10 Best DJ Laptops To Buy in 2020

We will review the top ten best DJ laptops in this article to purchase and hopefully filter through the appropriate characteristics that make each one a feasible DJing device and why.

There's no shortage of disk jockeying software these days, and with the specs not always providing you a minimum rather than an honest insight, finding the hardware you need can be hard.

Fortunately, the computer industry's fast-moving nature means that these days we see highly capable systems with premium specs that don't cost the world.

In order to give an overview of your alternatives, we attempted to look at an unbiased choice with distinct operating systems. Our convenient buyers ' guide, responded with your most frequent inquirers, is also included, which could help the novices out there navigate the market with a little more understanding.

So let's look at our top ten and see precisely what makes them excellent Djing laptops.

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1. Apple MacBook Retina Display 2020 Review


This is one of the thinest and lightest models yet. Portability is not a problem, but for traveling between gigs you might want to purchase a good protective cover.

It has up to a 3.2 GHz dual-core Intel core processor when using its turbo boost. It has 8 gigs of RAM (1866Mhz) high-speed and SSD storage of 256 GB. It features the recent wireless and Bluetooth and has a USB C link on board, but there is only one link. It advantages from terraced battery cells that provide 35% more ability than previously feasible, leading to battery life throughout the day.

It produces very little heat, operating at only 5 watts of energy, which eliminates fans ' need.


+ The battery life is impressive.

+ Processor dual core.

+ Storage of SSD.

Why We Liked It - If you invest in a little additional internal SSD storage, then this one will really shine, the room as it stands is fairly inadequate, but the RAM and processing speeds are suitable for software and any AI you may use.

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2. Microsoft Surface Pro 2020 Review


This Microsoft Surface Pro runs on Windows 10 and runs on Intel's dual-core 3.5 GHz processor 5th generation. For added portability and compactness, they work as a tablet.

They have on board 4 GB of RAM that should be sufficient for most budding DJs. Usually, software doesn't hog too much.

This new model has an average battery life of 50 percent longer than the prior one, up to 13.5 hours.

It is very user-friendly and has the Surface pen, Surface Dial, or Surface Arc Mouse that connects via Bluetooth to multiple ways of operating.

It comes with a solid-state drive storage of 128 GB, but if you want more and can divide with the money, they simply store one with a Terabyte SSD. It has 1 USB 3 port to link your turntable or AI.


+ Easy-control multi-user interfacing alternatives.

+ Storage of SSD.

+ Processing quickly.

Why We Liked It - It offers the MacBook with an inexpensive Microsoft choice and is a highly versatile tool.

3. Dell XPS 13 9360 2020 Review

Dell XPS 13 9360

Next up is a little bit of Dell's competition. It serves 8 GB of RAM equal to the retina of MacBook. It has a dual core i5 processor of 7th generation that trumps those we've checked so far. It harbors 128 GB of storage of solid state drive and works on a 64-bit Windows 10 machine as well.

Because of its compact nature, it is expertly produced from fine parts and has a relatively robust construction. It's a laptop of 13.3 inches. Its touch screen is advantageous in terms of product ease of use It retails just below the price level of the others mentioned and is the quicker option and its greatest advantage is that it also features 2 USB3 ports, 1 USB 3.1, and 1 Thunderbolt port, making your input and output options much more versatile with XPS.


+ Strong but compact.

+ Quick processor.

+ The price is affordable.

Why We Liked It - For those of you whose equipment requires more than one slot spare, it's a great option.

4. Lenovo Yoga Book 2020 Review


With so many advancing Android operating systems, we are beginning to see some admirable DJing software applications that are a great step in the industry and a much cheaper, more viable option for some.

The Lenovo is likely not a reasonable answer for the more experienced DJ.

A tablet option typically has much less storage, but this hides 64 GB and also makes greater storage models.

The battery life is also quite impressive to offer between charges up to 15 hours.

Its 360-degree character makes it possible to use flexibly, which is helpful when looking at portability.


+ option for Android.

+ Little footprint.

+ The price is competitive.

Why We Liked It-While it's not the best choice we've included this to highlight the best of Android OS choices, if that's the direction you're going.

5. Apple MacBook Air 2020 Review


The MacBook Air, their thinest laptop ever, is another extremely lightweight and compact option from the Apple family.

It has a fifth Intel gene processor with turbo boost to boost productivity speeds. Also the memory speed is good, providing 8 GB of RAM. It has a high-speed SSD onboard with storage capacity of 128 GB.

It still manages to hold about 8-12 hours of battery life between charges despite its powerful processing. It is equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth and a Thunderbolt port with 2 USB 2.0 links.

This is an elderly model, therefore it comes in at a slightly reduced cost. A protective sleeve 


+ Reasonable cost.

+ Light and thin.

+ Fast turbo boost processor.

+ Good choices for I / O.

Why We Liked It - It offers processing much quicker than the MacBook pro retina and is not much of a cost rise as it is now an elderly model, making it an inexpensive option to run Mac software only.

6. Dell XPS Thin and Light 2020 Review


The thin and light is another example of the superb XPS series. It features an incredibly fast Intel quad-core processor of the 7th generation and 16 GB of Ram with improved memory speeds.

It provides a larger screen (17-inch touchscreen) and is well-built and looks robust and durable regardless of its thin and light nature.

It's a great upgrade, with 2 USB 3.0 slots as well as a multi-use Thunderbolt 3 port. This provides you greater flexibility over choices for input and output, which is always a bonus.

Where this laptop really shines is in its storage oodles, providing quite commendable a terabyte of SSD storage.

The lightning speeds, bountiful RAM, and superabundant high speed storage, of course, come at a cost. This model gets the asking price of the other XPS model we reviewed almost double, but the RAM has doubled and the SSD storage has made an incredible leap.


+ RAM 16 GB.

+ Screen of touch.

+ Good options for I / O.

+ SSD terabyte.

Why We Liked It - Its processing power is just fantastic, terabyte storage is likely to be overkill for even the most eclectic audio libraries, but it's a advantage if you're going to use the laptop to store more than your songs away. It's really a prime instance with one of DJ's finest laptops.

7. Dell XPS 15 9560 2020 Review


The Dell XPS 15 is just one step down in size and just as powerful. It benefits from all the wonderful upgrades that we listed in the above review. It has a terabyte-sized solid state drive like thin and light and offers 3.8 GHz Intel quad-core processing of the same seamless 7th generation. Where it really varies from its small size, it features an amazing 32 gig of RAM.

It operates on a 64-bit system running Microsoft Windows 10 Home and is extremely easy to navigate through the touchscreen. It has connectivity to Bluetooth, WiFi, USB and Thunderbolt.


+ RAM 32 GB.

+ SSD storage of Terabyte.

+ Screen of touch.

+ Compact and thinner than MacBook by 50 percent.

Why We Liked It - It's competitively priced and packs into such a tiny phone in a hell of a lot of hardware. The performance is quite difficult to beat.



8. Dell Nvidia GeForce GTX 2020 Review

This next model is one formally marketed by Dell as a laptop for gaming. If you like some of the Dells ' modern aspects we've taken a look at so far but aren't sold on their touchscreen capabilities that inevitably come with a greater retail cost then this might be a good choice for you.

It is 15.6 inch and has fairly good specs, for excellent general results it is driven by a 6th gene 3.2GHz Intel quad-core processor. Protecting against knocks or falls is of a heavier-duty building but is still somehow lightweight.

It has in place high-end heat cooling techniques that further help in rapid processing.

We haven't really noted any of the other inner speaker capacities that we've reviewed most DJs are likely to use external speakers anyway, but the processing software for Studio quality Waves MaxxAudio Pro improves the audio. High-performance speakers built by Dell also have an integrated subwoofer!

It offers battery life for 10 + hours and has excellent SSD storage (256 GB). It has 8 GB of high-speed RAM, 3 USB 3.0 ports, and Windows 10 is running.


+ SSD storage of 256 GB.

+ Great possibilities for I / Os.

+ Amazing audio.

+ Battery life is decent.

Why We Liked It-Compared with its flashier touchscreen counterparts, it has a much more affordable price tag.

We also enjoy the audio quality and believe that the construction is the bunch's longest lasting so far.

9. Asus ROG GL552VW-DH71 2020 Review

Another excellent gaming laptop entry is Asus ROG. With regard to durability, it is extremely well constructed, it has 100 soldered points and a single piece keyboard for use longevity.

It features an Intel quad-core i7 processor of the state-of - the-art 7th generation and has a generous 16 gig of RAM on board. It operates a 64-bit operating system from Windows 10 and stores only hard drives instead of a solid state drive, but it is at least a high-speed running speed alternative of 7200RPM.

The battery life is somewhat shorter than the others that we checked between charging at about 7 hours, mainly because of its dedicated graphics processor.

The choices for input-output are not too restricted either there are 3 USB3.0 in total.


+ 16 GB RAM 

+ solid construction.

+ 2x 3.0 USB ports and a further USB2.0 port.

Why We Liked It-It has a very quick high-end processor with sufficient RAM and a high-speed storage terabyte.

10. Alienware AW13R2-1678SLV 2020 Review


Another high performance gaming laptop is last on our list. It also works on a Windows 10 OS and has a very durable structure again. The casing is stiff and built using composite carbon filter and thermal sinks of copper for ultimate control of the temperature.

It features an Intel i5 dual-core processor with turbo boost 6th generation 2.8GHz when the system is cool. It has 8 GB of RAM and is equipped with 500 GB of HDD and 8 GB of SSD storage. The SSD also assists in promoting longer battery life.

The screen is 13 inches and is fitted with high-def visuals from a gaming laptop to be anticipated. It has Klipsch speakers certified for high-definition audio.

It can manage a challenging workload, although if you have an comprehensive digital library, you may want to buy some additional storage.


+ Rapid Processor 

+ Suitable RAM.

+ Robust.

Why We Liked It - This allows for a fairly quick scheme and RAM overall, and to start with storage is fairly generous, it will manage any workload.

Laptop For DJing Buyers Guide 2020

The first problem to be addressed as you narrow down your search for a laptop is which OS to commit to. While there are methods of emulating them, this is not optimal for live performance. So, you're going to have to choose your favorite software and decide if you're a Mac or a PC!

You want to look at velocity specs and room when it comes to sourcing a laptop to operate your software adequately and store your songs.

As far as laptops for DJ use are concerned, in comparison to most contemporary appliances, the spec requirements are not particularly high. The better you don't want a system that can't keep up with the workload, however, in a live scenario the quicker. So the first key to consider is the processing power, it should be at least dual core and i5 or greater, but in all honesty, unless budget is really a enormous constraint, you should likely skip anything on board with a processor below i7, as technology rarely steps backwards and you might find future products less compatible in the long run.

For most DJ software, RAM demands are typically relatively small. You will need a minimum of 2 GB of high-speed RAM around 1600MHz, but at their peak performance we recommend 8 GB to efficiently meet your software requirements. If you produce your own tracks or remixes and use any additional digital audio workspaces on a side note, you may need at least 8 GB more if you are susceptible to sample-heavy productions.

If you don't work with documents, you'll discover yourself in dire need of some meaty onboard storage to handle your comprehensive libraries. Realistically this should be storage of solid state drive as it can be recovered much faster and velocity is essential as we have stated before. Typically, audio tracks don't have enormous file sizes and there will be plenty of fresh laptops to grab.

If you are working with an Audio Interface and/or turntable, you will need to ensure that the above specs fulfill your device's demands.

If you are a DJ / Producer working on edits or remixes at home, you may be concerned about the laptop's own speaker quality, but it is advisable to provide a high-end collection of zero latency headphone monitors and DJ speakers. Many AI and turntables use USB ports to connect, so you need to consider your input / output specifications carefully before you purchase, although you can purchase USB hub ports to assist expand your laptop connectivity. Remembering once again that velocity is important USB connections should preferably be USB C/3 or thunderbolt as they are driven by bus much quicker and greater.

While some of the most significant variables you need to think about before you buy a DJing laptop are strongly based on its inner parts, the durability is one of the main things to add to your tick list.

If you're going to travel with your laptop as a portable DJ, well-made and durable building will be required. It would also be wise to consider appropriate alternatives for carrying cases to safeguard it during its transit. This is particularly true for some of the thinner options like the Dell thin and light, the Lenovo Yoga, or any of the MacBooks.

From our DJ Laptop reviews, you can see obviously why some of the gaming laptops made our list (in addition to the information included in our buyer guide details). The requirements for a fully immersive high FPS gaming experience require very comparable specification criteria as the requirements of a computer device for audio production and DJing.

For DJing, cheapest laptop?

The cheapest laptop from those we reviewed today that is more than adequate for DJ use is the Dell 15.6 Gaming Laptop, which is very reasonably priced considering its specs.

The Lenovo retails at a reduced cost, but it's not going to be functionally suitable.

Best DJing Windows Laptop?

In this paper, 7 of those we took a gander at run a windows operating system. We recommend that the Dell XPS 13 would be the best Microsoft Windows Laptop for DJ use. As we mentioned earlier, the specification demands for DJ software are typically not very high. Of course, the quantity of room you need will depend completely on your DJ's way of doing it. We feel the XPS 13 provides the greatest value for cash with its attractive low price, it tops the Microsoft Surface Pro and MacBook Air statistics and reduces costs by about 20-25 percent when shopping around. It has a reasonable amount of RAM and SSD storage the processor is a state-of - the-art i5 so most workloads should be able to handle.

If you measure the best laptop with the largest storage in terms of the fastest, then we'd say go instead for one of the upgraded i7 Dells but watch out for the cost rise.

Best DJing Mac Laptop?

The Apple MacBook Retina Display makes one of DJing's finest Mac laptops, it works with fairly quick efficiency and has enough storage. Input / output could be a problem as it only has one, so depending on your needs you may need to get some kind of USB port hub.


Before you purchase a laptop for DJ use, there is a lot of information to consider. Your choice will be strongly influenced by the way you DJ and the instruments you use. If the terms used are little more than jargon for you, finding something with appropriate specs can be overwhelming.

With a bit of luck, our buyers ' guide will help break down what to look for in a good DJing laptop into easy-to-understand data to help you find something that suits you.

If purchasing a laptop is uncharted territory then you may still find yourself a little lost, so summarize the most significant points; research your software and hardware specifications, think about your input and output needs, purchase the best processor your budget enables and remember that you can never have too much room to store your songs in. Finally, purchase something well-built with the right thing to bring it in.

Thanks to the progressive nature of the technological era in which we are lucky to live, there are plenty of capable laptop choices out there. If you maintain in mind all of the main points we talked about when searching for your buy, you will certainly discover something that meets your music blending needs more than just that.

Expert Tip

If you're purchasing a laptop specifically for DJ use and you're just beginning, it might be an idea to purchase (or at least a window shop) for the remainder of your equipment, and then look for a laptop with your hardware in mind, you should have a much clearer concept of the computer scheme you're going to need to support your set-up.

Have you known that?

If your DJ setup budget does not extend to a DJ controller to spin with, DJ can only be plugged into from your laptop with some software and a good PA (some venues will have their own in-house PA).

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