Pearl Roadshow RS525SCC706 Review 2020

Pearl Roadshow RS525SCC706 review 2020
If you're looking for a 5-piece drum-kit out of the box, you can't really go far wrong with the model of the Pearl roadshow.

They come in four slightly different gig-ready set-ups: the Jazz, the Rock, the Fusion, and the New Fusion we chose to focus on today.

Each makes an outstanding entry-level choice that comes fairly well tuned to play from the get-go straight away.

The mixture of five-piece drum and cymbal consists of a fairly good snare, a smaller than average bass drum that still packs a punch, a floor tom, and two mounted toms.

All of them are well-manufactured from 9-ply poplar, providing them with excellent tonality, durable shells. They are a great sounding board for skin seating and giving off a strong tone.

The bass drum first-off has a excellent presence which is vital as it is the core of any kit. It has been intended to provide a reduced bass register despite its smaller circumference with an expanded tension / tuning. It has anti-slip spur feet that can be locked in such a way that it remains in place and is a rock-solid basis for wearing the tom mounts.

Our only real gripe is that on the flimsier side the single-chain pedal is a bit, with some users reporting a rather disappointing shelf life.

Luckily, while putting it through its paces, we haven't been so unlucky, but if you're interested in playing particularly heavy genres, you might want to consider a tougher upgrade.

The snare measures 14"x 5.5" and provides a good starting point, although it is not as impressive as the Pearl snares of the higher range Export or Decade series. It has good sensitivity and responds well to how it is played like their Jazz-kit models to demonstrate a good range of play skills.

It has excellent playability, the sticks roll off the skin well, and it has an amazing, perhaps too strong, assault. If we're honest, we don't enjoy the noise, but it's forgivable because it's an entry-level snare, but it could do with a fast head upgrade.

With a nice wealthy depth, the floor tom has a much better sound, it is 16"x 16" and has surprising resonance given a fast adjustment. The other toms are respectively 1"x 8" and 12"x 9" and complement the remainder of the set-up, offering the familiar Pearl Sound that we understand and enjoy.

The skins have triple-flanged hoops that offer them better dynamics and a more open sound. They also provide better long-run durability as they are much more difficult.

In addition to the drums, we have, of course, a 14 "hybrid Hi-hat which has a lively spring in its step when set up correctly and can be controlled very comfortably. It's got a good bounce and with the pedal we don't have any difficulties.

On top of that you also have a sweet 16 "Crash-Ride cymbal made of brass that has a great ring to it. The Pearl Roadshow New Fusion kit represents great value for money especially as it comes with a fairly decent, comfortably cushioned throne, Pearl drumsticks and all the necessary mounting hardware to boot. Pearl hasn't scrimped on the hardware department, it's pleasantly very heavy-duty.

Pearl Roadshow RS525SCC706 Review 2020

• 5-piece drum-kit prepared to play 22x16 Bass Drum, 1x8 Tom,12x9 Tom, 16x16 Floor Tom, and 14x5.5 Snare Drum.
• 16 "Brass Crash-Ride and 14" Hi-Hats Hybrid.
• Difficult 9-ply, 7 mm Poplar Shells & 1.2 mm.
• Triple hoops with flanges.
• Included in all heads.
• Double hardware braced.
• Sticks and pedals on the throne.


+ Play directly from the box.
+ Sustainable kit at the entrance level.
+ Excellent cash value.
+ Renowned brand.


-The pedal of the bass drum is enormous.

For whom is it appropriate?
This entry-level kit is ideal for a beginner seeking a full set-up that involves minimal headache. It's a helpful and cheap spare kit for experienced pros as well.

In an entry-level model, why we like it outperforms the contest in terms of cost and quality. It's a bit more compact than some alternatives, making it appropriate for larger rooms as well.

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