Hot Rod Delux IV Review

Having performed on stages with small audiences and festival gigs all over the world, we know that turning up a gig can be overwhelming and not knowing what the backline situation would be like. Fortunately, there's more to one amp than all the others: the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.

You breathe a sigh of relief as you step into the club, and you see one on the stage, knowing you're going to have a fantastic sound that night. That is more true than ever, because with the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV, Fender has revamped its non-classic Hot Rod circuit to reflect the needs and desires of Fender-heads all over the world.

About the Hot Rod Delux IV

This three-channel, 1x 12' 40w tube amp has a comprehensive feature set connected to current tube amp technology and is built for anyone who needs an all-around amp for rehearsals and gigs. The master volume circuit makes it easy to dial at any volume in the tones you love.

The preamp section consists of 3 12AX7 tubes, offering a revamped smoother and warmer overdrive that complements the cleansing chimney you know and love. For medium-sized clubs and large stages with enough headroom to give you clean tones that can compete with aggressive drummers, the 6L6 power tubes provide the perfect amount of power.

Push this power amp, and you'll be treated in your dreams with the creamy power tube overdrive you hear. It comes with an all-new pine cabinet and a redesigned reverb that maintains the definition of note you love, but can be pushed to drippy extremes. You can get out of the new Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV with a fantastic amount of tones.

Hot Rod Delux IV


Since 1996, the Hot Rod Deluxe has been in development and has passed through three distinct iterations until 2016. They have revised the Hot Rod Deluxe each time to better fit the needs of contemporary players. Three big changes have been made to serve contemporary players better with the Hot Rod Deluxe IV:

Solid Pine Cabinet:

With great fabrics, having a great tone begins. In a poorly crafted cabinet, you can put the finest tube amp style, and you can hear all of that tone being squashed and choked by inferior craftsmanship. That's why the Deluxe Fender Hot Rod is built out of a pine cabinet now. It's light in weight, and that freely resonates, making the amplifier work at its best.

New Preamp:

The Hot Rod Deluxe IV has a tweaked preamp modified according to the needs of most contemporary players. As a three-channel amplifier, The Hot Rod Deluxe has always performed. It has one channel associated with fender amps for signature cleans, a drive channel that breaks up a little faster and a more drive channel for searing leads.

The new preamp style preserves from Fender amps the sparkling cleans you know and love. But to have a warmer and cleaner crunch, it has changed its drive and more drive channels to tame some of the previous models' more offensive sounds.

New Design Features:

For the amplifier controls, previous versions of the Hot Rod Deluxe featured a mirrored faceplate, reminiscent of the original Fender Tweed models. Although these were aesthetically appealing, because of the reflection of the sun, their functionality was deeply reduced on stages with high-powered lighting systems. This glare issue is now a thing of the past with a brand new matte finish, and you can easily access and display your settings on stage so that you can play your best.

Redesigned Reverb:

The Hot Rod Deluxe IV's latest spring reverb makes it much easier to provide your records and live shows with a certain serious vibe and mojo. With more of the reverb spectrum made available, its sound has been made slightly less vivid. You'll still get great clarity even at the highest settings when you reach peak waves.

New Celestion A-type speaker:

A major departure from the Eminence Legend and Celestion G12P that used to be in the Hot Rod Deluxe is the latest speaker in the Hot Rod Deluxe IV. This speaker, voiced with an almost British accent, can give you a far more crunchy jangle than you are used to from a Fender amplifier.


+Tweaked preamps have cleaner and creamier drive channels than previous ones.
+ The New Pine Cabinet is resonant and a huge improvement to this already excellent amp
+ Spring Reverb Redesigned


- 40w is a lot of an amplifier. This does not match your needs for those who only play small clubs,

-For those looking for those classic sparkly Fender cleans, the new Celestion style A speaker might not be

- Even with its reduced weight, for anyone unconvinced by the superiority of tube amp designs, this amp may be a little too powerful.

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