8 Best Kids Guitars in 2020

8 Best Kids Guitars in 2020

Making an instrument purchase for a kid is never simple, to assist make the job less taxing we will offer a nice look to the 8 greatest children's guitars in 2019.

Obviously, when it comes to children's guitars, we're going to look at shortened scale models, ut there are fundamentally 2 kinds of guitars for kids out there, those that are truly smaller tools and those that should be deemed toys.

Children's interests can alter as rapidly as the wind, and no one wants to divide into something that might not be used to its complete potential with a big lump sum.

That's why we've tried to select a few inexpensive decisions within the mix as well as some impressive upgrades for those more committed to their tools.

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1. Classical Guitar 3/4 Size 36 inch Kids Guitar

Classical Guitar 3/4 Size 36 inch Kids Guitar

 Classical Guitar 3/4 Size 36 inch Children's Guitar This first choice is a starting kit that makes sense to a beginner as it comes with all the needed accouterments. A waterproof guitar bag, a leather finished strap, a guitar tuner and two guitar picks are included in this specific package.

It is as the name indicates a classic 36-inch (3/4-size) guitar equipped with 6 nylon strings that are simpler on new fingers.

It is beautifully produced and has a powerful basswood top that adds excellent natural resonance to the instrument acoustics. Also the back and side are produced of basswood and the neck is made of maple, as are the headstock and the fretboard.

It features a familiar shaping of dreadnought giving it curves in all the correct locations to add convenience when playing sat.


+ Well manufactured.
+ Full-top.
+ The kit for the start.

Why We Liked It - It's a inexpensive and cheerful starting choice that comes in just under the $100 mark and comes with some very helpful accessories that add great value to the item as well.


2. Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

Next we have a slightly greater priced junior model from the Yamaha team than our opening model, but you pay for the knowledge behind the design.

Again, it is a typical dreadnought-shaped piece with a strong spruce top to provide an excellent ring for lasting notes. The back and sides are produced of a soft Indian rosewood fingerboard made of Meranti and the Nato neck that makes a breeze slide.

Despite the cheaper woods discovered on a premium Yamaha guitar, it's beautifully produced and plays really well. It has powerful inner bracing and a beautiful pick-guard.

It's again a 3⁄4 size alternative for larger players with a lower body depth and nut width. It's sold with a legacy package that contains all you might want; a nice quality gig bag, a clip-on tuner, capo, guitar strap, peg winder, a heap of legacy picks, Yamaha folk guitar strings, and even an educational DVD to get them going.


+ body of 3⁄4 size.
+ Heavy bracing.
+ Full-top.
+ Valuable package for beginners.

Why We Liked It - The spruce has excellent resonance, the nato is a powerful and cheap option of hardwood neck, and the accessories beef up their value for cash. The incorporation of a DVD will greatly assist the learners.

3. Yamaha CGS102A Half-Size Classical Guitar

Yamaha CGS102A Half-Size Classical Guitar

  This time a classical guitar rather than an acoustic option is followed by another Yamaha alternative. In fact, it is a half-sized classical guitar constructed using the same wood decisions as the above model. It features a fingerboard covered with Meranti back and sides, spruce top, and rosewood.

It is starter guitar line from the well-received CG series firms and is again very well-built with a very inexpensive price tag.

It's a stand-alone bone bare classical guitar option that's ideal for those who aren't too upset about accessories or need a fast substitute guitar that's a bit more durable than many on the market.

It has no fancy inlays or other aesthetic information, but in terms of sound and quality it is a strong option.

It has wealthy tones and an optimal neck for younger players to keep very comfortable.


+ option Bare bones.
+ The neck is comfortable.
+ Great tone range.

Why We Liked It - It's another great classic option that's competitively priced against our opening product and while it doesn't come with a package of goodies, it's extremely well put together and the spruce makes for a better sounding board than the basswood we think.


4. LAGRIMA Acoustic Guitar Beginners

 LAGRIMA Acoustic Guitar Beginners

This next one is an official steel strung guitar, thanks to its lighter tones and improved natural amplification, steel is the contemporary go for acoustic guitars. While steel is generally not an simple option for a beginner to begin their guitar journey, for those who have practiced on a nylon version and are prepared to upgrade their game, this could make for an amazing transitional model.

It is well manufactured and the curves for a comfortable hold are again dreadnought by sports. They come in a range of colors that the blue / black model especially swings to us. It's a 38 "acoustic with lower action for simple play, they create smaller versions, but for teenagers this would be a nice size.

It is made of lime wood that helps minimize the cost of manufacturing, leading in a true bargain item.

 The neck is very straight and has a comfortable width, the tuning machines are metal with ABS buttons, the metal gears assist to maintain the tuning accurate and more efficiently hold the tension.

It comes with a lightweight gig-bag, strap, picks, and pitch tube to help tune it.


+ Acoustic string of real steel.
+ Building of wood.
+ Accessory range.

Why We Liked It - It's a nicely thought-out budget package, maybe a steel strung choice isn't the best option for young customers, but it has much better tonality and superb sustainability, and it gives an unbeatable value for cash.


5. Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar

Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar

 This little treat from Hohner is another half-sized classical guitar to consider. It is directed at very young learners and it has very simple action. The length of the neck and nut is ideal as the advertisement indicates, making it idyllic for kids.

That said, it's a fabulous junior model, it's well-made, and it has a wonderful intonation that can often go awry in a model on a children's scale.

It is manually constructed with a top, back and sides of Agathis. It comes with very light nylon gage strings to make it simpler for little fingers to learn and has a complimentary songbook.


+ Classical guitar of half size.
+ Excellent intonation.
+ The price is affordable.

Why We Liked It - For young budding learners, it's a excellent miniature guitar that's accurate with its frets and intonation so they can really learn to play. It is extremely well-made and has excellent inner bracing to assist handle the bumps to which it is probable to be exposed.

6. Kid Beginner Guitar Classical Guitar

Kid Beginner Guitar Classical Guitar

 Another half-sized classic option that won't put you back a lot of money is this CN Blue beginner model that has a style comparable to the Hohner and comes with a bonus carrier box.

It measures 30 "making it ideal for younger players, it has the same body shape as dreadnought and characteristics fairly inlay information. Compared to a typical short-scale model, it is well built from basswood that has excellent natural acoustics and the body depth is again decreased.
The top is strong which makes it an outstanding sounding board, the neck is slender and made of maple which is sufficiently straight and hard enough to deal with the tension of the string. Although the remainder of the guitar is scaled in size, the head-stock features full-size tuning machines with metal gears that ensure intonation and tension are maintained to the best of their capacity.

It features 18 frets and the fingerboard is made of technical wood of the highest quality, perfect for slides and fast movement.


+ Well manufactured.
+ Basswood top solid.
+ Great hardware for tuning.

Why We Liked It - It's well-crafted and the firm made some excellent design choices to make sure it's not just a toy, but a workable tool. It offers some fairly wealthy tones and will kindle any children who want to keep upgrading their abilities.

7. Smartxchoices Acoustic Guitar for Starter

Smartxchoices Acoustic Guitar for Starter

 This next  kids guitar we think is produced on the same lines as the Lagrima model we have highlighted because it varies very little from the model and sells accessories with the same starting package including the manual pitch-pipe tuner that we are sure children will appreciate.

However, it is mentioned so slightly less than the Lagrima guitar for ever so if cash is tight it could be an perfect purchase to assist shave off some dollars.

It's 38 "steel-strung acoustic to jog your memories, defined only as all wood in building but as stated, we've got a sneaking suspicion that it's limewood like its double.

The neck is maple with a comfortable aspect in hand, the fretboard is revealed with 19 frets to play with.


+ 38” ideal for older kids.

+ 19 frets.
+ Good steel string guitar on budget.

Why We Liked It - It's wonderful to look at and it looks very well made and fairly inexpensive for a steel string alternative, it's bigger in size and it's just getting its rivals undercut.

8. Pink Wood Guitar with Case and Accessories

Pink Wood Guitar with Case and Accessories

 Our ultimate entry for account is, of course, a purple alternative for all the girly-girls ' relatives out there who have to have a guitar that suits their digs.

While there are plenty of pink choices out there and the Lagrima model is actually accessible in dark pink as well, this pale baby doll version really fits the bill as it comes with a matching pink carrying case to store it in and bring it to grandmas.

It's produced from unknown woods well, the top is strong and it has excellent inner bracing. The reduced 3 are metal wound, it features nylon strings, it's a bit trickier to tune with its bigger pegs, but it sounds fantastic.

It measures 30 inches and is again perfect for lower statures with a slimmer body depth. If you're searching for an elderly kid who still likes everything purple, they also create a 38 "version.


+ Glossy finish in pink.
+ All the building of wood.
+ Good tone, vibrant trebles

Why We Liked It - It's the ideal gift for an up-and-coming musical princess, the bag is very sweet and well sewn with nice quality zips and tailor-made fit, so it's not just a gimmick.

Kids Guitars Buyers Guide

It's worth sticking to a significant brand when you're shopping for a excellent kids ' guitar because you can trust it will be a worthy tool. In fact, some junior instruments are imitation toys for imaginative play and will only serve as such, a play kitchen won't be able to cook, a play vacuum won't clean and so a toy guitar won't play correctly.

Certainly they're going to serve up some sound, but they're usually not exactly built for tuning, some won't even feature the 6 strings needed, and the fret spacing is usually just for aesthetics.

If your kid really wishes to learn to play, the real article will be needed in a much lower form.

How much should I spend on a kids guitar?

Weighing up as many children go through phases is a tough one and you don't want to spend a lot in a hobby that never develops.

Fortunately, as today's reviews will have shown, there are a ton of alternatives with reasonable price tags out there, but be careful that some inexpensive children guitars are poorly built and sound awful.

Leading brands often have higher profit margins on their popular models and are able to sink into developing more affordable prices a little more.

Companies like Yamaha are proud of their student and junior models and are effectively accountable for sparking interest in many of today's adult musicians who are likely to have begun on a Yamaha tool as they are the world's biggest provider of instructional tools.

There are some very capable children's models that are the real McCoy's literally smaller functioning models that provide a real learning solution for kids.

The more you can cough up the better the product will be, of course, but it may be an idea to start with something cheaper and upgrade once your kid demonstrates some commitment and determination.

You shouldn't expect too much if you purchase inexpensive children's guitar and consider many stuff before you purchase.


 It goes without saying that you're probably going to need a scale-length guitar, but there are many different scale versions out there for ages 6 and we'd suggest that you stick to a half-size model around the 30 "mark with at least 16 frets to explore.

If your kid is older, a model of 3⁄4 size may be a better option as the frets on a half-sized model can be especially fiddly as soon as you go further up your throat.

If you're shopping for a young teenager's classical guitar, you might want to look at a size of 7/8 with a slightly larger scale as a full-size classical guitar for a beginner with bigger hands can be quite difficult to learn on.


What is the difference between an acoustic and a classical guitar?

Classical guitars always have nylon strings and acoustics are generally fitted with steel strings, although this is not always the case with junior models as steel strings are hard with small fingers.

The smaller (bass) stings have metallic winding but are still categorized as strings of nylon.

Their strings have their inner support structures are also very distinct in order to support the distinct types of tension. Steel produces a much more taught tension that requires greater bracing for an acoustic guitar.

Classical guitars have no fret markers, they generally have a wider neck and the strings are separated further. Their tuning pegs are usually perpendicular whereas parallel to their fretboard, an acoustic will have equipment installed.

Each one is very distinct to play, each one is worn and held differently by playing a classical guitar with your bare fingers or fingernails, and you can also play an acoustic with a stick (plectrum).

What to Look For When Buying a Kids Guitar?

Whether you're looking for the budget or the size and type of car you're looking for the forest you're using should be excellent quality tonewoods.

Some kids ' guitars have synthetic bodies, and while a number of components are more robust, the sound can be sacrificed better to withstand harm.

Most of those we reviewed here today say they have strong tops, but in the lower price region this may actually be laminate, which doesn't reverberate as well as a real solid top, but they can better resist the components and deal with a bit more rough handling, which is extremely probable to happen to a younger owner.

The handles must always be built from a hardwood rather than a softwood as they will be under a lot of pressure once the strings are tightened, if the wood has any bends or faults then it buckles under pressure and eventually breaks down.

The guitar's tuning hardware is one of the most significant components. They need excellent incremental positions to have a playable guitar they need to grip the strings firmly and be created lastingly. Ideally, you're looking for metal gears and not just pegs.

If you buy for a complete beginner, you might need to save time and effort by choosing to buy a bundle, but make sure that the additional items add sufficient value to the product if the price of the request is high.


Buying a guitar for your kid is a truly unique gift, it could be the beginning of a lifelong hobby, or even a career.

You shouldn't feel bad if your budget limits what you can realistically afford to a kid with real interest and real potential is going to strive for a better model and a nice life lesson is to save up for a step-up.

If you know how to spot a good kids guitar, it shouldn't be too hard to find a appropriate model.

Evite unbranded products and look for manufacturing quality and durable hardwood necks with top-notch tuning hardware.

To really get the greatest noise out of it, we propose a string substitute as they are typically strung with the cheapest stock option.

Expert Tip

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Did you Know

Some adults are playing scale guitars, Taylor Swift is famous for playing a smaller model that the Baby Taylor actually retails for three times the asking cost of some of those we've reviewed here today, but it could create an amazing upgrade and incentive if your kid chooses to stick to it.

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