7 Best Mini Amps in 2020

7 Best Mini Amps in 2020

If you're looking for the finest mini guitar amp, then either you're looking for a micro variant of a guitar amplifier, or you're looking for a thumbnail amplifier that can be used for your hi-fi system or to boost the audio system of your car. Either way, you're discussed here, as both kinds are dealt with in this list and buyers guide.

The most incredible thing about a mini amp for your guitar is that it emulates the tone and sound of ordinary versions, but at a fraction of a price, enabling you to play silently at home or with your headphones on, and the portability of a mini guitar amp means you can bring it anywhere, making it perfect for buskers.

You can get a boost to your sound with a mini mobile guitar amp for your vehicle or home, more control over bass and treble, all for a small investment.

Check out this list of the best mini guitar amplifiers and then the buyer's guide and breakdown that follows to make sure you select the best micro guitar amp for your needs.

1. Fender Frontman 10G Electric

Fender Frontman 10G Electric review 2020

 Fender is a leader in creating outstanding electric guitar amplifiers offering the unique, readily identifiable sound of Fender. This mobile practice amp, as you would expect, provides you with a few choices to play around with your voice, a gain control knob, as well as a bass and treble control.

Thanks to the 6 "speaker, this Fender mini amp's sound is strong for such a small amp. For a micro guitar amp, 10 watts is a lot of energy, so it's ideal to learn on. Another advantage is the headphone jack, which provides you the choice to practice silently at home while still hearing the sound of Fender.


+ Overdrive channels

+ Gain tone control

+ Classic Fender tone

+ 10 watt guitar amp

+ Headphone jack

Why We Liked It - If you are a fan of Fender practice amps and want to recreate that classic sound on a mini mobile guitar amp, then this Fender mini amp is the one for you. Let's not forget: for such a small amp, 10 watts of energy is a lot.

2. Marshall MS2 Battery-Powered

Marshall MS2 Battery-Powered review 2020

 This micro guitar Marshall MS2 amp is basically a half-stack Marshall shrunk to 5.5inches in height. That implies the energy has been reduced, but the capacity to recreate the classic Marshall sound has not been impacted.

The power is just 1 watt, so with this Marshall MS2 micro guitar amp you shouldn't expect to be able to play live, but since it has a headphone jack, it makes it ideal for playing at home. You can emulate the noise and hear it through your headphones instead of investing in a mini micro complete stack. Also battery powered is the Marshall MS2 micro guitar amp and it can be fastened to your belt.


+ Tiny size desktop guitar amp

+ Operated battery

+ Can be attached to your belt

+ Can recreate classic Marshall tone

+ Expensive price

Why We Liked It - If you're looking for the best battery powered guitar amplifier for portability, then you can't go wrong with this small Marshall MS2 micro guitar amp that weighs only 12 ounces and can be attached to your belt.

3. Fosi Audio 2 Channel Stereo Audio

Fosi Audio 2 Channel Stereo Audio review 2020

Unlike the past two mini-guitar amplifiers on the list, this one is for your hi-fi scheme, not an electric guitar. It is produced by Fosi, a company with an outstanding reputation for manufacturing inexpensive, high-quality audio devices.

This mobile guitar amp features both aluminum tone knobs and an aluminum shell, giving it an elegant appearance. It can drive 20-watt to 200-watt speakers and provides an outstanding 20Hz to 20kHz frequency variety. It also has RCA input, making it ideal for both your smartphone or MP3 player and your laptop.


+ RCA input

+ Esthetically pleasing

+ Excellent frequency range

+ Can drive 200-watt speakers

+ High quality sound output

Why We Liked It - Considering the cost and excellent sound quality, then this is the best micro guitar amp for someone who wants to choose an amp to beef up their computer speakers or for use with your smartphone or MP3 player.

4. Orange Crush Mini 3

Orange Crush Mini 3 review 2020

 This is a small, versatile micro-crush amp loaded with some excellent extras. For instance, it has a built-in chromatic tuner and an internal speaker cabinet can be controlled as well. This Orange microamp is powered by a battery and provides you with 3-watt energy, which is more than enough to practice at home, and will suit street performers and buskers as well.

This micro crush stands out from the orange shell and provides it an initial look. It has knobs to alter gain and shape, which gives you more tone variety, but it's suggested particularly for guitarists who enjoy clean tones.


+ 3 watt guitar amp

+ Can be used to monitor internal speakers

+ Lots of tonal range

+ Battery powered

+ Powerful reverb

Why We Liked It - The fact that this Orange micro crush amp can double as a tuner or to control larger speaker cabinets makes it the best micro guitar amp for guitarists who want versatility.

5. Kinter MA170 12V 2

Kinter MA170 12V 2 review 2020

 If you're looking for a mini-guitar amplifier to boost your car stereo or home speakers, the Kinter MA170 may be the best micro-amp for you, especially if you don't want to break the bank to pay. This inexpensive, small amplifier provides you the capacity to regulate bass and treble as well as the quantity and tone of your master.

The output energy is 2x20 watts, giving you a 4-16R output impedance. The voltage of the input is assessed at 12 volts DC. It's really ideal for in the vehicle, and from your normal car speakers you will immediately notice the enormous increase in power.


+ Perfect for your car stereo

+ Great value-for-money

+ Big power

+ Bass and treble tone controls

+ AUX input and RCA input

Why We Liked It - It's the best mini guitar amplifier to hook up to your car speakers to give you a huge boost in power and give you the kind of bass control you usually don't get on conventional speakers.

6. Blackstar Fly Guitar Combo Amplifier

Blackstar Fly Guitar Combo Amplifier review 2020

 This mini battery powered Blackstar guitar combo amp provides ample possibilities for you to express yourself through a vast array of tonal choices. The reason it provides you so much tonality variety is due to the proprietary Infinite Shape Feature technology from Blackstar that provides you unlimited tone creation choices.

For additional resonance, this battery-powered guitar amp also has a tape delay effect. You get 3-watts of energy from it, which makes it louder than many other mini combo amps, and it can effectively be coupled with the Fly 103 from Blackstar so you can also double your power.


+ Infinite volume and tone alternatives

+ tape delay impact

+ 3-watt power

+ line in for MP3 players, smartphones, and laptops

+ power or battery energy options

Why We Liked It — The ISF technology Blackstar Fly3 produced in their mini combo amps is amazing owing to the enormous variety of tones you can generate. That's what makes this the best mini guitar combo amp for players who enjoy shaping their sound. For instance, if you're worried about battery life while out at a gig, the main choice is fantastic.

7. Boss Katana Mini Battery

Boss Katana Mini Battery review 2020

Any guitar player understands that one of the best around is the Boss Katana mini amp. Boss ' Katana amp has earned accolades for its exceptional quality. Fortunately, to create this Katana mini version, Boss scaled it down. When it comes to sound environments, you have three decisions that are brown, crunch, and clean. Usually, this is something you get on a complete amp instead of a mini version.

You also have on-board impacts of tape delay for a smoother resonant sound. The equalizer will allow you to regulate tones low, medium, and high. This Boss Katana mini amp also features an AUX input, which is ideal for guitar players who like to jam along with their favourite bands.


+ Suitable for electro acoustic guitars

+ Big energy

+ Multiple sound settings

+ Analog equalizer

+ Tape delay impacts

Why We Liked It - The Boss Katana mini amp is simple to use, has a wide variety of impacts and sound settings, is appropriate for acoustic guitars and provides you the quality that makes the larger version so popular


Mini Guitar Amp Buyers Guide 2020

If you're looking for the top mini guitar amp, you should consider a few things before you buy one. This equipment guide should provide you with information on what features to look for when selecting the correct mobile amp for you.

Type of Mini Guitar Amp

Mini Guitar Amp Type Two kinds of mini amps are available to choose from. The first is a mini-amp guitar, also called micro-amps. This sort of mini guitar amp is basically a regular amplifier's scaled-down version. They are often based on a larger model of the amp, so comparable tones will be offered. Obviously, if you're an electric guitarist, it's going to be the kind of mini guitar amp for you.

For a stereo system or a speaker scheme, the second sort is used. These are tiny versions of guitar amplifiers that can be attached to a stereo system to provide you with great sound quality and energy boost. They are particularly helpful to boost the stereo system of your car.

Power output

In wattage, this is measured. The general rule is that the greater the amount of wattage you get from your mini guitar amplifier, the more energy you get from it. A mini mobile guitar amp is often between one and five watts somewhere. Anything in this spectrum is normal and for such a small amplifier should be ideal. Then the energy output is slightly different with stereo mini guitar amps, because what you're looking for here is what size speakers the amp can drive, so make sure you choose a micro guitar amp that can drive your speakers.

Onboard Effects

You can find a enormous variety of onboard effects in regular-sized guitar amplifiers. Then you're more restricted in mini guitar amps. However, at the very least, the finest micro guitar amplifiers will give you overdrive channels. However, there is a chance of more onboard impacts, such as an impact of tape delay.

Input options

Ideally, you want a mini guitar amp that allows you to connect your mobile or laptop straight to it so you can play with your favourite music as well. You also want a headphone line that allows you to perform silent activities. For a stereo amplifier, an RCA input is particularly helpful as this is how you will connect it to your speakers.

Can I play live or are they too quiet with a mini guitar amp?
Over the past couple of years, battery powered guitar amplifiers have become very popular with buskers as they are extremely portable. Some mini guitar amps are going to be noisy enough in this sense to play live. However, they're not going to be noisy enough to perform with a group, nor are they going to fill a space with a noisy noise, so in such instances you're better off with a suitable amp. However, a mini portable amp is perfect for searching.

Are all batteries powered by mini amps?
Battery will be operated in general mini amps, but the top mini amps also have the capacity to plug into the hands, which is suitable if you are at home and concerned about battery life.

Expert Tip

If you're a guitar player searching for the correct mini mobile guitar amp for you, then make sure you're choosing one that has a lot of tonal scope, which implies finding one that has some tone and shape control. It provides you another dimension to be able to alter sound settings.

You knew that?

The mini guitar amplifier valued at the world's largest cost will give you a notable $159,995 back. Why? Because one of the most respected names in the amplifier world designed and built it, Alexander Dumble. He did it back in 1978 with his own hands.


Guitarists will enjoy a mini guitar amp's portability as it can be hooked onto your belt and then used to practice at home or even out in public while searching. And if you're not a guitar player, but you're looking for a mini guitar amp to boost your home stereo or car audio system, then make sure you're choosing one that can drive your speakers. Whatever your needs, these days you can find some great mini amps.

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