Ibanez GSA60 Best Electric Guitar Review 2020 for beginner guitar

Ibanez GSA60 Review for beginner guitar - Best Electric Guitar 2020

For a great beginner guitar, at a reasonable price (about $225, but can go higher depending on where you buy it from), the Ibanez GSA60 is a great choice for users to learn their strings and chords quickly, and get a comfortable playing guitar feeling. It is extremely easy to get used to strumming the strings, very quickly, and is made of durable material (maple neck), and is a little thicker towards the bottom base.

best electric guitar 2020

It features two string coils, a single powersound humbucker (bridge), one volume, one tone, and 5-way pickup selector. You can get the most extreme sounds, and can play almost any song or genre on the guitar. From rock n roll, to the blues, you will get a great sound every time, and for acoustic style songs, you will get the cleanest quality. It offers a line 6 flextone, 2 amp, and the bridge isn’t very loud when not in play.

Ibanez GSA60It is built of quality and durable materials, so you can be rest assured it will not get dented or banged up easily. The string coils are extremely durable, and can handle any strength placed on them; yet, for a great sound, you can use the softest touch, and still get great volume. It can handle any playing situation, from live on stage, to playing small gigs in a coffee shop.

For a great quality brand, easy to strum strings, and durable frame and solid sounding guitar, the Ibanez GSA60 is a great guitar for beginners to try out.