10 Best Value Headphones in 2020

It can make all the difference to a decent pair of headphones. There are plenty of choices out there for you, whether you are in the market for over-ear headphones, in-ears, or noise-cancelling. Often, however, headphones can become costly. Without investing too much money, you want to have an unforgettable experience as well.

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1. Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear

The in-ear headphones of the Panasonic ErgoFit boast outstanding sound, sleek design and superior comfort. They are designed to fit perfectly into any ear of any dimension, with three different earpad sizes. They also offer the chance to add five different color-coded choices to the outfit, which you can use to add a little more style.

With a sealed fit in the ears, they provide fair noise isolation, and the sound comes out with neodymium magnets via 9mm drivers. They're not wireless, because while you don't have to worry about the connection being broken, you don't have wireless headphone freedom at all.

The ErgoFits are a great option if you want a very reasonably priced pair of headphones that will be comfortable and provide decent sound quality.


  • + Great quality of sound
  • + Easy fit
  • + In-ear style
  • + Diverse types of earpads
  • + Lightweight weight

Why We Liked It -The ErgoFit in-ear headphones are a great choice if you're trying to save a little money. The sound is strong and it's very comfortable. An added bonus is the color-coding choice.


2. Mpow Flame Bluetooth

Are you looking for your headphones to have a little more bass? The MPOW Flame Bluetooth headphones have exceptionally low-bass sound and longevity. You get a bit more speaker area with 11mm drivers, blasting the sound out.

For active listeners, they have a template that is fine. The ear clips will keep them in place while you're working out, biking, or doing yoga. They also have an IPX7 waterproof rating for intensive workouts that will shield them from sweat.

They will last long enough with a 7-9 hour battery life to get you through your workout. It just takes them two hours to charge them entirely as well. Although they're not real wireless headphones, they don't need a cable to link to your computer. The noise-canceling microphone lets you enjoy hands-free calling and crystal clear contact. They have a decent price-point on top of that.


  • + Battery life of 7-9 hours
  • + Simple microphone noise-canceling
  • + Clips of ears
  • + IPX7 water resistant
  • + Quick Charge

Why We Liked It -They are an outstanding choice for workouts. Excellent, comfortable sound with extra bass, and a good waterproof ranking. For successful music fans, they have a decent price and check all the boxes.


3. AILIHEN C8 Headphones

The foldable AILIHEN C8's are perfect if you're looking for a decent pair of over-ear headphones that give great value. They're not costly and they give a very comfortable fit. They collapse right down, so that you can take them with you almost anywhere, providing a bit of comfort compared to some other over-ear headphones.

An adaptable fit makes the C8 ideal for multiple individuals of various sizes. When wearing them for hours on end, a comfortable headband and ear cups make sure you won't get too uncomfortable.

They provide a good degree of noise-isolation thanks to the over-ear design, allowing you to block out some of the unwanted external noises that might bleed in. They're a nice choice for those without spending too much who are interested in a little higher-quality sound.


  • + Isolation of Noise
  • + Outstanding tone
  • + Fair cost
  • + Foldable
  • + Calling Hands-free
Why We Liked It -The AILIHEN C8's are excellent for anyone who wants a basic pair of headphones for daily use that sounds amazing. We provide good sound, a comfortable fit, and an acceptable price point.

4. Panasonic Headphones RP-HT161

Panasonic is renowned for making some of the market's most powerful and reputable headphones. They're not crazy flashy, with a classic style and over-ear fit, and they give anyone a great listening experience without complications. For the price, when you compare them to a headphone at the same or greater price point, you get outstanding value and awesome sound quality.

Thanks to the dual 30mm neodymium drivers, they have a well-rounded sound with deep bass, punchy mids, and strong treble. Make sure they're one of the most comfortable over-ear headphones you'll wear with a fully padded pair of ear cushions. For anyone, a simple, adjustable headband makes them suitable.

The RPHT161 headphones are the way to go if you're looking at home and need an extended cable. They have an extra-long 6.5-ft audio cord that will give you a loud, crisp sound and an unhindered connection. They are fairly long-lasting and you can take them anywhere. Some of the best sounds on this list will be provided by the traditional, pleasing style.


  • + Modern layout
  • + Over-ear Over-ear
  • + Easy
  • + High quality of sound
  • + Headband Adjustable


  • - Not wireless
  • - Little bulky

Why We Liked It - These over-ear headphones have a classic look and feel that makes them one of the best value pairs you'll find. Without investing too much, they have an outstanding price and deliver some of the best sounds you can find.


5. iJoy Matte Finish Premium

Half of the time, they're wireless with over-ear headphones, and the other half, they're not. Wireless over-ears are the iJoy headphones that offer outstanding sound quality and comfort as well as maneuverability. For added ease, you can take calls, hang up, skip, repeat, and monitor the volume, right on the side of the earphone with five-button controls.

Although lightly padded and comfortable, the earcups also help to isolate unwanted sound and provide great fidelity to sound. Compared to other cheap headphones, they are made to be a little more rugged and sturdy, so if you prefer to be a little more rough on your headphones, then they might be the way to go for you.

They also have a conventional design that looks like high-end headphones that would usually cost more. Basically, the adjustability and folding style make them ideal for everyone.


  • + Isolation of Noise
  • + On-ear headsets
  • + Easy fit
  • + Lightweight weight
  • + Enduring


  • - Not waterproof

Why We Liked It - On a pair of on-ear headphones, this simple design offers great sound. They are fairly lightweight and comfortable, but deliver a degree of confidence-instilling strength and durability.


6. Sony MDRZX110/BLK

Sony is another highly reputable sound manufacturer that produces high-end products to suit every price point, as well as budget headphones. Thanks to their 30mm drivers, the MDRZX110s have an outstanding frequency response. You can hear it exactly as expected with a low bass with clear highs.

A few choices are available. From the standard edition, you can select one with a microphone, and another with noise-cancelling technology. All depends on how much music you want to listen. They have a lightweight and supportive build for over-ear headphones, so that you get that great sound with lasting comfort.

These wired headphones mean that you do not get the flexibility of wireless technology, but every time you listen, you will also hear uninterrupted signals and simple, detailed sound. They're an excellent choice on a budget for one of the best earphones.


  • + Signal uninterrupted
  • + Lightweight and enduring
  • + Sound balanced
  • + Outstanding bass and treble
  • + Incredible price


  • - Wired
  • - Slightly bulky

Why We Liked It - Being one of the world's best audio firms, Sony has built a very good audio experience with these headphones on a budget. They are one of the best over-ear pairs that you'll find for this value.


7. Mpow 059 Bluetooth

The Mpow 059 Bluetooth headphones have features that compare with on-ear headphones at a greater price bracket, possibly boasting the best audio quality on the list. Each headphone has a 40mm neodymium motor, offering great, high-fidelity audio for listeners. Passive noise-isolation can give you a slightly higher immersion level, but will not block 100% of external noise.

The 059's are also an excellent budget option for comfort with memory protein ear cushions and a metal headband slider. You never need to worry about losing power or link, with both wireless and wired options. That means you can use them with Bluetooth technology, or if you're not moving too far away from your receiver, you can remain attached.

They have a reliable and impressive microphone that you can use to make calls, compared with many other cheap headphones. Alternatively, on your PC or other consoles, you can use them to play games and chat to your comrades. For simple and quick entry, all the controls are on the side of the headphones.


  • + Wired and wireless networks
  • + Excellent audio
  • + Comfortable architecture
  • + Stable lifespan of batteries
  • + Magnificent importance


  • - Not the cheapest option
  • - A little bulky

Why We Liked It -These are a nice pair of wireless earphones that are inexpensive. The sound quality is outstanding and, with both wired and wireless choices, they are super comfortable and reliable.


8. Betron YSM1000 Headphones

A decent pair of wired in-ear earphones with superior sound are the Betron YSM1000 headphones. They were tuned to conform to particular songs and mimic the ideal bass, treble, and mid stages. With a wire that has a 24K gold-plated input jack, you don't have to think about battery life. When listening to whatever your boat floats, the noise-isolating device provides you with a more immersive experience.

Depending on what you want, they come with a carrying case, as well as silicone memory foam earbuds. There are a lot of sizes, too, so you can fit them into your unique ear canal.

They are extremely compatible and have been designed to fit well with every interface that you use. The layout is a little more flashy and stands out on the list among the rest of the cheap headphones. With in-ear headphones, if you want a high-quality sound, then they might be one of the best choices.


  • + Outstanding quality audio
  • + Wired
  • + Isolation of Noise
  • + Lightweight weight
  • + Supportive cushions for ears


  • - A little more expensive
  • - Not wireless earphones

Why We Liked It -The consistency of the sound of these headphones is very great. Since they're superior in audio fidelity, they're not like other cheap headphones. If you want a little more elegance, this pair is super comfortable and has a fantastic looking design.



9. Wanga Original 3.5MM

As far as value is concerned, some of the best sounding cheap headphones on the list are Wanga Original 3.5mm's. To provide a good degree of noise-isolation, the in-ears match well. They're not Bluetooth headphones, but they're slightly less maneuverable than wireless earbuds, but they'll give you a steady stream of audio.

They come with a compact carrying case, and to cope with a little bit of violence, the earphones themselves are robust enough. They have a heavy bass design which, with pleasantly resounding low ends, will give you rich audio. If you're using them during a workout, this could give you more encouragement.

They have a very competitive price and reliable features that will guarantee that when they're in your ears, you appreciate every piece of music you hear.
+ Case Carrying
+ Amazing audio
+ Outstanding price
+ Superior construction efficiency
+ Extra bass
-Cheap headphones are more convenient and cheap.
- Not with wireless earbuds
Why We Liked It - As far as build quality goes, these cheap headphones are excellent value. For the best headphones, they have one of the lowest rates.

10. VOWSVOWS Earbuds

Just like the popular Apple iPod headphones, the VOWSVOWS earbuds are very similar. They are made from hard plastic and one of the headphone casings has a microphone on the cord. They offer you a simple and pleasant listening experience with mild noise-isolation and high fidelity audio.

They, especially for the price, are fairly durable and tough. These are the ideal cheap headphones for workouts and an active lifestyle, with an IPX8 waterproof ranking. They're also lightweight and maneuverable, although they are not Bluetooth headphones.

These may not be the finest headphones on our list, but they are well worth it for the price. They will give you a decent quality of sound and a lasting degree of durability.


+ Enduring
+ Sound of high quality
+ Lightweight weight
+ Sleek
+ Noise-isolation partial


- Not wireless
- Limited features

Why We Liked It -They have a pretty decent sound and are perfect for listeners with an active lifestyle. They are not crazy flashy or wireless, but they won't let you down if you just want a pair of budget headphones.


Value Headphones Buyers Guide

Features to Consider

When you buy your precious headphones, you'll want to keep a few things in mind. Here are some of the most critical variables to remember.

Wireless or Wired?

The way you use your headphones will decide whether you want Bluetooth or not. For people who want full freedom with no tether to the phone or computer, wireless headphones are perfect. They are super handy for workouts while in motion, and they suit a simple active lifestyle.

Charging, however, may also require further maintenance. While wireless headphones may lose communication from time to time, there is typically a good connection for even inexpensive, wireless ones.


The quality of sound would remain at the top of the most important characteristics to look for. The better the sound, the more your listening experience will be enjoyable. If you want a completely immersive experience, then it can really drag you into the music or movies you are listening to by having budget headphones with extra bass.

You want to make sure that there are straightforward and succinct high and middle frequencies. A well-balanced tone would be the best headphone for the price, allowing you to completely understand what's happening within the audio.


The second most important attribute you'll like in a pair of headphones is possibly comfort. If, without having to take them off, you can't wear them for hours, then you won't enjoy your listening experience almost as much.

You'll want to find a pair that has plush, memory foam, or silicone ear cups that won't rub or cause pain, whether you're going for over-ear or in-ear headphones. Also, if you have several tip sizes and an adjustable headband, you can tailor your headphones to your unique requirements.


Any type of noise-cancelation would likely be the best choice for you. Noise-canceling headphones are a little higher in price sometimes, but the nature of the sound makes all the difference. Active noise-canceling headphones and passive ones are available.

When it comes to sound, active headphones are the best kind, but they are also a little more costly and can take up more battery than you may like. A level of immersion is still provided by passive noise-canceling headphones, but without the technological features that completely block out sound and drain the battery.

If you have roommates, noise-cancellation can be perfect, whether you are learning or working around noise a lot of the time. It will provide you with a way to block distractions and remain focused on what you want. If you're out for a run, if there is traffic or possible hazards around, please be careful.


A microphone on the outside of the earphone is one of the best features you can have with a decent pair of earbuds. This will allow you to take calls and continue doing what you're doing, without bringing your phone up to your ear. It will normally be located on the outside of a headset, where you can use buttons to monitor it as well.

For other occasions, the mic will be on the headphone cable. Either way, if you're going to use your set for regular big calls, make sure that the mic output is good enough. Owing to poor communication, you don't want to lose crucial conversations.


Since this paper focuses on pricing, the price will be one of the most significant features for you. Luckily, there are usually plenty of choices these days that are still really affordable. The best does not necessarily mean the most costly. If something is cheaper than all the others, keep that in mind, as there is usually a good reason for it. Or, with a less budget-friendly alternative, you could be sacrificing other features you might otherwise have received.


For use after use, the best headphones would be robust enough to last. You won't be getting a lot for your investment if they're poor or not solid enough. Look for a high waterproof rating such as IPX7 or IPX8 if you want a pair to work out, as these types of headphones would be better for active lifestyles due to their ability to withstand water. Durability might be the distinguishing attribute from one headphone to the other if all the other choices tick all the boxes.


Make sure that your earbuds are compatible with the computer you are using. You're not going to be in the best position if you get a set that doesn't fit for your computer. Most headphones are universally compatible, but just verify that they will fit best together with wireless sets.


You now have all the data you need to pick the right choice for you. Keep in mind what you read when you do your shopping, and you can't go wrong!