Marshall JCM800 2203X 100-Watt Tube Head Review

The head that spawned the birth of hard rock is the Marshall JCM800 2202X. It has an impressive sound and strength from the cheap seats in the back that can be heard all the way. The JCM800 is a plain, all-tube on-channel guitar head that delivers the crunch and the screams you like.

It comes with a series effect loop and a 3-band EQ for tone shaping to plug your pedals in. It features classic black and gold styling from Marshall. It is made of birch ply, which is tough and durable. The Marshall JSM800 2203X will blow the doors off with a concept that satisfies heavy rockers all over the world.


· 100-watts with
· Strength of tubes
· Loop for sequence effects
· EQ in 3-band
· Black and gold pattern
· Single-channel only

Marshall Jcm800


If you're looking for awesome tonal superiority, then Marshall's JCM800 2203X is both a go-to and a no-brainer. Since the birth of rock and roll, the Marshall JCM800s have graced some of the most popular levels. It's a guitar amp that has so much power; inside your apartment, you're not going to want to turn it up to ten, you're going to want to be in a venue or a studio where you can experience all that it has to offer.

100-Watts of pure power comes with the JCM800. It utilizes all-tube power, offering unparalleled tone volume and purity. Speaking of tone, this set-up is amazingly easy. It is a single-channel head with a 3-band EQ, unlike many amps these days. Many amps feature lots of effects and amp models in this new age for you to play around with. This amp is intended to be kept in its path, with additional pedals being attached to it. The sound of the JCM800 is so thick and rewarding that you do not need to add anything to it.

You can insert the pedalboard between the preamp and the power amplifier with a sequence of effect loops. This acts as a one-lane road from your pedalboard straight to your speaker's robust control. True bypass technology would also ensure that the effects do not impact the signal's structural integrity. No matter how many signals you have fired through the conduit, it will remain intact and pure.

However, everyone on the market for this sort of amp is prepared to spend a little extra cash to get the type of quality it has to offer. The price is not exactly cheap. For an amp that falls into a lower price range, you will be hard pressed to find the kind of sound, speed, and reliability. This is a specialist amplifier and is priced accordingly. For the rest of your playing days, the Marshall JCM800 2203X is the sort of amp you are holding on to and moving it on to the next generation.

It has the classic look of black and gold that Marshall is renowned for. The head is made of Birch ply construction, which makes it long-lasting and durable. Marshall knows that on the road you need to take this amp and show off its temper, and they have made it powerful enough to handle everything you throw at it.


+ 100-watts of power for the tube
+ Enduring and tough
+ Single-channel control
+ EQ in 3-band
Effects loop +Series


- Not cost-effective
- Less acceptable for practice rooms

Why We Like It

For its strength and purity, we love this amp. To experience what it has to offer, this is an amp that you need to turn up high. When you open it up and let it go, the Marshall JCM800 2203X will shake your bones and make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. This has the level of tonal consistency that would make the fingers of Tony Iommi bleed.