7 Best Bass Amps Under $300 in 2021

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1. Fender Rumble 25 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier

Fender is one of the company's longest-running amp producers and has for 74 years manufactured introductory, high-end items for players of all levels. For a new player purchasing their first amp, their Fender Rumble series is the best amplifier and also makes a perfect option for a musician looking for a portable amp they can take to a quiet rehearsal.

At just 21 pounds, the portability of this Fender Rumble combo amp is its best attribute and helps you to get a great tone with a minimal footprint while fitting your bedroom, wardrobe, or car trunk perfectly. Its tone is highly tweakable, boasting a complete 3-band EQ in the classic fender style, giving you power to go from low growl for the bedroom metal player to established top-end for jazz bass lovers.

During a coffeeshop style gig, its 8-inch speakers will cut beautifully, and its established sound will show that you don't need to carry your main rig to rehearsal. The headphone output allows you to bypass the speakers for near-silent exercise sessions, and the 1/8-inch aux jack input allows you to jam along with any sound source.


+ Light-weight and compact
+ Aux and headphone inputs
+ A multitude of classic fender tones

Why We Liked It -For a bass player playing their first coffee shop and acoustic gigs, we believe the Fender Rumble 25 V3 is a near-perfect pick. For anyone who wants flexible features for home and band practice, it's one of the best bass combo amplifiers.

2. Orange Crush Bass 25W Bass Guitar Combo Amp

Orange requires no introduction for those familiar with British rock history. The bright orange Tolex and the growing tones of Orange's bass and guitar amplifiers are an iconic emblem synonymous with the psychedelia of the late 60s and early 70s, taking many back to London during the rock and roll explosion.

Another great choice for the bass player who wants features for bedroom solo practice sessions and small rehearsals, but with the added elegance of the classic esthetics of Orange, is the Orange Crush 25w bass combo amplifier. With clarity and punch, all analog, solid-state tones are transmitted through its 8-inch speakers.

Weighing just 20 pounds, in a lightweight, low wattage box, the owner of the Orange Crush bass amp gets a lot of tone and mojo. There is a 3-band EQ, with an additional frequency knob that allows any frequency to be illuminated in a variety of contours. There are also headphones and aux jacks, making this a perfect amplifier to play in the bedroom.

It makes a cab-sim circuit when the headphone jack is activated, which simulates the sound of a real Orange cab, so that playing via headphones sounds more like playing in an actual room. A built-in tuner, which offers a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a separate tuner, is another standout feature of this model, making it one of the best bass combo amps.


Frequency knob + offers a great tonal set
+ Cab-Sim allows for perfect silent playing experiences for the headphone port.
+ There is a very handy built-in tuner

Why We Liked It -

With its robust feature set, this amp amazed us. With its introductory and practice scale amps, Orange has come a long way.

3. Peavey Electronics Max 115 Bass Combo Amplifier

We are now leaving the bedroom and coffee-shop amp world and entering the realm of full-featured, gig-able amps that can leave the best drummers attempting to keep up.

The Peavey Electronics Max 115 Bass Combo Amp provides us with all of the features on this list that are present on the other amps: a chromatic tuner, a three-band EQ, a headphone jack, and an input of 1/8. The Peavey Max is separated by a 15-inch speaker and tweeter that can transfer a large amount of air.

Spread 300 watts of power over the 15-inch amplifier, and you have an amp that can compete at a budget price on any level. You lose in portability what you gain in power and low-end. This amp is more than double the weight of those previously listed at 53 pounds. While still compact, this is a concern for those looking for a small footprint amp.

Other features that set apart the Peavey Max bass combo amp include a direct out for larger gigs when you choose to send your bass signal to the PA. This increases its gig-ability, making this combo amp no stage too large.

Its Transtube gain circuit mimics tube amplifiers with a master frequency, allowing for different gain stages for those who want to drive overdriven tones with their amps. With three tone-shaping tools: punch, midshift, and bright, its 3-band EQ is extended. Finally, without taxing the speaker, its Psycho-Acoustic technology improves the low-end performance of this amp effectively.

The Peavey Max 115 Bass Amp tips more in the direction of a full-on gig musician amplifier, though some of the features that make it useful in a bedroom environment are still inexpensive and sporting.


The + 15" driver and 300-watt amplifier make it extremely powerful"
+ Direct-out greatly improves the usage of this amp.
+ The Transtube gain knob gives a lot of vibes to this object

Why We Liked It 

The Peavey Max 115 Bass Combo leans more in the direction of the amplifier of a full-on gigging musician while still being affordable, sporting some of the features in a bedroom environment that make these best bass combo amps useful.

4. Orange Crush 50W Bass Guitar Combo Amp

This Orange offering has many of the features of the previously stated 25-watt edition, but it adds a few main features that make it the second amp below 300 that can compete with a drummer.

The 50-watt Crush doubles the power of the 25-watt version with the same 3-band EQ, headphone output, aux input, onboard tuner and upgrades the speaker to a 12-inch driver worthy of the stage.

The Crush 50w still retains its tone shaping frequency knob, but in its dual gain process, it introduces some new tone-shaping features. The gain and volume knobs, lifted from its pro OB1 series, allow you to add some dirt to your signal, but where things get more interesting is the blend knob.

You can then merge a clean tone back into your signal with the dirty signal already dialed in, helping you to retain clarity in your fundamentals while not affecting some beefy overdriven tones. This role is also foot-switchable, so that the blend knob can be triggered without ever touching the amplifier.


The + 12" speaker and 50-watt power amp make it a gigging amp"
+ The Blend Knob offers flexibility for
+ Cool styling retro

Why We Liked It

If you like the 25w version and Orange products' retro styling but want something that can stay on the stage, this is the best choice!

5. Ampeg BA108v2 8-Inch Combo Bass Amplifier

While Ampeg, like some of its predecessors, may not be a household name, Ampeg amps have long been the holy grail of the bass geek. Since 1969, massive, fridge-sized Ampeg SVTs have been found on epic rock and roll stages.

With the Ampeg BA108v2 8-inch bass amp, bringing home a little slice of that history and tone is easy. Despite its humble bedroom power rating of 20 watts, its 8-inch speaker still has a medium rumble to it. It includes both a headphone output and an aux input for practice in the bedroom.

From all the more practice-oriented amps on this list, a legacy style preamp with complete eq could get you closest to vintage tones. For those of us with active basses, a 10db cut next to the volume knob is a good feature that still requires a solid practice amp. It also has one main feature, a wedge-style angled back, that none of our other amps have.

For having an accurate representation of how your tone sounds, an angle-back wedge design is perfect to allow yourself to hear your tone straight on. It will also dramatically boost your rig's low-end thump. This is also an extremely rugged device due to its steel frame for the power amp.


+ Basic interface for simple plug and play.
+ Ampeg Classic Look and Sound
+ The architecture of the angle-back wedge is perfect for raising the low end

Why We Liked It 

For practice sessions and low volume conditions, this amp is simple, clear, and full of great tones.

6. VOX Pathfinder PB10 Bass Combo Amplifier

Vox is our second producer of British amps making this list. Vox has a storied rock and roll history and a sound of its own, with musicians from The Beatles to Tom Petty adoring these amps.

Vox's Pathfinder PB10, renowned for snarly tones, lives up to Vox's iconic tag. The Vox Pathfinder is just 10-watts with the smallest footprint on our list and sports two five-inch punchy mids and high-end reaction speakers.

For those trying to get a deep growl out of their amp, this is not a rig, but the sound is special and current. It's highly compact, and in your bedroom it won't take up a lot of space. With its diamond patterned grille cloth, its classic Vox looks, and chicken head knobs can make you tempted to play your favorite Fab Four tunes.


+ Vox Retro Look
+ Dual 5-inch speakers make it sound exclusive.
+ Compact and lightweight

Why We Liked It -

This is a nice little amp with headphone and line-out capability, a drive and master volume for some classic vox grit. We assume it's best to use it for home practice, where it can really shine.

7. Hartke HD15 Bass Combo Amplifier

Hartke is a fascinating business that started to pick up where solid-state amplifier firms left off after they opened in 1985 in the 1970s. For over 40 years, Solid State bass tones have become the absolute dominant pop music sound, and the story of Hartke helps to shape that sound.

The Hartke HD15 is a 15 watt bass amp with a 6.5-inch speaker and headphone output and aux input, laid out with the usual features of a low-powered practice amp. In this type of amplifier, these features are popular, but what is most special about this bass amp is Hartke's Hydrive speaker technology.

Hartke is able to get a great deal more attack and punch out of a small amp by combining aluminum with the conventional paper nature of a speaker cone. Even in a low powered amplifier, the added attack is great for violent and clear bass tones. We find these prototypes of hybrid speakers to be some of the finest that Hartke has provided.


+Design of Hydrive speaker
+ Full featured Aux input and headphone output practice amp
Big sound + for being so tiny
+ Lightweight layout

Why We Liked It - The construction of the Hydrive speaker works very well and gives a smaller speaker plenty of punch.

Bass Amp Under 300 Buyers Guide

For easy transport and storage, bass players of all levels need to have a small bass amp. It can be tough to find one that sounds amazing for less than $300, but it's not impossible. Here are some things to remember when selecting your amplifiers for less than $300.

Power rating

Amplifier power ratings are usually outlined in wattage. Now, wattage is not a perfect metric of how loud an amplifier is, since it can also refer to speaker size and cabinet construction, but it's a good place to start. An amp under 50w would serve you well if you are looking for an amp for solo practice at home. It is possible to take something over 50w to practice or on stage.

Speaker Size

The size of the speaker is a significant contributor to the sound, but more importantly, the tone. Larger speakers are more capable of moving the low end, while smaller speakers have a consistent high end and definition for you. For their quirky character, but for something where you need to force enough air to

Headphones and Auxilary Inputs

These can be very helpful tools for practice. It is a very useful tool and something we use all the time to be able to plug your phone into an auxiliary input to play a backup track or metronome. At those late-night practice sessions where you need to practice, a headphone performance can also save you, but your neighbors and roommates have to sleep! The technology of cabinet simulation will make it much more fun for headphones to play, so look out for amps with that feature.

Expert Tip

All of these tips will help you find an amp that fits the requirements you are searching for, but when you look at it, don't forget to pick an amp that makes you excited. You'll be more likely to enjoy your practice session if you feel connected and energized by your equipment. 


This list has a little something for everyone, with a wide range of bass amps below $300 for those looking for something stylish, strong, or lightweight. While most of these amps have 1/8-inch inputs and headphone outputs, these bass amps have a lot of cool individual features that make them special. It's never been easier to find high quality, low budget bass amplifiers.