Squier Fat Stratocaster Best Electric Guitar Review 2020 for Beginner Guitar

Squier Fat Stratocaster Review for Beginner Guitar - Best Electric Guitar 2020

The Squier Fat Stratocaster is a powerful piece of music potential. With a throwback look that is more 1970’s than 2011, this guitar is built for playing. It is made of durable materials with a decent enough finish to frustrate the more common ways that one accidentally damages a guitar. In addition, as a plus for beginners, the Squier Fat Stratocaster holds its tune decently due to its efficient construction and six standard die cast tuners. The oversized headstock immediately brings one back to a time that guitars dominated music. The pickguard is a beautiful addition to a solid instrument.

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With three pick-ups and twenty-two frets, the Squier Fat Stratocaster gives a novice the tools to begin a musical journey well prepared. It is a great guitar to take the first steps toward blues or classic rock licks or even to progress through chords. The sound is typically full with play being easy on the more than adequate fingerboard. Using decent quality strings will maximize the performance of this guitar.

While there have been reports of problematic sound quality associated with the Squier Fat Stratocaster, this should not scare away a potential buyer. A quick play of the guitar or communication with a music store employee can relax the tension. Typically, the Squier Fat Stratocaster has had some issues with the low e string buzzing. However, lowering the action can quickly remedy the situation. This is a decent guitar, that is durable and at a decent price for a beginner.