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A deep end subwoofer is the Yamaha HS8S 8 ‘driven studio subwoofer, which will round out the sound you’re working with. It has an 8’ subwoofer that provides bass level down to 22Hz. It was built with a 150W amplifier, constructed specifically for bass frequencies. The Yamaha HS8S could be the right one for you if you are looking for a subwoofer to help beef up your engineering, live sound, or music listening experience.


An intense bass enhancing experience is the Yamaha HS8S 8 ‘powered sub studio subwoofer. It is designed to round out the lower end of the frequencies so that you can hear all the lower end that you want and need.

Getting ideal bass capabilities is an extremely important part of the equation when you’re mixing music. You get the low end level you need to hear with the Yamaha HS8S to discern precisely what’s happening. For studio engineers, live DJs, and home systems, it’s a great woofer.

With a 150w amplifier, it has an 8″ woofer built-in, which can produce frequencies as low as 22Hz. For the other Yamaha HS studio speakers, this is an excellent match. It is compatible with a wide range of monitoring systems and is the complement you can need for the bass.

It has two input forms. TRS and XLR. Regardless of what kind of lines you need to run into, you have the capacity you need. You have the appropriate connections to do so whether you have microphone cables or standard instrument cables with a 1/4′ jack. With high and low cut switches, to prevent blowouts, you can secure the speakers you are working with.

On the sides and ends, the woofer has mounting holes, so if you have a studio room where you want to mount it off the ground, you can do so At 27.5lbs, it is also very small, making it possible to take this woofer on the road with you.

It measures 13x11x15″, making it quite compact and does not take up a tonne of studio space.” Compared to many other woofers with this level of bass power, it’s also relatively inexpensive.


  • + Frequencies of as little as 22Hz
  • + Lightweight weight
  • + Lesser scale
  • + Inexpensive
  • + Various kinds of feedback


  • – Unincluded mounts
  • – No carrying handles for

Why We Like It

The Yamaha HS8S for any home studio or advanced studio is an outstanding woofer for that matter. It’s relatively inexpensive and offers the amount of bass you need to hear all of the intricacies of the lower end. It is pretty compact and lightweight, so it is relatively easy to carry it around.

You can plug a few different components into the woofer with 2 XLR and 2 1/4 inputs. It works great during live shows for mixing in the studio or amplifying the bass. Because of its weight and portability, it makes an ideal DJ woofer. The materials are quite durable, so when taken on the road, it will stand up to abuse. It is compact enough to fit into most studio spaces and fits easily into most studio spaces.

Ultimately, this woofer gives you all the low ends you need. The bass is incredibly strong and detailed, so you don’t miss a single beat. If you don’t have a high-quality subwoofer, the low end intricacies that are sometimes harder to make out will have perfect clarity. It’s also affordable enough to be within the reach of most studio builders and live DJs. It’s time to take your low end to a new one.

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