The Best Acoustic Guitar Brands of 2020

The Best Acoustic Guitar Brands of 2020

On the one hand, you want a guitar that isn't too expensive, and on the other hand, you want a quality guitar that will make you fall in love during your teaching.

Because this technique can be overwhelming, we have put together with a helpful guide some of the top acoustic guitar brands of 2020.

In terms of affordability and sound quality, most entry-level guitars tend to be disappointed, so we carefully selected what we find to be the best choices for beginners as well as qualified players.

Best acoustic guitar brands

View below the best brands of acoustic guitar

1. Yamaha F325D Dreadnought Review 2020

Yamaha F325D Dreadnought review 2020


The Yamaha F325D features a classic dreadnought shape with hot, high-quality sound and smooth playability without breaking the bank, this model is perfect for low-budget learners and perfect for beginners.

The guitar has die-cast chrome tuning pegs to make it easy to tun and restrict the guitar, helping it remain in tune for a long time, natural gloss body finish and tortoise shell pick-guard to make sure the guitar is resistant to minor bumps and scratches.

This tool is accessible as an Austin Bazaar package with all you need to begin playing in one box, offering additional savings; • A gig bag is included to maintain your instrument safe when you're on the go.
• Includes a user-friendly clip-on tuner to maintain your tool in tune.
• A brace is included to allow you to exercise or perform better while you stand up.
• Strings are included for later. Picks so you can begin playing straight out of the box.
• An educational DVD from Austin Bazaar is included to allow you to pick up some tips while learning your new tool.
• Includes an Austin Bazaar polishing towel so you can maintain your fresh tool in mint condition.


+ While remaining inexpensive, good quality.
+ Durable for reasons of gigging and teaching.
+ Convenient for beginners.

Why We Liked It - The guitar is strong and durable, making it ideal for traveling, great for beginners as well as for learners and professionals.

2. Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa Review 2020

Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa review 2020


This small, mobile 3⁄4-long guitar is perfect for traveling, singing around a campfire and almost any occasion you might think about.

Despite its tiny exterior, the LXK2 can generate a volume level competing with its bigger brothers, Martin has maintained its reputation for creating high-quality instruments with wealthy sounds.

Smaller guitars are often marketed to beginners as they often don't want to invest in something costly because of the uncertainty behind the long-term continuation of the tool.

This presents a quality issue as they tend to be produced from inexpensive materials. The excellent thing about this guitar in specific is that Martin has strayed from this route and created the instrument with the same quality as its higher end products.

Since Ed Sheeran first gained fame, this guitar has become increasingly famous since he has the same guitar he still utilizes today.

The LXK2 is purchased with a highly padded gig bag, but if you are planning to travel with this guitar globally, it would be wise to upgrade to a tough case to safeguard the guitar in the air.


+ The LXK2 is symmetrically constructed, making it appropriate for both left and right players.
+ Small body without a complete sound sacrifice.
+ Light and portable making it travel-friendly.

Why We Liked It-Martin is known for creating high-quality guitars, and this model is no exception, its larger frame using less material makes it accessible to the tool.

3. Jameson Guitars Full Size Thinline Acoustic Review 2020

Jameson Guitars Full Size Thinline Acoustic review 2020


For optimum convenience and playability, this full-size electro-acoustic guitar is streamlined. With the built-in preamp, when performing in a bigger location or with a group, you can plug the tool into an amplifier or mixing desk for more volume.

This guitar can be purchased as a package with a gig bag and plectrums and you can select left or right handed as well as a range of color finishes. The guitar characteristics die-cast tuners for unwavering pitch, volume & tone controls, and stainless steel strings, maple neck, and gloss finish body verify its durability, making it appropriate for the highway.


+ Very low cost, but competing with comparable, more expensive products.
+ Facilities for left-handed players.
+ Can be connected to increase volume.

Why We Liked It-Rocksmith players supposedly used this guitar for the game and commended the compatibility of the tool.

4. Fender Squier Dreadnought Acoustic Review 2020

Fender Squier Dreadnought Acoustic review 2020


Fender is a extremely known guitar brand especially when it comes to electric guitars, Fender offers an accessible sister brand variety under the name ' Squier' and this full-bodied acoustic dreadnought guitar lives up to the name of Fender, boasting a great sound and maximum affordability.

Thanks to its laminate building with Lindenwood top and mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck and a dark-stained maple fingerboard to offer you an instrument that looks and feels as nice as it sounds, this model is powerful enough to stand up to anything that both beginner and specialist players could throw its way.

With its slim neck making it simple to play and full-bodied dreadnought tone to support both lead and rhythm roles, this guitar is an optimal option for rookies and would make a excellent addition to the collection of skilled street players.

• Fender tuner

• Replacement strings

• Gig bag (also accessible with a tough case at a mildly greater cost)

• Austin Bazaar essential DVD

• Learn how to play guitar book

• Fender picks

• Fender guitar strap

This bundle also involves a free trial for Fender Play. Fender Play is the full guitar, bass, and ukulele teaching app and features a lot of famous songs to choose from.


+ Generous bundle considering the cost

+ Assured instrument quality from an established brand

+ Full body tone and light action making it great for beginners

Why We Liked It - The value for cash is amazing, and the extras you receive as part of the package are of real quality.

5. Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Review 2020

Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic review 2020


The FenderFA-100 acoustic guitar features a classic dreadnought shape with a spruce top and X bracing for complete and resonant sound, classic Fender headstock and pickguard, 20-free hardwood fingerboard smooth play and rosewood bridge.

Spruce tonewood is renowned for its intensity, brightness, and dynamic range, responding well to any style of acoustic play, from difficult strumming to quick fret picking to sensitive finger picking.

While competing for top acoustic guitar brands tends to transform their guitar design to attract more customers, Fender retains a traditional look that recalls the first guitars. However, in order to stay contemporary, its exterior is completed in high gloss to give a remarkable upgrade.

Most dreadnought guitars are similar to each other, what matters is the quality of the sound and the maker sometimes. In terms of size, the FenderFA-100 has a full-body size that would enjoy and feel comfortable holding for those with a bigger construction.

The FenderFA-100's string and Fretboard are very near to each other. The low action improves playability, which helps with more challenging hand positions that come with bar chords and blues-style inversions and facilitates the process of pushing down strings for better sound and less buzz. You can always change the action by adjusting the saddle of the FenderFA-100, if you don't understand how to do that, you can ask your teacher or discover a helpful way to do it on YouTube.

Austin Bazaar sells this guitar with a special bundle to provide even more support and savings for a beginner;

-Fender gig bag

-easy-to-use clip

-on tuner

-Fender guitar strap

-Spare string set

-Fender Picks


+ Fender quality at an affordable price

+ Brilliant, full tone that comes with a dreadnought body

+ Affordable and high-quality bonus bundle available with purchase.

Why We Liked It - It's uncommon to discover a starter guitar at such a small cost with a strong spruce top and X-bracing.

6. Yamaha FS800 Small Body Solid Review 2020

Yamaha FS800 Small Body Solid review 2020


Yamaha is a brand renowned for its quality, strong tools capable of serving novice players and experts. Going to any guitar shop and bumping into their electrical or acoustic guitars is typical.

The company set out to prove that quality, acoustic guitars don't have to be costly when the Yamaha FS series of guitars debuted more than 50 years ago. In a tiny and compact model, the FS series focuses on playability and durability. To design a better guitar, every element of the FS line is designed.

The Yamaha FS800 guitar is perfect for younger or more petite-framed people because of its small form factor. Those with lower hands and arms will enjoy the size and find playing pleasant.

The Yamaha FS800 is a dreadnought guitar and has become the most popular design for acoustic guitars, its aesthetic is familiar even to those who have never picked up a guitar but over the years will have seen it depicted in various media sources. The purpose of this solid guitar frame is to produce a bolder and richer sound.

Solid Sitka Spruce Top, Nato Back & Sides, Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge and Diecast Tuners to assist guitar keep tuning, this guitar has an adjustable truss rod This guitar can be bought as part of a beginner-friendly package;

— A-frame guitar stand

— guitar picks

— guitar strap

— GCT-1 clip-on tuner

— polishing cloth.


+ Suitable for individuals with a narrower frame that may find playing a full-size dreadnought guitar difficult.
+ Can be bought with a package including a hard case that can safeguard the tool while traveling around the world.

Why We Liked It - Yamaha is known for creating a variety of quality tools and launched the FA series more than 50 years ago, which implies that a lot of time and experience has gone into the instrument development.

7. Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Review 2020

Fender CD-60S Dreadnought review 2020


The first thing many musicians notice is the convincing and sleek design of the Fender CD-60S. The instrument is equipped with a laminated wood top, mahogany back and sides, a rosewood fingerboard, sealed die-cast tuners to maintain the instrument in tune and a scalloped X bracing, making it well-equipped with characteristics that are rarely included in its cost range with other guitars.

This is strongly sold as a beginner guitar but can be a helpful asset used as a backup for sophisticated guitarists. With that being said, in terms of tone quality, you get more from this tool than you would expect from a first-timer guitar. Its traditional body comes with impressive projection, making it an optimal choice for flat pickers.

As well as plain picking, thanks to its soft rosewood fingerboard, the guitar can manage aggressive rhythms and picking.

It is an outstanding guitar for tiny concerts or jamming around the campfire without using a enormous microphone setup with its soft playability and powerful, profound tone and projection.

Like the other Fender guitars listed in this review, Austin Bazaar offers this instrument as part of the package, including the following helpful products;

— Hard shell guitar case

— Digital clip-on tuner

— Fender pics

— Fender guitar strap

— Spare string set


+ Microphone not required to carry noise in a tiny environment

+ Good quality instrument building equipment

+ Excellent va

8. Martin Smith 6 String Acoustic Guitar SuperKit Review 2020

Martin Smith 6 String Acoustic Guitar SuperKit review 2020


UK-based brand Martin Smith Guitars is known to hobbyists, students and musicians at very inexpensive rates for their expertly made tools.

This specific model is directed at the market for entry-level and education-Martin Smith guitar was intended to be inexpensive while exceeding the normal value of a beginner tool.

The Martin SmithW-100 variety has been specially designed and produced for learners, this full-size steel strung guitar comes complete with a clip-on tuner, guitar stand, padded gig bag, strap, spare strings, plectrums and free internet courses that give you a full package.

TheW-100 has a 39 "complete size body completely contoured for a comfortable playing position with a unique bottom attachment to attach your strap. Built to a high standard and with a hi-gloss finish, theW-100  looks unique and resonates with wealthy sounds.


+ Incredibly low cost making this tool appropriate for bulk purchases in a school, college or university.

9. Yamaha FG830 Solid Top Review 2020

Yamaha FG830 Solid Top review 2020


Due to the cutting-edge acoustic analysis technology created by the Yamaha R&D Division, the Yamaha FG830 has a louder and stronger noise in the low to mid-ranges. This sound has been accomplished by Yamaha's technicians using a simulation study to find the finest design of bracing without tradition.

This creates an optimal acoustic framework that retains the top board's durability while at the same time producing more of the instrument's natural noise.

This model is accessible in both Dreadnought and Concert forms, the Dreadnought as stated above is common for its full-bodied sound, but it's quite big, so the Concert gives a more streamlined feel if it's more comfortable with a brighter, crisper sound.

The FG830 can be purchased as a beginner-friendly package including;

— Hardshell acoustic guitar case

— guitar picks

— guitar picks

— guitar strap

— digital clip-on tuner

— polishing cloth


+ Has a custom-designed bridge bracelet for great assistance and sounds

+ You get more than you pay for at an inexpensive cost

+ Compatible for both full beginners and those looking for great assistance


10. Lagrima Acoustic Guitar Beginners with Guitar Case Review 2020

Lagrima Acoustic Guitar Beginners with Guitar Case review 2020

The Lagrima Acoustic is a excellent guitar for much younger kids and can be helpful in classrooms, or if you're an autonomous educator or music therapist searching for tools for learners and customers.

For beginners who are still finding out if they are serious about learning how to play this instrument because of the quality compared to a very small cost, it is the best inexpensive acoustic guitar on this list.

For durability, the body is made of all-natural wood with a soft lacquer finish, the body is made of linden wood while the neck is birch and completed with paint, black and blue are the available color options.

This instrument involves free accessories with the cost as a package;-Nylon gig bag-picks-spare string set-guitar strap-pitch tuning pipes


+ Better, more natural sound quality due to wood building.
+ Comes with accessories that are very helpful to beginners.


-Frets have no dot inlays to assist define the various frets.
-The pitch pipe may not be the best tuner for beginners to use, we would recommend that you invest in a digital tuner.
-After some use, the guitar uses steel strings that can be tuned but may need to be retuned.

Why We Liked It-This is one of the few models that is successful for young beginners in balancing affordability, sound quality and playability.

Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide 2020

What are you looking for in products of Acoustic Guitar?
You first have to look within your price range and make sure this instrument has robust X-bracing, this is to allow the instrument to retain tuning for longer and it won't get readily harmed, even many cheaper models have been constructed this way.

What's a nice brand for Acoustic Guitar?
A excellent brand is one that can deliver a range of tools for all kinds of players, from touring experts to young beginners, as well as a range for all budgets, Fender, Martin, and Yamaha do this really well.

What's the finest brand of Acoustic Guitar for a beginner?
All the best acoustic guitar brands and designs mentioned in this review are suitable for beginners in various respects, especially for most beginners we would advise any of the Yamaha or Fender models. Those with lower frames or young kids would benefit from avoiding full-size guitars and the dreadnought shape, it's essential that your first this instrument feels more comfortable playing while learning.

What brands of acoustic guitar should be prevented?
Depending on the public, all acoustic guitar brands have their own positive and negative. For example, to a school or young child learning to play this instrument, we would not recommend a Fender CD-0S Dreadnought because it would not be as suitable as the Lagrima and vice versa.

We hope you will find our list of 2020's finest Acoustic Guitar products useful and find use in our top picks as you begin (or proceed) your journey as a this instrument player.

These specific tools were primarily sold for beginners, but were also appropriate as a spare for touring experts and instructional purposes.

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