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There are a few styles to choose from if you’re looking for over-ear headphones from Treblab. Size is the key difference between the Z2 and E3 models. We considered them to be outstanding when we checked the E3 over-ear headphones, but very large and suitable for people with larger heads. In design and functionality, the Z2 headphones are very similar and are more suited for those with smaller heads. Such headphones have a convenient and tight fit.

With these headphones, comfort is the secret. With ample space to encompass your ears, the earpads are soft and pillowy. There is also a wide cushioned portion of the headband, which helps the headphones to gently rest on your head. On both sides, the headband also has adjustable lengths to extend to the size of your head.

The timeless and well known Treblab style is the concept of the Z2 headphones. These headphones are discreet yet trendy enough for all black and a combination of matt and gloss to be seen. Both earpads spin 100 degrees, giving you ease of use and storage.

Our Verdict:Excellent design and comfortable fit, particularly for those looking for a snug fit with smaller heads or people.

Sound Quality

Treblab Z2’s sound quality is outstanding, and exactly what you would expect from a high-quality over-ear headphone. The ear-pads fit snugly and already block some sound, providing you with a quiet space for listening to music or podcasts. The sharp, high tones are well supplemented by the base elements, and the sound is well rounded and professional overall.

Active Noise Cancellation also has these headphones. This is a basic on or off control that adds an extra frequency to the sound produced by the headphones. In the workplace, gym, or outdoors, this level of sound waves helps reduce background noise, allowing you to listen to music in peace.

They naturally block out a lot of background noise anyway, as the headphones are a near match, so you can find you don’t need the Active Noice Cancellation all the time. Many individuals use it for travel or busy environments only.

Our Verdict: Excellent sound quality in these headphones and, thanks to close fit and Active Noise Cancellation, very minimal background noise.


On either side of the headphones, the Treblab Z2 has some regular buttons. These are easy to use and just like you would expect from a pair of headphones with over-ears. On and off switch, play and pause, volume up and down, and the Active Noise Cancellation switch are included in the controls.

These buttons also double as the functionality for your voice-activated assistant to skip songs and command them. All of these keys, once you get used to where they are placed, are tiny but easy to push and use. There is also an automated voice verifying the headphones, connection, and low battery life.

Our Verdict: There is a good set of controls on the Z2 headphones that make this system fast and convenient to use.


All Treblab earphones come with a waterproof shell, and they are no different from the Z2 over-ear headphones. As the headphones are tall, so is the case, which can be a little voluminous. The headphones fit nicely inside and have a silicone insert and elastic straps to cover them. You’ll have peace of mind that your headphones are safe and covered. A hard case covered with sturdy material, all black with a white Treblab emblem, is the outer case. There is also a wide loop and carabiner in the case, so you can tie it to your bag inside or outside.


One of the best points, with up to 35 hours of play time, is the battery life of these headphones! Without having to charge in between uses, this wide range helps you to drive, work out, or listen to your music.

The headphones, with a USB cable included in the package, are easy to charge. It takes about 3 hours for the headphones to charge, which is perfect compared to the battery life. When the battery is getting low, these headphones won’t let you down mid-workout and have a voice warning.


The headphones use a Bluetooth link and are very easy to connect, including phones and laptops, to your computer. We noticed that within 5 meters, the connection was solid, linked quickly, and had no issues or interruptions. Your connection is confirmed by the automatic voice and the tiny LED light.


Overall, these over-ear headphones are brilliant, and we can’t fault them at any point. The Treblab Z2 headphones could be for you if you’re looking for a comfortable, snug-fitting, and good sound quality headphone.

For those with smaller heads, the fit is best, and if you find it too thin, you can scale the headphones up to the Treblab E3. In the classic Treblab theme, the design is effortless and a smooth mixture of gloss and matte black. There are also many controls in these headphones that are neat circular buttons, easy to access and use to operate the headphones.

The softness and high-quality support used in the ear pads and headband cushion is one of these headphones’ best characteristics. With a great depth of cushion, the fabric is comfortable, making these headphones feel luxurious.

You know they’ll always be comfortable after hours of wear and sit comfortably over your face, even after hours of wear. These headphones are cut above the rest and have great value for money due to the premium material matched with the sound quality.

If you’re looking for an over-ear headphone that’s high quality and trustworthy, but you don’t want to spend more than 100 bucks, then the Treblab Z2 could be great for you.

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