Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 Headphones Review

If you're an audiophile, DJ, producer, or just enjoy listening to music, when you look at the right pair of headphones, you'll realize how much of a better experience you can have. It can be tough and expensive to find a great pair, but Beyerdynamic has a solution.

Renowned for being one of the world's most prestigious brands of audio equipment, their DT 990s make a wonderful choice when you want to hear music as it was meant to be listened to.

Their open-back design, which enables three-dimensional listening, is what makes these headphones so unique. The sound will be perfectly blended and balanced around your ears for whatever you are listening to; the sounds will captivate you.

With an impressive 5Hz to 35,000Hz frequency response range, a wider range compared to many headphones in this price bracket, and an impendence of 250ohms, these headphones ensure that every single detail, note, and chord can be heard with absolute precision.

Clearness is expressed in every aspect of these headphones. It doesn't matter which genre you listen to, either. With a high level of richness, every bassline will rumble deeply, while every high note and treble will glisten. They're going to blow you away, whether you're using these headphones casually or in a professional setting.

Of course, when it comes to proper headphones, comfort is another important point to remember and Beyerdynamic has not held back. The low-pressure headband has been specially designed to cover the top of your head, and the extra padding means that even though you are wearing the headphones for excessive periods, you will not feel annoyed.

Thanks to the soft padded earphones, this comfort level continues. You can quickly remove and replace them even if you wear them out over time and they lose their consistency (which all earpads do eventually).

All of the connections here are normal, so you'll never have to worry about any system not working with these headphones. This applies to the standard 3.5mm jack port, which has also been gold-plated to ensure that your audio quality is preserved from beginning to end, to explain.

These headphones can also be shopped safely in the confidence that they are made to last. There are several reports of these headphones that last for more than ten years or more, particularly when you can service, update, and replace all the components quickly to keep them running new. But more below on that.

These headphones are extremely highly regarded by the vast majority of reviewers for this device, which you can find on sales pages and around the internet, ranking regularly at four and five-stars. You just can't go wrong with such a renowned reputation and a lot of premium features.



Beyerdynamic Dt 990


You do not need to look further than what Beyerdynamic offers here if you are looking for a pair of great sounding headphones that go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to keeping you relaxed and providing you with the best listening experience possible.


  •    Each purchase comes with a regular 1/8" inch plug type with a 1⁄4"  adapter, so you never have to worry about not being able to plug these headphones into an audio source that you may be using.
  •   They have an incredible 5Hz to 35kHz frequency response range, which ensures you will be able to hear any sound your music makes. Each note is crisp, and each sound form is crystal clear.
  •   When appropriate, all elements of the headphones can be replaced, so you never have to think about having a new pair of headphones when components get old, ensuring that your headphones still sound fantastic, even in years to come.
  •   These headphones are extremely comfortable, priding themselves on several comfortable features to ensure that, particularly when wearing the pair for long periods of time, you never feel uncomfortable or annoyed.


- You need to break in a few times by using them to make sure the drivers are functioning properly and the headphones are resting securely on your head.

Why We Like It

They can get worn out over time when you use your headphones a lot, but this can be such a waste if you end up buying new headphones over and over again, especially if you spend a lot of money on them.

Beyerdynamic has developed headphones with a design that allows you to modify and service every single part to rid yourself of this problem. If you ever discover a component split, you can change it quickly and keep your headphones working in the highest possible condition.