10 Best On Ear Wireless Headphones in 2020

There are various models to choose from and the world of headphones and hearing aids is vast and varied. The wired and wireless headphones on the ears are a great choice for those who want a comfortable fit and excellent performance, even when long-term headphones are worn.

When shopping for headphones, there are many items to consider, such as volume, style and additional features, and you need a pair of on-ear headphones that will last a long time to keep you from having to spend money again to buy new ones. Depending on what you think would fit best for you, you also have the option of selecting wireless headphones or a wired product.

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1. Bose SoundLink On-Ear

These Bluetooth wireless headphones have outstanding sound quality and a supportive and padded headband (which can also be used with wire). They have a microphone that has speech prompts. This has been improved to work well for a pair of wireless earphones in noisy and windy conditions as well, making it a groundbreaking design.

Bose is a company known for its quality goods, so having a pair of the best wireless Bose headphones, with deep bass, crisp audio, and up to 15 hours of battery life, is almost a guarantee of customer satisfaction. It's a real pleasure to listen to music with these headphones, and with excellent studio sound quality and frequency response, Bose has outdone itself.


  • + Microphone built-in consistency
  • + Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • + Listening mode for Wired or Wireless
  • + Dynamic quality of sound and great bass
Why We Liked It -
Bose has made a pair of convenient and fashionable Bluetooth-option wireless on-ear headphones. They have features like a high-quality microphone that in most other items you are not likely to find.

2. SteelSeries Arctis 7 Lag-Free Wireless

Ski Google suspension and AirWeave cushions have the headband of these high-quality sound wireless headphones. This gives you the most relaxed listening experience possible, with outstanding sound quality and powerful bass that allows every tiny sound to be felt and heard.

Simple and elegant is the style. It's perfect for someone who needs on-ear headphones that can sit on your ears, whether you're at work, commuting to work, or using them in your home's comfort. With great noise-isolation and studio-quality microphones, they look great, sound great, and surprise their users. Considering the unbeatable audio quality and overall efficiency, the price is fair.


  • + 2200 Ohm microphone impedance
  • + 12-meter high-quality audio range
  • + Studio quality voice and audio clarity
  • + 20 to 20000-hertz frequency response
Why We Liked It -
These are some of the best headphones out there, if you're looking for Bluetooth headphones to listen to music, play video games or take phone calls, and they are comfortable enough to be worn all day without feeling discomfort.

3. Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2

If you're looking for the best style, battery life of 24 hours, deep bass, a comfortable headband, and great wireless sound quality, then you need to take a look at these beautiful wireless headphones! As compared to earbuds, they rest on the outside of the ears and have received a high rating from Amazon, which is typically a guarantee of a better product with attractive features.

The strong and stable Bluetooth signal means that you never have to worry about minor interruptions. Charging has been made easy, so that when you need them, you can still have your wireless headphones ready to be used. External noise is kept out by ANC active noise cancelation, and this is one of the features you can turn off when needed.


  • + 24-hour streaming of music
  • + Real and rich quality of audio
  • + With a travel protective case
  • + Bluetooth range of 100-meters
Why We Liked It - 
Maybe the active noise-cancelation is the best thing about these wireless Bluetooth headphones, and although these are over-ears, they make a perfect solution for someone who spends time in noisy environments.

4. Bose QuietComfort 35

No matter what volume you listen to while using these Bose headphones, the audio quality is perfectly balanced. With 20 hours of battery life when used wirelessly, and up to an incredible 40 hours of battery life if connected with the included wire, they have some of the best active noise cancellation features.

They built these wireless on-ear headphones with such excellent audio output that they compare with few others, and they fit just right over most ears. Bose did what Bose would usually do here. The dual-microphone system rejects noise to give you the best possible sound, and the design is simple and clear, with a comfortable fit and excellent sound and bass output being the main focus.


  • + Battery life of 20/40-hour
  • + Pairing NFC and Bluetooth
  • + Controls button on the headphones
  • + Available in silver and black
Why We Liked It -
These hassle-free wireless Bose headphones have the standard Bose design, with noise suppression to ensure that while you are out and about, you can hear your incoming phone calls and your favorite songs.

5. AmazonBasics Volume


The best feature that makes these wire-headphones the best is that they have volume control and have been designed to keep children from damaging their ears. The ears of a child are very sensitive to sound, and with these, when your children watch an iPad show or listen to music, you won't have to worry about harming the eardrum.

Such on-ear headphones come in bright colors, and most can afford the price. When doing homework and for other purposes, they are comfortable for a child to wear. You won't have to worry about battery life or sound interruptions since they are connected with a wire. It's a great product for someone who wants the best headphones for a younger person, and because they're adjustable, they fit most head sizes.


  • + Total volume of 94 DB
  • + Fun color choices
  • + Feature acceptable for children
  • + Warranty on AmazonBasics
Why We Liked It - 
For kids and teens with sensitive ears, both the design and sound level of these on-ear headphones make them the best choice.

6. Mpow 059 Bluetooth

Select the color you like best and let you wow yourself with the sound quality and flawless design! The design may be straightforward, but in a pair of wireless headphones it has everything you need. The choice of selecting your favorite from a list of eight makes this a product that you can easily tailor to your tastes and likes.

You get a total of 2 hours of extra listening time when you charge these headphones for a modest 10 minutes. This is great for those who are constantly on the move and always have their headphones on. You get approximately 20 hours of use when fully charged, with excellent sound and extra features such as supportive memory protein cushions and the highest sound quality.


  • + Good quality and low price
  • + Protein cushions for memory
  • + Stable battery life of 20 hours
  • + Wired or wireless use
Why We Liked It -
Choose the style you like best and explore the advantages of this wireless product's convenient memory protein and flexible headband.

7. Mpow Thor Bluetooth


If you frequently feel uncomfortable pressure around your head while wearing wireless headphones, this product offers a lightweight wireless alternative! With a 40 millimeter driver and CSR chips, the audio experience is improved. The cushions made of protein leather are made with memory foam that adapts to the shape of your ears.

It both looks and feels amazing. It is a design that provides a range of features, such as a microphone, buttons directly placed on the headphones, and about eight hours of battery life. If battery life is one of the things you're concerned about, it won't let you down.

It just takes 2-3 hours to completely charge them. When shopping for wireless earphones, you should never have to settle for anything but the best, and these headphones have all those features you are seeking, without weighing a lot.


  • + CSR chip and motor of 40mm
  • + Lightweight and comfy
  • + Memory foam and leather protein
  • + Quick pairing and stable relation
Why We Liked It - 
The battery life is shorter than what some other wireless devices have to offer, but fast charging times and a lightweight and comfortable design compensate for this. Often, the price is a bonus.

8. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear

These wireless earphones' award-winning build sits comfortably around your head and your ears. If you're looking for something that looks easy and stylish, it's one of the best sets of headphones you can find, but it has everything you need in terms of sound quality, battery life, and price.

For optimised transportability, these wireless earphones can be folded. Clean, crisp, and has a good bass is the sound coming out of each cup. For those professionally interested in music and those seeking the best of the best, outstanding sound and acoustics make this a given choice.

These are also classified in customer feedback as favorites. The Apple W1 chip allows you to activate Siri directly from your headphones; both iOS and Android are compatible with them.


  • + Bluetooth compatibility Class 1
  • + 5-minute charge for a battery life of 3 hours
  • + Original Apple W1 chip with
  • + Quick-charge feature for improved battery life
Why We Liked It - 
It is incredibly easy to connect this wireless product with either an iOS device or an Android device, which means you can use it with your iPhone, Sony or any other device. The quick-charge feature is very helpful.

9. JBL E45BT On-Ear

With these trendy headphones, cut straight to the chase! The price is perfect, considering what you get, and as they are compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and more, you can use them with any Sony smartphone, iPhone, Samsung device, etc. These offer you the best of all, with excellent battery life, sound, and with the best possible fit and comfort, close to a pair of AKG n60nc wireless earphones.

Choose from black, blue, white, green and red and use them in wired or wireless mode. The mic also includes the best incoming and outgoing sound, so when making important phone calls and capturing voice messages, you can use these. It's not just the tone that also impresses; they are lightweight and highly compact as well.


  • + Excellent sound with solid bass
  • + Wireless or cable use
  • + Elegant and modern style
  • + Five distinct colors
Why We Liked It -
The best thing about these is the tone - a sound quality normally found in items that are much more costly. They can be used with or combined with a cable via Bluetooth. 

10. Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF

These on-ears use a radio frequency device with 926 MegaHertz that eliminates the need for Bluetooth. They have a wide variety that enables the sound to pass around barriers and walls. The sound reproduction is incredibly precise, and once you put these earphones on, it gives you an amazing sound experience, making them perfect for all purposes, such as phone calls and watching TV.

These do not disappoint if you're looking for a pair of all-round earphones that allow you to travel about without being tethered to the unit. When listening to something of your choosing, it's a perfect way to gain more freedom.

For full comfort, these earphones are lightweight, and they charge up easily so that you never have to find yourself standing there without access to premium sound. Without causing uncomfortable rubbing or sweating, the cushioned material rests comfortably on your face, which is ideal for gamers or for someone who wears their headphones for several hours at a time.


  • + Improved obstacle safe range
  • + 926 MegaHertz Radio Frequency
  • + 65 dBA signal-to-noise ratio
  • + Charges fully quickly
Why We Liked It - 
It's not just the sound that makes such a big deal for these earphones. How quickly the frequencies move through barriers like walls and floors is the most impressive part.

On-Ear Wireless Headphones Buyers Guide

Bluetooth is the one thing you'll like when buying headphones if you're someone who wants freedom of movement. A wireless collection allows you to travel about easily as long as you remain within a certain distance from the device you are using to listen to music, play video games, speak on the phone or watch TV, as opposed to wired headphones where you are attached to that device.

More than just the style, there is more to buying wireless headphones, and there are a few different features to consider, such as noise cancellation and overall sound efficiency. Looking for active or passive cancellation of noise? This is the definitive guide that will help you find a pair of great wireless on-ear headphones.

True Wireless vs. Wireless

Confusing the idea of wireless headphones and true wireless is not unusual. Although on-ear headphones are rarely "true wireless," we will always go over the definition to make sure that once you begin your quest, there are no misunderstandings. A wireless product basically means that the earphones (for example, a phone, laptop, or TV) are not attached to the main computer and that you can switch around as long as you remain nearby.

Only in this situation, true wireless is the same - the earphones are not attached to each other. One of the best-known examples is the Apple Airpods Pro. Generally, true wireless earphones are between the ears. Yet, often you'll even come across cleverly built real wireless on-ears.

Open-Back vs. Closed Back

Whenever you're searching for headphones, these two words seem to come up. They are different, which is why the distinction is important to understand. In order to keep noise out, headphones with active noise cancelation and passive noise cancelation are often closed back, as they need to go around the neck.

These are often favoured in noisy environments by gamers and those spending time, although those who work with music appear to be more interested in the open-back style. Open-back earphones, since they are open in the back or rest just on the ear, have a slightly different acoustic.

It is the kind of sound that you are most likely to get while buying on-ear headphones (instead of over-ears). Neither is certainly better than the other, and it's up to you to determine which kind of earphone is right for you.

Battery Life

What makes a headphone wireless, logically, is that it's not connected to something. This implies that it has to be billed. The battery time varies from product to product, and you need a battery that can keep up if you intend to use the wireless headphone product for several hours at a time.

It isn't about how long the battery is going to last; it's also important how quickly the battery charges once it's empty. Many wireless earphones would have a fast-charging feature that allows you to charge for 10-15 minutes to gain a few hours of battery life, which is ideal for when at the worst possible moment your headphones run out of charge.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is when, either by the structure of the headphone itself or through active noise cancellation, the external sound is blocked out as much as possible. It usually has to be an over-the-ears construction for a headphone to be noise-canceling, which is what we're evaluating here.

This is because the on-ears rest just against the ear and do not fully cover it. However, on-ear headphones can minimize noise. Not only would you not be bothered by ambient noise, the biggest advantage of noise cancelation and noise reduction, but you are also less likely to continue turning up the volume, which may damage your eardrums.

On & Over-Ear - What Is the Difference?

Although the two sound identical, they are two distinct types of headphones, each each has its own advantages. One of the most comfortable styles for long-term wearing, the on-ears rest gently against the outside of the ears.

This encourages your ears to breathe. Over-ear headphones go all the way around the ears - fully covering them - and while it can provide a listening environment free from interference (exterior noise), if you wear them for long periods, it can get a little sweaty and warm.

Making headphones wireless is a perfect way to provide more flexibility for the user. It's up to you when it comes to it, whether you prefer on-ears or over-ears, since they're fantastic for various things.


Instead of in-ears, many advantages come from using on-ear headphones, and one is the comfort these devices are likely to offer. In addition to a detailed knowledge guide, you have been introduced to some of the best items you can find to lead you in the direction of the right wireless headphones for your individual needs.

There are hundreds of choices at your fingertips right there, but you might not get value for your money unless you spend some time finding the most comfortable and high-performance headphones.