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by Store staffNovember 30, 2020There is nothing better than a good pair of monitor speakers to take the audio listening experience to the next level, but it can be a challenge to find a pair that suits you and what you need. Yamaha, however one of the biggest names in the audio equipment business, has a choice you won’t want to skip.

A set of studio monitors designed to be used in a professional environment, the HS8 8-inch powered speakers help you mix and output to the best of your ability. Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t appreciate the same advantages if you want to use these speakers to listen to your music casually, and in your own time.

You can set up these speakers in front of you using the latest in Yamaha’s near-field monitoring technology to fully immerse yourself in your sounds and mixes, ensuring that you hear every detail, and have the potential to achieve perfection.

The fact that they contain Yamaha’s original NS-10s cones, although a more modified version, makes these speakers stand out from the rest. Since the 70s, Yamaha has worked on this technology, and the fact that it is still used today can give you an idea of how iconic and strong it is.

With Yamaha’s new and enhanced bi-amplification drivers, these classic cones function optimally. The specially built ported enclosures allow the optimum air flow around the speaker, enabling the crispest, most realistic sounds possible to be produced.

You will note just how accurate these speakers are and how much punch they have to offer, by putting all these characteristics together. The magnets of this size are so much larger than typical speakers. The resulting dynamic response and far-reaching frequency range, combined with even more technology, such as the Advanced Magnetic Circuit, is literally unparalleled.

No matter what kind of genre you deal with or what kind of volume you listen to we can not overestimate just how crisp and pure the sound of these monitor speakers is. Only check out some of the hundreds of worldwide consumer feedback, and you’ll see just how blown away people are by what these speakers deliver.

These high-performance monitors come with a single 8-inch cone, plus a 1-inch dome tweeter, all of which come together to provide an excellent frequency response range of 38Hz to 30,000Hz, which will be more than enough for most applications, taking a fast dive into some of the comprehensive specs on offer here.

This means that you’ll have access to a total power output of 120 watts with an LF power of 75 watts and an HF driver power of 45 watts, which is amazing when you consider the lightweight and highly portable design of these speakers. It’s easy to see why Yamaha is considered one of the best in the company, bi-amped, powered, and ready to go straight out of the box.

Yamaha Hs8


There’s no doubt the HS8s will deliver if you want accuracy and precision with your mixes. Filled and overflowing in their product inventory of some of the best technologies Yamaha houses, the HS8s enables you to take the outputs and mixes to the next stage, all within a budget suitable for all.


  • + These incredible-sounding studio monitors are great value for money, so they’re not going to break the bank.
  • + They deliver an incredible frequency response range from 35Hz to 30kHz, which ensures that with optimum detail you will be able to hear every note and chord in absolute clarity
  • + They are one of the lightest studio monitor speakers with a weight of 22lbs, meaning that you can take these speakers anywhere you need them without holding you back or getting in the way.
  • + Thousands of four and five-star ratings from pleased and satisfied clients worldwide affirm the standard of service here.


-Anyone. Although these speakers may not be for everybody, there is nothing these speakers do wrong (monitor speakers generally come down to personal preference). There are plenty of adjustment philtres you can use to ensure the quality is as close to perfection as possible, even if you don’t like the sound.

Why We Like It

There are a lot of great features built into these speakers, as you can see, so narrowing it down to only one we like is a challenge, but not impossible in itself. You’ll love how simple it is in every space to use these speakers and still have a wonderful experience.

The acoustics of a room matter of course, regardless of the output of your voice, but you can easily change the output to optimum sound thanks to Yamaha’s room control no matter what kind of room you might be working in. This is in addition to the high-trim response controls that are adjustable.

You’ll be primed for any scenario with this amount of change. You can purchase these speakers, confident in the knowledge that, regardless of your configuration, you will always be able to enjoy the optimal sound experience.

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