Fender Duo-Sonic Review 2020

Most individuals are acquainted with the Fender Stratocaster and the Fender Telecaster, but Fender also makes other great guitars such as the electric Duo-Sonic guitar. This guitar is appropriate for many distinct music styles and has many outstanding characteristics that make it an outstanding guitar you're going to want to own.

Fender Duo-Sonic Review 2020

Fender Duo-Sonic Review

Key Features



This guitar was initially intended to be a student guitar as it is 24 "shorter than other guitars on the market. The neck is a shape of the C profile that is simple to hold in your hand and comfortable. This makes it the ideal guitar for someone who just starts playing or for those with lower hands.

When you compare it to a Fender Stratocaster or other electric Fender guitar, it's an easier guitar to play. You get on the guitar 22 medium jumbo frets so you can play most styles of guitar. Due to the profound cutaway, it's simple to push the neck on this guitar. You're going to be able to solo up your neck higher and your hand won't get tight while playing.

Electronics and Parts

You get the versatility with this guitar of both humbucking pickups and single coil pickups. The pickup from the bridge is a humbucker while the pickup from the neck is a single coil. Most standard Fender guitars have single-coil pickups, so it's good with the tool to get a humbucker.

It features splitting of the coils for the pickups to give you more versatility in your sound. With this guitar you can play rock, blues, metal, jazz, and comparable styles. The instrument bridge is a hardtail that helps stabilize your tuning.

To alter the pick up sounds, you get a tone control and volume control. A pickup selector switch is also available so you can easily switch between the position of the bridge and the neck. You'll also discover the input jack for your guitar chord at the top of the guitar.

This guitar or a conventional chrome style is headed by the tuning machine. To assist maintain the guitar in tune, the nut is produced with bone fabric. There are also two strap buttons for your guitar strap in the tool.


The guitar has a solid wood body and it's relatively lightweight, so it won't be a burden while you're playing either sitting down or standing up with your guitar strap. While playing, the lightweight body reduces strain on the shoulder and neck.

The body is produced of alder on the tool and the neck is made of maple. The finish is a gloss finish made of polyester that is simple to wash if it gets filthy. The material on the fingerboard is pau ferro wood.


The Duo-Sonic Fender is an easy to play guitar. Most beginners or intermediate players will have no difficulty playing this instrument. The guitar's neck is sweet and soft and very responsive to your touch.

Both the pickups in the guitar sound fantastic, so in no moment will you make excellent sounding music. Also, this is not a complex guitar to play or set up.


+ C profile neck
+ Humbucker pickup in the bridge
+ A single coil in the neck
+ 22 jumbo frets
+ Hardtail bridge
+ Alder body
+ Maple neck
+ Pau Ferro fretboard
+ Coil spilt for pickups
+ Pickup toggle switch


+ Solid wood construction
+  Perfect guitar for beginners
+ Single coil and humbucker pickups give you more versatility
+  Cutaway makes it easy to hit all of the higher frets


- Could use one more pickup
- Lacks tremolo system


For whom is it appropriate?

The Duo-Sonic Fender is an appealing tool for anybody to perform. Thanks to the easy to play neck and the fact that it's a smaller scale guitar, it's well suited for beginners. For any student learning how to play guitar, it would be the ideal tool. For more sophisticated players who need a guitar that is comfortable yet flexible, it's also a ideal guitar.


Why We Like It

Because it has both a humbucker pickup and a single coil pickup, we like this guitar. This provides more versatility to this tool compared to comparable guitars on the market. It will cover a broad range of sounds without buying an extra one