Treblab E3 Headset Review

Treblab E3 - Wireless Noise Canceling Stereo Headset
In recent years, Treblab has become a famous brand with an outstanding reputation for sound quality and excellent design. Without the premium price tag, Treblab prides itself on making headphones of outstanding quality. Their headphones are made for people who are constantly on the move and have an active lifestyle. We learned a lot of cool stuff about Treblab E3, and we wanted to put it to the test.


Expertly made with plush ear cushions and a padded headband, these over-ear headphones offer decent comfort. On the inside, the ear cushions are shaped like an upside-down egg, which better matches the shape of your ears and covers them with sound, rather than circular cushions that can be painful or place pressure on your ears.

For most individuals, Treblab E3 headphones are a perfect match, with wide ear coverings and an adjustable headband. To get an excellent location around your ears and a strong grip on your head, the headphones even rotate 180 degrees. A secure, supportive fit also helps to remove outside sounds and keep the music in place.

If you know, however, that you have an especially tiny or narrow head, you may find it too chunky. They can sit too low on your head and not give your ears a comfortable fit. And, as always with over-ear headphones, for people wearing glasses, these are not a perfect match!


These headphones look fantastic, with smooth black lines and a comfortable padding around the headband of the ear pads. The cups are also embossed with Treblab, adding to the modern and stylish overall style.

Our Verdict: Treblab has built a soft and convenient, high-quality fit.

Sound Quality

You notice the great sound immediately when you start using Treblab E3, especially in the bass and low notes. With this new outlook, rediscover your favorite music and get the most from radio and podcasts.

These headphones are fantastic for a wide variety of music, creeping through bassy undertones, and improved vocals. The Treblab E3 meets the specifications of a high-quality headphone and is available at a bargain price.

Noise Cancelling

In order to give you plenty of options depending on the area you are in, Treblab has integrated 3 noise-canceling settings into their E3 headphones. As the ear cushions block out a decent amount of sound, you do not need noise-cancelling around the home, yard, or on a local walk.

ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) Off - With no additional settings, this is your regular headphone feature.

Environmental Mode - This mode is a delicate balance between the two that allows you to hear voices, but not the squeaky chair, by the those sound frequencies.

ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) On - The headphones will minimize the ambient noise in this mode and will block it from your ears. Perfect for working or being used while driving in noisy environments.

In order to use the ANC features, you don't need to listen to music and can find them useful while working in the office or using public transport.

Our Verdict: Treblab E3 has outstanding sound quality, improved by smooth sounds and quiet headspace with ANC features.


There are a number of buttons in each ear cup that monitor the volume, track, ANC, and also link to your voice assistant.

The buttons are a decent size, easy to find and have a soft press when you're wearing your headphones. You'll find play/pause and volume buttons on the right side of the headphones. These are easy enough to use, to lift or lower the volume and pause your music with a fast click. If you have an incoming call, the pause button doubles as a phone response button.

The volume buttons also control your choice of music; with the volume up button, you can skip a song forward and skip a song back with the volume down. Keep the button for just 1 second. Also, there are tiny power control buttons, and you'll find the ANC controls on the left side.

Our Verdict: The buttons are simple to use and give your music power.


Treblab E3 headphones come in a big, well-designed, lightweight protective case that takes good care of your headphones. If you want a lighter load, the foam insert perfectly secures the headphones or can be removed. To keep your charging wires safe and protected, the case is fitted with a net pocket on one side. In addition, a short carrying strap, a wrap-around zip, and a small carabiner are given.


Long battery life is a crucial feature of great headphones, and without having a top up fee, you want yours to last all day. Treblab E3 can run for up to 48 hours comfortably, and this decreases marginally to 35 hours if you use ANC. Excellent battery life provides you with care-free listening wherever you are. By momentarily pressing the Power Button, you can also verify the battery level. You'll be left with a heavy, moderate or low battery.

In just over 1 hour, these Treblab E3 headphones are easy to charge, using a USB C cable included in the package.


Overall, if you are looking for a pair of high-quality over-ear headphones, we highly recommend the Treblab E3. Without compromising on price, Treblab has created a perfect blend of sound, comfort, and simplicity.

Typically these headphones are priced between $70 - $90, a steal for the high-quality sound they offer. Although the materials used are powerful plastics, the E3 still has a sleek and comfortable design rather than some more costly brands that use aluminum and leather. You will get the same high quality, at a much lower rate, with Treblab E3.

The noise-canceling settings are another advantage of using Treblab E3, giving you 3 choices to block out surrounding noise depending on your environment. In addition, the fast charging time and long battery life allow you to listen carelessly and top up power in less than an hour.