9 Best Noise Isolating Headphones in 2020

It might be one of the greatest investments you have ever made to treat yourself to a great pair of noise-cancelling headphones. You can become present or take yourself to a peaceful place in your mind by being able to slip away into audio heaven at home, on your commute, or when you're trying to function.

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1. Bose QuietComfort 35

There's no doubt that some of the best audio experiences in the world are created by Bose, whether by their over-ear headphones or sound systems, and it's safe to say you can't really go wrong. The QuietComfort 35s are a prime example of this degree of consistency.

To ensure your music sounds great in any given situation, these headphones have an impressive three dedicated levels of noise cancellation technology. This is backed by Bose's world-class sound technology, so no matter what you're listening to, you know it's going to sound great.

These are definitely some of the best headphones available, backed by all of Bose's extra features, including Bose AR, a built-in microphone, several adjustment points for optimum comfort, and even an app to further customize your experience.


  • + Comes with Bose AR device compatibility.
  • + Three application stages of technology for noise cancellation
  • + Optimum comfort with lots of customizable quality features


  • -It may be a little expensive for certain budgets,

Why We Liked It -You will notice, perhaps unexpectedly, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant apps built into these high quality noise-isolating headphones. Only when you're out and about using these headphones, you can do anything you can normally do with your personal Alexa assistant.


2. Plantronics BackBeat


You're in for a treat, especially where the price is involved, if you haven't heard of Plantronics before. While not the most well-known brand, thousands of music lovers around the world appreciate them, all backed up by an average of 4/5 in quality ratings.

It is amazing the sound these noise-isolating headphones make. For high-resolution songs, it is outstandingly detailed and configured, thus providing excellent sound quality at all frequency levels. From start to finish, this is an excellent Amazon piece, making these some of the best noise-isolating headphones. This is then supported by the built-in sound technology of Active Noise Cancellation!

All in all, this is a total experience of sound that you can not help but fall in love with.


  • + Works with all Bluetooth audio sources from Class 1
  • + Sounds great for all frequencies, including bass and mids,
  • + ANC technology to filter out ambient external noise and sounds
  • + Incredible sounds when used for bass tracks


  • -The gyroscope auto-pausing feature can be very annoying

Why We Liked It - You will be able to download and listen to music from any wireless Bluetooth device for up to 24 hours, thanks to the professional battery chosen for this device. It's a whole day of enjoying music without thinking about losing control!


3. Mpow H5 Bluetooth

Mpow is a secret gem on the market for noise insulation headphones, but it certainly comes in the form of the H5 if you're hunting for the golden crown. These Active Noise Cancelling headphones guarantee that the clearest and best it can possibly be is your listening experience.

To ensure that these are their most comfortable headphones yet, Mpow has really gone out of their way here by adding features such as soft and padded ear cushions on swivel earpads. The whole appliance is as lightweight as possible and will not hold you back.

This is one pair of headphones where you just can't go wrong with each unit having passed a 10,000 bending build quality test to ensure reliability, strong 40mm drivers and adjustable sides for great sounding bass and treble. They're great for a pair of high-resolution headphones with a balanced sound that eliminates ambient noise when you need them.


  • + Has an ultra-long battery life of 30 hours and excellent sound
  • + Have passed a bending toughness test of 10,000+
  • + Constructed for outstanding sound quality using Active Noise Cancellation technology


  • - Marginally smaller than other prototypes for over-the-ear headphones

Why We Liked It - The battery life is easily one of these headphones' best features. These wireless headphones are tried and tested to last up to 30 hours even with continuous use, which is more than enough for any use you have in mind!


4. COWIN E7 Pro

You may not need to look further than the COWIN E7 if you are looking for an inexpensive pair of headphone devices, but you still want access to an extensive range of features. What more could you ask for, complete with active noise cancellation (for 75-85dB) and available for a fraction of the price?

With their large 45mm drivers, awesome frequency response range, and brilliant sound quality, there's no doubt that these noise-isolating headphones sound fantastic. These noise-isolating headphones are all, backed by a number of comfort add-ons, such as cushioned ears and a high-quality microphone, as well as leading wireless Bluetooth 4.0 technology!


  • + Sell 90-degree swivel ear cups and premium cushioned ears
  • + Cancellation of active noise to eliminate external noises by 85dB
  • + Available in seven different design choices and models you'll love.
  • + One of the most affordable pairs of headphones


  • - A little bass-heavy for some listeners, maybe.

Why We Liked It - Finding a pair of headphones to suit your personal style is always fun. This model is offered by COWIN in seven exclusive colors and designs. You are sure to find a style you love at an affordable price, from striking black to passionate red.


5. COWIN E7 Active Noise

For the moment, we're looking at an even more accessible pair who have raised the bar of what noise reduction headphones have to deliver, sticking with COWIN. With an average consumer satisfaction rating of 4.5/5 out of 21,000+ reviews, the exact sound and comfortable fit that these headphones provide can not be ignored.

Made with punchy but comfortable 40mm drivers for incredible sound quality, implemented with a high-definition microphone, six colorful styles and colors to choose from, and the usual set of excellent comfort choices that you can find on any premium pair, this is a truly wireless headphone experience that you can not afford to skip!


  • + Comes with an 18-month guarantee from the consumer included in the price
  • + Provides 30-hour ultra-long battery life
  • + For any ANC headphones, one of the highest customer satisfaction scores

Why We Liked It -This choice provides a strong 30-hour battery life with quick charging times of a few hours, as is usual with COWIN noise isolation headphones and any pair worth your attention! Don't ever think again about running out of charge!


6. Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

While noise-isolating headphones have been affordable so far, none are as affordable as the Mpow 059. These can be purchased for less than an average video game, but offer you so much more than you could ever think of with most headphones.

Only let's go for it. You'll find active noise cancellation technology with these noise-isolating headphones, powerful Bluetooth 4.1, a 10-minute charging time to provide up to 2 hours of playback, a full 20-hour battery life, immersive 40mm drivers for superior sound quality, countless styles and colors to choose from, and capabilities for wired headphones.

And this is just an iceberg top! In one word, to summarize: wow.


  • + Can charge headphones for ten minutes for two hours playback
  • + A set of on-ear buttons that are comfortable and well placed to monitor your smartphone
  • + Strong 4.1 Bluetooth for unbroken connectivity


  • - The quality of sound is not as high as more premium choices

Why We Liked It - This system comes with a set of built-in controls to make your listening experience even more fluid and relaxed. These buttons will help you answer calls, adjust the value and turn tracks, all at a great price to give you a smoother, more organized life.


7. Bose QuietComfort 25

If you're looking for a pair of over-ear wireless noise isolation headphones similar to the excellent Bose ones above, but for around half the price, why not look down on the next model? The QuietComfort 25 headphones, with a few minor changes, are almost similar to the updated version. Ambient noise will always be blocked out, all for a more affordable price.

The sound quality is, of course, slightly less than the model above, but that doesn't mean that you don't get access to the stellar quality of Bose that surpasses that of several other devices on our list. This is a great choice with regular features including a built-in microphone, unique designs to work with iOS devices, and active noise cancellation.


  • + Comes with an integrated microphone and outstanding build quality
  • + Designed specifically with Apple devices in mind
  • + Equipment for highly competent noise cancellation


  • - Newer models with better sound quality and features

Why We Liked It - Every pair comes with a compact case to further secure your noise isolation headphones, which you can neatly fold your headphones into. This means that your headphone items will survive any journeys that you go on and for years to come will keep these headphones safe.


8. Sony MDRZX110NC

When it comes to professional, high-quality audio equipment, Sony has always been a pioneer, and a great example of this is the MDRZX110NC, which excels in any region you want to call, shown by the thousands of positive reviews.

These wired noise isolation headphones are fantastic when it comes to delivering a high-quality audio experience, all the while blocking out the noises from outside, complete with 30mm drivers spanning the entire frequency spectrum from 10Hz to 22,000Hz.

All of this comes together to ensure that these over-ear headphones are suitable for listening to any genre you choose, and there is no doubt that every note, chord, or voice will sound great, and really lets you concentrate on the playlists you love.

There is nothing else that you will like!


  • + For a pair of headphones of this sound quality caliber, one of the highest prices you can find
  • + Impressive 10Hz to 22,000Hz frequency response range
  • + Lightweight folding concept for convenient transport


  • - In contrast with other headphones, not the longest cable
  • - Do not have integrated controls to make or respond to calls

Why We Liked It - Since these are over-ear headphones that cancel noise and require battery life, from a single charge, you can enjoy up to 80 hours of non-stop battery. Especially when compared to other devices on our list, this is crazy and will ensure that you keep going for longer.


9. TaoTronics Active Noise

Last but not least, we have this impressive pair of TaoTronics headphones. Enjoyed by thousands of audiophiles, these headphones come with the excellent cancellation of active noise that you would expect to ensure a good listening experience in any case.

These headphones deliver 45-hours of continuous playback from any Bluetooth-enabled audio source, wireless by design. This is complemented by the noise-canceling microphone CVC 6.0 and the large drivers providing amazing bassline reactions, as well as perfect mids and highs of tone.

A perfect choice for anyone shopping on a budget or searching for some great-sounding ANC wireless headphones!


  • + Successful cancellation of noise that can be turned on and off whenever you like
  • + Long-lasting playback, up to 45 hours long
  • + With an integrated CVC 6.0 microphone and wireless headphone design, hands-free call management
  • + Available in striking designs in black or white


  • - The range of sound quality and frequency reaction is not the highest

Why We Liked It -These products often come with a sturdy and rugged carry case to secure your headphones for longer. Fold your headphones up, pop them into the case, zip them up, and you're never going to have to worry about breaking them again!


Noise-Isolating Headphones Buyers Guide

In daily life, noise-canceling or isolating headphones are a must. These headphones are the way to go, whether you're working, relaxing at home, commuting to work, travelling short or long distances, or you just want to enjoy your music in silence.

There are a lot of headphones with noise-canceling technology out there to choose from, as you can see from our list above, some of which can sell for hundreds of dollars, so you need to make sure you're investing your money in the right place as someone trying to get a pair. For a fair price, get a decent pair.

With this in mind, we're going to go through everything you need to know below when it comes to purchasing a pair of headphones for noise isolation, and how you can give yourself the best experience, or any loved one you're buying for.

Design and Comfort

Because your noise-cancelling headphones are likely to be worn for long periods of time, you will need to make sure that your headphones are comfortable, and modern designers have taken this into account in several ways.

Next, you'll want to look for regular features such as padded ear cups that carry the drivers of the speaker and maybe even headband padding. The materials used in this padding, including rain or sweat, should be of high quality and resistant to moisture.

Memory foam, which is a comfortable experience, will be the ultimate source of comfort you will find here. You would then want to look for features that can have their distance altered to ensure the ideal match, such as adjustable headbands and cups.

You may also want to think about the style and aesthetics of your chosen pair when on the topic of design. Most headphones come in a basic black edition, but always look out for what colored versions are available if you want anything to fit your personality, or to stand out from the crowd.

Blocking Out External Sound

Of course, the entire purpose of having headphones for noise isolation is to hold your sound in, so that nobody else around you is interrupted, and also to keep the external sound out. To offer yourself the very best listening experience possible, it's all about 'isolating' your voice.

The easiest way to achieve this is by using noise-canceling technology for headphones. In two ways, this can be done; simple and active. Basic cancellations are very simple. This involves headphones that use large over-ear cups that close the ears off to avoid the sound from going in or out.

A professional technology, however, is successful noise canceling. To detect sound in your immediate region, this device uses an integrated microphone and then neutralizes the sound until it enters the ear, ensuring that the sound is not simply filtered out, it is completely countered and cancelled out.

If you are an audiophile who needs the best out there, then this is it. Nowadays, you can also find headphones that come with a switch so that you can enjoy your headphones with this function on or off.

Sound Quality

If the sound of your music is bad, there is no point in purchasing an over-ear pair of headphones. You really aren't going to like that. So make sure you consider the sound quality features that come with your headphones, so you can select the best.

Looking at the drivers is the first thing. Ideally, in order to completely embrace all types of music, you'll want to look at 40mm drivers, at least, or something larger. Not all drivers are created equal, but the more expensive your headphones, over-ear or in-ear, the better they will sound, as a rule of thumb.

The best way to look at this is to refer to the range of your pair's frequency response (FR). The FR varies between 0Hz and 30,000Hz+. Bass sounds are included in the lower end of the spectrum, and all further sounds along with this range are recorded. The larger the number, including mids and trebles, the higher the pitch.

Therefore, you'll want a pair of headphone products for noise isolation that have the greatest frequency response so that you can hear all those sounds and information of each track. You're going to want something in the range of about 10Hz to 20,000Hz as a minimum norm, though.

Battery Life

Since power is required by Active Noise Cancellation technology, many battery pairs will come with batteries, so you'll want to know how long this battery will last. These will also need batteries to last if your headphones are wireless and use Bluetooth technology.

Most headphone pairs come with built-in rechargeable batteries, so you just need to look at how long the batteries last and how they charge, everything so that you can charge and use them whenever you like without having to wait around.

Again, the more expensive and the better the quality is, the longer they seem to last. You'll want to charge your headphones for at least a day, which means you can charge them at night.

The average length for the best over-ear headphone insulating wireless noise is about 30 hours. Most individuals, even with how relaxed they can be, would not use headphones for this long in one go.


 Think about the option you own for noise-isolating headphones and the devices you're going to attach your headphones to, and this will decide what kind of communication features you need to look for.

The most comfortable noise-isolating headphones are either wired or Bluetooth as usual, though some can give a range of both. Bluetooth will be the most common form of link because you will be able to connect to most modern devices, and you can use your computer hands-free without cables and wires getting in the way.

Extra Features

With the best modern-day noise cancellation headphones, there are plenty of extra features you may find, but what you're looking for is up to you. Here are some features we've found to give you an idea of what's out there:

  • To secure your headphones in transit, a sturdy carry case
  • Foldable layout to make the headphones lightweight
  • Capabilities for USB-C or wireless charging
  • A microphone for making calls or using private assistants
  • Compatibility or programs for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Access a dedicated app to monitor some aspects of the reproduction of your music

Customizable Controls

You might need your hands free while you listen to your music to focus on whatever you're doing. Don't worry; with this in mind, there are headphones made.

The best headphones for noise cancellation can have controls built into the headphones themselves, usually on the ears, that can respond to and hang up calls, monitor your music volume, switch songs, use a voice assistant, or just play and pause.

This is a convenient feature found on the best headphones that can isolate noise. Instead of taking your phone out and trying to do it all from there, which just exists to make your life simpler, you will be able to click the buttons!