Top 10 Best Patch Cables for Instruments, Pedals & More in 2020

Top 10 Best Patch Cables for Instruments, Pedals & More in 2020

If you own a few guitar pedals and want to get the most out of them, make sure you're using the finest patch cables. Many people don't understand how crucial this is and are happy to purchase the cheapest they can find. It's only a cable after all, right? And as short as that, what can make a difference?

We began to investigate this and realized that what patch cables you are using really makes a big difference to your tone. Watch this YouTube video before you read any more and see how distinct the sound is when the man uses costly wires and inexpensive wires!

Okay, crazy? Who would think it made such a difference? If you look at this, you'll probably come to the same conclusion as us that getting high-quality patch cables is worth spending a little extra. It would be so frustrating if the effect of your expensive pedals were completely ruined by these little patch cables.

We decided to discover ten excellent patch cables that will really improve your sound and last a long time for you to check out. We've been searching far and wide and we think we've discovered some of the finest that the Internet has to give. We're also going to answer some of the most frequently asked patch cable issues.
We really hope you can find the correct patch cables on this list for you. A heads up; as you might expect, they're all pretty similar, so keep some notes about those you're interested in so you don't forget to read through the reviews!

View below the 2020 Best Patch Cable.

1. Mogami GOLD Cable Review 2020

Mogami GOLD review 2020

 One of the finest wires we've discovered in the world is undoubtedly Mogami Gold patch cable. This is a excellent option if you want a high-quality guitar patch cable to minimize your sound effect. In reality, you're likely even going to forget that they're there because they're just working as a charm as opposed to inexpensive instrument wires that change your voice to the worst.

The Mogami Gold patch cable even has an anti-static shield impregnated with carbon PVC. This is to avoid noise handling that you will never again have to worry about. This electric guitar pedal cable is common among both professional musicians and studios as well as amateurs who want to get their sound right from the beginning.

They are a bit expensive, of course, but we still want to recommend them as they have a really great lifetime warranty, so you don't have to worry about breaking them and then buying more.

Our recommendation is if you can afford and then go for the Mogami Gold patch cable! Especially if you're a beginner and don't have many pedals yet, this is a excellent chance for you to use excellent electric guitar pedal couplers as you build your collection, rather than purchasing inexpensive patch cables to begin with and then replace them all at the same moment, which could be costly. Paying a little at a time is nicer than paying a big chunk of your money.


+ 6 "

+ 10"

+ 18 "

+ 2 ft

+ 6 ft

+ 10 ft

+ 18 ft

+ 25 ft


+ Extremely high quality

+ Looks great

+ Lots of distinct lengths to choose from

Why We Liked It -

We enjoy these Mogami Gold patch cables! They don't seem to have bad stuff about them, just pros all the way around! They come with a lifetime warranty that's incredible, they give you extreme clarity, and any potential noise in handling is eliminated before it even occurs due to the anti-static shield layer. They look even good!

If you're looking for a deal, we can't believe of any reason not to purchase these except perhaps the cost. But how many cheap cables do you need to buy in your lifetime, on the other hand? Probably a lot, while this one is going to last you forever, and if not, thanks to the guarantee you will get a fresh one.

2. Planet Waves Classic Series Cable Review 2020

Planet Waves Classic Series review 2020

 We understand not everyone likes to read about ten distinct patch wires. (There's more fun ways to spend about 30 minutes after all). So we believed we'd begin with some pedal couplers that would please anyone, that we and many others would extremely advise, and that's why it's a nice item to purchase if you're not really worried about that, but still want to discover some nice patch cables.

Planet Waves Classic Series uses what they call In= Out Technology, which basically means the idea is that the cord shouldn't influence the noise at all, and they really aim for sheer transparency of the signal. This is a really nice thing because when you go through a cable, some of the noise can actually be changed.

This is particularly true when it comes to inexpensive, poor wires, but the sound may be affected even by the complete length of all wires. That basically implies the better the shorter.

These patch cables from the Planet Waves Classic Series have shaped strain relief and safety plugs, so it's not just the outstanding technology, but also the quality. They also have noise-rejection protection.


+ 0.5 feet(3-pack)

+ 1 Foot

+ 3 Feet

+ Right angle or straight end


+ In= Out technology to maintain your tone intact

+ Molded strain relief and safety plugs + Noise rejection shielding

Why We Liked It — This Planet Waves Classic Series patch cable has the entire package. There are enough lengths to choose from, it's high quality, it uses in= out technology to ensure that it doesn't influence your tone, and it has excellent molded plugs. The patch cable from the Planet Waves Classic Series even comes with a lifetime guarantee!

3. Donner 6 Inch Cable Review 2020

Donner 6 Inch review 2020

  If you read the review for the Hosa cable, number 3, and think to yourself: "Come on, that's not inexpensive enough! I want a super-cheap thing, just to let me play. It's fine as long as they work, I don't need anything fancy, "so you're lucky! This Donner pedal coupler always does the trick but is highly inexpensive!

And as if that wasn't enough, these Donner pedal coupler connectors come in 3-or 6 packs (and honestly, who doesn't want a six-pack secretly!), so you can get many at the same moment, which is convenient and also means you can store extras in case you stop working or purchase more guitar effect pedals.

Obviously, you're going to be disappointed if you're expecting ideal clarity. Although Donner guitar claims to be offering In= Out technology, it's just too inexpensive to pull it off like other, more costly pedal couplers. But at least the Donner pedal coupler is something you can get began without spending a lot of cash.


+ 6 "3-pack

+ 6"6-pack Pros:

+ Cheap

+ Does what it says in the

Why We Liked It -We believe this Donner pedal coupler cable has so many 5-star reviews because individuals believe it's excellent value for cash. They know they can't expect them to be as nice as patch cables that cost the cash ten times, but they're all right with that. Not everyone cares about sound quality enough to spend loads of cash, and that's all right. We like that for every guitarist the market provides something!

4. Hosa IRG-100.5 Low Profile Cable Review 2020

Hosa IRG-100.5 Low Profile review 2020

 Ok, we're getting it. Sometimes you just don't have the cash to spend $25 on a tinier device cable than you ever imagined it might be. Or maybe you've got the cash, but you can't bother spending a lot of money on something you're only using once in a while. Or perhaps, if you're a beginner, you may not even understand how long you're going to maintain using your guitar pedals before your ancient skates, painting things, and sewing machine that you're never using anymore.

That's where the image enters Hosa IRG-100.5 Low Profile. It's a very inexpensive cable that does the work without breaking the bank. Of course, your sound won't be as good as using more costly pedal cable impacts, but if you're searching for a deal, that's the way to go.

What's good about it is that it's low-profile and right-angle, which means that it allows your pedals on the pedal board to be very close to each other as you don't have to fit a guitar cable plug that will stick out one inch or more. This implies that at your pedal board, which is really fantastic, you can fit more effect pedals.


+ 3 ft

+ 6"

+ 6" (6 pack)

+ 12" Pros:

+ Cheap, but still fairly nice

+ Low-profile

+ Right-angle

Why We Liked It -If you discovered this list in search of a inexpensive cable that does what it says on the box, but at the time you're not really picky, then this might be an alternative for you. Nevertheless, we want you to be conscious that the saying' You get what you pay for' tends to be true most of the time, which is also true for patch cables. Nevertheless, the structure is really nice, allowing your pedals to be really near together, leaving more space on your pedal board.

5. Neewer 3 Pack 1 Feet Cable Review 2020

Neewer 3 Pack 1 Feet review 2020

  Neewer guitar patch cable is, in our view, the ideal budget patch cable. Although it's really affordable, it doesn't seem to change your voice the slightest! There is no sound of hum or crackle, if you couldn't see them, you wouldn't understand they were there.

Another thing that we really like is the design, it features a black and white tweed woven jacket that makes it look much more costly than it really is, and it feels more like a fashion accessory than a patch cable boring. Not only is this a beauty thing, it also makes the wires longer lasting.

The wires are equipped with low-profile right-angle plugs, which implies you will save room on your pedal board as the pedals can be near together without interfering with any plugs.


+ 1 ft with low-profile right-angle plugs

+ Choose between 1, 3 or 6-pack


+ Affordable + Looks good

+ Durable

+ Pure signal transparency

Why We Liked It -Although professional musicians would likely opt for a more costly brand, we would definitely recommend this patch cable to beginners and intermediate players, including sophisticated players who would like to discover a deal. They give great quality of sound, high quality and excellent design. Nothing to complain about, particularly since what you get is highly inexpensive!

6. Fender Performance Series Cable Review 2020

Fender Performance Series review 2020

 Fender is a excellent brand for electric guitars, but is their pedal board patch cables any good? Yes, that's it! The extra-thick PVC jacket decreases their Fender custom pedal couplers by offering a 90% shield of copper coverage that minimizes electronic buzz and noise handling.

The metal plugs of the Fender Performance series are in the right angle, saving room on your pedal board. Another excellent thing about them is they come with a lifetime warranty, so it's formally over all your patch cable-worrying days!


+ 6"2-pack Pros:

+ Great sound

+ Noise is really lowered, both noise handling and electronic buzz

+ Right-angle

+ Lifetime Warranty

Why We Liked It - This stand can readily be incorporated into any studio or stage. There would be no mistake to say that its use can therefore be applied to various environments


7. Hosa CPE-118 Cable Review 2020

Hosa CPE-118 review 2020


 Number eight is Hosa CPE-118 on our list, which is all you want from a patch cable. It's not unique in any manner, but it reminds us of some of the other wires we've been looking at before. But after all, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, how special can a patch cable actually get?

It features oxygen-free copper, enhancing signal clarity, and the low profile Hosa is very versatile and right angle, making room for more pedals on your pedal board. The cost is also really nice, and for beginners and intermediate players who want to spend as little as possible but still get pretty good patch cables, we would suggest this patch cable.


+ 6 "

+ 6"6-pack

+ 12"

+ 18" Pros:

+ Cheap

+ Good for beginners

+ Good signal clarity

+ right angle plugs

+ Oxygen-free copper

Why we liked it-Cheap, operates like a charm... We don't believe that way! This is the kind of item you can purchase and use without too much thinking about it.

8. Audioblast HQ-1 Cable Review 2020

Audioblast HQ-1 review 2020

 Looking for a deal beyond your expectations? Yes, that's correct, who's not? Could AudioblastHQ-1 be your cable? They come in 6 packs and they're really inexpensive. Almost suspiciously affordable... Sometimes when we see products that are really cheap, but the manufacturer still says they are of professional quality, we do doubt it, but we read this quote from Audioblast itself: "Our price is really groundbreaking, please don't judge our products on the basis of their low prices, please try us out and you'll be pleasantly surprised, please don't forget to co-operate.

And despite the low cost, they're really nice! The tone remains evident and they come with a 5-year warranty, so you'll get it for free if you need to get a fresh one!


+ 12"6-pack


+ Very inexpensive

+ Works well

+ 5-year warranty

+ Nice clarity

+ Extremely flexible

Why We Liked It - Nothing can be lost! If you're looking for quality wires that do what it says on the box, and that's really inexpensive, they're the ones to go for! They even come with a 5-year warranty that we don't think if they weren't great, Audioblast would have provided.

9. MXR 3PDCP06 Cable Review 2020

MXR 3PDCP06 review 2020

  Did you ever wonder' Why would anyone select MXR 3PDCP06 over all the other great pedal board patch cables in this list?' No? Okay, but if you started wondering about this introduction, we'll inform you. His flexibility and durable exterior jacket is the best thing about this patch cable. This makes it really good together with the right-angle plugs.

Besides that, it has all the other pedal coupler connectors, it provides excellent sound and high performance. It's also pretty inexpensive.


+ 6 "3-pack


+ Affordable

+ Flexible

+ Right-angle plugs

Why We Liked It - This is the type of item that does what it says on the box, but perhaps not much more. It's still a great option, especially if you feel you don't have the power to compare all the separate pedal board patch cables out there. It will operate and do what you want it to do, which when you believe about it is the whole point of a patch cable.

10. Hosa CMM-830 Cable Review 2020

Hosa CMM-830 review 2020

 Did you read all of these reviews and wonder if we're only concerned with musicians and their pedals? We're sorry for this! Let's just throw a patch cable in the game to mix stuff up! For modular synthesizers and sound modules, Hosa CMM-830 is perfect. They're really colourful and enjoyable, and they come in a pack of eight that's really nice. These wires attach audio equipment to mini phone jacks that are unbalanced.

The clarity of the signal is fantastic and very flexible.


+ 1 ft8-pack

+ 1.5 ft8-pack

+ 3 ft8-pack

+ 6"8-pack


+ Connects audio equipment with unbalanced mini phone jacks

+ Flexible

+ Good signal clarity

Why we liked it - These are great wires for modular synthesizers and sound modules, you won't be disappointed! They are inexpensive, versatile, they come in 8 sets and they are colourful like the rainbow itself that really cheers us up!

Patch Cable Buyers Guide 2020

Have you found any favourites that were the ten patch cables of the day?

Our Best patch cable pedals While patch cables may not be the most fun things to shop for, choosing the correct ones is vital-here are a few items to consider when purchasing patch cables. It can have an impact on your voice, and it's worth making an investment. You may end up using them for many years after all, and if you think about it, in the long run, not even the expensive ones will be very expensive. Hopefully, on our list you discovered the correct tool patch cables for you!

But you may still wonder what to think about when choosing instrument patch cables and how to understand which ones are best. Look at our Buyer's Guide and we're going to answer the most frequently asked patch cable questions!

In a Guitar Patch Cable, what to look for?
There are a few nice things to keep in mind when buying patch cables. First, consider how much you can afford to spend, the more costly the pedal wires, and the better the impacts. Sorry, but that's true!

Knowing that there are two distinct types of metal plugs, correct angle and straight, is nice. Right-angled plugs will make it possible to bring your effect pedals closer together, leaving you more empty room on the pedal board to fill with other pedals.

Choosing as brief pedal couplers as possible is a nice thing. This applies to all pedal cords impacts as the duration impacts the quality of the sound. The longer the complete cable quantity, the worse the quality of noise you get. Another aspect of this is that if you have many long cables between your pedals, it doesn't look very nice.

What is a cable for patches?
A patch cable is a brief cable connecting the pedals of your electric guitar. It really isn't harder than that!

Best Patch Pedalboard Cable?
If you want to understand our view, Mogami Gold patch cable would undoubtedly be number 2 on our list as the best. The extremely high quality Mogami Gold patch cable comes with a lifetime warranty, which is very rare.

Best Bass Patch Cables?
Mogami Gold, which we believe to be the finest guitar players, operates very well for bass guitar as well. There are no unique bass guitar patch cables, so none of this list operates as well.

Expert tip

Use the shortest possible wires. You want the complete length of all the quality cables you use to be brief for the longer they are, the more it affects your voice.

You knew that?
Which patch cable you are using is more essential than you might believe, because as stated in this research, inexpensive ones will impact the guitar tone.

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