Fender Starcaster Bass Guitar Review 2020

The bass guitar from Fender Starcaster is a take on electric guitar from Fender Starcaster in the 1970s. The guitar initially achieved popularity with only a few prototypical designs available at the moment owing to its distinctive form and style. It was unlike any other guitar manufactured by Fender, and it was unlike anything that had been performed before by guitarists.

In the footsteps of the Starcaster guitar, the Starcaster bass has embodied a distinctive style and decisive tone. The Modern Player model provides high-quality construction, pleasant tone and soft playability. It's a semi-hollow bass guitar that loves few opponents.

Fender Starcaster Bass Guitar Review

Fender Starcaster Bass Guitar Review 2020

Key Features

With its offset semi-hollow body with a bound maple top and back, the Fender Starcaster bass radiates mysterious undertones. The body's front displays two multidirectional f-holes, showing the guitar's body's internal functioning. The maple neck has a fingerboard with 9.5 radius maple and 22 medium-jumbo frets to perform with.

Another attenuating characteristic of the Starcaster bass guitars is the headstock. The increased curvature distinguishes this specific line of guitars and basses as a distinctive feature. You'll realize the pickups take up a lot of room on the body. The extra-large pickups are both large-scale Humbucking pickups that create a complete, broad sound to support the band.

It comes with a bridge pickup three-way toggle switch, a neck pickup, and a pickup mixture. 4 Silver skirted tonal knobs in amplifier style sit atop the alder body font to regulate the volume and tone of the pickups as well as the position of the mixture.

It has a synthetic nut of the bone and a bridge of four saddles to maintain stuff in place. Chrome hardware and black dot inlays complete this bass guitar's accent parts.


+ Unique style

+ Very rare design

+ Large Humbucker pickups

+ Unparalleled tone


- The headstock may stand out

- Not a super versatile tone

For whom is it appropriate?

Unlike any other bass guitar you may have ever met, the Fender Starcaster bass is. Despite the sound being great and the playability being great, the guitar's style definitely enables it to stand out and turn some heads. Not only are semi-hollow body basses uncommon, but there are few and far between basses with huge pickups and an excentric headstock.

If you're searching for the tonality that can cover genres like country, folk, rock, and acoustic music, it's an outstanding bass. It has a wide noise that can be edgy as well as hot depending on the pickup position. It doesn't have the strong body basses ' stable hold of support, but you can get a little more personality out of it than traditional basses.

This bass is ideal for those who want to add to the collection an esoteric bass guitar. If you're a bass player who likes to stand out and want a different tone to be found elsewhere, this is the bass for you. It's almost certain that with the same bass you won't find another payer, and if you do, it'll be like meeting a long-lost friend with whom you can remember old times.

Why We Like It?

 The Starcaster's distinctive style and rareness make it a covetable award for bassists and musicians. The tone is broad and fun, enabling players to hone on sounds that can make them stand out as performers.

This isn't like many other tools you'll have in your gallery as far as fitting into the collection is concerned. This bass style's history and intrigue will surely spark a discussion. The playability of an instrument's dark horse is quite pleasant and soft. You will be able to fit in quite nicely with some of the music's more soft-listening styles while adding your own edge to the mix.

This bass guitar is not for the background musicians who want to mix. The design screams for attention and gives the tone you really need to lift the music in an engaging fashion.

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