10 Best XLR Cables for Music Gear and Microphones in 2020

All XLR cables are made in the same way, right? It's not that easy. Musicians often spend a lot of time and money finding the ideal microphone, guitar, and so on, and yet pay little or no attention to their cable quality. Nonetheless, to those concerned it may come as a shock that the cables you purchase can play an important role in the final quality of the sound you make. This applies especially to XLR cables. So don't make the mistake of spending all your time and money on that microphone without promising secure transmission of that sound by your XLR cable.

Musicians use balanced XLR cables to connect their microphones to their mixing consoles, as well as other devices. This is an essential cable as they are used to block interference, sometimes over large distances, when transmitting the signal. So when you buy a cable, you'll need to make sure they can actually deliver the clean sound you want, without interruption. So, make sure your sound is clean and without interruption by picking an XLR cable from our list of the ten best on the market today for those who want to play live or record from a studio.

Best XLR Cable for Microphones and Music Gear in 2020

1. Your Cable Store 10 Foot XLR 3 Pin Male / Female Microphone Cable Review 2020

The Your Cable Store 10-foot XLR cable joins a steal. You're looking at it if you're looking for the best price to quality ratio. At the lower end, this XLR cable is intentionally priced, but still includes many of the quality components you find in the more expensive models. This cable is in particular a 3-pin male to 3-pin female cable, intended for either live recording or studio recording. The casings of the connector are metal and packed with a wire of 28 AWG. The cable is in a black case and comes with a1-year warranty as well.

The cable is usually soft and flexible enough to bend to any appropriate shape. While other brands have a thicker case and more bells and whistles, this cable has the basic options that would be needed by anyone. And this cable is great for anyone looking for a deal with the low-end sticker price.


+ Soft and flexible

+ Best price to quality ratio

+ 3 pin cable

Why We Liked It - This XLR cable comes with all the basic functions that could be wished for, and given this as well as its low sticker price, this cable is a win overall.

2. GLS Audio 25ft Patch Cords XLR Microphone Cables Review 2020

This GLS Audio XLR cable is on the spectrum high-end. That is, it comes with parts of the highest quality, all the latest technological advances, and a high-end sticker price. If you're willing to pay for the highest end cable, that's the one you need to go for. The rubber jacket is heavy duty, the conductors are high-grade copper, it comes with the Lo-Z shield and Tri-Grip from GLS–all this ensures the highest sound quality and lowest interference amount.

This cable has 3 pin connectors on each end as expected, and dual-insulated conductors. It is also interesting to note that to ensure top-notch consistency, the cable itself has been wired and soldered by hand. In fact, there is a rubber grommet on the female end of the cable that means you can jam all night without loosing the cord.


+ High-quality components

+ Rubber grommet on the female end

+ Lo-Z shield and Tri-Grip

How We Liked It - This XLR cable is the way to go for those who are serious about their art, looking for the highest quality unconcerned components about the price.

3. CBI MLC20 Low Z XLR Microphone Cable Review 2020

The CBI MLC20 XLR cable may be the best choice for the budget-minded among us. With a low-end sticker price and good overall quality, this CBI cable is made for those who want to save a few bucks and still have enough confidence that their sound quality won't take a hit. In short, the CBI cable is designed in order to keep the sticker price as low as possible while still offering a product of quality.

This Low-Z XLR cable comes with an all-equipment compatible male and female connector. It also comes with a CBI 90-day guarantee. Citizens also appreciate the fact that CBI has been in existence for over 25 years as a family-run business. CBI was a name that people trust, and customers keep coming back for their budget gear over and over again. Overall, the best steal on the market today is likely to be this.


+ Low sticker price

+ A home-run company with 25 years experience

+ Good overall quality

How We Liked It - This CBI XLR cable was designed to create a decent, low sticker price cable. It should be happy for those who are searching for a budget cable that can be trusted.

4. Audio2000'S ADC2037-P 3 ft XLR Female to XLR Male Microphone Cable Review 2020

We just look for the cheapest alternative on the market sometimes. Okay, if this is you, then it will be a great choice for the Audio 2000's XLR cable. This cable still manages to pull off a good sound with little interference when it comes in at a very low price. Just check the reviews for yourself if you doubt it–they're all very positive. Although the components are not top-of - the-line, they are still sufficient to produce a clean tone.

With this cable, though, one thing you need to be mindful of is that it is only 3 feet long. However, if you are plugging very close to each other in your devices, a 3-foot cable is actually recommended. For, the longer the cable, the greater the likelihood of interference. So, if you're not looking for a longer cable and you're looking for a budget, grab this recording.

+ Extremely low sticker price

+ Less change of interference

+ Short cable

Why We Liked It - Those who want to save as much money as possible while still having a product of good quality, and who don't need a long cable, find this Audio XLR cable.

5. AmazonBasics XLR Male to Female Microphone Cable Review 2020

You can know that you'll get great value for your money with the AmazonBasics brand. AmazonBasics usually takes standard design and components from the industry and manages to produce them at the same quality for generally less cost. They always provide a lot of things around them, and they should not be passed on. When it comes to this AmazonBasics XLR cord, this is no different.

This cable is a male-to-female microphone cable designed to play in the studio either live or record. The one that we are currently reviewing is the 10-foot edition. The all-copper conductors on this thing with little feedback ensure a high-quality sound. The design is robust and durable, and without giving way, the black jacket is sure to take any abuse that you could throw at it. Go with the AmazonBasics if you want a high-selling item.


+ A name you can trust

+ No deficiencies

+ Great price

How We Liked It - The AmazonBasics brand can always be trusted because they always bring similar design and quality to the market, but always with a cheaper price tag.

6. Your Cable Store XLR 3 Pin Microphone Cable Review 2020

While we reviewed the above Your Cable Store XLR cable, it was a 10-foot cable, while the one we are currently reviewing is the 6-foot version. All we said about the 10-foot version is true for this one–all but, of course, the length. Generally speaking, the cables in your cable store seem to offer the best quality ratio price. That is, they somehow manage to pull off a lower sticker price than you would expect for their products of good quality.

This 6-footer is a 3-pin male to 3-pin female that can be used in a studio to play live or record. The casings are metal, and a black jacket wraps the cable itself. The cable is robust, yet flexible enough to bend it around the corner and roll up when you're finished playing.


+ Great value for the money

+ Metal casings

+ Flexible jacket

How We Liked It - Your cables from the Cable Store still manage to get the best value for money ratio off maybe. This 110-footXLR cable is no different and is therefore going to be a great buy for those in need of this length.


7. AmazonBasics XLR Male to Female Microphone Cable Review 2020

This AmazonBasics XLR cable is identical to the one we discussed above, the big difference being that the cable above was a ten-foot cable, while this one is a 25-foot cable. Now, the great thing about these AmazonBasics is that they always offer the typical quality of the industry at a lower price, as described above. This brand is therefore always a safe way to go.

So, if you need a pretty long cable–a 25 foot to be exact–you can rest assured that this AmazonBasics can deliver good enough quality to reduce the interruption. The longer the cable is, the greater the risk of interference, so make sure you don't get a piece of junk if you're going with a long cable. You can be confident of this by going with this AmazonBasics cable.

+ Trusted name

+ Low price

+ Good quality

How We Liked It -The AmazonBasics brand is always a safe bet if you want to save some cash, but still want a good quality product. Find this AmazonBasics if you're on the hunt for a 25-foot XLR cable.


8. Cable Matters 2-Pack Male to Female XLR Microphone Cable Review 2020

This 2-pack of XLR cables Cable Matters is what we might consider to be the middle of the road. That is, on the high-end, it's not priced, nor on the low-end, but it's priced right in the middle. And the quality here is in line with the cost. That is, it does not use the components of the best quality, nor does it use the worst, but the middle range is used. Consider this one if you're looking to walk the middle of the road.

This is a 3 pin cable, male to female, and 2 of these are included in the box. The conductors are 16 AWG oxygen-free copper to provide low-interference, high-quality sound. The shielding is also braided in copper to provide a background noise blockade. If you're in the middle of the road cable on the market and you just want two so you've got a backup, find this one.

+ Mid-range quality and price

+ 2-pack

+ Low interference and hum

Why We Liked It - Those who are looking for a cable that is not the top of the line, nor the bottom of the line, but may want to consider this XLR cable somewhere in the middle. Also, if you want to get two of the same equipment, either for a backup or for other equipment, this may be for you.


9. GLS Audio 6ft Patch Cable Cords - XLR Male To XLR Female Color Cables Review 2020

We see the GLS Audio XLR patch cables as the premium choice for the best quality music cables for those on the market. That is, those who are willing to spend the extra cash to get the highest quality components and different aesthetic options should really consider the GLS Audio brand. If you're looking for a 6-foot cable and you're in the group you've just listed, this cable might be yours.

The jacket is made of durable rubber, like all GLS cables. Now, we've got news for you for those who not only want to sound good but want to look good at the same time. The rubber cover on this cable is available in a variety of bright colors–pretty much all the rainbow colors. Apply this to the top-notch parts like the used rubber grommet, the Lo-Z shield, and the Tri-Grip, and you've got a winner for yourself.

+ Highest quality components

+ Assortment of colors

+ Rubber grommet

How We Liked It - This GLS audio cable is made for those who are searching for the best: the components of the best quality and the best aesthetic choices. If you're actually looking for the best, and you're willing to pay for it, that's for you.

10. LyxPro Balanced XLR Cable Premium Series Review 2020

Although the LyxPro may not have the biggest name on the market, this cable is nevertheless a favorite, as can be seen from reading its reviews on forums. This SLR cable reaches all targets with a 15-foot length, a 98 percent braided shield, a noise reduction cover, and a gold plate contact point. This cable was used for a wide range of performances, from live on stage shows to home recordings, this cable is supposed to handle everything you throw at it.

This cable is also very robust and should be able to deal with the violence that comes with playing live gigs and traveling. The cable is made inside the braided shield with oxygen-free copper, while the gold-plated contact points counter corrosion and other potential damage. If this cable is not up to the abuse for some reason, and a replacement will be assured by its five-year warranty.

+ Strong braided shield

+ Oxygen-free copper

+ Gold plated contact points

Why We Liked It - While this cable is not backed by the biggest name on the market, the braided shield, oxygen-free copper and gold-plated contact points guarantee that this XLR cable gives you excellent quality.

XLR Cables Buyers Guide 2020

What is XLR cable's best value for money?
In our list of today's best XLR cables on the market, we affirmed that the company making the cables with the best value for money is none other than Your Cable Store. So, how have we reached this conclusion? Well, we looked at all the different components that make up an XLR cable (which we're going through below) and looked for the cable with the highest quality components at the lowest sticker price. Some companies, such as GLS Audio, have higher end components, of course, but they also have a higher price tag; similarly, companies such as CBI have cheaper cables, but the components are not as large.

How do you decide the appropriate XLR cable?
Most XLR cables share many of the same characteristics, and you don't have to think about which cable to buy in this way. For instance, most of these cables, if not all, are 3 pin male to female. We do have some kind of jacket as well.

Now, where these cables differ, it's mainly about whether their casing is metal, copper, or gold–the best here is gold. These also come in different lengths–from 3 to 50 feet. These also come in different colors–some are only available in black, others are available in all the rainbow colors. In order to determine which XLR cable will be right for you, you need to think about what you want in advance–the type of case, the length, the color.

What is the best XLR cable to record?
You would think that when it comes to XLR cables, there is a big difference between recording or playing live. Some, if not all, of these cables are designed for both, however, and one thing is the main difference: the consistency of the jacket. For, in general, you tend to wear your jacket faster with all the movement when you play live, while you want to wear it when you record at home. So, you may want to think about getting a high-quality cable when you record at home, but you don't have to worry about the jacket so much.

For the XLR cable, which components are required?
You want to consider the following things that make up the cable when you buy an XLR cable. Next, consider the length of the cable. Such wires range from 3 to 50 cm. Generally speaking, you should go with the shortest, as this will minimize interference possibilities. Second, find the heart of the cable. The core thickness will range from 20 AWG to 26 AWG everywhere.

The 20 AWG is the thickest and the highest for sound quality is therefore considered. Third, look at the shield. With aluminum, tin, and copper, shields will come. Lastly, find the type of connector. Cheaper cables tend to come with connectors that wiggle loose over time, which can cause serious problems, of course. Consider paying for snug fit connectors a little bit more.

What is the difference between cables that are balanced and unbalanced?
-cable has a significant impact on the overall sound quality generated for what purpose? You risk getting noise interference or hum if you use the wrong cable. For the difference between balanced and unbalanced cables, this is real.

When you intend to use a shorter cable, unbalanced cables are best–anything less than 20 feet. On the other side, if you intend to use a 50-foot-to-100-foot cable anywhere, go with a balanced cable. You'll be able to hear the difference here, and you'll get more interference if you use the wrong cable.

Is the quality of the cables really important?
There will be two consequences for the quality of a cable components, including XLR cables. First, with a better quality cable, the sound produced will be cleaner. The interference and hum will also increase if you decrease in efficiency. First, there will be a longer shelf life for a higher quality cable than a cheaper one.

Since cheap cables tend to die much earlier than those of higher quality. This is especially true when it comes to the connectors. A low-cost connector can break much faster than a more expensive one, and it can also begin to loose much faster.

What does a can analog cable, such as an XLR cable, mean?
A popular analog cable from a common digital cable is often differentiated. What we would find to be a standard microphone cable is a traditional analog cable, such as an XLR cable. It is used as a line between the gear that is balanced between ins and outs.

Common analog cables may also be up to 100 feet long in length. On the other hand, a common digital cable is an alternative method to send digital audio data through a cable to another device. The data bypass analog circuitry with this cable and instead make a clone of its own. Generally speaking, these cables are only up to a maximum length of 15 feet.


Our Top Pick

 Your Cable Good Choice The 10-foot XLR cable from Cable Store is our top choice. This cable is just the best price / value ratio we've found. The 3-pin male to 3-pin female cable is perfect for recording or playing live in the studio. The black case is also perfect when jamming to fade away into the background. It is soft and flexible, so it can fit any setup, and it also rolls nicely away when it is packed.

While this cable doesn't have all the bells and whistles you see on more expensive models, for any use, what it does should be enough. For instance, in most scenarios, the metal connectors and the 28 AWG wire should do just fine. Look no further, this one takes the cake for good value and low sticker price for those looking for a bargain on their XLR cables.


Premium Choice

 GLS Audio Cable PatchThose on the market need to accept the GLS Audio XLR cable for a premium cable. If you're on the hunt for a cable with the highest quality components and you're not really worried about paying a few extra bucks, this is the GLS. It comes with the innovations of GLS–the Lo-Z protection and the Tri-Grip–as well as a heavy-duty rubber shell, high-grade copper conductors and 3-pin connectors on the male and female side.

So go with this GLS XLR cable if your main concern is not a low sticker price, but the best sound possible and the lowest amount of interference. A high-quality sound will surely be made, perfect for studio recording or gig jamming. You can also rest assured that your cable will stay snug and will not get lost as this cable comes with a rubber grommet on the female end as well.


Great Value

 CBI MLC20Those concerned with saving as much money as they can–yet not throwing the money away on some piece of junk but having a budget-friendly price XLR cable–should be very pleased with the CBI MLC20 XLR cable. CBI is a family-owned business with over 25 years of experience in the field, specializing in budget gear for many years. It's a name you can trust, and if you have any cable issues, the 90-day warranty will take care of any issues.

Although this cable doesn't have all the bells and whistles that come with higher end cables, this is something you'd expect when you're looking for the most budget-friendly option. The part quality is fairly good, and you should have no problem plugging this baby into any of your current equipment.



All too often we've seen the scenario. Musicians spend thousands of dollars, free of interference, on top of the line equipment with the intention of producing the cleanest sound possible. Though, after spending several hours deliberating on what tools to purchase and wasting their hard-earned money on these devices, when it comes to buying the XLR cables, they simply buy without a second thought, not even realizing what they are buying. It's kind of a mini-tragedy.

And while it is often ignored, the XLR cables you are using play an important role in the sound quality you are making. Such cables are used to block interference when transmitting your signal, and link microphones and other equipment into mixing consoles. So, you don't want to make the mistake of purchasing some unknown cable, damaging your music's sound. We suggest you take some time to investigate what's going to be the right cable for you to produce the crispest possible sound. Our top ten list of the best XLR cables is sure to include the perfect cable for you, no matter what your situation may be.

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