Moukey Mini Steel Tongue Drum Review 2020

Moukey Mini Steel Tongue Drum review 2020

The Moukey mini-Steel Tongue Drum is a very nice attempt in an inexpensive package at a traditional tongue drum.

It's made of genuine steel, unfortunately, it has a few tonal problems like many of its miniature market buddies that could bug the hell out of those with a good ear.

It's a beautifully featured and well-made tool for the most portion. It has 11 tongues that can be performed by side or through its free rubberized beaters. It also has rubberized feet that lift it from the floor and give it a stronger resonance.

We prefer the tones with beaters as they give much more sustainability to the note itself which draws attention to its best quality, its ethereal and other-worldly tonal beauty which only steel drums conjure up.

To generate a chord like harmonic, the notes can be performed separately in a melodic run or hit 2 at a moment.

The tongues have not been trimmed as correctly as they could be, however, as the two smallest notes appear to be a little flat and definitely more dull. This is more or less forgivable given that the lackluster bass tone is partly due to the smaller size of the drum itself because, in our opinion, it needs a larger space to reverberate in order to sing the lower notes.

It is essential to note that it is completely hand-crafted so that the issue itself may vary so slightly from pan to pan, but we would like to believe that they give some consistency in general.

If you understand what you're doing, the fingers can be tuned if they're a little out as they become over time, you can change them by closely applying pressure to the tongue with your fingers pressing it inside or opening the back of the tool and pressing them out with the beaters until they sound right.

That said, if you don't have nitpicking ears then you may be totally ignorant, but if we're frank, this steel tongue drum is likely more of a hobby pan than a professional one.

The other notes ring and with their specific tuning you can generate some nice tunes.

You can get a variety of scales to perform with including but not restricted to D pentatonic and D D Dorian between the 11 keys (which are tuned to D major).

This provides you plenty of complimentary notes, so with little or no experience it's not too difficult to play harmoniously from the get-go. An engraving numbers the notes so you don't need any musical expertise to play with it.

Moukey also produces a narrower version of 8 notes which, in contrast, seems a little brighter.

Steel tongue drums have a broad variety of apps and are fantastic in an instructional setting for classrooms or as a sensory tool. The sounds they produce are regarded very enjoyable and relaxing for meditation and yoga.

It comes with its own padded, protective storage case that also features an optional detachable strap that adds portability to carry out and about on your journeys making it an outstanding companion for the gap year.

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