Top 10 Best Solid State Amps

Solid state amplifiers and solid-state combo amplifiers are becoming increasingly popular amid their troubled history, shaking up the bad reps they once received for themselves in the past. Without a doubt, solid state amps are a much superior technology. Until recently, you had to have a large bank balance to own a model which was genuinely capable of giving a vacuum tube amplifier a run for its money.

There are now plenty of low watt solid state amplifiers from trusted leading brands such as Fender, Marshall, Roland, Orange, and Boss that are truly capable of delivering a comparable, warm sound with modern technical innovations and a decrease in manufacturing costs. Some of them also go above and beyond to keep up with the latest trends in digital music, offering apps and free applications compatible with Android.

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1. Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus

The Roland JC-40 is a solid-state Combo Amplifier Jazz Chorus. The Roland Jazz Chorus is basically a scaled down, lower (40) watt version of the Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus, arguably the bench setter used by a variety of professionals, including James Hetfield, for clean electric guitar tones over the last 40 years. It is designed for the modern electric guitarist with the same plethora of onboard effects and creates the same unmistakable clean JC tone as its revered high-watt predecessor.

Additionally, when using effects pedals and other amp modeling and effects gear, the Roland Jazz Chorus JC-40 provides a true stereo input for performance improvement. Let's break down the controls; EQ 3-band, reverb, velocity, width, brightness, volume, vib/chorus, and a turn to the FX loop.

For a completely immersive sound on stage, the Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus amplifier includes two individual power amps performing onboard effects in stereo. It has revamped effects such as a renovated vibrato and reverb, built-in distortion and special chorus features to meet the needs of today's players, as well as its signature Dimensional Space chorus effect. Selling a solid investment for a decent Jazz booster for $599.99.


+ Robust, sturdy building for longevity.
+ Integrates technical refinements for modern use of acoustic and electric guitar.
+ Offers rich and inimitable music.

Why We Liked It -Without the hassle of using several speakers, this solid-state Combo delivers industry-standard tones.

2. Fender Mustang I V2

A great solid state amplifier from an integral giant of the industry. Since 1946, Fender has been continuously manufacturing instruments and instrument accessories, helping shape the development of product designs. They create the distinctive tone of the fender and are fitted with a wealth of built-in effects. The 17 amp voice configurations of the Mustang take acoustic or electric guitar players from an authentic tube amp tone to unusual modern sounds.

Using its inspiring Fender FUSE app, the amplifier also has the ability to attach via USB, enabling players to colorfully change each sound to their individual preference by kicking up a lot of gears with the preset sound choices. Appealing to contemporary players and ensuring compatibility that complies with the course of new music technology. It's small but strong and fairly priced at $119.99.


+ Just 7.6 x 15.5 x 14.5 inches-super handheld.
+ 17 voices from amps and 24 on-board effects. For use in a broad range of genres,
+ Includes Ableton Live Lite 8, DAW recording tools for Fender Edition and software applications for Mac and PC for recording musings as well as jamming and playing AmpliTube Fender LE edition

Why We Liked It -In terms of creative license, USB networking and DAW app options present players with limitless possibilities.

3. Blackstar IDCORE40

The end result of 7 years of technical research and refined product development by the Blackstar group, originally founded by ex-Marshall employees, is this powerful programmable combo amp. Though relatively new to the music industry, they have already developed a host of amplifier series at 11 years of age. For modern-day acoustic and electric guitar players, the ID series are their latest wireless amplifiers. It is a strong practice amp that has sufficient volume levels for something so small. It has 6 voice control settings to be used in combination with its signature ISF control to find your perfect custom sound, clean warm, clean light, crunch, super crunch, Overdrive 1 and 2.

This combo amplifier from Blackstar creates effects of studio quality that can be stored. Normal modulation, delay, and reverb are among the 12 effects. It has a handy Mp3/line stereo input so that you can jam your favorite tunes together with your studio headphones so that you can perfect your power chords without interrupting anyone. $199.99 only.


+ Super-wide stereo audio.
+ includes a micro USB port.
+ well manages low registers.

Why We Liked It -Typical intuitive control presets are featured in the amp, but digital program capability is also offered.

4. Boss KTN-50 Katana

The Katana series presents guitar amplifiers with Crafted Tones that parallel the precision and artistry that the historic sword symbolizes in Japanese culture, proudly bearing the same name as the majestic Japanese samurai sword. Perfected through centuries of commitment and using the same method of creation behind the renowned Waza amplifier, they convey the ambitions of BOSS to have the ultimate 'rock sound'.

The BOSS KTN-50 has five settings: Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown (derived from the Waza amp) and Acoustic Expertly manufactured and meticulously tuned, they reflect true craftsmanship and provide contemporary guitarists with electric or acoustic guitars with breakthrough enhancement functions. The Boss Katana offers an unbeatable range of exceptional tones and makes it suitable for live performance as well as quality home recording with its fast touch response. With the simple watt range of 0.5, 25 or 50 watts of power to switch between as well as a standby mode, it can be surprisingly cranked up or played at bedroom speeds. It has 2 preset channels with a panel setting and provides integrated access through the free BOSS Tone Studio editor app to 55 BOSS effects. $199.99 as well.


+ Creative Regulation of electricity.
+ Up to 15 different effects are processed.
+ Easy to reset!

Why We Liked It - With its simple, downloadable software that includes a mobile device app that provides access to the online community with tutorials, patch sharing and more, it features in-depth, complete customization sounds.

5. Marshall Code 25

Harboring a number of clean tone choices as well as antique crunches, mixing and matching modern high gains that can then be run through a choice of cabinet simulations. Offering a variety of 24 effects to be integrated into a flexible set-up of items.

The 14 preamp sounds do a superb job of mimicking all the classics you can expect to find, such as the JTM45, JCM800, and the famous Silver Jubilee, all squashed into a 10-inch cabinet with 25 watts of power, a highly authentic Marshal's legacy model. It has a USB direct-in for home recording capabilities, like most optical Solid State Guitar Amps. Its compact size makes it a perfect piece of busking equipment as well as a match for set-ups for small home studios. Priced with a host of FX variations at $249.00 without breaking the bank.


+ 4 models for power amps, 14 pre amps, 8 models for cabinets and 100 presets.
+ It can be connected via Bluetooth or USB input technology.
+ remote control via the program for the Marshall Gateway

Why We Liked It - By conveniently modifying the presets, it allows musicians the capacity to fulfill their personal tastes.

6. Orange Crush Pix CR12

This portable 12W 6-inch speaker proves that in small packages, good things can really come. Although it doesn't sport some of the high-tech mod cons like some of the solid state wireless guitar amps, we've tested this teeny feat of manufacturing packs quite a bit so far. Multiple on-board impacts can often be daunting. Most solid-state amps usually cost extra with complicated effects and you might end up forking out for 50 plus tones that you can barely ever use just to get the one you were after. The orange crush makes it easy and, not to mention, inexpensive.

Together with Overdrive and Gain controls, the 3-band EQ settings, (Treble, Center, and Bass), make it child's play to find a great tone to practice with. You can make amazing dirty sounds and super fuzzy sounds. Orange amps have a special sound of their own. It is so lightweight, which means it is suitable for beginners and professionals alike to carry on the road as a travel practice amplifier. Orange amps are well known for exhibiting the iconic retro look with their bright orange casing and basket-weave grille. Stunning volume that costs just $99.00 from a miniature amplifier!


+ A good clean sound.
+ Wonderful distortion.
+ Option for headphone production.

Why We Liked It - It has the appearance of a distinctive, vintage amplifier and is remarkably loud for its size.

7. Marshall CODE 100W

A choice of amazing digital amp models, FX and more is offered by the Marshall CODE range. Much like the 25 model reviewed above, this amplifier shows a perfect blend of the real Marshall tones into a multi-faceted masterpiece of pro-quality effects. With 14 preamp models, 4 power amp models, 8 speaker cab models, 3-band EQ, gain, volume, modulation, delay, reverb, 100 presets and 24 FX models, it has a single input, of which 5 can be used simultaneously.

The code series' tone tweaking possibilities are virtually limitless, enabling the musician to really dial in to find their own distinctive sound. It is a beautiful high-end optical solid-state amplifier with Android integration, a little more expensive than the 25-watt version at $ 449.99, but certainly more bang for your bucks.


A 2 way foot turn requires +
+ Clean Channel Glistening
+ App for alerts and sharing patches

Why We Liked It -It is an excellent wonder of amplification, removing once and for all the need for multiple effects pedals. It's very infinite, actually.

8. Randall RG80

Established in 1970 and supplying many popular artists with high-performance amplification, Randall has added some amazing new upgrades to their infamous concept. The new RG series offers high-gain FET solid state combo transistor amplifiers via a 12-inch speaker for great distortion efficiency. With an adjustable spring reverb and an external FX loop.

This metal guitar amp has 3-EQs and a bass boost and scoop. Has some lovely treble as well as great scuzz typical of the excellent heavy Randall style for heavy metal and punk genres. At 80 watts of strength, it has great volume level and is $325.00.


Channels + 2.
+ close, distortion of cutting
+ Inclusive foot turn
+ The Metal & Heavy Metal Guitar Amp

Why We Liked It -A second channel features this solid state guitar amp for metal players that makes for an impromptu heavy metal jam with a friend.

9. Fender Mustang GT 40

Fender took their 70 years of experience and enriched the repertoire of the Mustang series. This is a highly versatile collection of amplifiers that encourage the absolute musical imagination of an illustrious industry. This newly enhanced solid state amp uses algorithms that have been newly created. You can now switch effects anywhere in the signal chain thanks to refinements on pathway signal processes, unlike previous versions.

It is easy to replicate classic guitar tones or invent an identifiable sound of your own, packed with 21 high fidelity, classic amp voices and over 45 different effects. The volume range makes it flexible for home practice and gigging at a number of venue sizes. The fender tone app, which allows users to download the latest updates, access stored artist-created presets and directly communicate with other talented musicians, is a great modern addition. It also has Bluetooth and USB link technology. A great solid state guitar amplifier retails at $249.99.


+ Fidelity Strong.
+ Realistic reactions.
+ Big, full-color monitor with LCD.
+ Light chassis with wood.

Why We Liked It - It helps the artist to really develop their own completely unique sound.

10. Fender Frontman 10G

This solid state guitar amp is very easy to use by Fender, the undeniable pioneers of their industry. There is nothing complex that makes it ideal for use by beginners. That being said, it's a more than ample amplifier for pro practice. For shaping the classic guitar fender tone with sensitive treble and bass power. It features a reasonably good overdrive. It provides reasonably loud amplification, small but efficient, perfect for rehearsing without an ear-splitting volume.

With its silver grille cloth and skirted amp knobs as well as the all-important Fender amplifier logo, the sporting aesthetic recalls their iconic 'Blackface' amps. Many compact guitar amps can sound 'small' or muffled, some have even been identified as toy-like, but Fender has managed to produce a powerful high-quality, 6-inch, mini-amp for an amazing price or $59.99 for a highly portable fender sound!


+ Controls intuitively.
+ Studio silent practice headphones.
+ Auxiliary jamming input for mp3's and other media.

Why We Liked It -This solid state amplifier for electric or acoustic guitars provides unbeatable, outstanding value for money from a well-known pioneer in amplification in a solid state practice amp.

Solid State Amp Buyers Guide

For some, especially those who still firmly hold misconceptions about their abilities compared to their tube equivalents, the search for the best solid state amplifier is uncharted territory.

As every guitarist seems to have his own preference for a sound, it can often be too easy to only go to the band you know and stick to the presets you are familiar with. Of course, decision making would be strongly affected by the genre you play. A good solid state amplifier for Jazz can differ almost entirely from a distortion amp for quality. So here is a little more details to help pick out a solid state amplifier that suits you as a player.

Digital Combo Amps

Newer versions compliant with digital and Android are becoming readily available. Innovation has really brought the leading brands to the next stage. An ability to extend the tone range, but it can be frustrating for a novice. While some of the technical evolution rubs of the artist have a very intimidating prospect that helps them to develop as a performer as well as enhance their standard of music output.

It also encourages collaboration with some applications for immediate access to the community to exchange ideas and address impact characteristics in depth. Ensure that you can better understand how the sound can be changed for your particular needs. This is, without a doubt, a move that will lead to strides in the modern music industry's development. Clearly, they're a waste of time exploring if you have no desire to play anything but crystal-clear tones.

What Is A Solid State Amp?

A solid state amplifier is a transistor amp that has low operating voltages and is capable of operating at a smaller size and weight at a reduced power consumption. Today's guitar amps are mostly made with silicon transistors, so they have the adaptability to work with complementary symmetry circuits. Solid-state designs have changed tenfold in the last decade. Solid-state amplifiers for guitars are much cheaper and more durable to manufacture.

Best Sounding Solid State Amp?

The response to this really depends on whether you use the amplifier for home practice, live stage shows or home recording, preferably you want something reasonably high-watts for a gig the larger the venue the larger the power watts because the human ear senses just marginal variations 100 watts sounds like 50 watts, so the bucks will quickly add up.

Roland JC 40 chorus guitar combination amp If you want to record, the digitally compatible solid state amps available today are worth checking out. At an incredible pace, technology is changing.

And too many advertised guitar amplifiers at the end of the day selling their own signature tones and proprietary sounds for tone snobs. It's always down to individual choice to find the right solid-state amplifier.

Tube Amp Vs Solid State Amp

This is a topic that is sure to cause some guitar-snob variety trolls to lift an eyebrow. Tube amps are a definition given to vacuum amps (or valve amps in the UK). Under that power, they contain vacuum tubes that control the inside electrical current that can only run in one direction.

The simplest example of a vacuum tube, developed in the early 1900s, is a diode. Electrons are generated by a cathode and stored by a control grid run by anodes. They normally need to run with thermal energy, so they appear to get hot as they shine. They create a clean tone that is extremely pristine and have a warm sound that is very complete. Traditionally, with most people preferring their considerably lower-harmonic distortion, they are considered the best solid-state amplifiers. They are still achieving better high-power and high-frequency operations, but as Bob Dylan correctly said: "The times are changing!"

One of the main reasons why solid state amplifiers have been underestimated in the past is that when they were cranked up, cheaper guitar amps were mostly badly developed and fuzzy or muffled, giving them a bad reputation, but now we have powerful transistor technology well planned. Some of the biggest names in amplification have expertly put this to use. In many classic recordings, but on solid-state guitar amplifiers of a high quality, previously inaccessible to most customers, solid-state guitar amps have played a part.

Modern transistors can be combined and manufactured as a single circuit comprising several transistors. Fender Mustang electric guitar solid state amps

They are less vulnerable than their delicate tube counterparts to damage from mechanical shock. In particular, vintage models can be difficult to repair.

They are even more compatible with complementary devices because they have a more modular nature, ensuring they can keep up with the times and developments in technology.


There are plenty of cheap choices if you are looking for a solid state amplifier for its lightweight and low consumption advantages, but if you want to work and not just practice, you will need something to suit your needs, at least in the mid-price range. Ultimately, the future of music performance will continue to be more digitally driven, and some amazing items on the market are ever so slightly ahead of their time that it is well worth getting out of your comfort zone for the pleasure of witnessing a full range of effects. With technology choices for solid state amps, discovering a truly one-of-a-kind sound that gives you an edge is an ever growing possibility.

Expert Tip

If you are either pro-tube or just unaware of the abilities of so-called superior solid state guitar amplifiers marketed. Maybe you want to check out some choices for hybrids. Some businesses produce amazing hybrid solid state amp models that combine tube pre-amps and transistor technology. They deal best with low and high-end frequencies and, with all the bells and whistles of a great solid state amp, have the tube-tone.

Did you Know

Bell Telephone Laboratories say that by abbreviating the word trans-conductance or transfer with the term varistor, they named their transistor ( a variable resistor). There would not be any solid-state guitar amplifiers today without their early transistor creation.