Treblab XR500 Wireless Earbuds Review

Treblab has become a popular brand in the past few years, building its reputation for making earbuds that are professionally built and have outstanding sound quality. With Treblab, without the premium price tag, you will get excellent quality earbuds.

Their earbuds are planned and often on the go for people who have an active lifestyle. We have learned some amazing stuff about the Treblab XR500 Wireless Earbuds, and we have decided to put them to the test.


These Treblab earbuds match your ear snugly and come with 3 choices for finding the right size to suit you. Since there is just a few millimeters of difference between the three bud sizes, whether the bud is too large or too small for your ear, you can instantly notice it. The buds are flexible and squishy and can be altered between sizes easily.

Hook the curved edge over your ear until it's snug, and make sure the wire stays behind your ears. The earbuds should be a good fit and are suitable for the gym to work out, drive, or go. These earbuds have been created by Treblab to remain in place while you're exercising, and you can count on them to do just that.


The design of the Treblab earbud is one we've seen many times, especially with exercise in mind. Ear hooks that hold the earbud in place and soft rubber earbuds that suit your ears are included in the design. There are sleek lines, plain black and red colors in the Treblab design, and a classic design that works. These earbuds, including pink, purple, and white, are also available in various colors.

In a 5K run and gym workout, we checked these earbuds - we had a snug fit throughout, and the earbuds didn't move. The wire makes sure that you can't lose one headphone, even if they've fallen out, and always keeps them together.

Our Verdict: Treblab has created a great set of earbuds with a snug fit, perfect for those on the go.

Sound Quality

Earbuds are the perfect way for certain individuals to listen to music or podcasts when exercising. And there's a lot of background noise when you workout - feet pounding the pavement, weights clinking, or talking with pedestrians. For many people looking for earbuds, high sound quality is not an important factor, since most people use them for exercise, but still, you will be looking for consistent and crisp sound.

For such a tiny headphone, Treblab has engineered these earbuds to have great sound. When picking up vocals and keynotes, it's particularly crisp, perfect for pop music or podcasts. In terms of bass or low notes, the earbuds do not give much, but with style, that's to be expected. Ultimately, they have outstanding sound quality and are decent value for money.

Passive Voice Cancellation

In addition to the natural sound-blocking that comes from the snug earbud fit, Treblab has built-in passive voice cancelation for these earbuds. This helps to suppress voices that could be on local paths or in the gym, enabling you to concentrate more on running or exercising.

Our Verdict: For runners and workouts, Treblab XR500 is a brilliant earbud package with fantastic sound quality.


To have 3 simple controls, Treblab has developed the XR500 earbuds. This keeps it easy and guarantees that you don't push buttons erroneously when you're running and mistakenly forget your favorite song. Power / Pause Play, Volume Up, and Volume Down are the three controls - quick! The power button on the side of the earbud is big, red, and. The buttons for volume are on the top and are easy to reach. With the built-in mic, Treblab also lets you answer incoming calls to pick up calls on the go.

In addition, by keeping the volume buttons for 2 seconds, you can skip to the next track and previous track, giving you simple control over your playlist, and enabling you to get the most inspiration from your music.

Our Verdict: Even when exercising, the XR500 buttons are easy to use and monitor your music.


These tiny headphones fit perfectly into their compact shell, a 5-cm circle that is easy to snatch. Inside and out, the case is a black, hard case covered in soft material. Without thinking about destroying your earbuds, the Treblab case can quickly be thrown into your workout bag or handbag.


Because of the small size of these buds, the battery life is a little shorter than some other Treblab headsets, but they do have up to 8 hours of battery life. These buds only need to be paid once a week and most individuals will be charged within one hour. A charging cable, type C, which fits into the top of the right earbud, is included with the earbuds.


The Treblab XR500 is wireless in the sense that it connects through Bluetooth to your phone or laptop. They have one wire that binds the two buds and sits behind your ear. The connection is fast and simple and has a decent range of 5 meters, so you shouldn't have any issues as long as your computer is nearby.

Our Verdict: These earbuds provide battery life, are easy to charge, and are not going to let you down in the middle of the race.


Overall, as a decent pair of earbuds for running or working out, we suggest the Treblab XR500. With three cushioned buds in different sizes for you to choose from, these earbuds give a comfortable fit. This helps you to get the best fit and make sure that when exercising, the buds will not fall out.

Thanks to passive voice cancellation and snug fit, the sound quality of the Treblab XR500 earbuds is excellent and securely restricts sounds from treadmills, weights, or pedestrians. In addition, the ear hooks and main wire help these earbuds remain in place and make sure that in transit you don't drop a bud. With just 3 simple buttons, the controls are easy to use, and allow you to adjust your music and get the most inspiration from your playlists.

The Treblab XR500 is a great option for earbuds, particularly for individuals who want to listen to music or podcasts while exercising.