10 Best Bass Bluetooth Speakers in 2020

Most struggled to succeed in the bass department when Bluetooth speakers first crept into the market. But we've rounded up the 10 best bass Bluetooth speakers in 2020 for an overview of how they've grown.

We live in a world that's wireless. If you want a speaker to amplify the audio of your computers, then wireless communication becomes a must-have easily.

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1. Sony GTKXB7B

We begin with a Bluetooth speaker with ample volume to start a group. It is one of the biggest models on the market and gives a lot of presence to the bass. It can be incorporated into your home, linked to your TV or Computer directly, or used as a stand-alone item.

It is an outstanding model with dual mid-range bass woofers in the 2-way class. It is possible to use it upright or lying on its side.

It features Sony's Extra Bass technology that sees the drivers respond to a precise low-end frequency recognition mapping that optimises the clarity of the low-end. For cleaner bass free of distortion, unwanted resonance is dampened effectively.

With its USB plug and play link, it can operate wirelessly or directly. They have the ability to sync with additional Sony GTKXB7B speakers, choose one as the "Party Host" assigned, and set the rest to Party Chain mode.

They are equipped with intelligent LED lighting which synchronises with the beat of the played audio track.


  • + Option for large Bluetooth speakers.
  • + Additional optimization for Bass.
  • + Syncing party mode.
  • + Directed illuminators.

Why We Liked It :Sony has exceeded themselves as far as Bluetooth speaker models go and shocked us to say the least. They have excellent skills, but for the privilege, you will have to stump up a decent amount of cash.

2. Photive M90

Now we have previously reviewed the Photive M90, which gives us a highly durable solution thanks to its robust construction, for another impressive choice.

It has a comfortably compact industrial carry-case size. The aesthetic is reminiscent of a boom box, with a solid rubber strap handle to hold it around. Aluminum grilles and chunky buttons for user-friendly on-board controls are provided.

The array has a greater speaker area than versions of Bluetooth speakers that are competitively priced. It is well-engineered and has a dedicated subwoofer that gives it a much stronger response to the bass than others.

This offers a full-range sound with outstanding bass presence. Integrated bass matching technology for improved delegation processing and an overall more precise low-end helps the response. It provides 20-Watts of power and is water-resistant and shockproof.


  • + Lightweight construction of a carry case.
  • + Efficient engineering.
  • + Solid structure.
  • + Price affordable.

Why We Liked It :For a low price, they have managed to pack a lot, it is robust, and the bass-matching technology enhances the response tenfold.

3. DOSS Touch Wireless

If you have followed some of our other Bluetooth speaker storeys, the Doss touch should be a familiar face as well. It is a user-friendly Bluetooth speaker that can be combined and used quickly.

It has stylish top-mounted laser-carved touch controls with illuminated LED rims that allow convenient control and hand-free calls to be answered remotely. As a dial for volume adjustment, they can be touched or rotated.

It has a solid brick design, with curves and provides another lightweight enough heavy-duty option for handbags and backpacks suitable for taking you out and about.

It has a hard-working array that produces 360-degree stereo sound with dynamic high-performance drivers. The mix is well-balanced and full-range and the bass is improved within the electronics through component optimization and low-end processing guides.

There is a decent amount of headroom before the break-up and the bass is practically distortion-free, despite being a 12-watt unit. It has 3 separate Bluetooth modes to play, a 3.5mm auxiliary in and an on-board micro SD card reader presenting flexible connectivity to buyers.


  • + Diverse pilots.
  • + stereo 360-degree sound.
  • + Bass improved.
  • + Reader with micro-SD.

Why We Liked It :It offers full-range distortion-free sound and is very well-made, giving it the advantage over some of its rivals with the inclusion of the micro SD card reader.

4. OontZ Angle 3

This is a stereo version of the original Angle 3 of the 3rd edition that supersedes the mono version. A fair few improvements were provided by the engineers at Cambridge Sound Works. To provide distortion-free bass and greater clarity than ever, it has been refined.

We have looked at a previous version of this mode and we are fans of the rounded triangular design and it is not only mechanically quite suitable for the aesthetics, it angles the audio to the listener, it is better secured against knocks that could cause harm and it houses the downward-facing bass radiator that amazingly well improves the low end.

The triangular shape also allows its use to be flexible as it can lay horizontally on a desk using the extra surface area or stand upright on one end, dispersing the sound more naturally to those around it.

With dimensions of 5.25" long, 2.6 high and 2.8 wide, it is a compact option and weighs less than 9 ounces, giving it good portability."

It houses dual precision drivers and integrates a passive bass radiator, as we described. The parts are of good quality and well made.

For cell phones, it features hands-free use and has a 3.5mm auxiliary in it to play directly from other devices. It benefits from Bluetooth version 4.2, which when unhindered, connects from a whopping 100ft away and is compatible with Alexa.

It is now a larger 2500mAh rechargeable battery able to play up to 14 hours running at approximately 2/3 capacity. The battery life on this one has also been updated. It's approved by IPX-5 and can withstand the elements.


  • + Compact one.
  • + Stereo Sound for dual drivers.
  • + Low cost.
  • + Flexible style that's robust.

Why We Liked It :For its attractive price, it deals very well with low frequencies, offering distortion-free bass and full-range stereo audio without buying twice the speakers.

5. Anker SoundCore Pro+

The Anker SoundCore Pro+ is a great option if your budget is not too restrictive, followed by something a little more premium quality. With advanced engineering and a rock-solid architecture, it is a very capable model. If you're on a tighter budget, check out these Bluetooth speakers for less than 100 dollars.

It is still as compact as the others but the drivers are made from higher quality components that with matching dimensions outperform those in their class.

This is primarily due to the processing and delegation of the signals to the array and how refined and precise the response is.

They boast the exclusive BassUp technology from the brands, which is a highly efficient bass boost. Inside the audio mix, it provides a real sense of depth, making it a rich soundscape. The bass has a high impact and is powerfully delivered by its power control of 25 watts.

The effect is high-definition audio from a small-scale system that is suitable for travel. It has an IPX rating of 4, and is not fully waterproof, but can accommodate outdoor use as long as there are no chances of submersion involved.

Its high-grade 8000 mAh Lithium-ion battery is capable of supplying up to 18 hours between charges and has a direct-use auxiliary input.


  • + Pieces for Premium.
  • + Engineering for consistency.
  • + Technology with BassUp.
  • + Elegant architecture.
  • + Well-crafted.

Why We Liked It:It provides high definition sound, the bass is incredibly clear and a premium quality product is reasonably priced.


Another deluxe model with good audio and ace manufacturing is next in our sights. It has a neat, practical niche versatility that is the perfect size and cylindrical form shape that makes it suitable for cyclists to be placed in a cup holder or bottle holder.

To fight wave cancelling reverberations, it houses dynamically balanced dual 12 watt drivers and double bass radiators. With d bass and clear trebles, they deliver true high definition audio. It has a sound mode indoor and outdoor that enhances the peaks, giving them wider dispersion to keep them sufficiently crisp to hear.

They are also adequately secured to keep the electronics from the elements and come with an IPX4 certification to score their resistance, provided that they have an outdoor mode.

It pairs easily and provides a secure link, as well as harbour and auxiliary connections. It has an integrated microphone for voice commands and mid-listening response to hands-free calls. The battery provides about 10 hours of use, which is more than sufficient.


  • + Efficiency Premium.
  • + Modes for advanced listening.
  • + Excellent recording.
  • + streaming stable.

Why We Liked It :It is a reasonably priced item, it is designed to a high degree, it reproduces audio in high definition, and we like its automatic indoor outdoor equalisation feature.

7. Anker Soundcore


The Anker SoundCore Pro+ listed here probably impressed, but given that its price might be a little unrealistically feasible for some, we chose to include their older entry-level model that retails at a far more attainable level in the low-price regions.

The SoundCore is a best-selling, durable forward-facing model similar in appearance to a miniature sound-bar speaker, with a UniBody build. As far as portability is concerned, it is very lightweight and its compact dimensions make it fine. It has a rugged design that is impact resistant and marketed as drop proof.

It features dual full-range drivers that perform well, mainly thanks to their fine-tuned digital signal processing, which gives it the tools to generate rich, crisply detailed audio. Although the bass capabilities do not equate with the premium edition, even at maximum volumes, they pack a punch with a decent presence in the mix and nominal distortion.

It has an integrated microphone and is super-simple to use because it has an instant setup feature and can recall previous devices that have been used. The battery is highly powerful and can work when fully charged for up to 24 hours of streaming.

It is compatible with Alexa (and other voice assistants) and has Bluetooth 4.0 features that, while being a little older, are still compatible and runs smoothly.


  • + Robust' drop proof' construction.
  • + Decent quality on the stereo.
  • + Remembers the previous pairing.
  • + Microphone Incorporated.

Why We Liked It:It is a well-manufactured entry-level model that has impressive drivers that have a strong effect on the bass because of its low price and the battery life is amazing.

8. Tribit IPX7

This capable Tribit contender, which is IPX-7 accredited as the title says, is another model that demonstrates the 360-degree sound with its cylindrical shape.

Both internal components are sealed for safety and this speaker can actually withstand a fast dunk with added durability, so it may be a solution for pool or beach travel.

It is durable and well-made and has a convenient carrying handle. It is fitted with fab drivers that pump out difficult-to-beat immersive audio.

They gain from the specially developed Xbass technology that kicks in at the touch of a button to raise the low-end frequencies to new heights. The audio is free of doubt, bright trebles, and booming bass with detailed mids.

They are fully compatible, operate wirelessly with their Bluetooth 4.2 link over a transmission distance of 66 feet and can be combined to provide surround sound experience in a dual manner.

They have a very powerful rechargeable battery and are able to operate for up to 20 hours tirelessly.


  • + Wonderful audio-electronics.
  • +Function for bass boost.
  • + Built well.
  • + High ranking for waterproof.

Why We Liked It:The bass boost button on the spine really gives it a punch and the battery is very generous. They're very well built.

9. AOMAIS Sport II

AOMAIS's Sport II model is a wonderful second version of its original edition, making it another great choice.

It is another affordable alternative that features a sufficiently robust design. To facilitate a palm-sized grip, it is brick shaped but has formed curves.

It has been engineered to have a high degree of weather resistance and if dried out thoroughly, can withstand accidental submersion.

To withstand knocks and absorb impact shocks, it is permanently constructed with a smooth rubber exterior. Shock resistant, rain resistant, snow resistant, perfect for pool, shower, beach.

It is a 20-watt option with a powerful, well-balanced sound, but for 40-watt surround output it can be connected to another speaker.

It has an integrated mic and can perform hands-free functions. The high capacity rechargeable battery gives it about 15 hours of fuel. The on-board Bluetooth is version 4.0 and is fitted with a USB port and auxiliary cables.


  • + Durable alternative for low prices.
  • + Mighty audio.
  • + Strong ranking for IPX.

Why We Liked It:- It is suitable for travelling and outdoor activities due to its compact nature, light weight and high IPX ranking

10. Utimate Ears BOOM 2 LE

We leave you with a commendable Logitech model that some well-reputed individuals in the industry praise very highly. It's another choice that gives it a spacious dimensional quality of 360 degrees, with natural sounding audio and a far more immersive feeling.

The drivers respond well the bass is well radiated without rattling its confines, and the low end is impactive.

As a stand-alone, it is unexpected, but it is intended to be enhanced by its PartyUp feature, which allows for as many as 150+ models for large social events to be linked at the same time.

The build quality is something else, the sturdy and shockproof grilles are premium quality in all materials selected. It has a waterproof design that allows outdoor use and is actually marketed with a nearly indestructible tag-line that we believe seems pretty appropriate when you can feel the calibre sitting in the palm of your hands.

They have opted for bare-bones basics when it comes to ease of operations, the whole thing is managed by 2 simple buttons that operate in tap combo manner. For more influence, PartyUp assistance, and personalization, it also comes with access to an exclusive app.

For even easier control when accessing your favourite songs, it has an integrated microphone, and Siri and Google voice recognition. It has a battery life of 15 hours, and will recharge in around 2.5 hours.


  • + Build for Heavy Duty.
  • + Simple operation: with app assistance, Bluetooth NFC voice commands.
  • + Shockproof and waterproof.
  • + Connect 150+ together.

Why We Liked It:It is a clever product that is similar to indestructible, a good option for the more daring, and the PartyUp feature's potential is practically infinite.


Bass Bluetooth Speakers Buyers Guide

Bluetooth speakers make life simple, new chips and lower manufacturing costs have propelled production and increased demand for customers.

A good Bluetooth speaker can have the primary advantage of giving your devices a richer sound than their internal factory stock speakers can. Usually, they are also smaller and more compact, making them the ideal travel and outdoor relaxation features.

What to Look for in Bass Bluetooth Speakers?

This is a major question that depends largely on your individual demands. Hopefully, it goes without saying that the initial critical need is to provide Bluetooth connectivity.

Since today's article focuses on Bluetooth bass speakers, it is important to add that audio quality is also always skewed from person to person and can be dictated by the music genres you enjoy.
When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, tastes can often boil down to aesthetics since there are so many commonly available out there to purchase. The functionality and planned use, however, should first and foremost be prioritised.

With this in mind, we decided to choose a few very distinct styled Bluetooth speakers suited to various uses for each notable benefit.

You need to think about your lifestyle and how you would like to listen to help narrow down the criteria to find out which form best suits your needs.

If you are using them for indoor or outdoor use is the main factor in initiating your decision.

You need to look for something with decent portability if you fly. With a sufficient rechargeable battery, a small lightweight design that provides a long life between charges.

Obviously, you would be wise to consider the manufacturing standard if you are going to take your speaker on the go. You're going to want a model with sturdy parts and a solid design philosophy.

To fight being caught out in the rain and accidental spillage, you may want to consider a shock or impact proof model with water-resistant properties.

You don't need to think about the features quite as much for Bluetooth speakers in the home, and you can prioritise the quality of output and audio instead.
The more you dish out the more you can demand, in terms of longevity in particular. To get your money's worth, you want a firmly constructed Bluetooth speaker. Whatever style you decide on, it should have a solid design concept and the components should be of high quality.

As we are addressing the audio processing of bass speakers, the extended low-frequency response should ideally be aided by some sort of bass optimization to provide a more precise reproduction and the bass driver should be vented or radiated in some way to get the best possible tone.

As far as wireless networking itself is concerned, the most up-to-date Bluetooth hardware you can afford on board would need to be more efficiently compliant with all the new gadgets. There are some other useful incentives that you might like, albeit non-essential ones.

Second, pairing simultaneously can be a handy advantage, allowing users to switch much more quickly between transmitting devices.

Secondly, if you ever want to entertain, the link-up functions that some of those we have highlighted help are pretty enticing.


You will be shocked at what your money will buy you these days new technical innovations, and lower production costs for mass manufacturing to provide the customer with a better price.

The sound quality of a budget choice will always be trumped by high-end speakers with Bluetooth capabilities, but there are many that have decent value for money and will attract most listeners.

There are a host of savvy solutions available online and you can find your match in no time as long as you understand all the factors important to your requirements.

We hope that our candid analysis guide for buyers has helped you to better appreciate the specs. In the bargain basement, goods do not vary, so you will find that your preference rests on the aesthetics.

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