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The Voodoo Lab Power Pedal Supply 2 Plus, for guitar pedalboards, is an 8-output power supply pedal. It is built to give the required power to guitar players with a lot of pedals on their board while on stage or in the practice room to keep things alive.

It has independent outputs, protection against short circuits and a toroidal transformer to minimize excess noise. It weights 2lbs and measures 3.4/6/1.75. It may be the answer to the reliable power they need to provide large pedalboards.


Eight Output Outputs
Maximum output current of 1100mA
Inclusive of 11 cables
Protecting circuits
Outputs isolated
Input 120V
Transformer Toroidal

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2


For guitar players, the Voodoo Lab 2 Plus pedal power supply provides a lot of power options. Many guitarists simultaneously have several pedals on the go. To keep them flowing when in use, all of these pedals need to have ample strength. Using a 9V battery or an AC adapter, most pedals are multi-powered.

When batteries have a sufficient charge, they work well, but shortly after being engaged, they lose their juice and power. AC power supplies provide the pedals with a constant and sufficient amount of power, so the signal won’t fizzle out. Voodoo Lab’s 2 Plus power supply is a way to give the requisite power to the pedals.

To plug your pedals in, it comes with eight outputs. This means you can simultaneously have up to 8 separate pedals plugged into the power supply. On a crowded point, it eliminates the need for extra power bars and extension cords.

From the rest, each output is isolated. This ensures that there would be no bleeding or duplication of the current sent by the outputs with the others. They function independently from one another.

With short circuit safety, in the event of a short breaker in the house, you don’t need to worry about your pedals getting a small blow up that might make them useless.

The toroidal transformer is another excellent trait. A hum or humming noise is emitted by certain pedals that bleeds into the speaker and creates a ruckus. To curb this buzz, the toroidal transformer works and leaves your signal running cleanly and softly, enabling the sound that you want to come through.

It is lightweight and compact, cutting down on the need for additional wires and cables. It weighs 2lbs and is just under 6/2. It can comfortably fit into your gig bag or right into your pedalboard bag so that you can easily take it with you to and from gigs.

It is made of solid and durable materials that will ensure that after the tour it will last.

To suit your pedals, the 2 Plus Power Supply comes with a number of required cables. It has six AC power adapters with right angles as well as two straight barreled adapters. It also comes with specialized adaptors for Line 6 pedals, MXR or Electro Harmonix controllers, and a battery snap without an AC connector for pedals.

Voodoo Lab 2 Plus will help remove the need to constantly purchase 9V batteries for your pedals and will continuously provide ample power. It is fairly priced and can be used if necessary for other low-powered devices which are not guitar-related. It is a pretty useful little accessory that could be helpful for many guitar players.


+ eight outputs +
+ Securing circuits
+ Circuits isolated
+ Lasting building
+ Transformer Toroidal


Not an utter necessity
-Just one snap of the battery

Why We Like It

The Voodoo Lab 2 Plus power supply could be what the guitar player with pedalboard emphasis is looking for. It is comfortable and intuitive and helps to minimize additional cords and cables that you may need to use otherwise. It is very lightweight and small, making it easy to take with you everywhere with this little gadget.

With eight independent power outputs, instead of having to send power from different sources, you can pedal just that many pedals from one station. Only so many outlets have to be plugged into many venues and rehearsal spaces. The 2 Plus helps give you the energy you need, regardless of where you are.

It is short circuit safety, which will also protect your pedals in the event of the breaker being short. The toroidal transformer can also help reduce the amount of buzz or humming noise to which the sound is exposed by certain pedals.

If you’re tired of buying new batteries for your pedals all the time, or even worse, when you need your pedal the most, you’re dying batteries, then the 2 Plus might be the next buy you need to make. Don’t think about losing the signal halfway through a gig anymore and having the strength you need.

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