10 Best Computer Speakers in 2020

Join us as we highlight the best accessible online machine speakers. There's a whole host of speakers out there who retail affordably and compete with each other but particularly for you, we've managed to build a top ten list.

Most of us would benefit from an average collection of computer speakers for daily computer use, but if you use your computer for something non-office or work-based, then you might want a much more capable set to comfortably enjoy your playlists or movies. You may be searching for a decent pair of gaming speakers, or something with a powerful subwoofer.

There are a lot of choices on the market, so we're going to take you through all of your options to get the best computer speakers for you at the best price.

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1. Klipsch ProMedia

A wired hybrid 2.1 device that is THX accredited is the Pro Media package from Klipsch. It's an inexpensive choice that has a very capable subwoofer at its core to give you the best possible sound quality. It also has full-range left and right satellites featuring the chosen Tractrix horn of the Compay.

The architecture of the Tractrix brings the sound waves from a circular to a square-shaped escape route very easily. This does two things; it speeds up the system first. This keeps the tweeters running at optimum efficiency and improved dispersion of the audio is also transmitted.

Alongside the tweeters, you can find some of the better mid-range woofers. They delegate very well between them and cover a good reaction spectrum.

A hybrid amplifier is a subwoofer. It has a sturdy structure and has a wide port for better bass handling.

Nice sounding audio serves-up. They have a built-in headphone link and a generous cable length that makes them one of the best pairs of speakers if your headphones are switched often.


  • + Wired machine 2.1.
  • + Port on bass.
  • + Tweeters for the Tractrix horn.

Why We Liked: It-a perfect 3-piece solution for these speakers. They're really well-produced. With decent clarity and impressive bass depth, the audio quality is fantastic.

2. Harman Kardon Soundsticks

First, we chose a format for Soundsticks. This is a Harmon Kardon modern-chic, see-through collection. Each speaker on the machine is beautifully created and striking to look at. They allow you to see what's going on while in use as well as feel the air moving. This is one of the finest PC speakers for a computer in terms of style.

For improved performance and surround sound, this 3-piece 2.1 scheme has a dedicated subwoofer.

The subwoofer is shot downwards and has a distinctive enclosure shape. The framework itself is modelled on an original piece made for MoMaMa of New York Cities (museum of modern art).

It has a very powerful bass port that, through its tubular innards, counters wave cancellation. 6 inches in diameter is the speaker itself. For listening to music, it has a complex sound response.

In spite of their low-wattage, the left and right channels or SoundSticks feature 4 1-inch full-range transducers each and are very room-filling, giving you the surround sound you like. If you want to create a home theatre or want to immerse yourself in a gaming experience, this makes them a perfect pair.

This system of speakers sits on mechanised bases that make it possible to angle them. This directs the audio where you want it exactly. The wires are high-end and appealing in consistency. They each weigh two metres and the length of the power cord is 2.5 metres. It's not a cheap price, but they're some of the better ones on the market.


  • + Eye-catching layout.
  • + Competent machine 2.1.
  • + Fantastic dynamics of audio for the best surround sound.
  • + Premium Cabling.

Why We Liked It:For a beautiful package, these computer speakers make it. The downward-firing bass is very deep and punchy, with some 8-inch versions managing to match. We love their aesthetic, influenced by modern art. Harmon Kardon also makes another range of see-throughs with crystal-shaped enclosures that are just as enjoyable to watch in motion. If you wish to listen to audio in style, these are some of the best computer speakers.

3. Logitech Speaker System Z323

Without an entry from Logitech, we could not check the best speakers. So here we've got to gawp at the Z323 Squeezebox system.

This is another 3-piece 2.1 speaker system that houses a strong subwoofer that is downward-fired, making it another great surround sound option. The cones are produced from a quality pulp blend that is stable enough to provide a low-end punch. It has a bass output dial so that your bass mix can be adjusted to your tastes. In the mid and high-frequency areas, this ensures that it will not overwhelm the concept.

Curved fronts and freely installed tweeters appear on the left and right enclosures, which together provide 360 degrees of audio.

It has auxiliary inputs so that two separate devices that operate your computer and gaming console can be paired without disconnecting and reconnecting cables.

For private listening, it also has a built-in headphone link. This makes them one of gaming's best.


  • + 2.1 sub channels to the left and right.
  • + Twisted enclosures.
  • + Components and subwoofer efficiency.
  • + Rich Surround Sound Audio.
Why We Liked It :For a 60 watt RMS set-up, this speaker system is well-made and surprisingly potent. We like that there is an individual sound control for the subwoofer. For surround sound, this is one of the best ones.

4. AmazonBasics USB Powered

Next we have a cheap and cheerful set of simple electronic solutions from Amazons' line. For those looking at a lower price point, it offers the best value for money.

These computer speakers are a USB-powered, cost-friendly pair with a clever compact design idea. This contemporary and sleek collection is lampshade-shaped. Their curved grilles provide excellent lateral dispersion.

Their installed design requires a bass radiator to be cunningly integrated to help assist the small driver unit with its low-end handling. This gives them a reaction to bouncer bass.

These speakers are an option for plug and play, which requires no installation of the motor. They have fashionable, low-consumption LEDs that illuminate the blue underside. For gaming, they are adequate.


  • + Simple speaker pair for computers.
  • + Radiators with bass.
  • + Friendly for the budget.

Why We Liked It:Although bus-powered choices in terms of sound will not blow you away, this tiny twosome is very well made and offers a relatively low price solution.

5. Bose Companion Multimedia

For a look at one of their second series, next-gen pairs, we're going over into the Bose companion series. These are a high-quality series of left and right satellites that, while not benefiting from a dedicated subwoofer, offer great scope.

They are very well built and have been equipped to provide an expanded sound stage with their admirable speaker drivers. To do this, within their high-tech circuitry, they use the company's TrueSpace stereo digital signal processing to boost and optimise the driver functionality.

They have enclosures designed for proximity listening at an optimised angle, which makes them suitable for computer-based use. Each features a port to avoid any muddiness caused by cancelling the low-end response wave.

They have an increased frequency response between them and have some of the best sound and vocal definition with rich, informative audio - ideal for listening to narratives as well as music. This makes them one of the best gaming couples.

It is easy to set up and these speakers have a headphone jack and a volume dial. They also provide an auxiliary input to directly attach the smartphone or tablet to you.


  • + Enclosures optimised.
  • + DSP Improved.
  • + Rich sound and audio.

Why We Liked It:These are a very versatile pair of speakers that in spite of their compact size, function very well and sound great as a stand-alone without the need for a subwoofer.

6. Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 USB-Powered

The Pebble Plus package from Creative labs is another 3-piece ensemble that provides compact satellites to help save some desk space.

We've previously looked at the Pebbles 2.0 USB model, but this 2.1 version comes with the latest addition of a separate external subwoofer that brings its output to the next level.

It has a 4-inch cone and is downward-firing and is surprisingly capable, despite being bus-powered. It has a well-made, robust enclosure with adequate portability.

The left and right Pebble plus are spherical and built to help fill the space with an elevation of 45 degrees.

They also contain well-balanced 2-inch mid-range drivers that are deceptively strong with a good description ad.

As it is fully bus-powered, it is a low-consumption option. It has a High Gain switch which as far as the woofer is concerned, effectively acts as a bass boost, increasing your volume at the touch of a button. This boosts the power output to 8W RMS when the boost is engaged.

They can be paired with a 5V USB adapter to the power outlet, but you will have to supply one separately.

Via the front-mounted dial, volume can be controlled easily.


  • + Choice Lightweight.
  • + Some of the greatest speakers, award-winning ones.
  • + Realistic to use.

Why We Liked It:This is a handy USB option that offers some of the best sound with a dedicated subwoofer and cute left and right speakers.

7. Edifier USA e25 Luna Eclipse

Another lightweight choice to consider is the Luna Eclipse Bluetooth package. In order to provide excellent sound and audio quality from small speaker units, it has been very well built.

They have an enticing form with a clean, modern aesthetic. This gives them great character, but it also allows them to take advantage of their limited footprint. The speaker fronts are shaped like ovals and have circular backs, giving them the best sound output depth.

This Bluetooth package features a large cut-out that offers space for additional dual 2 and 3-inch passive bass radiators to be incorporated. Compared to speakers with matching dimensions, this is what makes them superior low-end sound reproduction.

A 3-inch bass driver and a 19 mm silk dome tweeter combination are featured on the front, offering full-range audio and sound quality. They have intuitive user controls that are touch-sensitive, so you can change the sound as you want.

These are an AC driven package with 9.10-foot generous cabling. This can be connected directly via an auxiliary input or work through Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a great choice for you if you don't want them near the machine, or if you'd rather put them somewhere else. At a peak power of 75 watts RMS, these speakers work.

Bluetooth maintains a secure stream, so you don't have to worry about losing the link, making it one of the best sets for Bluetooth. The digital room correction tech (DRC) and on-board processing helps optimise the transmission of audio, filtering to boost the audio. This, regardless of any room aberrations, helps to provide the best performance.

Even at peak outputs, the advanced circuitry modifications still ensure zero distortion. All this and more can be had by the best machine speakers.


  • + High-end layout.
  • + Excellent DSP and DRC.
  • + Link via Bluetooth.

Why We Liked It :These speakers are a functional, space-saving package that provides some of the best in-league audio with the best large-sized computer speakers. In terms of sound and design, the engineering is top-notch and provides these speakers with an advantage over most compact pairs in the current market.

8. Audioengine


  • + Wooden enclosures that are durable.
  • + For fantastic sound, premium drivers.
  • + I/O Flexible.
  • + Audio of high quality.

Why We Liked It:Such speakers have a robust build and are well-equipped to handle audio effectively. They offer a variety of options for input and output, and they are very impressive for a small pair, making them one of the best speakers out there for computers.

9. Bose Companion 5 Multimedia

We're back to Bose for a much more premium nose at something. This is from their famous collection of companions. Their number 5 speaker system is a powerful 3-piece system that benefits from advanced circuitry and sophisticated processing to produce outstanding quality audio and sound.

These are well-constructed speakers. They come with elegantly curved speaker stands to optimally place the left and right speakers and save room on the desk, giving them a much smaller footprint. They are magnetically shielded so that monitors won't interfere.

The subwoofer is huge, with a large depth to allow better handling of the bass. A port for preserving distortion-free output is included.

The processing of the signal makes the response of these speakers as a single system very precise. The delegation is effective and very dynamic to replicate. To give the audio the highest possible clarity, they employ compression technology and the concept is top-notch. For sound quality, this is one of the best computer speakers, which makes them a great gaming choice.

These speakers have an in-line sound-pod controller that includes a sound control, a simple mute feature with a single click, a headphone jack, and an auxiliary link to play from a secondary source of input.


  • + Manufacturing of high technology.
  • + Satellites on screened stands.
  • + Subwoofer Capable.

Why We Liked It:This is a beautifully manufactured set with outstanding engineering and great aesthetics. The consistency of the sound is excellent and processed impeccably. We like the sound-pod for quick access, which removes the need to dive behind the speakers.

10. KEF EGG Versatile


We have a small, audiophile-quality pair in our final position, which can be linked to a dedicated subwoofer.

Just as its name implies, the KEF EGG has an egg-shaped enclosure. These speakers are only 11 inches in height, however, thanks to their premium components and advanced engineering, they offer a much more powerful sound quality.

To provide an intricately understood response, their signal processing is refined, giving them superior cross-spectrum meaning.

These speakers come with a very capable, broad-response proprietary KEF Unit-Q driver Series. They provide excellent bass reproduction and feature a 2-way bass-reflex system that removes the possibility of distortion.

These are the best Bluetooth communication computer speakers and are powered by Apt-X technology to ensure fluid and seamless streaming for improved reliability. These speakers are fitted with a direct-use mini USB and auxiliary connection, as well as an accessible extended bass response subwoofer hook-up. The frequency range is exceptional, making gaming a good choice for them.


+ Engineering Premium.
+ Array of high-quality microphones.
+ Audio in high-definition.
+ Networking via Bluetooth.

Why We Liked It:These are a cute pair that are beautifully designed to provide hi-def audio and sound if you're looking for the best computer speakers. They support Bluetooth connectivity; if you want your speakers elsewhere - that is, not on the desk - Bluetooth is the better option. The price is a little more competitive, but the range of sound and frequency is superior.

Computer Speakers Buyers Guide

There are still many things that you need to take into account. Do you need a link with Bluetooth? You want speakers for gaming? Should your speakers come with a jack for your headphones, or isn't that troubling you? How big is the subwoofer meant to be? What level of sound are you looking for? What about the cost?

In today's guide, we will not dive too deeply into the inner workings of your computer speakers, as we have exhausted the topic in previous posts. You should have a pretty good understanding of their capabilities by now if you have read any of our related features.

Top Pick

The Klipsch ProMedia 3-piece set is our top choice. Thanks to their Tractrix horn delivery system, these speakers deliver great sound and are highly effective.

Premium Choice

Soundsticks from the Harman Kardon team can be found in our premium collection. We think the audio is superior, despite not being our highest priced package. With these speakers' special, modern-art aesthetics, we're besotted. They are fantastic with their transparent enclosures and special domed subwoofer construction. It's pretty mesmerising to watch them work hard.

Great Value

Connecting the speakers to your machine is a reasonably easy process that should take just a few minutes to complete. There are two stages: a physical one and a technical one.

You need to make sure that you have the right cables first. You will need to plug the left and right speaker channels into the correct connections on your subwoofer if you have a 3-piece setup. On your PC, Mac, or laptop, the subwoofer then needs to connect to the sound output link.

You must then locate your "manage devices" menu and make sure the new speakers are selected as the new default playback device. A driver installation is needed for some speakers (you will need the internet to find this) but others will connect without a driver.

For a USB set of speakers, drivers are usually required as they will need to use the sound card of your computers. As a general rule, USB speakers are not as good as a selection of powered speakers.

How to make Bluetooth Speakers & Computer Speakers Play Simultaneously?

It is very tough to get audio to play at the same time through wired and wireless speakers. You're better off with a fully wired or completely wireless system; they're not all that compatible with each other.

Bluetooth will still have a nominally slower signal, even though you set your machine to accept both its unit configuration and its system settings menu. This results in lagging, which means the quality of the audio would be out of sync.

If you're set to use the two together you'll have to pick the default playback and communication system for your computer speakers from the playback menu for your devices. This can be found under the "sound settings" that are normally found in the desktop taskbar.

You need to ensure that your Bluetooth speakers are a known product once they're chosen for primary use. If you right-click on the Bluetooth speakers in the system menu, a sub-menu should appear where you can allow stereo mixing and listen to the device you have selected. You can then opt to use the computer to play it.

You should also be able to customise the set-up of a surround speaker, choose between the different connected devices and configure the set-up you want between the two sets.

Both operating systems can differ slightly, of course, but this should allow you to play with both sets. But a Bluetooth set can be somewhat behind the wired set, as previously mentioned.

There are a few programmes available that allow you to monitor the audio settings of your device in a more advanced way, so you can adjust the delay in milliseconds. Voicemeeter is one such programme.

However the best way is to get a pair of auxiliary Bluetooth speakers and directly connect them to your PC or Mac. But then in your tower, you will need several auxiliary inputs.

How to Connect Computer Speakers to TV?

Although we don't suggest that you use computer speakers for a TV, you can connect them to your TV through a variety of input and output connections as long as they're powered. This is perfect for building a home theatre.

If you have a range of computer speakers powered by a bus, then this is not going to be the case. They need power from a USB connection. Your TV would probably only have this to read from and not send to USB players.


What Are the Best Inexpensive Computer Speakers?

We've looked at a few options that make for fine, affordable speaker options at a fair price. At the top of today's buyers' guide, you'll find our great value recommendation. For an affordable price, it is one of the best computer speakers.

In the past, we've also looked at both computer speakers and bookshelf speakers before, so we'd also like to recommend Polk Audio as an affordable option. Know, price isn't everything and without the bells and whistles, you can still get a decent pair of computer speakers for a cheap price.

See our Did You Know Connect at the end of this post, if you're shopping on a shoestring budget.


A wide variety of audio electronics is readily available, but it can be difficult to get started. You should always look for a computer-designed set of speakers for computer use. They are called satellites or peripherals occasionally. For device connection, there are some surround systems and bookshelf pairs acceptable. If you like the open room of your desk and your speakers out of the way, then a great choice is bookshelf speakers.

It is prudent to look for a 2.1 computer speaker if you want the best computer speakers for bass. On the market, there are a few good left and right speaker channel pairs that will suffice for most needs at home.

There are some very inexpensive USB options out there if you have a lower budget and are searching for the best speakers at a cheaper price. But keep in mind that there will never be a bus-powered set as capable as a mains-powered set. In terms of their audio, having a much lower wattage available to run on would make them considerably less impressive.

The distribution of budgets and rates will always have an effect on what you can potentially get your hands on but we hope we have done a good enough job of offering a variety of choices available.

Expert Tip

Wood has better natural acoustics, which ensures that even though internal engineering is not the best, it is less likely to buzz and rattle at max outputs.

Did you Know

We have previously looked at the best budget speakers and the best bookshelf speakers under $50, under $100 and under $200, all of which, if you are shopping with a tighter budget in mind, might be helpful to you.