Treblab xFit Wireless Earbuds Review

Treblab has steadily become a leading brand of earbuds and headphones designed specifically for individuals who are engaged in their daily lives. For their headphones and cases, Treblab focuses on high-quality sound with outstanding style. We tested wireless earbuds from Treblab xFit and discovered they are small but strong - a great combination.


The ultimate tiny earbuds that are completely wireless, and even smaller than those well-known white ones, have been developed by Treblab. To get the best comfort and fit for your ears, they come with three bud sizes, with small, medium, and large rubber choices. The buds fit snugly, and the lightweight headphones allow them to float in your ear effortlessly.


It is cool to build these wireless earbuds! They are a rounded square that fits so brilliantly into your ear in a dark black color with a touch of shine. Smooth, lightweight and easy to use, the headphones are.

With active individuals in mind, Treblab designed these earbuds, so we checked them for a 5K run and gym workout, and we were impressed. The earbuds did not switch from nesting in the ear for the entire session and offered high-quality sound. The design of these buds is so small; no equipment or movement gets in the way of them.

Treblab xFit is also built to be water and sweat resistant, so you don't need to worry about damage to your headphones whether you're out in the rain or going for a tough workout. For many active individuals, this is an important trait, and nice to have it included with this earbud.

Our Verdict: The sleek and small style is suitable for running, biking, and exercise workouts, and when you work out, you'll look amazing!

Sound Quality

Earbuds are the number one option among several healthy individuals for listening to podcasts or music while exercising. These earbuds are very wireless and do not get in your way without remaining in place, but how do they measure sound quality?

Well, for such a tiny earbud, the Treblab xFit delivers fantastic sound. In your ear, the buds fit snugly, so background sounds are already filtered out. We couldn't hear conversations or the music playing overhead when we tried these in the gym - perfect for getting into the zone.

The tones are sharp and crisp when listening to music, helping you to appreciate your favorite songs. Since the Treblab xFit is a small earphone, it doesn't deliver much on the bass, but for most individuals using these headphones, this is not a priority.

Our verdict: Excellent sound quality and block for such a small earbud from background noises.


There are very simple controls on most tiny earbuds - just a on and off button. In order to satisfy your needs, Treblab has updated its design and has many basic controls available on the xFit. These include: on and off power, up and down volume, and the ability to access your assistant for voice control. A built-in mic is also available to answer calls on the go!

All these controls are on either earbud through two buttons, so you'll need to get used to the timing of each control. In order to turn the volume down, for example, keep the left side.

Our Verdict: The xFit, once you get the hang of it, has some simple-to-use controls.


The case construction is another excellent attribute of the xFit earbuds that inspired us. The earbuds are relatively small themselves, and they come in a perfect hardshell case that is bigger than your hand's palm.

A magnetic click shut is the case, with just enough space for the earbuds to rest snugly inside. With a smooth, hard shell and the Treblab logo in glossy black, the case is soft. A brilliant case that is a great extension of the earbuds was designed by Treblab.


With a runtime of 5 hours, the Treblab xFit has a decent battery life. They also have the bonus of charging inside the shell, which can carry a battery for up to 25 hours. So, you can return the earbuds to their case in between your workout sessions and trust that they will be fully charged before your next session. This is an ideal way to keep your earbuds topped up, and much better than continuously charging them.

The package contains a charging cable, and there is a convenient four-light system in the earbud case, which shows the remaining battery life.


The Treblab xFit operates, like many earbuds, on a Bluetooth link. We noticed that the earbuds were easily attached to a computer and had a wide range of about 4 meters. The earbuds are automatically connected, with no need to press extra buttons and a simple, automated voice confirming the connection.


Treblab xFit became our favorite earbuds very soon, and we highly recommend them! For those looking for high quality sound when working out, biking, or walking, these tiny earbuds are fantastic. Treblab's brilliant design ensures that they remain snug in your ear, with three different sizes of buds to choose from. The style is sleek and square, with an outstanding color scheme of matt and gloss.

These earbuds are also only improved by their case, which continues the headphones' elegant style. The case is a storage case that provides the earbuds with up to 25 hours of battery life. You know, as a small hard case, your earbuds are safe from harm and fit into your pocket or bag easily.

The number of controls available is another great attribute that places these earbuds above the rest. You can turn your volume up or down with the Treblab xFit, and take calls or access your voice assistant. All while you block background noises from coming out! In addition, the earbuds are water- and sweat-resistant, so daily usage will not weaken them.

In conclusion, for people who need high-quality music, minimal background noise, and excellent design while working out, these earbuds are a brilliant all-round choice from Treblab.