The synthesizer and drum machines are musical instruments that produce or enhance sounds. Whether to imitate or to create original sounds, these devices can impress you if the choice is made well when buying. To find the right synthesizer or the best drum machine, read this article to find some purchasing criteria.

Synthesizer for beginner or professional: what criteria to take into account?

As mentioned by , there are essential points to take into account when it comes to choosing a good synthesizer. Indeed, it is according to the type of player who will want to use the instrument that you have to choose the synthesizer. If you are a beginner, here are some criteria you should pay attention to. The keyboard: a long keyboard with many keys will make use more complex. So opting for a keyboard with 37 keys max is already a good start. Besides the keyboard, it would be interesting to choose a model with a USB port, MIDI sockets, a microphone and a headphone socket. In addition, a touch screen will make use more comfortable and practical.

Apart from these criteria are added the polyphony, the analog modeling, the master keyboard, the sequencer and the functionalities such as the arpeggiator, the vocoder and the oscillators which will have to be checked so that the instrument is suitable for the beginner player. On the other hand, when it comes to a professional synthesizer, certain elements make the difference.

If you want to choose a synthesizer for the amateur, it is essential to take a look at the timbre of the synthesizer. This makes it possible to obtain various possibilities of orchestration inspired by the amateur of musical compositions, which makes the atmosphere of the event more playful. The synthesizer effects are also elements not to be overlooked. The right synthesizer should allow the animator or musician to incorporate additive effects outside of the built-in ones.

Our tips for choosing the right drum machine

The choice of a drum machine is made according to 3 main criteria, namely: the functionalities, the screen and the connectivity. Indeed, a device with enough functions will undoubtedly be efficient. To this end, it is advisable to favor a rhythm machine equipped with a sequencer, but also with a multitude of sounds, an effects bank, and many other functionalities. You will find on this page , enough models adapted to this criterion. As for the screen, it would be interesting if it were of the latest generation technologies. The advantage with recent devices is that they respond much more to the realities and needs of today’s world. They are therefore easier to use.

Enfin, pour qu’une boîte à rythme soit au top, elle doit être bien équipée. En plus de ces critères, il faudra faire attention à la taille et au poids de l’appareil si vous avez pour intention de vous déplacer avec. Un synthétiseur ou une boîte à rythme choisis en suivant ces critères sera sans doute l’appareil qui répondra à vos besoins.


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