Orange Micro Terror Amplifier Head Review

You'll need to find yourself a great amplifier head if you want to get the most out of your amplifier. The issue with the majority is that the more money you are supposed to give up, the more they have to sell. They can also get pretty high. You don't need anything super-powerful to create a full-stack with if you're not playing any grand venues.

For your average guitarist, room can also be a problem. You probably need a practice set-up that can be packed away in a smaller room if you live in an apartment. There are several micro-head choices on the market, to be frank, they are usually low-powered and pretty uninspiring.

It doesn't look any further than the Orange Microterror amplifier head if you are looking for a lightweight, low watt solution that doesn't skimp on the sound. It packs a strong enough punch when running at 20-watts to have the neighbors knocking at your door if you crank it. It measures just 5.3" tall and 6.5" wide and is an awesome little creature with a fitting name.

It can attach to a 1 x 8 inch or even a 122 speaker cab and provide levels that are appropriate for the life of the backline. In a bedroom session, it is small enough and subtle enough on the low-volumes to fulfill your needs.

It has a fantastic design that has come to be anticipated in its extensive range with every Orange amplifier. With quality control, the business does a fantastic job. It is built with a heavy metal housing that is still very lightweight. For better maneuverability, it integrates a sturdy carrying handle. So if you have to lug it around, then it's going to be an easy time for you.

It features the majority of the series' retro good looks and has 4 rubber feet to withstand vibrations when stacked. With high-quality connections and stable circuitry, it is a single channel hybrid-style amp head. Hybrid nature provides the addition of a new 12AX7 analog preamp tube to the 20-watt solid-state amp circuitry. It provides you with the best of both worlds.

It offers a beautiful variety of tones to play with despite not having an integrated effects loop onboard. You can change your EQ with one tone dial from a bass frequency, lower end through to middle or treble. While fitting it into a solitary dial instead of 3 is a little rudimentary, it works well and helps keep the layout uncluttered.

You have a volume and gain dial, apart from the tone dial. The Gain dial controls the drive and, as it is increased, it takes the clean channel and incrementally converts it into an overdrive channel that extends the range of available tones when used in combination with the EQ.

It is an amp head, so it does not have a speaker of its own, but it has a monitoring headphone socket, so it can be used for silent private practice. It also has a mini-jack auxiliary link built-in so that you can jam tracks.

Orange Micro Terror


A tiny yet robust solution that benefits from hybrid circuitry is the Microterror miniature amp head. In spite of its smaller size and lower wattage, it provides a startling pitch.

It has a heavy-duty nature, but can be transported easily. In addition to a gain and volume knob, it houses a 1 band EQ that gives you a great clean and surprisingly powerful overdrive as well. British engineering provides the tonality of this tiny dynamite amp head with a classic Brit-rock edge.

It is perfect for gigs at smaller venues and holds its own, so you may want to mic your cab, but there is no need if you are going to DI to the P.A.


+ Solid metal enclosure.
+ Handle to bear.
+ Compact dimensions.
With a combination of analog/solid-state circuitry, + 20-watt hybrid amp head.
+ Selection of British Classic Tones.
+ Over-driven or clean.
+ Highly competitive cost.


- It does not have the variety of effects provided by larger amp heads. Between its sound, gain dials, and the capabilities of your instruments, there is always plenty to play with.

Why We Like It

The sturdy enclosure is designed to last, and can withstand everything on the road. It is a sweet little amp head that is not a gimmick but a viable solution. It was a wonderful job for Orange to suck every drop of juice out of this 20-watt bad-boy.

For something with simple features, it is very versatile. On the clean channel, the volume can be cranked, and when tailored to the treble end is wonderfully bright.

Do not be misled into thinking that it's quite because we don't see the need to turn the volume past the 3⁄4 mark with the gain up high because it is lightweight. This is a gnarly little beast, very happily misleading.