Microcubegx Roland Micro Cube Gx Review

Most mini amplifiers are nothing more than a companion for traveling. With a 'that'll do' mentality, most people buy them. Since no-one can use them to perform for an audience, they're cheap and cheerful. Within the world of micro amplifiers, however, the Roland Micro Cube has raised the bar, taking them from an overlooked gimmick to an impressive compact alternative.

The Micro Cube is a Sound Modeling Composite Object (COSM) amp that provides a variety of fun settings to play with. The standard of construction is excellent - but this is just what we have come to expect from the Roland folks.

The cube-shaped amp is sturdy, presented in a user-friendly top-mounted configuration with a heavy-duty grille and robust dials. It's lightweight and comes with a harness to make it comfortable to wear.

It is fitted with a single 1⁄4-inch input channel and has a total of eight COSM amps to choose from that are digitally processed, as well as eight DSP pre-amp effects built in.

On the knob, you'll find a bright, open-sounding acoustic-simulated cab, followed by a crisp JC Clean and a legendary emulation of a black panel amp. This gives you the sound of a classic, Fender-like 1960s model.

For rhythm and classic stack, the Brit combo is excellent, which gives you a sound reminiscent of a full-stack Marshall or Peavey, perfect for hot pickups. There's an intense environment that gets the drive underway. Finally, there's a mic, too.

On top of that, you get to tinker with a variety of effects settings, including a choice of three chorus filters, three strength flanger measures, a three-part phaser, three modulations of tremolo/vibrato, and a heavy octave sound to explore. Besides this, to customize it as you want, it has a separate delay and reverb dial.

To add more coloration to your modifications, add to that the gain dial, volume dial, and sound, and you have a lot of space for an ultra-compact 3-watt piece of equipment.

You can use its memory feature to record your changes for fast retrieval once you've fiddled with the settings and found your perfect tone. It helps you to play around more with the settings, without missing what you originally had. It can take a fair amount of time to find your favorite settings with complex amplifier choices.

The tone, even at a lower benefit, has a great presence. The well-engineered 5-inch neodymium driven speaker with well-tuned frequency response helps this.

To visually assist your tuning, the integrated chromatic tuner has LED indicators. It also features an auxiliary iCube Connection (1/8-inch) input so that you can play from an iOS computer directly. This is useful for adding an accompanying jam-track that is suitable for practice and busking.

It also has an auxiliary output that can be used in your bedroom for headphones to practice silently alone. To catch the emulated effects, you can also run the auxiliary out to your recording facilities.

Frankly, it's mind-boggling that it runs on only 6 AA batteries and can last for up to 20 hours. With a mains adapter, you can also control it, but they are sold separately.

Each of the corners is covered against heavy handling, and it comes in three different colors to choose from; classic black, white, or red. This mini amp is aesthetically traditional Roland.

Microcubegx Roland Micro Cube Gx


An improved variant is the Micro GX. It has an improved power output and low magnetic leakage.

Despite only operating at a peak power of 3-watts, to use every last drop of energy, it operates with super-efficiency, producing amazing sound with surprising volume.

It's easy to see how it has been a top-ranked bestseller for the best part of the last decade with its variety of emulated amps, onboard EQ, and digitally modeled effects and its battery-powered nature.

You may cover a broad range of genres between amp modeling, effects and EQ. It has a lot to offer, suiting a number of types of playing. It runs off of batteries for versatility and has auxiliary I/O.


+ Lasting build-quality.
+3-power watts.
+ The COSM ultra-compact amp.
+ to pick 8 emulated amps.
+ 8 different settings to tweak the effects.
+ Adjusting Equalization.
+ Generous lifespan of batteries.
+ Chromatic tuner built-in.
+ In and Out Aux.
+ Lightweight build with strap for holding.


- Not the loudest option, but, as micro-amps go, impressive.
- The power adapter is marketed separately.

Why We Like It

It's an ultra-compact, robust COSM amplifier with a wide range of onboard features. In terms of sound, it has something for everyone. You're not going to cram this thing into a concert hall, so as far as mini-amps are concerned, anything else on the market is pretty much unmatched. Without the need for a mains power source, it's perfect for practice, jamming outdoors, weekend retreats, and a bit of busking.