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The Yamaha HS5 is a speaker for a powered, near-field studio display. It has a tweeter with a 1-inch dome and a woofer with a 5-inch cone. 54Hz-30kHz is the frequency response provided by the Yamaha HS5. It is an ideal speaker to be used in a recording studio for mixing or mastering.


For decades, Yamaha’s HS series has been earning plaudits. With their distinctive, classic white cones, these near-field, active speakers are a favourite among music producers worldwide. About why? Well, they simply offer replication of real honest sound that allows you to mix and master your music in a way that you can be genuinely pleased with.

At some point in their careers, each producer found themselves using a poor-quality monitor speaker and thought they had the master just right, but then heard the music through another speaker and found it sounded entirely different.

When you use a monitor speaker that has been tuned to improve low or high frequencies, that is always a possibility. When it comes to the Yamaha HS series, there is no problem of that kind, which explains its enduring success in the music world.

In terms of scale, the Yamaha HS5 is an inexpensive powered speaker that sits at the lowest end of the HS range. It has a woofer with a 5-inch cone and a tweeter with a 1-inch dome. These two transducers are renowned for providing all frequencies with a smooth tone. In fact, with a frequency response between 54Hz and 30kHz, there is hardly any frequency that these transducers do not fully reproduce.

Of course, transducers of this quality need a matching amp unit. And the Yamaha HS5 features a bi-amp configuration, meaning both transducers have their own amplifier. The outcome is breathtaking, as you might imagine. All over the sound spectrum, a pure, flat response, combined with crystal clear, high-definition sound quality.

The Yamaha HS5 is more than just a pair of transducers, just like all the powered monitor speakers in the Yamaha HS series. With a great deal of forethought, the entire speaker was built. Extremely low resonance is given by thick MDF enclosers. Such enclosures are also extremely robust, which is yet another beneficial feature of this driven monitor speaker that makes it such a reliable long-term investment.

In terms of controls, you have a few distinct choices, with the ROOM CONTROL and HIGH TRIM controls being a favourite of everyone who has in the past used an HS series speaker. As it has XLR and TRS phone jacks, networking is also a breeze, allowing you to plug in several sources that are both balanced and unbalanced.


+ The transducers and bi-amp unit mean that you get high-resolution flat sound over a very large sound spectrum from the Yamaha HS5. As a studio monitor, the honest reproduction makes a much better option than speakers that have been tuned to give an artificial boost to low or high-frequency sounds.

+ There are numerous advantages to the sturdy, heavy-duty, and dense MDF enclosure. But one of its greatest features is the ability to delete inappropriate responses. It also leads to longevity, which means this speaker will last you for a long time.

+ The HS series consists of multiple powered display speakers with both transducers and enclosures of various sizes. In terms of size and price, the HS5 provides a nice balance, which makes it one of the Yamaha HS series’ best-powered speakers to invest in.

+ The Yamaha HS5 is an outstanding monitor speaker which works perfectly for mixing and mastering in the studio. As with all the speakers in the Yamaha HS series, they’re the best mates of the engineer.


The Yamaha HS5 speaker is not to blame for anything. Throughout the entire sound spectrum, it is sensational, has been designed to a high standard, and is ideal as a studio monitor. But if you were forced to think of the Yamaha HS5’s downside, then it would only be in terms of scale. It is the smallest of the Yamaha HS series speakers. Then again it’s more than enough for a small studio or home studio, at 70-watts of power.

Why We Like It

A flawless, active, studio monitor speaker, the Yamaha HS5 offers outstanding sound reproduction over a broad spectrum. Independent of pitch, it provides honest, smooth, natural sound because it has not been tuned to give either low or high notes a power boost. It is actually an excellent near-field studio monitor that would be suitable for use in a recording studio or for use by audiophiles at home as a high-quality speaker.

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