Gibson J-200 Standard Best Acoustic Electric Guitar 2020

Gibson J-200 Standard Best Acoustic Electric Guitar 2020

by Gibson

Average User Rating: 9.4/10

Gibson J-200 Standard – Looking at the inaugural appearance in 1937, Gibson’s J-200 set a standard other people have been trying to go with ever since. Today-nearly 71 years later-the legacy of Gibson’s “King of the Flat-tops” lives on in the fresh Gibson J-200 Standard. It is simply the world’s most famous acoustic guitar, and of course one of most popular, as evidenced by the set of players that have made this their primary acoustic guitar instrument, among them Ray Whitley, Emmylou Harris, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Gram Parsons, and Pete Townshend.

Gibson J-200 Standard Acoustic Electric Guitar:


King of the Flat-Tops Still Reigns
Gibson J-200 Standard wins gold at 2011 Players Choice Awards

 Gibson J-200 Standard, Vintage Sunburst

Gibson J-200 Standard represents Gibson’s storied distinctive line of Super Jumbo acoustic guitars. This “King of the Flat Tops” features a deafening, clear voice for strumming and sensitive fingerpicking, thanks to its AAA solid Sitka Spruce top and AAA maple back and sides. A premier Fishman Aura Ellipse pick-up system brings the actual Gibson J-200 Standard‘s rich tone to the stage – or the facilities – with school, and its graduated the queen’s inlays adorning the rosewood finger board provide an air involving elegance. You’ll find the right blend of classic and modern, with the Gibson J-200 Standard.


Gibson J-200 Standard is an acronym at the top of its class alongside other retro classics like the Hummingbird and Martin D28. Created by Gibson in 1938 as its top-of-the-line style, the Super Jumbo-named for its massive 16 7/8″ flattop body-continues to be played by everybody from country stars like Jean Autry to rock Gods like Pete Townsend. Originally constructed with a double-braced red spruce top with rosewood sides and back, today’s SJ-200 Modern Classic uses a Sitka brighten top and walnut neck/sides/back. The extra-large body, distance top, and hand-scalloped leading bracing to make the particular SJ-200 loud and able to lower through in the loudest associated with acoustic ensembles. Gibson J-200 Standard‘s great for playing (Elvis), flat choosing, and finger picking (Jimmy Page on African American Mountainside).

Gibson J-200 Standard Acoustic Electric Guitar Feature:

The Gibson title offers adorned one of the most revolutionary and revolutionary traditional acoustic guitars of our time-the Ultra Jumbos, the J-45, the Hummingbird, the actual Dove. There is no mistaking the basic, mother-of-pearl logo, pressed on top of the face of the headstock. The item represents more than a millennium of originality as well as excellence. There is zero equal.


Tapered Dovetail Neck Joint

The merge neck joint is probably the oldest-and best-ways of securely signing up for the neck to your body of a electric guitar. It is also a complex and dear neck joint to develop, but the result is a decent, locking connection in which supports the neck for the proper neck-pitch angle, permitting the body and guitar neck to become one strong piece of resonating wood, without the need of metal to hamper vibration. This process is finished entirely by hand, demanding patience and expertise.


Radius Top

The top many “flat-top” guitars they are under a lot of stress through the pull of the post, which can eventually bargain the top. So, while many acoustic guitars are generally true “flat-top” guitars, the many acoustics produced by Gibson in Bozeman, Mt have a radiused, or “tuned” top rated. Instead of being flawlessly flat, a radiused or maybe “tuned” top is brought up slightly, and a specific instrument is used in order to shape the top tooth braces to the radius in the top. This process gives tension and fortifies the top, creating a smoother joint where the prime meets the sides as well as reducing the stresses involving string pull. Furthermore, it results in a “speaker cone” effect that will maximizes sound projector screen, adding a significant enhance to mid-range levels to get a more balanced traditional acoustic tone.


 Nitrocellulose Finish

Making use of a nitrocellulose finish to the Gibson acoustic guitar – like the Gibson J-200 Standard – is amongst the most labor-intensive elements of the particular guitar-making process. Unlike the actual polyurethane finishes used by lots of guitar manufacturers, the nitrocellulose lacquer finish is permeable when cured, making it possible for the wood for you to naturally “breathe” and older. Microscopically thin, the finish over a Gibson acoustic guitar first involves seven main applications of nitrocellulose lacquer. After blow drying overnight, the initial 7 coats are subsequently level sanded and granted two additional apparel. Left to dried out for five more days, the finish might be wet sanded and buffed to the final glass-like sheen. The actual time-consuming nature of implementing a nitro finish has become employed ever since the very first Gibson guitar was swathed together with lacquer back in 1894. Why? First of all, a nitro finish suggests there is less disturbance with the natural vibrations of the instrument, permitting a purer firmness. It’s also a softer complete, making it easily fixable. You can touch up any scratch or indent on a nitro finish, however you can’t do the same with a poly finish.


 Body Binding

In general, a guitar’s binding serves as a cosmetic function, adding a delicate elegance to any Gibson acoustic while hiding the actual joints between the best, back, and attributes, and helping to shield the guitar’s body in the nicks or dents. But to see the operation of putting the joining on a Gibson acoustic would be to really appreciate the trouble and attention place into each instrument. Following body has been fixed together, the excess from your top and again are trimmed off of and a groove will be cut for the holding. The binding is glued on along with held on to the system using tape, as well as hung to dried. When the tape is removed, any excess adhesive is removed and the body can be moved into the up coming phase of generation. It has been done much the same way for over 100 years, which is a fundamental part of Gibson Acoustic’s loaded guitar-making history.

Gibson J-200 Standard 6-string Acoustic-electric Guitar instantly:

Rosewood Fingerboard with Rolled Edges and Graduated Crown Inlays
Your Gibson J-200 Standard‘s fingerboard comprises high-grade rosewood, which is personally inspected and qualified by Gibson’s team of skilled experts before it enters the Gibson factories. This durable wood’s resilience makes the fingerboard extremely healthy and stable, and offers each chord along with notes exceptional clarity and bite. In addition, the Gibson J-200 Standard‘s graduated the queen’s inlays are made of genuine mother of pearl, and therefore are inserted into the fingerboard using a special method that eliminates gaps and does not require fillers. The actual fingerboard also sports a rolled edge-instead in the usual right viewpoint, and is slightly beveled for an extremely smooth and comfy feel, enhancing the Gibson J-200 Standard‘s playability.

Fishman Aura Ellipse Pickup System
Equipped with the groundbreaking Fishman Aura Ellipse system, the actual Gibson J-200 Standard allows acoustic guitar musicians to easily and also precisely reproduces the sound of a good acoustic guitar as if that smoked in a professional studio. The Fishman Aura Ellipse system was programmed to conjure studio sounds with Class The microphone preamplifiers and a blend of vintage and modern day microphones to create Aura Acoustic images which complement the specific firmness qualities of the Gibson J-200 Standard.

The Gibson Super Jumbo
Gibson’s Super Jumbo guitars were originally designed to cut through the loudest traditional ensembles, allowing them to tackle the mandolins and banjos that were prevalent in “pre-amplified” occasions. It’s still a buzz to hear the well-balanced seem of a Super Jumbo ring out loud along with clear, the walnut sides and brighten top pumping out and about a throaty tone that’s equally great for high-octane strumming and delicate fingerpicking. Anyone from arena rocking chairs to country designers to blues best chose these guitars for their incredible appear, projection, build quality, as well as let’s face it, stunning seems to be.

Classic Gibson Craftsmanship
Gibson’s standing as a fine acoustic guitar builder dates back to the late 1800s. Hand crafted since day one simply by some of the most skilled luthiers close to, Gibson acoustic guitars get inspired countless participants around the world. When you grab a Gibson acoustic, you already know you’re getting the very best tonewoods, quality hardware, and incredible attention to details – these devices are built to sound great and stay the test of time. Following moving from Kalamazoo, MI, for you to Nashville, TN (exactly where Gibson electric guitars continue to be produced), Gibson finally settled their own acoustic operation within Bozeman, MT, where they keep on making some of the best guitars on the planet personally.


Gibson J-200 Standard Acoustic Electric Guitar PRO and CON:


  • The actual Gibson J-200 Standard has won the prestigious Gold Award for Jumbo Guitars in the 2011 Players Choice Awards.
  • The tone  is well balanced from the levels to the lows.
  • Gibson J-200 Standard is definitely well-made and trustworthiness


  • It is a pity the photos don’t do the musical instrument justice – it can be even more beautiful in real life.
  • It’s quite unsettling that a ‘flagship’ model including the Gibson J-200 Standard is advertised around the main site with no specs sheet.


Final Thought on the Gibson J-200 Standard:

Gibson J-200 Standard – Your Gibson J-200 Standard has won the prestigious Gold Award for Jumbo Guitars in the 2011 Players Choice Awards. Though their decoration tend to be similar to one particular model to the next, the sound of jumbo guitars may differ greatly. Some jumbos are generally braced strongly and also built heavily, making them great for robust playing, while others are built casually, making them more worthy of fingerstyle playing. However, one thing is certain: no other jumbo has had the affect of Gibson J-200 Standard, which has been a favorite of country players as well as singer-songwriters and also fingerstyle guitarists. In this classification, readers voted both for six- and 12-string models.

The particular Gibson J-200 Standard Acoustic Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst is a wonderful guitar, with or without boosting. As is the case with a lot of Gibsons, this US made guitar , has each of the features you could possibly want through an acoustic/electric guitar. Get involved in it with and or without the amplifier, and you will be hooked!!!