Best Guitar Amps Under $300

The best guitar amplifier under 300 can be hard to find because there's so much choice on the market. This guide will help you out in order to make it easier to find the right starter amp.

Most of these amplifiers are for practice purposes, so keep that in mind before purchasing, however you can find a wide range of amplifiers to choose from, including combos, tube amplifiers, and amps with amp modeling. A decent guitar amplifier for beginners doesn't have to be expensive, so let's have a look at our list.

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1. Fender Mustang GT 40

You can't go wrong with a Fender while searching for a decent guitar amplifier for beginners. The Wi-Fi compatible Fender Mustang GT 40 helps you to change the presets on the amp and link to the Fender app to exchange tones with others. It has a simple, easy-to-use monitor so that when programming your individual sound, you can see what you are doing on the amp.

For those looking to get into amp modeling, this is the perfect amp approach. You have the ability to monitor the amp through Bluetooth from your mobile device. It comes with 45 effects, 21 amp voices, and is suitable for various genres such as rock, metal, and blues.

In order to replicate the sound of your favorite players right away, there are some artist presets. You can connect to your machine with the USB out so that you can play along with songs or do some recording.


+Solid Amp Guitar Modeling
+ Plenty of presets to get you moving
+ Your cell phone can be regulated
+Included two year guarantee

Why We Liked It-For someone who wants to try amp modeling, but does not want to spend a whole lot of money, the Fender GT 40 is a solid amplifier. It has plenty of effects and all you need to recreate popular sounds and make your own signature sound is provided by the 21 amp voicings. This is one of today's finest modeling amps on the market.

2. Monoprice 611815 15-Watt

This Moonprice amplifier is one of the best combinations of cheap amplifiers that you can find. It's a combo of 1 x 12 guitars with a Celestion mic, which is one of the best speakers you can find for any amplifier. This amplifier uses pipes and uses three ECC83/12AX7 for the preamp and EL84s for the control tubes.

The tubes have a retro sound rich and vivid that all guitar players crave. To shield your small tube amplifier from bumps when you hold it, it has a fabric grill and the corners have plastic covers. The amplifier has an original cream-colored leather look to it. To form your tone, there is spring reverb to bring your playing to life. With this tube guitar practice amp, you'll be rocking in style.


+Has speaker for Celestion
+Uses antique and genuine tone tubes
To help form your sound, +Spring Reverb
+Vintage appearance

Why We Liked It - Thanks to the tubes that have an authentic and rich sound, the Monoprice 15-Watt is the ideal practice amp. The speaker is also a Celestion that sounds fantastic and allows you to form the sound. The spring reverb also adds to this compact practice amplifier's versatility. This is one of the best amps with tubes under 300.

3. Peavey Vypyr VIP 2

In many amp products, amp modeling is becoming popular and discovered. To help you shape your own guitar sound, the Peavey Vypyr provides you with 40 watts. For rehearsal or smaller venues, this amp is fine. This amp is unique because it allows you with one amp to play electric, bass, and acoustic everything. It features Transtube analog circuitry that provides you with 16 presets and 30 amp versions with authentic sounding tones.

With your amp, you can monitor all the amp modeling parameters, so you don't need to use your machine to do this like similar models. For the ultimate guitar experience, it comes with ten instrument types, including 12 string, 7 string, resonator, baritone, bass, acoustic, electric, and sitar.


Electric, bass, acoustic and other instruments + Amp models
+ 40 watts of power for larger venues next to the bedroom.
Transtube analog circuitry +Authentic tones
+Two-year warranty guarantee

Why We Liked It - In one box, Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 provides a lot. It is capable of recreating more than just electric guitar sounds, making it a standout amp modeler that can not beat other amps in this group. The unit's analog circuitry is another highlight, as it generates fantastic tones that you can use instantly.

4. Yamaha THR10 Desktop

The Yamaha THR10. is one of the guitar amps below 300. In a very small box which will sit on your screen, this amp packs a punch. In order for it to be portable, you can plug it in or use battery power. It includes 5 models of amplifiers, acoustic, and bass settings. With this compact amp, you can experience a tube-like effect. This includes effects via Yamaha VCM technology such as chorus, reverb, and delay.

The amp has a USB connector and can be plugged into your machine where you can record or use your own recording program with the Cubase software that comes with it. For a jam session, this amp has enough power for the bedroom or to take to the BBQ. This is the ideal portable amplifier with outstanding performance and a lot of flexibility.


+Tube-like noise
+ Lightweight and compact
+Lot of effects
+ Chosen multiple amplifier channels

Why We Liked It -The Yamaha THR10 is the ideal amplifier for practice, as you can use batteries to take it with you. In a van, at a concert, on the beach, or some other venue, you can practice. For such a small box, the amplifier sounds fantastic and it's easy to plug into your machine via USB for recording.

5. Fender Frontman 10G

The Fender Frontman 10G is a solid option for those looking for a decent guitar amplifier for beginners. It gives you simple and incredible tone controls. It features gain, volume, treble, and bass controls to help you sculpt your sound. Play with ease with rock, blues, metal, popular Fender clean tones, and other styles.

To access the overdrive controls and gain more benefit, press a button. When you want a quiet listening time, use the 1/8' Aux In jack to practice along with your favorite songs and the headphone jack. For your practice session, the six-inch speaker gives you 10 watts of power.

Extras include a silver grille cloth and authentic Fender control knobs for a classic look. Amp has covered the corners with metal protectors so that when you move it, the amp remains secure. When playing, the closed back of the unit gives you a stronger bass response. With the Fender Frontman10G, jam out in style.


For more distortion, +Gain controls
+Line out and jack for headphones
+Simple controls
Lightweight of +

Why We Liked It - As it is lightweight and easy to use for beginners with basic controls, the Fender Frontman 10G is the ideal practice amplifier. It sounds amazing and you can use headphones or jam along to your favorite track which makes it a simple winner.

6. Fender Champion 20

Fender is always a good choice if you are looking for the best guitar amp for the cash. The Fender Champion 20 gives you everything you need right away to rock out. For shaping your tone, it features treble and bass controls. You get built-in digital effects such as chorus, reverb, pause, vibratome.

There is an auxiliary jack to plug in to jam along with your MP3 player. Use the headphone jack to keep your music private. In order to fit multiple types of music, the amplifier has 17 different amp tones to choose from. Your amp is covered by corner guards and grill cloth made of metal. The open back of the amp gives you space for items such as cables to be placed so that they are out of the way. A 5-year warranty comes with it.


Amp modeling with multiple tones to choose from +Features
+Effects aboard
+ Auxiliary jacks and headphones

Why We Liked It - For your practice or jam sessions, the Fender Champion 20 gives you 20 watts of power, which is more than most practice amplifiers have. It has modeling amps so that you can dial instantly in great tones without fussing with other controls. The included effects give you more choices for sound, so you sound fantastic.

7. Sawtooth ST-AMP-10-KIT

With a simple 10-watt practice amplifier, Sawtooth gives you what you need. Use the Gain, Volume, Treble, Drive, Bass, and Middle controls to control your tone. You need to train and use the headphone jack for those quiet moments. When you need any distortion, it is simple to adjust the shape of a clean tone to overdrive with the drive switch.

When you need something easy to practice all of your favorite songs, this is the best guitar amp for the cash. The amp has a 6.5" speaker and better sound projection from the unit is provided by the open weave grill." It has a robust handle to take the amp around with you and the controls on the top of the amp are easy to reach.


+Simple controls
+ Headphone jack for practice
Regulation of +drive for distortion

Why We Liked It - For beginners, the Sawtooth ST-AMP-10-KIT is simple to use, but still has great features. There is a drive channel in the amp so you can access distorted tones and begin to rock out. With the headphone jack included, the quiet practice is easy.

8. Fender Mustang I V2 20

You get 20 watts of jamming power from the Fender Mustang I. With the 17 amp models included, it's easy to dial in good tones, so it's great for most music types that you want to play. With Fender FUSE apps, edit the parameters of your sound and share your creations online. Using the included effects such as phaser, tremolo, pause, and reverb, change your sound.

Jam along to songs using the auxiliary jack and have some quiet practice time using the headphone jack. Use the USB jack to attach the amp to your machine and use the Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender Version recording program to make your own music. The amp is fitted with a silver grille cloth and has a limited warranty.


+ Wide variety of amp models to choose from
+Affects included
+ Quick to make your own FUSE tones

Why We Liked It -One of the best modeling amps that you can purchase is the Fender Mustang I V2 20. It has a lot of features and great amp models that allow you to make great music right out of the box. It is quick to sue the program and you can share creations with others online, which makes this amp a strong standout in the category of amp modeling.
One of the best modeling amps that you can purchase is the Fender Mustang I V2 20. It has a lot of features and great amp models that allow you to make great music right out of the box. It is quick to sue the program and you can share creations with others online, which makes this amp a strong standout in the category of amp modeling.

9. Blackstar Guitar Combo

Most amps are not very compact, even practice ones. When you purchase the Blackstar Guitar Combo, that all changes. This amplifier is both a mini amp and a portable speaker. Even when the amp is at a low volume, you get both a clean and overdrive channel that provides you with an incredible sound.

It's a tiny 3-watt amplifier, but the perfect situation is when you need something compact to take with you for practice purposes everywhere you go. Thanks to the auxiliary jack, it's easy to connect to your computer, MP, laptop, or other computers. It comes with a 3-inch speaker that, because of its small size, sounds amazing. Using the control effect and the delay effect to change the sound as you play.


+ Lightweight and compact
+Two channels with
+Accu or plug it in

Why We Liked It - The Blackstar Guitar Combo is an exceptional amplifier for practice. It's tiny and simple to bring with you. It has both a clean and a drive tube, so despite its small size, it is flexible. This is a solid buy for those who require a powerful portable amp that sounds fantastic.

10. Fender Acoustasonic 15

On the Fender Acoustasonic, the 6-inch speaker gives you 15 watts of power. The amp is light and compact, so you can take it to practice sessions with you. It features bass, treble and middle equalizer to help you build your sound. For those who need a powerful amplifier for their acoustic guitar, it's the ideal solution. To brighten up the sound of your acoustic guitar, the amp comes with a chorus effect.

When you need to practice, use the jack for the headphones. To attach a microphone, use the XLR jack so that singers/songwriters can sing with ease along to their songs. In one small, lightweight box, this amp gives you a lot of versatility when playing acoustic guitar. When you need smaller volumes, it's great for rehearsal at home or for a small gig like a coffee shop.


+Has a chorus impact
+Microphone jack included
+Simple controls

Why We Liked It -When you need to plug your acoustic guitar in, the Fender Acoustasonic 15 is a solid practice amp or a small gig. The chorus effect helps to fatten up the music, and your microphone has an XR jack so that you can sing along while you play. For any acoustic guitar player who wants a simple acoustic amp, this is a great option.

Guitar Amp Under 300 Buyers Guide

What Types of Guitar Amplifiers Are There?

Three primary guitar amplifier types, including solid state, tube, hybrid, modeling of amps, combo, and stack. These are mentioned below so that you know which one for you is the correct choice.

Solid-state Amplifiers

Many mid-priced or inexpensive amplifiers or what are called solid-state amplifiers are available. Semiconductors, transistors, and solid-state circuits are used. These are reliable and cheaper than tube amplifiers to make. As compared to a tube amplifier, a solid stamp amplifier is much less fragile.

Tube Amplifier

A tube amplifier utilizes vacuum tubes that amplify the guitar signal. Since they were the first amplifiers made, tube amplifiers are the oldest form of amplifier. They are known for their warm and retro sound and are sought after for their authentic and pleasing tones by many guitar players. Tube amplifiers are obsolete by today's standards, but most musicians enjoy using them simply because they sound great.


What is called a hybrid amplifier is also there. This is a blend of a solid state and an amplifier for the tube. In addition to the solid-state circuitry, for example, the amplifier may have one or two tubes, so you can get the most out of both types of sound. This form of combination enables a guitarist with their guitar to get both solid-state sounds as well as tube sounds.

Amp Modeling

What is referred to as an amp modeler is another type of amplifier. This is an amplifier that replicates the sound of other amplifiers. This will give the musician the opportunity to produce antique and common guitar tones without the need to spend thousands of dollars on the equipment that was used to create those sounds.

This and many modern amplifiers are done digitally and now have amp modeling. Many of these amplifiers can be configured so that, depending on the music they are playing, the player can pick various patches or tones they want to use.

You can connect several amplifiers with amp modeling directly into your device through a USB port and then download the drivers and software to use the amplifier with other music programs, such as a digital audio workstation or DAW for music recording. With every new update, the sounds that you can make with this form of amplifier are getting better.


For mixing, a combo amplifier is small. This is a self-contained device that has both the amplifier and the speaker in one cabinet. The combo systems are almost always smaller amplifiers. As compared to other amplifiers, a combo amplifier is normally very powerful, since everything is self-contained in one unit.


What we call a stack amplifier is another type of amplifier. This takes the head of an amplifier where all the circuitry is and replaces it with one or two cabinets for the speaker. This allows the player with multiple speaker cabinets to adjust their amplifier head to produce different sounds. Stack amplifiers are simpler to take around with you because you can independently switch the head of the amplifier and the speaker cabinets.

Can I Use Effect Pedals with them?

You would be able to use effects pedals with several tiny amplifiers, but it all depends on the actual guitar amplifier you bought. Some small practice amplifiers below $300 come with built-in effects, so you don't have to buy any pedals. You may already have built-in distortion, reverb, chorus, and other similar effects in the amplifier, so no additional pedals are required.

You can have a large variety of different effects that you can select if the amplifier happens to be an amp modeler. You can adjust the parameters for these effects in exactly the same way as you can produce the desired effects with a standard pedal.

Can I gig with One?

For larger gigs, most small amplifiers under 300 are not suitable simply because they do not have the power to cut through other instruments, especially the bass and drums. These small amplifiers are ideal for smaller venues such as a coffee house where we play at a party, but they would not be appropriate for a circumstance with a live band such as a club or bar.

Expert Tip

Before you decide on one, don't be afraid to try out different amplifiers. As you grow up as a musician and try out various amps and instruments, your taste will change as it will help you shape your sound. Look for amps that have all the features built-in, such as effects, as this saves you money as a novice in the long run.

Did You Know?

Batteries powered the first amplifiers and they were too heavy to bring around. The first amplifiers were simply PA systems and they weren't built for guitars. Jazz guitarist Jack Miller plugged into an amplifier in Los Angeles in 1932 at the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.

He is assumed to be the first person in a performance to use an electric amplifier. The inventor of the guitar pickup, George Beauchamp, was probably the first to use a guitar amplifier of any way.


These are the best amplifiers for guitars under 300. A strong beginner guitar amp for under 300 can be found. All of these amps have good characteristics and will allow you to practice or play smaller gigs without a lot of trouble. Before you order, think about the features you need and make a list of three or four amps you need, then make a decision.

Today, practice amps are improving and many of them are now portable and can be plugged into your machine, as many of the newer models provide amp modeling that gives you a lot of flexibility in an amplifier.