There are thousands of musical instruments. For some they are easy to learn to play, for others it takes a lot of time and patience to learn. Each instrument has its particularity, however, do you know which is the most played in the world?

What is a musical instrument?

A musical instrument is an object used to produce sound which itself produces music. (Classical music, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Techno, Metal…). An encyclopedia, called Instruments of the world, brings together more than 200 musical instruments of the world , composed in different families, namely:

1. Stringed instruments, the best known of which are the piano, the violin or the guitar.

They are also called chordophone instruments. The sound works by rubbing the string with a bow or your fingers to play the notes. We then speak of instruments, with bowed strings, such as the violin, the cello, the double bass. Then there are plucked string musical instruments, as the name suggests, these instruments are played by plucking the string. We have in this range of instruments, the guitar, the harp, the harpsichord. Finally, we find the instruments, with struck string, whose sound is produced by pressing the keys such as the piano for example.

It should be known that the violin is one of the stringed instruments which is one of the most played, especially to assert a certain notoriety, an elegance and a prestige to the music.

An asian boy playing the violin

2. Wind instruments

These instruments are also called aerophone instruments because they have a column of air to produce sound, thanks to the breath. These instruments are sorted by family. There is the family of woodwinds, often highlighted in classical music, such as the recorder, the clarinet, the transverse flute, or the saxophone. Then we have the brass family. These musical instruments are composed of what is called a mouthpiece that plays on the vibration of the lips and the breath to produce sound. In this kind of instruments we can find the trombone, the trumpet, the organ, or even the tuba.

3. Percussion

The so-called percussion instruments are instruments producing rhythm thanks to percussion on it, such as the drums or the xylophone for example.

Why is the guitar the most played musical instrument?

It is the most popular and most played instrument in the world, for the reasons that will be discussed below:

  • Reasonable and affordable price

The price of a guitar is quite affordable (from €200 depending on the model). Also, there are many resources on learning this instrument. (Books, educational resources listed on websites, etc.).

  • easy learning

To play the guitar, you have to learn music theory, but some manage to play without having learned, only by ear. Indeed, it is quite simple to reproduce the notes and a song on the guitar. It will also be easy to compose your own songs with this instrument.

A man plugging in an electric guitar

  • Practicality of the instrument

Indeed, unlike the piano for example, the guitar is very easy to carry around with you, to play it anywhere.

  • An instrument good for memory

Several studies have shown that the guitar helps develop concentration skills. Indeed, cerebral development is favored by the work of chords, the memorization and reproduction of songs, scales…

  • A good flexible instrument for composing

The timbre of a guitar matches most styles of music (rock, jazz, funky, etc.). The guitar can produce multiple sounds at once and used to play harmonies. This is called a polyphonic instrument.

  • The image around the guitar

When you want to play the guitar, you immediately think of musicians such as Django Reinhardt, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) Some take up the guitar to imitate these famous stars or have a funny image, cool, rock…


If you choose the Piano as your Instrument of choice, know that it is very interesting to take lessons in order to learn how to master this fabulous means of distraction .

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