6 Best Earbuds Under $20

Looking for the best earbuds under the $20 mark? If so, then we're here to tell you that to get cool earbuds, you don't need to break the bank. Spending below $20 doesn't mean having low-quality sound like it used to, easily breakable earbuds.

Manufacturers now sell the best earbuds under $20 that are easy to wear, offer premium sound quality, and are also filled with extras such as splash-proofing or waterproofing, so that during exercise you can wear them. A lot of the best earphones under $20 will also have a microphone, so you can make high-quality phone calls and listen to your favorite tunes or podcasts. For such a low price, how's that?

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1. Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof IPX7

If you want to spend under $20 on headphones, then with the Mpow Flame, you can't go wrong. They are waterproof to the full. They use Bluetooth instead, instead of using a cable for communication. They have also been developed for wind noise reduction. And inside the ear canal, they fit snugly, with ear hooks for the ear tips, ensuring a safe fit.

While all of this makes them ideal for exercise, when it comes to earbuds, it's the sound that counts. As well as the clarity of mid and high tones, the rich, deep bass they offer makes them one of the best sets of earbuds under $20 around.


  • + Waterproofing with IPX7
  • + Hooks for ears and snug-fitting buds
  • + Bluetooth-based
  • + Wealthy Bass
  • + Reduction of Wind Noise

Why We Liked It -They are versatile earbuds, meaning they're great for wearing while listening to your favorite tunes during a strenuous workout, in the shower, or just at home. For affordable, in-ear headphones, this makes them an excellent alternative.


2. Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear

These wired Panasonic earphones are a price deal, costing well below $20. Due to the 9mm neodymium drivers, they give excellent quality sound. These headphones have an ergonomic design, which means they fit within your ear easily, which is often a problem for other earbuds in the price range below $20.

The earpads are extremely soft too, and to find the best ones for your ears, you have a choice of three different sizes. The cord is 3.6ft long, so without it snagging, you can carry it in your bag or pocket. You've also got a range of 15 awesome colors. For the highest price, all this.


  • + Suit ergonomics
  • + 9mm Drivers of Neodymium
  • + Extra-long cable available
  • + Earbuds gentle
  • + Set of 15 colors

Why We Liked It -The sound provided by these earbuds is excellent, especially given that they are available for well below the $20 price point.


3. MuveAcoustics Drive Wired in-Ear

If you care about music, then these in-ear headphones under $20 could be perfect. Installed in them, they have dynamic drivers that give listeners extremely powerful bass, as well as sparklingly clear high notes.

The ergonomic design also implies that the earbuds fit snugly within the ear, as well as providing passive noise isolation, so that your music enjoyment will not be impacted by any distracting sounds. A microphone, which also has a volume control button, is part of the tangle-free cable. They are the full kit.


  • + Passive cancelling of noise
  • + Suit Snug
  • + Bass Booming
  • + Microphone In-line
  • + Cable free of tangles

Why We Liked It -There's everything you want for under $20 for these passive noise cancelling in-ear buds because the sound is some of the best, the fit is comfortable, and they have accessories like a microphone and a tangle-free cord.


4. FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud

These are miniature earbuds that ergonomically fit inside the ear, making them unnoticeable to those around you, unlike the other earbuds under $20 on this list. As they are connected via Bluetooth to your computer, there are no cables at all.

They give users a maximum charge for six hours of battery life. And if you walk around your house or office, leaving your phone in one location, you can get as far as thirty-three feet from your mobile and still be connected to it, which makes it perfect. They use an inductive charging device, so you don't have to use any cables at all to fiddle around.


  • + Size Mini
  • + Compatibility with Bluetooth
  • + 6 hours of life for the battery
  • + range of 33ft
  • + Microphone

Why We Liked It -They are thin, fit within the ear directly, and give some of the best sound quality, as well as a microphone, making them some of the best headphones for earbuds below $20.



5. Betron BS10 Earphones

With the 12mm drivers packed within these lightweight, inexpensive earbuds below $20, it gives the listener very powerful bass, as well as crisp, consistent mid and high tones. Thanks to the passengers, they are also extremely noisy. They're corded, but they're as light as a feather, too.

The connector is gold-plated, which ensures that it is very unlikely to rust, and this eliminates any risk of loss of audio. The perfect fit within your ears also helps to decrease any external sounds, making it easier to isolate the song, so that's what you can hear.


  • + Isolating noise
  • + Lightweight weight
  • + Solid bass
  • + Plated gold connector
  • + Elegant style

Why We Liked It - Such inexpensive earbuds may be very light, but they're also robust. In particular, because their cost is so affordable, they deliver enormous volume.



6. Skullcandy Ink'd 2.0 Wired Earbuds

Skullcandy is a great company known for delivering outstanding audio equipment at competitive prices. These affordable earbuds below $20 are no exception. They incorporate the popular Supreme Sound technology from Skullcandy, which means that every sound quality feature, bass, vocals, trebles, is given full justice and is extremely clear.

The rubber cord, which is more than you need, is 4.3ft long. It does not easily tangle, and as part of it, it has a remote for volume control, as well as an in-built microphone. They come in a wide variety of colors, as well as silicone ear tips of various sizes, so you can find your ideal match.


  • + Incredibly long cable
  • + Passive isolation from noise
  • + Supreme Technology for Sound
  • + Wide color range
  • + Microphone

Why We Liked It - If you're searching for the best earphone, then these are on the list because the sound is excellent, which is what you would expect from the Supreme Sound technology of Skullcandy.


Earbuds Under $20 Buyers Guide

There's no question there are some of the best headphones on the market for a cheap price. You will find yourself buying some of the best waterproof earbuds that fit snugly inside your ear, which also have a microphone to make phone calls that are crystal clear.

But then consider this buyer's guide and breakdown, which will tell you what you should look for, before you invest in the next pair of best earbuds.

Wired or Wireless

The first thing you have to think in the cheap price range is whether you want to use headphones that come with a cord or whether they are wireless. This depends, of course, on the intention of wearing the headphones, and what activities you intend to do while wearing them.

You can also buy wired headphones for less money than wireless ones, and you will find that you also get a larger driver in them, which means more powerful sound quality. You don't have to think about wired headphones charging as well, because you have unlimited playtime.

For wireless earbuds, this isn't the case. They will connect via Bluetooth to your computer, and depending on what the play time is, you will have to charge them periodically.

Wireless earbuds provide several advantages, however. No wires mean that if you're exercising, there is no risk of a cable being snagged or pulled on, which can happen. When you do not have a cable pulling at you and time you turn your head, there is also something more natural about your step.

Noise Isolation

Passive noise isolation can also feature headphones below a low price point. The aim of this is to eliminate external noise, enabling you to concentrate your focus entirely on what you hear through the earbuds, whether it's music, a podcast, an audio book, or on the other end of the spectrum.

Passive noise isolation depends on an ergonomic, snug fit for in-ear headphones, which provides a seal for the ear canal, much like earplugs. If you are planning on listening to music in noisy settings, it is a helpful function that works best. So if you like the sound of it, make sure it suits better than any of the headphones you go for.


Any affordable earbuds are going to be waterproof. They should have an IPX7 ranking to insure that they are. This implies that even when submerged underwater, the sound will continue to work, something that splash-proof earbuds won't be able to do.

Via nano-coating, waterproofing is developed. For someone who intends to wear their earbuds while jogging or during exercise, this is a vital function so that sweat does not shorten them.


Not all earbuds under $20 will be integrated with a microphone. But you'll need to make sure they have one if you intend to use the earbuds for making calls. The microphone would have wireless earbuds built into the buds themselves.

The microphone, also known as an in-line microphone, would have wired earbuds as part of the cable. Try to find earbuds for ease-of-use, where you can answer and end calls on the earbuds or on the cable with a single press of a button.

Ergonomic Fit

With noise isolation, an ergonomic fit doesn't just help. It is integral to comfort, too. Be sure to choose earbuds under $20 that have earbuds that are ergonomically built, as you won't want to cut them in the middle of your favorite tune.

Does the size of the driver make a difference to the sound and why?

Yeah, the sound does make a difference. The bigger the driver, the louder the sound of the earbuds, in the most simple words. But if the driver is larger, it can cope better with certain sounds and achieve better sound quality. The size of the driver, however, is less meaningful than the type of driver itself.

For instance, a dynamic driver can give a more dynamic, varied sound to the listener. The width of the frequency spectrum will shift the more drivers that are integrated into the earbuds or headphones. However, in earbuds, the size limits the sort of drivers that can be mounted in them.

Expert Tip

If you're looking for the best exercise earbuds under $20, then make sure they're wireless, waterproof, and also have a safe fit, maybe with ear hooks or good ear tips, so they don't fall out when you're listening to some inspiring music when you're in the middle of a hard cardio workout.

Did you know?

Since the buds that fit within your ear imitate the buds of flowers and plants, the reason they're called earbuds is. It shouldn't be appropriate to clarify the ear part though...


On the market, there are some awesome, affordable earbuds, and we have offered you some of the best. The very best earbuds under $20 provide excellent sound quality for listeners, fit better inside your ears easily and safely, and they also provide a call microphone. A handy extra is waterproofing. And wireless is a must for anybody who wants their arms free for exercise, then.