Do you love the animated feature films from the Walt Disney Pictures studios and particularly that of the thief Aladdin who fights the ignoble Jafar in the company of the genie, Abu and the Sultan to take control of the magic lamp? Did you enjoy the melody called Ce Rêve Bleu where the hero introduces Princess Jasmine to his flying carpet? So prepare your Kalimba , because thanks to the Sheet Music and Tablatures that you will soon discover, you will have plenty of time to play this superb song with your Thumb Piano.

Let’s start now by preparing your Instrument to play the cult song from Aladdin.

Change the tuning of your Kalimba to play Ce Rêve Bleu

It turns out that the Musique Ce Rêve Bleu, called A Whole New World in the English language, requires applying a particular tuning to your 21-key Kalimba. Indeed, in the vast majority of cases, the Instrument is delivered tuned in C major, but it will have to be adapted so that it is transformed into B minor. Nothing complicated in all this, it will suffice to change all the C and F notes on your reed set respectively to C# and F#. You should thus arrive at a result identical to the one presented below:

Kalimba tuning for Aladdin's Ce Rêve Bleu melody

Dans l’hypothèse où ne savez pas comment procéder, nous avons réalisé un tutoriel gratuit qui vous apprendra à changer l’accord de votre Kalimba. Vous verrez que cela ne demande que quelques petites minutes de votre temps lorsque vous aurez bien assimilé la procédure de l’accordement au Piano à Pouces.

Finally, it appears that this melody from Aladdin is quite complex to achieve. It will require work, but above all it will be essential to understand the various signs of music theory if you plan to use Tablature, which we recommend. You have no idea what a slur or a point of extension can be? Then check out this guide on reading Sheet Music and Tablatures for Kalimba . You will thus be certain of realizing what is required by the musical documents that you are about to discover.

Motivate yourself by watching Aladdin’s Kalimba Score

It is always unpleasant to find a Score on the internet without having an example of the result that it will give with an Instrument. In order to motivate you, watch this short video which will show you exactly what you will get with your Kalimba by playing our Sheet Music of Ce Rêve Bleu.

If the vast majority of people know this song, it is still a discovery for some. Thus, you will find below the clip of the song which appears in the cartoon of Aladdin.

Play the Score of ” A Whole New World ” from Aladdin

Do you know the song Ce Rêve Bleu inside out? In this case, you do not necessarily need to follow a Tablature and you can use this simplified Score with numbers which only includes the sequence of notes to be interpreted.

Sheet music Kalimba Aladdin Ce Rêve Bleu figures

Choose a Sheet Music with letters to play Aladdin on the Thumb Piano

In every way similar to the Simplified Score presented just before, this version with letters is sometimes preferred by certain Instrumentalists who favor this musical notation, called Batavian notation .

Sheet music Kalimba Aladdin Ce Rêve Bleu letters

Perfect yourself with a Tablature for Mbira from Ce Rêve Bleu

The song ” A Whole New World ” being quite complex to interpret, Tablature is, in our opinion, the best way to be able to learn as efficiently as possible. It reads, as always, from bottom to top and you will find it just below:

Tablature Kalimba Aladdin This Blue Dream page 8

Tablature Kalimba Aladdin This Blue Dream page 7

Tablature Kalimba Aladdin This Blue Dream page 6

Tablature Kalimba Aladdin This Blue Dream page 5

Tablature Kalimba Aladdin This Blue Dream page 4

Tablature Kalimba Aladdin This Blue Dream page 3

Tablature Kalimba Aladdin This Blue Dream page 2

Tablature Kalimba Aladdin This Blue Dream page 1

Download the Sheet Music for Sanza from the Disney hero

In order to offer everyone this completely free sheet music, we have taken the trouble to create a file in PDF format containing all the musical documents for the Kalimba of the melody Ce Rêve Bleu . You can then study it where and when you want, but also print it easily or send it to your musician friends so that they too can take up this challenge.

Who dub Aladdin and Jasmine and sing the song Ce Rêve Bleu in French?

The character Aladdin in the 1992 Disney animated film is voiced by Paolo Domingo , a singer, comedian and art director. He is particularly known for his dubbing of cartoons as well as for being the official French voice of actors Jared Leto or Rick Gonzalez. He began his career in 1990 by dubbing the character Elliott Cooper in the horror film Troll 2, then continued his activity regularly until today where he works in the dubbing of various cinematographic works.

Jasmine , meanwhile, was dubbed into French by Karine Costa , a singer born in 1977 who began her career in 1992 with the dubbing of Aladdin. She then participated in the songs of some Disney animated films, namely Pocahontas, The legend of Tarzan and Jane, Bambi 2, or The spell of Cinderella. She produced an album in 1995 and has remained quite discreet in her activity since 2009 when it seems that she no longer collaborates with Disney studios.

Aladdin in the cave stealing the lamp

What are the origins of Jasmine and Aladdin?

Like many stories revisited by Disney, the character of Aladdin and Jasmine have their sources in a traditional Arab-Persian tale called ” Aladdin or the Wonderful Lamp “. This tale is often associated with the collection ” The Thousand and One Nights “, but, in reality, it was added to it only late, around the 18ᵉ century. If the cartoon character Aladdin is very close to that of the traditional story, Jasmine is called Princess Badroulboudour in the tale, she is still the Sultan’s daughter, but her character and her temperament are very different.

Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu, the Genie and the Laughing Sultan

Enhance your melodies with a professional quality Instrument

Aladdin faisant partie des longs métrages d’animation Disney préférés des spectateurs, il semble bien normal que la chanson Ce Rêve Bleu ait marqué les esprits et résonnent encore, 30 ans plus tard, dans les mémoires. À l’avenir, vous posséderez tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour bien interpréter cette mélodie avec votre Kalimba grâce aux Partitions et Tablarues que vous venez de découvrir.

Toutefois, il demeure certain qu’un morceau de cette difficulté ne pourra être réalisé qu’avec un Instrument de qualité, les modèles bas de gamme ne pouvant restituer la finesse de cette Musique. En conséquence, la boutique Instruments du Monde, vous recommande un Kalimba de 21 lames d’un niveau professionnel en bois d’érable et noyer noir masif afin d’être en mesure de jouer toutes les plus belles chansons en profitant d’une acoustique sans pareille.

Offrez-vous dès maintenant ce Kalimba de prestige en cliquant sur l’image ci-dessous :

An advertisement for a prestigious Kalimba

Connaissez-vous le célèbre jeu-vidéo Minecraft qui vous propose de jouer de manière illimitée dans un monde style “Bac à Sable” ? Nous vous proposons d’apprendre à interpréter une des mélodies de ce jeu, à savoir celle appelée Sweden composée par C418. De plus, il s’agit d’une Partition assez simple à étudier. Dans l’hypothèse où vous recherchez un challenge plus difficile, allez voir du côté de notre multitude de Partitions pour Sanza de 21 lames.

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