Takamine TF360SBG Best Acoustic Electric Guitar 2020

Takamine Pro Series TF360SBG Dreadnought Best Acoustic Electric Guitar

by Takamine

Average User Rating: 10/10

The Takamine TF360SBG Best Acoustic Electric guitar 2020 is designed to be the best benchmarks, and it also certainly creates themselves heard unplugged or on any stage. The “Cool Tube” preamp of Takamine TF360SBG connects to many five distinctly different preamps which have been all compatible, offering the Takamine player various wonderful choices to fit their personalized design and style.

Takamine TF360SBG

Takamine TF360SBG – The Takamine Flatpicker series seem to be standard. However, they are really very special. The Takamine Flatpicker series’re made and constructed within the suggestions of several of the world’s most popular flatpickers. Voiced for vintage tone and built with state-of-the-art technology these Takamine dreadnoughts are set for session work or arena gigs.There’re several of the greatest acoustic electric guitar for country, old-timey music, or flatpicking bluegrass and also are reactive more than enough to create fine fingerstyle guitar also.

Takamine TF360SBG Feature:

  • 6 String Acoustic / Electric
  • Body shape: dreadnought
  • Rosette: herringbone
  • Top: solid spruce
  • Inlays: pearl dots
  • Back: solid rosewood
  • Sides: solid rosewood
  • Fingerboard: ebony
  • Electronics: CTP-1
  • Tuners: antique gold, open gear
  • Finish: gloss natural

Takamine acoustic guitars’ve already preamps readily available for acoustic guitar, (the CTP-2,) plus a pickup that’s continues to the world-standard, (the Palenthetic.) Moreover, it is simple to increase an internal mic, soundboard pickup, or my personal favorite, the Takamine TriAx pickup, (a modified Baggs M1,) to the guitar with no alterations. It feels right an acoustic guitar that sounds of the same quality plugged in as it does unplugged. It offers old-school workmanship, tone and playability with state-of-the-art electronics. To suit your need’s truly old-school pickers in existence, there’s a chance you’re more comfortable while using the Takamine TF360SBG, the same acoustic guitar, but an inside invisible preamp without any controls. You will get exactly the same excellent pickup; however, the only clue to the existence will be the invisible endpin jack. However, for any pre-war dreadnough lover who desires on board controls and adaptability, the Takamine TF360SBG is really as excellent as it gets.

Cool Tube-The Takamine TF360SBG options an on-board tube preamp with bass and treble tone controls, semi-parametric mid-range, a second-source input and blend control, and chromatic tuner.

Takamine TF360SBG PRO and CON:


  • Superb Tone, comparable to many guitar pricing much more.
  • Make quality and materials are excellent.
  • Playability is ideal, especially if you want vintage-style necks.
  • State-of-the-art pickup and preamp with great tone and adaptability.


  • Some guitarist don’t need to use the large neck which wider than many dreadnoughts in the market.

Final Thought on the Takamine TF360SBG:

The Takamine TF360SBG extremely versatile, and able to deliver rich tones and playability, whether picking or playing with fingers. Additionally, the flexibility of effective built in electronics, and you’ve got a great ax for the guitars who would like a plug-and-play solution for gigging. Moreover, singer-songwriters and fingerstyle can be well-served through the Takamine’s full-bodied voice; Takamine TF360SBG is excellent fit for root’s guitars trying to work with both traditional plus more contemporary contexts.

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