Taylor 410ce Dreadnought Best Acoustic Electric Guitar 2020

Taylor 410ce Best Acoustic Electric Guitar 2020

by Taylor Guitars

Average User Rating: 9.5/10

Taylor 410ce – Elegant appointments with gorgeous Ovangkol sides and back. With similar sonic characteristics to be able to rosewood and exotic overall look, the Ovangkol back and also sides add highly detailed projection to the solid spruce top’s warm tone. Taylor 410ce‘s unique bridge and also precision-dressed fretboard are involving silky ebony, along with the neck is tropical American mahogany. Expression System Electronics with tone settings capture prime and string vibration perfectly. White wood binding and secure chrome plated Taylor tuners produce outstanding visible highlights.

Taylor 410ce Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar:

Taylor 410ce is a excellent dreadnought guitar with Ovangkol back as well as sides with a spruce top. Ovangkol is an African hardwood said to build a warm, rich tone. The Ovangkol in Taylor’s acoustic guitars is known as a light chocolate color, and the grain can yield fairly exotic and beautiful habits, producing very interesting and interesting-looking acoustic electric guitars.

As with several of Taylor’s guitars, the fingerboard for the Taylor 410ce is definitely ebony, which is more quickly actively playing than rosewood fingerboards. Neck width is 1 3/4 inches along at the nut, and scale length is 25 1/2″ Inner bracing is scalloped (shaven), but the guitar still thinks fairly heavy and extremely well put together. As is true with the 310, 314, and 414, the very best is finished gloss, while the rest of the guitar is finished matte. The tuners are of top quality, and chrome plated. Fingerboard inlays are simple and eye-catching large dots. Binding is light colored.

Taylor 410ce Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar Feature:

  • 6-String Dreadnought with Venetian cutaway
  • Better amplification with the Taylor Expression System
  • Sitka Spruce top
  • Ovangkol back and sides
  • Ebony fretboard and bridge
  • Tusq nut and saddle
  • Chrome-plated Taylor tuners
  • Adjustable truss rode
  • Strung with Elixir Medium Gauge Strings with NANOWEB Coating

Solid sitka spruce top is joined with ovangkol sides and back for a tone similar to rosewood, but with the livelier sparkle of mahogany.


Playability of the Taylor 410ce is excellent, out of the box the case with Taylor’s guitars. Chord changes had been easy up and down the particular neck, and I observed myself playing bluegrass works faster than usual. Hammers in addition to pulls were another breeze.

The Taylor 410ce is often a lively guitar, and so a light touch exhibited good tone. A proven way in which I loved the Taylor 410ce better than the actual 314 or 414. It felt I could play it tougher without experiencing some sort of string buzz.

Maybe it’s because the dreadnoughts have medium Elixer strings, while the Grand auditorium models consist of lights.

Intonation from the Taylor 410ce was outstanding, also up the neck, and in many cases when I used change tunings (e.g., DADGAD).

The particular cutaway sets out to taper outside the neck after a couple of frets, but it really gives usage of be several further frets on the treble strings. I can’t commonly perform that high up on the neck, so I’ll leave further talk of the cutaway to someone in addition.

 The Taylor Expression System gives you a natural acoustic sound.

The Sound.

I truly enjoyed the sound of this Taylor 410ce. It had been another of people guitars that I maintained returning to simply because My partner and i liked it.

As you expected (based on my knowledge of the Taylor 414), I found the sound to be warmer and fuller in contrast to the Taylor 310 and several other Taylors I’ve played. The typical lively Taylor treble ended up being there, but it seemed to be nicely balanced because of the bass and lower mid-range.

I also liked the way notes sounded on this acoustic guitar. They sounded well-integrated, rather than like a collection of individual notes. Sustain had been better than that of a Martin D-16GT, in addition to similar to that of a Larrivee D-04 or perhaps D-05.

The Taylor 410ce is a fairly “liquid” sounding guitar, though maybe slightly less so than the Taylor 414, Larrivee D-04, or Larrivee D-05. It is as punchy as a Taylor 310, however less top-heavy in appear.

Overall, I found the actual Taylor 410ce to always be an outstanding guitar for bluegrass picking, and it likewise handled finger buying quite well. The medium strings (something you can change, I know) in addition to (perhaps) slightly more strong manufacturing may make slideshow better guitar versus the 314 or 414 for bluegrass along with other kinds of picking that involve some hard enjoying.


I don’t at present use electronics, even so the Fishman electronics included in the CE edition of the 410 have a good track record. Attachment to the beginners guitar is by the strap peg with the base of the guitar. Controls, unobtrusively placed on your “top side” of the guitar, include volume, notch, elegance, treble, bass, and a frequency adjustment with settings ranging from 220 hz to 10khz.


The 410 and Taylor 410ce usually are among my best Taylors on the quality/price basis. They enjoy like butter, have good projection and comfort, and have superb level of responsiveness and sustain. Chords are also quite well incorporated (they sound smooth and in tune) with the 410s. I actually preferred the noise of a Taylor 410ce. I was actively playing the other day to a Taylor 710CE that’s available for comparison. That’s not me saying I’d favor all 410s to all 710s, that is a strong suggestion, with the 710CE costs about $800 additional.

If you’d like for a very good dreadnought within the $1500 cost, be sure to check out the Taylor 410 and Taylor 410ce, together with equally costed dreadnoughts coming from Martin and Larrivee.

Taylor 410ce Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar PRO and CON:


  • The electric system is superb at loud volumes as well as quiet jams.
  • Beautiful design.
  • The tone along with sound are easy to command, and the action can be beautiful.
  • It may cost more than other manufacturers, but the guitar is simply the best available for your money range.
  • The actual width of the guitar neck is perfect for flat selecting style or hand picking either one.


  • The bass tones of the Taylor 410ce will not be nearly as deep.


Final Thought on the Taylor 410ce Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar:

The Taylor 410ce has a great really feel and is excellent good quality. I don’t use the pickup inside, but it looks beautiful unplugged and easily stunning in front of an outstanding condenser microphone. I don’t think there is one guitar available that is best for many musical styles, which is often why a lot of well-known performers bring a number of. When you are focused on traditional guitars and getting the correct tone, this is definitely practicing the guitar for you.

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