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30-watts of power is provided by the Vox AC30 C2 electric guitar tube amplifier. Inside the amplifier, there are two 12-inch Celestion G12M Greenback speakers and there are in-built reverb and tremolo effects.

Vox AC30 C2


The Vox AC30 amplifier is familiar to any electric guitarist. It has been extremely popular with the most prominent guitarists in rock-n-roll history for almost 60 years, starting, of course, with Hank Marvin, the man responsible for inventing the Vox AC30 in the first place. The Edge is maybe the guitarist most closely related to the Vox AC30.

On every single recording U2 made during their long and illustrious career, he used the very same Vox AC30. So, what is it about this tube amplifier that guitarists love so much? It is made so famous by two factors.

The first is essentially the sound it offers; in terms of that tone, the second is the versatility. When playing the Vox AC30, you can get everything from jangling, reverb notes, to distortion-heavy overdrive.

The Vox AC30 C2 is part of the custom Vox AC30 series that was first introduced to the market in 2010. It features two Celestion-made Greenback speakers. When it comes to amplifying the vintage tone given by the Vox AC30 C2, it is these speakers that are so vital.

Back in the ’70s, Celestion pioneered the Greenback amps, and if it hadn’t been for them, then we wouldn’t have the high-powered guitar amplifiers as we all know them. These speakers sound great, and the Vox AC30 C2 is a stable part of them. The luscious, popular tone you get from the Vox AC30 C2 doesn’t come down to the speakers, though. The reasons why this is such a beast of an amplifier are the three 12AX7 preamp tubes and four EL84 control tubes.

Two separate channels are included in the AC30 C2, where you have a choice between the Standard and the Top Boost channels. Each has controls of its own. Two distinct in-built effects are also present. With a foot pedal, both the Tremolo and Reverb effects can be quickly turned on. There are knobs on the amplifier for Speed and Depth for the Tremelo effect. And for the Reverb effect, tone and level can be controlled.

You get a tremendous amount of power from this amplifier at 30-watts, largely because it is a tube amp. The output jack means that you can plug it into a wider configuration of a speaker. This will shut off the two Greenback speakers inside the Vox AC30 C2, ensuring that the preamp and power tubes will still give you the same lovely sound, but at a quieter volume.

Overall, this is an excellent amplifier that has stood the test of time. For one thing, it’s one of the world’s most popular tube amps: tone-and the range of tone you can get out of the Vox AC30 C2-is the primary reason this amplifier is so well-regarded.


+ The three preamp tubes for 12AX7 and the four power tubes for EL84 create the exceptional tone for which this amp is popular. The selection of tones at your disposal is incredible. It’ll cater to fans of the sound of the British Invasion, just as it will to fans of Indie or old-fashioned rock-n-rollers.

+ The Tremelo and Reverb on-board effects are simple to monitor and also sound fantastic. If you have a footswitch, then during a success you can switch them on and off easily.

+ Foot pedals can be easily integrated into the configuration of the amplifier as it has a real loop for bypass effects.

+ To boost the sound, the two Greenback speakers help. But you can plug in larger speakers if you want more volume, and the Greenback speakers will turn off.


– This isn’t the cheapest guitar amplifier on the market, but it’s one of the best amplifiers out there. This amp is the option of serious guitarists who want to last a lifetime with a versatile tone and an amplifier. The Edge has, after all, been using his Vox AC30 for nearly four decades now.

Why We Like It

On the Vox AC30 C2, there’s a lot to like, but the tone is its greatest attribute. Tube amps give you the kind of sound that you can’t get from a solid-state amplifier or model amplifier. Tube amps cost more money than guitar amplifiers of other kinds.

You definitely get what you’re paying for. And the price tag is certainly justified when it comes to the Vox AC30 C2. You’re paying a lot, but you’re getting one of the best guitar amps in history.

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