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A compact-sized tube amp that is ideal for home studio use is the Vox AC4 4-watt combo amp. It is small and light, but from the power and preamp tubes, it packs a decent amount of punch and sound.

The speaker is a Celestion 12′ and provides a sense of clarity and punch depending on the degree at which you crank the gain. It has cosmetics in the classic era, which makes it look like it belongs with some of the rock greats in the studio.


Often you want a lightweight and compact amp that can give you a huge amount of power and tonal flexibility all in one place. For decades, Vo has been supplying high-quality amps to amateurs and professionals. With the latest AC4C1 combo amp, it continues to do so.

It’s operated with 12AX7 preamp tubes and an EL84 control tube using just tube technology. A pure and robust sound offers that form of tube strength. The power and the purity of a tube amp can not be balanced by transistor amps. You get a decent amount of strength and volume from the tubes, even with just four watts of power, adding to the tone that’s already available naturally.

In terms of the tone and volume controls, it comes with an effortless set-up. It’s fitted with a classic clean chime, plus a knob-turn rowdy top boost. It only utilizes knobs, pitch, treble, and bass for gain. To suit your desired sound, you can turn the knobs, but if you want to pump up the crunch, it’s the benefit you need to pay attention to.

You have a pleasant and clean sound in the low gain setting, which is simple and succinct. For playing chords or plucking along to country or folk music, this would be a good sound. You get a healthy crunch when you turn up the gain knob, which will allow your guitar to scream, whine, and cut through during solos. Other than that, this amp does not provide you with any effects to play with, but with any pedalboard you are using, it will fit well.

On the Vox AC4, the classic style is retro and trendy. Vox also uses the same style used on the old amps. It is not a big amp, but in any studio or on any small stage, it will look amazing. Using a vintage-looking amplifier like this adds to the charm and makes it blend just a little better into the studio ensemble.

It is very lightweight and compact, which means that you can take this amp with you anywhere. Usually, they’re also much more substantial and harder to carry around as amps get into the higher power ranges. Weighing 23lbs and measuring 18x16x8, the AC4.

With such a small amp, it’s incredibly loud. Due to the sound that’s produced and is loud enough to play in low volume band settings, it fits well in the studio. If you’re playing with your buddies or you need something to fill up a small space, the VOX AC4C1 is an excellent choice. In this range, it’s not the most economical of amps, but with this one you get what you pay for.


+ Slight and lightweight
+ Excellent sound from Vox
+ Retro Classic Style
+ Strong sound of clean and rowdy crunch
+ All Powered Tube


– Not as well priced
— 4-watts only

Why We Like It

This is a perfect little amplifier to mess around at home with. It’s light and lightweight, but it’s still loud enough to give you a very friendly tone and volume. The classic aesthetic is elegant and attractive, and in the music room it looks fantastic.

All of the power comes from tubes, which translates into a pure and robust sound that can not be produced by transistor amps. The set-up is so basic that it can be used by anyone. Even though you don’t get a lot of additional features, this amp’s natural sound is pleasing. When you want any effects that are not built-in, it works well with pedalboards.

The clean tones are nice and crisp in the low-gain setting, while the higher-gain settings are crunchy and resemble British rock tones. It is relatively small and can be taken to any jam room in which you practice. When kept at a relatively low level, it can sound pretty good, but it can also go higher to keep up with a band.

In terms of efficiency and reliability, you get what you pay for with this amplifier. For anyone who wants an all-tube amp that is both small and dependable, we like this product. It looks amazing and will work as well as a high-powered jam session for practice.

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