Fender Blues Deluxe Review

A Fender amplifier is a perfect alternative for those who want to hear classic rock or blues-style music. For this reason, the Fender Blues Deluxe is an excellent amplifier. This amplifier gives you a warm bluesy sound that you will love. It's a vintage-looking amplifier that will remind you of Fender guitar amps that are old-style. It has plenty to offer the player, so let's take a look at its characteristics.

Fender Blues Deluxe

Key Features

Two Channels

This amplifier has two channels that give you an outstanding tone. You get excellent clean tones with one channel called the antique channel and you also have a vibrant option that you can use for your lead playing and clean tones.

You can use the drive channel and the two 12AX7 preamp tubes to give you the warm sounding overdrive distortion we all love when you want to add some overdrive. For the drive channel, you have gain and master controls so that you can tailor the sound to your specific tastes.

40-Watts of Power

For small clubs and gigs, if you're on the lookout for a great sound amplifier. The Fender Blues Deluxe is a good option because it provides 40 watts of power for several smaller venues that are scheduled. It comes with a specially made Eminence 1 x 12 speaker.

The mid-range has been improved so that you get plenty of sound from this speaker that fills the space where you play. It's operated by two 6L6 output tubes to give you an outstanding sound. If it is low or it has been cranked up, the speaker sounds amazing. It will also give you terrific sounds for recording. With this amplifier, you get a lot of power and flexibility.

Tube Powered

Tubes power the amplifier. Two 6L6 power output tubes are available and 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes are available. Tube amplifiers give you a warm and retro sound and many blues guitar players are looking for them. The Fender Blues Deluxe gives you an outstanding sound that you will appreciate.

Classic Look

Another advantage of this amplifier is that it provides you with a classic look. You've got style and control knobs for antique tweed. The fabric tweed covering looks amazing and you're reminded of the old-style Fender amplifiers by this amplifier. All actually looks amazing on this amplifier.

Ready for Effects

Since it has an effects loop, it is easy to attach effects to your amplifier. The classic Fender reverb that lets you shape your sound also comes with it. The amplifier also comes with a footswitch to allow you to easily switch channels while playing.


To help you sculpt your sound the way you like, this amplifier comes with plenty of controls. To raise the loudness of your amplifier, use the master in the Volume Switch. You can equalize the sound exactly the way you like it, using the treble bass, presence, and middle switches.

Used as a bright switch to boost your amplifier's clean tones. The drive selector switch improves the overdrive tone of the amplifier. The standby switch allows the sound of your amplifier to be shut down without simply turning it off. When you want to take a break at a gig, this is perfect.

Controls Included:

Presence of +
+ Reverberation
Leader +
+ Core
+The bass
+ Trebling
+ Drive Select Turn
Drive +
Volume +
+Switch Bright
+ Turn Standby


+ Retro and classic appearance
+ Two channels for more flexibility in tone
+ Excellent clean tones from Fender
+ 40 Watts gives you ample power for small gigs.


- Lacks the overdrive required for sounds in hard rock style
- When they wear out, you need to swap tubes

This amp is perfect for someone who wants to play music in the classic rock or blues style, but it will cover most music types. For those who have been playing guitar for a little while and recognize the basic characteristics of amplifiers, it is better suited.

For those who are advanced in playing and looking for a solid 40-watt guitar amplifier for small venues or clubs, it is also well equipped. Beginners may still use this amplifier, but because they are not as familiar with the many controls that this amplifier has, they may have a little bit more trouble.

Why We Like It

Since it is powered by tubes, we like this amplifier. You get an outstanding sound from the tubes when you buy a tube amplifier that most other amplifiers do not match. From this amplifier, you get classic Fender clean tones, a footswitch for changing channels, and from this Fender Blues Deluxe, the overall sound is excellent.

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