Marshall DSL40CR 40-Watt Tube Combo Review

A fully tube-powered amp with a 12-inch speaker, 2-channel, 40-watts of power, resonance, and presence control is the Marshall DSL40CR. Just like any retro Marshall amplifier, it has a classic 1960s style cabinet and gold paneling on the front. It comes from a long line of Marshall royalty, starting in the 1990s from the initial series of Dual Super Lead amps released by Marshall.

To help you quickly navigate, it has two power modes, classic and ultra gain channels, a bypassable effects loop on the back side, and a footswitch. In rooms designed for very loud bands, it is strong enough to be heard on stage. It is an amp powerhouse that allows you to imitate any Marshall classic sound.


Gain Classic and Ultra
Resonance and control of presence
· Reverb of Studio-grade
· 4 x Preamp ECC83 tubes
· 2 x EL34 tubes for power amps
· Loop of bypassable results
· Footswitch included
· High and low modes of power
· EQ segment of 3-band
· Cabinet style Classic 60s
· 19.29x24.4x9.9'
50.4lbs ·

 Marshall Dsl40Cr


This Marshall is a strong and beautiful looking amplifier that will give you that classic Marshall tone that is pleasing. It is a completely tube-powered amp that on stage and in the studio can keep up with the loudest bands. You won't get lost in the mix, with 40-watts of tube power. Anything on a classically built Marshall cabinet comes busting through a 12-inch speaker.

The DSL40CR will allow you to replicate any sound you've ever heard before from Marshall. The sound has so much complexity and intensity that it will be strong and authentic with any effects you want to run through it. The four preamp tubes on a dual-channel panel can give you the degree of variety and personality you need to stand out from the band.

Right on the front panel of your amp, an EQ section gives you all the power you need. You have the classic treble, mid, and bass knobs, plus control of resonance and presence. With the extra knobs, when you want to blow the socks off your listeners, you can turn it up even more.

It comes with two channels that can be used in both low and high power modes. A classic gain channel provides the desired amount of classic, smooth Marshall distortions. If you want to blast the doors off, turn to the Ultra gain channel and listen to the scream of the amp. You get a tonal quality sound and jump in each setting.

With the classic 1960s cabinet, Marshall designed the DSL40CR. With the gold paneling on the front that is so familiar and covetable to Marshall, it is minimalist and elegant.

You have a bypassable effects loop on the back end, so you can plug in your pedalboard and have no signal impedance. It has plenty of outputs to hook directly at a gig into PA speakers, or you can mic the amp up as it already has incredible tone quality.

It is very easy as far as built-in effects go. It has a classic and ultra reverb set-up to be studio-grade. If you are looking to record, this amp will give you the sound and power you need. It is set-up to be used in any way as a professional amp.

It's not the biggest amp you'll ever see, but the strength speaks for itself. It weights just over 50lbs, so it's not exactly under the categories of lightweight and portable, but if you're not afraid of a small arm workout, you can always take it on the go with you.

If you're looking at equivalent amps that can do what the Marshall DSL40CR can do, it's priced as a professional amp and is fairly cheap.


+ Amazing consistency of sound and tone
+ Dual-channel channels
+ EQ in 3-band
+ Footswitch Bypassable
+ 40-watts Tube-powered


- A little bit strong, a little bit
- One built-in impact only

Why We Like It

With a little bit of flexibility, the Marshall DSL40CR will give you a lot of purity and force. For guitarists who already have an effects section set up for themselves, it would be better used as a recording or performing amplifier.

The gains are very impressive and solid on the DSL40CR. Ultra Gain is powerful and when you need to turn those heads, it drives the extra distortion through the speakers. The footswitch makes navigation quick, too.

Super high-quality is the built-in reverb. If you were listening to an amp in a hall or stadium setting, that sounds the way it would be. You wouldn't think you're hearing this is a wireless reverb. This amplifier is ideal for recording musicians for something that is likely to last a lifetime on the market and does not waste resources on needless effects or add ons. It's a powerful amplifier to round out the sound.