices fighting over the airwaves.

Do all Bluetooth Speakers Come to Stereo?

Only some Bluetooth speakers are specifically designed to provide standard stereo audio. The Bluetooth speaker itself technically needs to house 2 different speakers that should be spaced apart in order to serve up stereo sound, even though it is only slightly directed to the left and one directed to the right.

In this way, the stereo signal can be fed both ways to replicate any panning used in the audio track.

Given that the majority on the market are on the smaller side to fit comfortably into our busy modern lives, many of them are singular arrays without a decided left and right.

Others will involve coupling with a secondary model of Bluetooth speaker (usually of the same brand) to provide a stereo signal, delegating one as a right and one as a left channel once they are wired together.

On the market, there are also Bluetooth models that can run both ways and give users control over the features. Running them in either stereo or mono.

These days, many modern Bluetooth speakers can be linked to many other models and act as a team with some providing parties with a sufficiently powerful arrangement while operating through their connected modes.

Are Bluetooth Speakers Compatible for all Devices?

If we generalise, then the majority of well-made Bluetooth speakers are compatible with most of the most commonly known devices. Of course, as with anything, there are exceptions to the rule and this would be more obvious in low-budget Bluetooth speakers that might not be quite as versatile.

Bluetooth scans frequencies in the region and can stream them if they are identifiable and available.

How do you Recharge Bluetooth Speakers?

How to recharge your Bluetooth speaker can differ slightly from model to model, but most can charge via a USB B or C connection. This can be plugged into a charging laptop or tablet or an adapter plug for direct charging from the power outlet of your mains.

Some models of Bluetooth speakers have their own DC power supplies that can charge directly from the socket again.

One of the benefits that a Bluetooth speaker can also offer (aside from portable audio) with its rechargeable battery capacity is that many can be used to charge from in a pinch.

So you can give your mobile a little boost effectively as it streams your music by sharing the power through Bluetooth while you are out of reach of the mains.

Do Bluetooth Speakers Use Data?

No, Bluetooth works on its own bandwidth, transmitting data to your Internet in an entirely different way over short signal distances.

This in fact, does not require wifi or even a cell-phone network to function. It is simply a separate networking technology, which is why, unless you use an online programme that needs internet data to function, it does not affect your data usage.

This is where the uncertainty often comes in, because you need to check whether any of your apps are running in offline or online mode, but offer the user the option of saving (downloading) their favourite offline playlists.

If you stream from a saved playlist from your Bluetooth, you will only need to stream your Bluetooth on it without an internet connection, but if you play via Pandora or similar streaming apps, they will need internet access and your data allowance will be eaten away.

Best Bluetooth Speakers?

With so many competitors on the market, it can be difficult to navigate your way, particularly through the lower-end budget choices that vary very little from each other for the most part.

Those we've looked at all make great choices, and our Top Pick, Premium Choice and Great Value highlights above will give you a better picture of what makes a good Bluetooth speaker with some luck.

For those of you who still need a little more to go on, according to a certain demographic, we will take you through what to look for in terms of main variables and their order of significance.

What to Look For in a Bluetooth Speaker?

When you pick out a Bluetooth speaker, what to look for is closely controlled by the way you are going to use it.

Those who want a small pocket-sized computer on a sunny day in the park to amplify their smartphone would want something very different than someone who is trying to fill their bedroom or even their whole house.

So, as with any electronic product, it is necessary to think about the products intended for use. If you are out and about, you may want to more carefully consider the dimensions and think about the speaker's weather-proofing too in case you are caught out by the storm.

Durability is also becoming more pressing, but it needs to be robust in a different way than a home speaker.

You would probably want something for home use with a much larger frame and larger driver units to entertain you. In terms of exterior damage, it should have grilles that are durable as they often go first on a speaker. With a good projection, the architecture can disperse the audio.

The sound will be key, regardless of the specifications of your Bluetooth speaker, since they are ultimately for listening pleasure. How well the audio sounds are due to the capacities of the speaker modules themselves as well as the on-board digital processing technology.

You want a full-range speaker to pick up a wider range of frequencies for their purpose, and this can really only be done effectively with the right types of cones. The internal components should be well-engineered.

The mids and lows need a larger surface area, and as the response is very fast-paced and puts off heat, the highs would benefit from a dedicated tweeter dome or compression speaker.

Many home speaker systems may have a dedicated woofer or sub-woofer to handle the low frequencies separately when it comes to bass, freeing up the mid-range driver to hone in on what is most suitable for handling.

This optimises the system's effectiveness. Therefore, if you have an all-in-one Bluetooth speaker, you would need to make sure it has an A. A decent amount of space for a sufficiently large driver and B. There is some form of venting or reflex port in its construction.

The reflex port will help eliminate the rear waves to ensure that there is no cancellation of the wave, otherwise the 2 waves will cancel one-another out simultaneously, resulting in a muffled and ambiguous sound.

This may also be the number one factor due to low-end distortion and rattling of the enclosure.

The on-board Bluetooth should be version 4 or higher and run on a high-speed bandwidth, preferably. If you are an Apple user, you may want to check for Airplay compatibility and you will have to check the specs if you want to be able to use it again with Alexa.


The way the world is going, there is no question that a proper Bluetooth speaker is pretty much a modern-day requirement.

Today, with their ease of use mod-cons and tidier appearances free from wires, the staple of many homes is a fair solution to which many are comparably attracted.

With the demand for Bluetooth compatible speakers so strong, there is an abundance of models available. What you get is a little constrained by your budget allocation, but there are some excellent offers to be had around.

We believe we have compiled some fantastic examples for you to examine and highlight their best features from the lower middle and higher-end of the market.

Hopefully you will be well on your way to selecting your next Bluetooth speaker with all the information you need with our Top Pick, Premium Option and Great Value recommendations as well as our exegetical guide.

Expert Tip

There are a range of very capable Bluetooth operating systems worth a look on the market if you are looking to set up a surround sound system for your home audio needs. As the article today clarifies, Bluetooth is not as reliable as a direct signal, but there are some high-end devices out there that work very well on exclusive high-speed bandwidths that handle the stream.

Did you Know

We have tested the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers before, so be sure to take a nose if you're looking for a travel partner that can withstand whatever the weather throws at it.