10 Best Cheap In-Ear Headphones in 2020

If you've come this far, is it possibly fair to say that you're looking for affordable headphones? If so, you're not meant to be just settling for the first pair you find. If you are looking for in-ear headphones, this is particularly true.

Cheap earbuds may end up breaking, unless they are of good quality, or give you an unsatisfactory listening experience. Within your price range, you want the best headphones, and that is what this review sets out to help you with.

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1. MuveAcoustics Drive Wired in-Ear

These wired earbuds could be just what you are looking for for the listener who wants a solid, balanced sound and noise-canceling characteristics! The cable does not tangle due to the flat nature, and they remain on whether you go for an exercise run or go out. It's a pair of earbuds with excellent dynamic drivers that step in with heavy bass to give you that improved, but affordable, audio quality.

As you would with a wireless product, you won't have to think about battery life. With these budget earbuds, you get impressive value for your dollar. It comes with a microphone that you can find on the cable for phone calls and audio recordings. Most devices are compatible with them, and they are extremely comfortable to wear.


+ Isolation of Sound
+ No-tangle cord flat
+ Comfortable in-ear fit
+ Button and Mic Controls

Why We Liked It -One of the reasons why these in-ear headphone noise-cancelling pairs are so common is that they provide excellent sound quality at a low and affordable price.


2. Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud

When buying a pair of cheap earbuds such as these, you have so many options! You can buy them either with a microphone or without one. Not to mention, they come in 15 different colors, such as pink, purple, black, green, and orange, and perfectly fit the 5th generation iPod Nano colors available.

The frequency response (from 5 to 24,000 Hz) and wired communication technologies have been enhanced by Panasonic ErgoFit, ensuring you won't have to think about charging your earphones. It also has high-performance drivers and, with several ratings, is top ranked on Amazon. For such an impressively low price, it is one of the finest headphone pairs you can find.


+ Several available color choices
+ frequency response from 5 to 24 000 Hz
+ 16 ohms impedance
+ Super soft earbuds from ErgoFit

Why We Liked It -These budget headphones have a button and a microphone for volume control. Thanks to the many color choices, you can easily get a pair that goes with your theme.


3. Sony MDRXB50AP Extra

The Sony Extra has technology for wired networking, the flat cord is tangle-free, and a slider is also available to help hold them in place. For those who would like not to think about battery and charging times, they are a perfect alternative to wireless headphones. Just because you are hoping to pay less for a pair of earbuds, you should not have to settle for an average tone.

Within your price range, this headphone pair is the ideal example of premium headphones. This budget gadget has a perfectly balanced sound with its comfortable fit, decent output, built-in microphone, and more. (Thanks to drivers using neodymium). These inexpensive earbuds are very lightweight too, so you can hardly notice that you are wearing them!


+ Neodymium drivers for balanced sound
+ High ranking in sound quality terms
+ Play, pause and button for microphone
+ Soft ear tips that are tailored to the ear

Why We Liked It - The best earphones are perfect for you and have a fantastic sound. Thanks to how well they adapt to your ear, the ear tips of these headphones best speak for themselves.


4. Wanga Original 3.5MM Metal

These hi-fi noise isolation headphones have a classy look, with a beautiful contrast between black and red. They are for consumers who want to listen to music during sport or while exercising, or for people who want impeccable sound quality and to chat on the phone with a pair of affordable earbuds.

Regardless of shape and size, the tips conform well to your ears and the dynamic drivers give them a high rating in terms of sound experience. It's one of those things intended to look, sound, and feel fantastic! There's a strong bass - every beat can be felt.

The weight is right for you to wear these for hours at a time every day. To provide a good listening experience, the rises, mids, and lows are balanced, and the noise isolation keeps much of the external sound out, ensuring you can better hear your important phone calls.


+ Superior sound quality
+ Highly effective noise isolation
+ These include multiple ear tips
+ Gorgeous black and red design

Why We Liked It - These are the best earphone pairs for anyone on a budget, thanks to the dynamic driver and tone, the eye-catching exterior, and the inexpensive price.


5. Betron B25 Noise Isolating

These noise isolation in-ear headphones make more pricey devices look bad with a high ranking in both reviews and by actual customers! It is a headset you can use for your computer and phone and when you are out and about, compatible with both Android and iOS.

As they take up very little room, weighing less than many other pro headphones, they are perfect for traveling. If you choose these wired earbuds, considering their low price, you will get a package that has the crystal clear sound quality and durability you deserve, with solid bass and a black and silver design that makes them look exclusive.


+ 1.2-metre cable quality
+ For all portable media devices, optimized
+ Ear adapters of varying sizes
+ Ambient attenuation of noise

Why We Liked It -A great aesthetic and robust cord meets the Hi-Fi tone, and the ear adapters ensure that they suit your ears perfectly. We're giving these review favorites a top star.


6. Betron ELR50 Earphones Earbuds

The Betron Earbuds jointly feature crystal clear and improved bass. Their natural sound comes from all-metal housings, excellent frequency response, build quality and driver characteristics, and an appealing aesthetic - depending on your style and preferences, you can choose between a selection of white or black earphones.

To make sure they suit your inner ear correctly, the silicone rubber ear tips come in sizes S, M and L. They are made to isolate outside noise efficiently, providing you with the highest possible sound quality for a pair of headphones that are not remote controlled. They all come with a solid 1-year guarantee, so that, if you need to, you can get your money back.


+ 3.5mm headphone port
+ Compatible with laptops, phones and more
+ Convenient ear-tips of silicone
+ Excellent build quality and driver

Why We Liked It - The stunning black and white style makes them look a lot more precious than they are. They are also among the best wired earbuds you can find, with an excellent driver and features for noise isolation.


7. Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds

With the handcrafted wooden exterior, deep bass and solid, crisp acoustics come together to produce a special studio-quality sound. Unlike any of the others on this list, it is a commodity. It is not only one of the best in-ear headphones you can find, but one of the most accessible as well!

Six different presentations are available, all of them made of natural wood, with a great driver, deep bass, voice control and other deluxe features. To provide improved long-term comfort, the ear-tips have been enhanced in design and fit. As you don't have to depend on your smartphone to listen, the smart in-line microphone and button controls make it so much easier to control both your music and incoming calls.


+ Voice control and deluxe apps
+ Tangle-free TPE double-color cable
+ Specially crafted choices for ear tips
+ Gain a commission affiliate

Why We Liked It -Nothing compares to these wooden earbuds in terms of style and look! Thanks to the way the wood influences the acoustics, they have a gorgeous style and excellent sound quality.


8. ROVKING Wired Sweatproof

If you are looking for the perfect sport and workout headphones, then these earbuds are unbeatable. The curved shape makes it possible for you to hook them up to your ear. If you are a runner, or whether you enjoy working out vigorously at the gym, they sit tight. They are similarly shaped, as with many remote headphones, but there is the added advantage of not having to think about charging them up before heading out.

For phone calls and other commands, there is a quick one-click button, nice overall tone, and a round cord that does not tangle easily. All this, as well as warmth that will also make it easier to sleep without waking up with sore ears, wearing these. With great color choices to choose from, these simple but strong earphone pairs are compatible with most mobile phones, laptops, and other devices.


+ Comfort with optimized angle of nozzles
+ One-click button controls
+ Efficient transmission of audio signals
+ Best suited for athletes and sportsmen

Why We Liked It These in-ear earphones are the ideal option, and one of the best pairs of earphones for sports and workouts, if you have determined that you don't need remote control headphones.


9. Betron YSM1000 Headphones

Betron YSM1000 Headphones

If you want the best, the simplicity of these colorful but classy headphones makes them an obvious choice! The noise cancellation works well, allowing you to hear your incoming calls and music from the outside world without interruptions. They have a steady and powerful bass, and the button controls give you the option of using your listening system as a remote control.

With the 24k Gold Plated 3.5mm Jac, performance is further improved. When you walk around listening to music or talking on the phone, the special cord style will ensure that you are out. Betron found that the cord does not need to be bland and black, and the result was a product that stands out regardless of where you take it.


+ In-ear isolation of hearing
+ 3.5mm 24k Jac Plated Gold
+ Circular cord bi-coloured
+ Strong and strengthened bass

Why We Liked It - With these earbuds, thanks to the sleek nature and audio quality, people would never be able to guess that you bought them at a low price. They're so well-made that for years, they'll last you.


10. Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones

Enjoy these waterproof and wireless remote control earpieces with the many advantages of a simple pair of earphones! They suit with ear-tips that form the shape of your ear canal just right. No wires are there to get tangled or trapped. You get uninterrupted battery time of a total of seven to nine hours, dynamic drivers (11mm), dual-point Bluetooth link options, and much more!

These little ones show you can go wireless on a budget - despite being one of the best, a product with modern features does not have to cost a lot. They have an elegant black and red style, which is at once both discreet and eye-catching in some way, and they are designed to withstand water - ideal for those pesky occasions when your morning run is raining.


+ Dual Point Bluetooth Link
+ 11mm Dynamic Drivers
+ 7-9 hours of time for the battery
+ Remote In-line Controls

Why We Liked It - These are wireless, but for affordable headphones, they still fall into the budget category, and that is everything you can ask for if you love sport and workout.


Cheap In-Ear Headphones Buyers Guide

For those that are on a budget or only attempting to save money, the best in-ear headphones still exist. Finding the best cheap alternative is not all that difficult with a few tips and tricks. The first step towards a good purchase is to realize which characteristics are essential and without which you can live. What standard of construction are you looking for?

Do you want the features of wireless remote control and various driver types? Does the product's color matter to you? What size do you need for ear tips? A few items to remember are below, which will help you find the best cheap earphones with the characteristics you need.

True Wireless vs. Wired Earbuds

Wireless earphones are thought about a lot, and it's tempting to believe that all wireless devices are automatically better than wired earbuds, but that's not always the case. It depends on how you are planning on using them.

True wireless earbuds are perfect because you don't have to think about wires, which can be incredibly helpful when playing sports or exercising. Wireless headphones, particularly if used regularly, need to be charged, however. For those who hike, go hiking, or participate in other sports where charging is not feasible, this can be a hassle.

Real wireless earbuds could be a little wasteful in some situations, or if you mostly sit still (such as while traveling or at the office), and you may potentially be better off with cheap wired earphones.

For wireless devices, the price is also expected to go up, since the technology is still new and significantly more advanced than a wired device. You may want to ask yourself if wireless and Bluetooth are features you need if you are looking for a cheap budget option; otherwise, you might want to avoid them.

Everyone has that little voice in their heads, telling us that the more characteristics a product has, the better - but you might not need any of them if you are on a budget. A more fundamental product may instead be the most fitting headphones.

Water-Resistant Headphones

Take a look to see whether water-resistant or waterproof is the item you are considering. If you play sports and like to sweat a great deal, but even if you get stuck in the shower, this can be useful. Some of the better cheap earbuds, but not all, would be at least water-resistant. Usually, you may be recommended to select only water-resistant items when searching for the right product for you.

Then consider skipping this function to take down the price if the price is more important to you than other aspects. Do weigh the drawbacks, however, that if you mistakenly get them wet and are forced to buy new ones, it might end up being more costly in the end.

Benefits of In-Ear Headphones

This review will attempt to provide a thorough description of when in-ear earphones could be a better choice if you are unsure if over-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, or in-ear earbuds are better.

For things that do not require too much movement, such as video games, music while sitting at a desk, train commutes to work, and more, the type of items you wear over the ear is excellent. But, for physical activities, such as running and going to the gym, they're normally less practical. About why? Since most are not going to stay on.

Someone who deals with a lot of movement will struggle to keep their headphones on their heads, and this is where a much safer choice is to have in-ear headphones! They are much more likely to remain in place as you work out because you put them into your ears.

The discretion these items provide is another plus, as some sometimes can't even say that you are listening to music. In your baggage, pocket, or handbag, they take up very little space.

Are there any good cheap headphones?

Definitely! Yes! As a more affordable collection of earphones, many budget brands offer similar features, so it's not all about the price! Make it a habit to read through the product pages to find the features you are interested in, but for the sake of a better price, you should also be prepared to accept less features.

Are cheap headphones as good as expensive headphones?

This is a very specific topic, as it depends on whether you're talking about consistency or characteristics. It is best not to equate someone with earphones you couldn't afford anyway if you are on a small budget, and instead concentrate on finding a product with outstanding sound quality as well as the aesthetic and look you hope to find. You do not need the best features, such as Bluetooth and remote control, as long as it checks all the boxes in terms of sound quality.


It's all about finding the right affordable headphones, finding a product that is best for you. If it is important to have a low price, then you should be able to consider some more specific goods. If quality earbuds with outstanding sound are what you need, then it won't be too hard to find a product within your desired price range.

The price is also a consequence of how much the earphones have to give, but it doesn't mean that the output of a cheaper pair is worse, as it may just be an indication that they have less features. You deserve a premium product, irrespective of what your budget is.

Expert Tip

Instead of having a low-priced collection of headphones with all the features available, strive for a better product with fewer features and thus a lower price, as these which lack quality.

Did You Know

The expression "you get what you pay for" applies more, in this case, to features and not necessarily to efficiency! If you are able to consider a more fundamental function range, you can get a decent pair of in-ear headphones.