10 Best Powered Bookshelf Speakers in 2020

In 2020, are you looking for the 10 best-powered bookshelf speakers? Bookshelf speakers don't just have to sit on a bookshelf; they can also be placed on stands or wall-mounted. Since they're so small, they're not going to take up much space. You will get high-quality sound and power from the best bookshelf speakers, too.

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1. Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier is one of the makers of the best powered bookshelf speakers around. That is why on this list there are so many of their products. These speakers have a beautiful wooden finish, which would complement the décor of your home. Thanks to the 13mm silk dome tweeter and the 4-inch range unit, they also deliver studio-quality sound.

Thanks to the two AUX inputs, they provide simple connections, and any computer that has a 3.5mm headphone output will also be compatible. The dual-RCA output also means you can hook them up to your TV and use them as speakers for home cinema.


  • + To the eye pleasing
  • + Sound of high quality
  • + Precise digital controls
  • + Strong communication with cables
  • + Great-for-money value

Why We Liked It:The sound quality is top notch, and on your bookshelf they still look really fine, but they won't break the bank to buy them, too. See some of our favourite speakers on the bookshelf for under $1000.

2. Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf

As they have Bluetooth capabilities, these potent little bookshelf speakers dispense with messy cables. They have a remote control as well which means that you can do it all from the comfort of your couch. As they have incorporated Digital Signal Processing and Dynamic Range Control, there's no chance of distortion.

The walnut wood effect provides them with a traditional, stylish look. And consistency and reliability are assured by the term Edifier. As it has dual RCA performance, it is possible to have two devices connected at the same time. A warranty of two years protects you from any defects or problems.


  • + Connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0
  • + Remote control easy-to-use
  • + Consistency, sound free of distortion
  • + Excellent bass
  • + Warranty for two years

Why We Liked It:For such small speakers, they deliver powerful sound, and the Bluetooth compatibility makes them easy to use and to synchronise with all your devices.

3. Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf


The sound reproduction achieved through the 4-inch bass driver and the 13mm silk dome tweeter by these driven bookshelf speakers is remarkable. There is also an option to link to your television or computer via optical and coaxial inputs, in addition to Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. That means it will allow lossless connections.

The construction quality is outstanding, and the wood grain effect looks fantastic, too. There is a solid representation of high tones and mid-bass tones, and they also have a crisp, consistent sound. With the newly built remote control, the HD sound can be easily altered.


  • + Sound High-Definition
  • + Inputs for optical and coaxial
  • + Contemporary style
  • + Crisp, straightforward tone
  • + Compatibility with Bluetooth

Why We Liked It :These are great power speakers that offer music video games and movies a high-definition sound that will do justice.

4. Edifier R980T 4" Active Bookshelf Speakers

These driven bookshelf speakers provide smooth, tight bass and crisp, high tones with 24 watts of RMS output. Midrange sounds are also cleanly replicated as well. The cabinets are constructed from natural wood that reduces acoustic resonance. The wood also looks much better than a material made of synthetic plastic.

These 4-inch bookshelf speakers are small and lightweight, so ideal for avoiding clutter, while getting high-quality, solid sound from the 13-mm tweeter and 4-inch bass motor. Even listening to music at high levels, you shouldn't get any distortion either. They give excellent value for money, despite the price tag on these Edifier bookshelf speakers.


  • + Wooden enclosures
  • + Compact and small
  • + No distorting
  • + Affordable cost
  • + Output of 24-watts

Why We Liked It :For their size, these speakers really pack a punch, providing an impressive 24-watt output, though still just 4 inches in size. They are remarkable little speakers from the bookshelf

5. Micca ON3 3-Inch Powered Bookshelf

These powered bookshelf speakers by Micca not only look fantastic, but they also have a built-in 24-watt x 2 amplifier. Since the amplifier is enhanced with circuitry for DSP processing, then you can be assured of absolute, rich sound.

The single driver also guarantees that no issues that are normal with crossover circuits will be related to acoustic lobing, time synchronisation, or phase problems. That means you're going to get a smooth, natural sound that fits every music genre, as well as movies and video games. With jack inputs on both the front and back, they are readily connectable.


  • + 24 watts x 2 RMS horsepower
  • + No distortion of the top-end
  • + Rich noise
  • + Easy-to-use remote control which can be attached magnetically to the speaker
  • + Suitable for computer or TV

Why We Liked It:These speakers are some of the best powered bookshelf speakers around because of the strong amplifier that has been improved to deliver excellent, clear and rich sound.

6. Micca PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers

These driven bookshelf speakers come with a woofer with 4 inches of carbon fibre that gives your bass a major boost. In addition to the improved bass provided by the woofer, the treble is extremely smooth due to the 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter that guarantees high performance.

The ported cabinet enclosure gives them a contemporary, trendy look. They are small at 9.5 inches in height and 5.8 inches in width, and will not look conspicuous on your bookshelf. If you're looking for speakers that will give your favourite music a rich and robust sound, then this is a great choice.


  • + Broad bass
  • + Speakers with high efficiency
  • + Contemporary style
  • + Tiny and lightweight
  • + Robust noise

Why We Liked It :In the bass department, the carbon fibre woofer really gives these bookshelf speakers something extra that other bookshelf speakers are unable to deliver.

7. Fluance Ai40W Powered Two-Way 5"

These two-way powered speakers from Fluance are for you if you are looking for premium bookshelf speakers with enough power to fill your space with high-quality music. They have a 70-watt Class D amplifier that is integrated. Thanks to the silk soft-dome tweeter and woven, glass-fiber drivers, the robust sound is also perfectly balanced.

It's so simple and normal that the sound almost sounds like you're at a live concert. Not only do the wooden cabinets look elegant, they were built to remove any distortion. To link to your computers, the Bluetooth capabilities make it a breeze.


  • + Massive natural sound
  • + Gorgeous wooden cabinets
  • + Compatibility with Bluetooth
  • + Outstanding frequency response
  • + Worshiped by audiophiles

Why We Liked It :It is very rare to find powered bookshelf speakers that, while also looking good, offer such solid, distortion-free sounds.

8. Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth

The power of 120 watts given out by these Edifier bookshelf speakers is completely stunning. They have both Bluetooth communication and optical input, so they can easily be connected to your smartphone, tablet, TV, or gaming console.

Thanks to the revolutionary 25mm silk dome 'Eagle Eye' tweeters, the sound is so sweet. In wooden cabinets, they are often encased, which decreases the risk of acoustic resonance. You earn a two-year warranty, just in case something goes wrong, as with most Edifier driven bookshelf speakers. The wireless remote control is also a good extra.


  • + Astonishingly good tone
  • + Magnificent connectivity
  • + In-built amplifier
  • + Worth the cash
  • + Appealing aesthetically

Why We Liked It :The combination of strength, sound quality and a lovely design. They're very good bookshelf speakers that are powered, which is what you expect from Edifier.

9. Yamaha NS-6490 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers

These Yamaha three-way powered bookshelf speakers have two speakers, with three drivers in each enclosure. These are an exceptional long throw cone woofer, 8-inch, pearl white, reproducing thudding bass. There is also a 4-inch, cooled ferro-fluid cone that offers mid-range sounds that are warm and lively.

Completing the three drivers is the 8-inch tweeter. They combine to produce an amazing, strong sound that will fill your living room and blow your socks off. They are a little larger on this list than the other driven bookshelf speakers, but that only means the sound is more robust.


  • + Sound for room-filling
  • + Broad bass
  • + No subwoofer possible
  • + Classic, 3-way style from Yamaha
  • + Big scale

Why We Liked It :These are large speakers on the bookshelf that offer out an equally great tone. They also create a sound in the classic style that makes them perfect for audiophiles.

10. Audioengine A5+ Active

Audioengine aims to create great-sounding speakers that can also be used easily. Both of these things are definitely provided by these driven bookshelf speakers. Their peak production is an impressive 150 watts. But power isn't offered by all these flexible speakers. Once you've wired them to your computers wirelessly, you can hear the difference.

Rather than an artificial, over-the-top bass, they promise an authentic sound. You can hear the song as it sounded in the studio, regardless of what genre you listen to. They're also very easy to set up, so you can start listening to great music almost as soon as you open the package.


  • + Power peak of 150 watts
  • + Will connect to any intelligent computer
  • + Apple Express and AirPlay Compliant
  • + Hand-constructed cabinets
  • + Simple-to-use

Why We Liked It :They're so user-friendly, although they still sound fantastic. The audio engine team is always searching for the best, and these are some of the brand's best-powered bookshelf speakers.

Powered Bookshelf Speakers Buyers Guide

If you are considering buying some powered bookshelf speakers, then first you will need to consider a variety of different items. Bookshelf speakers are not all equal. Some provide an enormous amount of power, enough to fill a room, while others provide decent sound, but not a lot of power.

What you want to use the powered bookshelf speakers for is the most important thing that you need to determine. If you are planning to set them up for gaming or watching movies on your screen, then you must ensure that they do justice to the variety of sounds they would need to imitate.

Here is a rundown of the bookshelf speaker elements that you need to remember before deciding which ones to buy:


Many bookshelf speakers are built to be small enough to fit on your bookshelf, as the name implies, and not to be noticeable or take up much room. For most bookshelf speakers, which are mostly no larger than 9 inches, and of a similar range, this appears to be the case.

However some bookshelf speakers are much larger, such as the Yamaha speakers on our list are hardly compact compared to the Edifier speakers. Then again, even the big bookshelf speakers are still small, and they could give you more power if they're a bit bigger. So you need to determine which, size or strength, is more important.


If the most significant thing to you is electricity, then you need to check what wattage the speakers offer. The greater the number, the more powerful the speakers on your bookshelf will be. The most powerful bookshelf speakers can produce 200 watts at peak power, which is more than you'll ever need from such tiny speakers. Most users will not need anything similar to this as 150 watts of peak power will be more than adequate.


When it comes to networking, the easy option is between wireless or wired connectivity. Then it makes sense to find powered bookshelf speakers that have Bluetooth compatibility if you want to use your smartphone for audio. Then again, if you are planning to connect your TV to them so that you can appreciate the enhanced sound for movies or games, then it is important that they have optical and coaxial connections, as this ensures that audio is lossless and high quality.

Sound Quality

The sound quality will depend on the in-built drivers within the speaker units that are enclosed. The woofer and the tweeter are the two most popular drivers. The bass tones are the responsibility of the woofer.

The size of the woofer can decide how strong the bass is, but if the bass is really important to you some bookshelf speakers make it possible to attach an external subwoofer to them which will give you much better bass than the woofer of the bookshelf speakers will create.

For high-frequency signals, the tweeter is responsible. The tweeter is much smaller and generally about 1 inch than the woofer. Then you can look for driven bookshelf speakers that also feature a third driver that will concentrate on midrange sounds for a truly balanced and rich sound.

Cabinet Material

Then select bookshelf speakers that have wooden cabinets to make sure you prevent too much acoustic resonance. These are mostly made of MDF and are then covered in a brilliant vinyl that seems to have a wooden effect. Woofer retraction would also be supported by a sealed cabinet and thus offer better-sounding bass.

Where should my bookshelf speakers be positioned?

You need to position them correctly to really get the most valuable listening experience out of your powered bookshelf speakers. Some bookshelf speakers actually need careful placement, or much of their sound quality would not be heard otherwise.

Bookshelf speakers are built to be off the floor, so the first thing you have to do is find an elevated position to place them. If you wish to use them for gaming, for example, then take your seat and put one speaker at 10 o'clock and the other at 2 o'clock.

They need to be angled towards you then. Another important aspect of proper placement is that at ear-level, the tweeter is. This enhances the sound you hear and provides a great and pleasant listening experience.

If your bookshelf speakers offer solid bass, then you may want to think which wall you are putting them on because you don't want to get on the bad side of your neighbour.

Do my bookshelf speakers have to go on my bookshelf?

It's definitely not! Due to the name, it is simple to make this mistake, but these speakers are also used as PC speakers or as part of a device for home cinema. Just as long as you don't put them on the board, you can put them anywhere you want.

Do I need a subwoofer to go with my powered bookshelf speakers?

T is not needed. There are a lot of bookshelf speakers that offer you very nice low tones because of the strong woofers within them. If the bass is really important to you however, and you can't live without nodding your head to your favourite bassline, then you should invest in a subwoofer as well which will compliment your bookshelf speakers perfectly.

Do all bookshelf speakers come with a remote control?

 Currently, a surprising number of bookshelf speakers do not have a remote control. The convenience provided by a remote control means that you really should select bookshelf speakers that have them on, otherwise you would need to continuously change the volume or equalise the sound on the actual speaker unit itself, which may very easily become very distracting. A remote control also makes it easier to concentrate on the wonderful sound created by your new bookshelf speakers.

Expert Tip

Powered speakers for the bookshelf can really pack a punch. Make sure that you are not put off by a major price tag when you are choosing new speakers. It might seem like it may not be worth spending a lot of money on such small speakers. But if you find the right speakers, then a vibrant and solid sound can be guaranteed, which can be surprising because of the small speakers it comes out of.'

Keep an eye on the driver's wattage and size, particularly the woofer. And then go for a speaker with three drivers for the most balanced tone, as you'll get a much better full-range sound then.

Did you know?

A 'Dynamic Speaker' is the most common type of speaker currently used. Two guys, Chester W. Rice and Edward W. Kellogg, invented it. Edward W. Kellogg, sadly, is not the same man who was responsible for making your favourite breakfast cereals as well.

In 1925, a paper detailing their plans for moving coil loudspeakers was submitted by Kellogg and Rice. They were working at the time for General Electric's Thomas Edison. If it had not been for their paper, then it could never have been made for the humble powered bookshelf speaker.


There is, certainly, an immense number of excellent bookshelf speakers available in 2020. Although staying lightweight, the best of them can really pack a punch. Its drivers are the most significant components of bookshelf speakers. Investing in three-driver speakers is the best option for balanced sound, as then you can get a good sound range.

Connectivity is also a major factor, as it is much more convenient than having to continuously connect wires if you can connect your computer through Bluetooth. A number of bookshelf speakers are also aesthetically appealing, also doubling up with the wooden cabinets by eliminating acoustic resonance.

You will find some particularly good ones, if you're looking for powered bookshelf speakers that will actually sit on your bookshelf or those that you can use for your laptop or television. However, quality costs money, so don't scrimp, and make sure you spend your money in bookshelf speakers that will give your favourite music a high-definition sound that does justice.