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A 20-watt modeling amplifier that is ideal for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars is the Yamaha THR10 2. It has a lot of features and effects for guitar players that make it a one-stop shop. It is lightweight and portable, with enough strength in a rehearsal room or at a small gig to keep up with a live band.It is digitally compatible with the THR app from Yamaha, where all the parameters can be managed right on your screen. It also has amazing recording capabilities, so you can log and bring together all of your instruments on the included CuBass kit.
· 2×10-watts speakers· 15 versions of Amps· Three versions of bass amp· Plenty of consequences· Virtual modeling circuitry· EQ in 3-band· Predefined editing· Compatibility with Bluetooth· USB Recording Outputs
· Inclusive Cubase AI recording kit
Yamaha Thr10

The Yamaha THR10, a combo amplifier for two versions, is an impressively powerful digital amp that is lightweight and simple to carry around. It packs lots of effects and capabilities into an amp that measures 7.2×14.49×5.5 and weights less than 7lbs.In order to select the exact power amp style you like, it comes with 15 guitar models for you to choose from. It works with guitar players as well as bassists with three bass amp models for you to choose from. It also has a bypass model filter, which allows you to skip all the effects right past and make your natural guitar tone come through.At a bass level, it comes with the effects you need, including echo, reverb, flanger, chorus, and more. You can select the rate at which your effects are emitted with a tap delay button.The 3-band EQ allows you to tweak all the templates and effects to the point you like. To suit the sound you are looking for, you can design and twist your tone to replicate the exact sound that is in your head.It also functions with your instruments as a recording interface. Using the USB cable, you can attach the amp to your machine. It also works with the Cubase kit included. The programmed amp models are super realistic and genuine sounding, which will make fantastic recordings.It has all the various types of outputs and jacks you need, including an auxiliary jack, a headset, and a wireless Bluetooth link that allows you to connect. It comes with a powerful signal wireless transmitter that allows you to play untethered.You can connect to the Yamaha THR app right on your phone and monitor all your parameters. The amplifier knobs are very user-friendly and intuitive to use, so you can easily and clearly make adjustments on the fly.For an amp of this quality, it is very reasonably priced. It does not have a lot of power and would not allow you to play stadiums without hooking into the house PA, but it will be an extremely enjoyable amp to play around with everyday. The sound is pure and robust, and to carve out your favorite type of tone you get a ton of tonal capacity and effects.
+ Inexpensive+ Models of 15 amps+ Interface recording built-in+ Lightweight and compact+ Critical implications
– Not crazy loud, not super loud,- Slight curve in learning
Why We Like It
This is an outstanding choice for anyone who wants a highly capable amp for their home or practice room. It can be taken almost anywhere and provides a wide range of sounds that can be played along with essentially any kind of music you want.Unlike some of the more complex modeling amps, it is not insanely difficult to find out. It has a bit of a learning curve, but you can work things out pretty easily, and it’s not so much that you’re going to get lost in the chaos, though it has a lot of possibilities.It acts as a pedalboard and an app if you are looking to record at home, which you can plug straight into your machine and start recording. It includes Cubase AI recording software, so you can install it on your computer and get started. It is compatible with bass and electric guitars, which is a feature that is not available on many other amplifiers.It is moderately priced and will likely run well within the budgets of most guitar players. This is not the sort of amp you will be playing big gigs with, but it is an excellent choice for home practice, recording, and jamming with mates. With unique tones, it doesn’t box you in and gives you ample choices to play acoustic, metal, rock, blues, country, or hip-hop.The Yamaha THR10 2 combo amp might be exactly what you’re looking for if you’re looking for a highly flexible amp that leaves some cash in your pocket and is a lot of fun to play around with.

Yamaha LL16 Dreadnought Best Acoustic Guitar 2020 – Branded Music Instruments Store

Yamaha LL16 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Review 2020
By Yamaha
Average Users Rating: 9.6/10
Yamaha LL16 sounds and looks similar to a $2000 guitar, but is incredibly reasonably priced. Enjoy it!
Yamaha LL16 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar:

Yamaha LL16 Dreadnought Best Acoustic Guitar 2020

Should you be looking for the acoustic guitar which has an almighty sound and excellent playability at a fair selling price, you should try new Yamaha LL16. This Yamaha LL16 guitar is definitely the superior of a $2000 guitar without having fancy frills. The Yamaha LL16 provides you all the high-quality Tone, Feel, and looks at you will find. That is perfectly made guitar and Handcrafted with all of Solid Woods. The Yamaha LL16 is really the optimum handcrafted, finest balanced guitar you should buy.
Materials by itself make Yamaha LL16 a great offer. You are able to see the attention to detail. It provides the rich tonally complex growl that only solid spruce, and solid rosewood can provide. Resonance you are able to feel within your chest and sinuses. You are able to strum as hard as you desire and have as loud as you desire without tonal breakup. Great fingerpick sound too. You are able to feel it whenever you hold it, and listening to be believing. China now builds some fine guitars, and the Yamaha LL16 is one.
Yamaha LL16 Best Acoustic Guitar 2020 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Specifications:

Jumbo Type

Solid Engelmann Spruce

Solid Rosewood

Solid Rosewood

Mahogany, Padauk (3 ply)



Body Depth:
100-125 mm (3 15/16″-4 15/16″)

Nut Width:
44 mm (1 3/4″)

String Length:
650 mm (25 9/16″)

Diecast Gold



Standard Accessary:
Form Case

Yamaha LL16 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar PROs and CONs:

Excellent solid woods and finish for $800.
The woods are excellent for that price and are also the tuners.
Sound of Yamaha LL16 is both bright and powerful.
Elegant looks and feels.


Cheap tuners.
Little spots of imperfection.

Final Thought on Yamaha LL16 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar:
Yamaha LL16 sounds and looks similar to a $2000 guitar, but is incredibly reasonably priced. Enjoy it!

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Yamaha HS8S 8″ Powered Studio Subwoofer Review – Branded Music Instruments Store

A deep end subwoofer is the Yamaha HS8S 8 ‘driven studio subwoofer, which will round out the sound you’re working with. It has an 8’ subwoofer that provides bass level down to 22Hz. It was built with a 150W amplifier, constructed specifically for bass frequencies. The Yamaha HS8S could be the right one for you if you are looking for a subwoofer to help beef up your engineering, live sound, or music listening experience.
An intense bass enhancing experience is the Yamaha HS8S 8 ‘powered sub studio subwoofer. It is designed to round out the lower end of the frequencies so that you can hear all the lower end that you want and need.Getting ideal bass capabilities is an extremely important part of the equation when you’re mixing music. You get the low end level you need to hear with the Yamaha HS8S to discern precisely what’s happening. For studio engineers, live DJs, and home systems, it’s a great woofer.With a 150w amplifier, it has an 8

Yamaha HS8 Pair 2021 Powered Studio Monitor Review – Branded Music Instruments Store

There is nothing better than a good pair of monitor speakers to take the audio listening experience to the next level, but it can be a challenge to find a pair that suits you and what you need. Yamaha, however one of the biggest names in the audio equipment business, has a choice you won’t want to skip.A set of studio monitors designed to be used in a professional environment, the HS8 8-inch powered speakers help you mix and output to the best of your ability. Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t appreciate the same advantages if you want to use these speakers to listen to your music casually, and in your own time.
You can set up these speakers in front of you using the latest in Yamaha’s near-field monitoring technology to fully immerse yourself in your sounds and mixes, ensuring that you hear every detail, and have the potential to achieve perfection.The fact that they contain Yamaha’s original NS-10s cones, although a more modified version, makes these speakers stand out from the rest. Since the 70s, Yamaha has worked on this technology, and the fact that it is still used today can give you an idea of how iconic and strong it is.With Yamaha’s new and enhanced bi-amplification drivers, these classic cones function optimally. The specially built ported enclosures allow the optimum air flow around the speaker, enabling the crispest, most realistic sounds possible to be produced.You will note just how accurate these speakers are and how much punch they have to offer, by putting all these characteristics together. The magnets of this size are so much larger than typical speakers. The resulting dynamic response and far-reaching frequency range, combined with even more technology, such as the Advanced Magnetic Circuit, is literally unparalleled.No matter what kind of genre you deal with or what kind of volume you listen to we can not overestimate just how crisp and pure the sound of these monitor speakers is. Only check out some of the hundreds of worldwide consumer feedback, and you’ll see just how blown away people are by what these speakers deliver.These high-performance monitors come with a single 8-inch cone, plus a 1-inch dome tweeter, all of which come together to provide an excellent frequency response range of 38Hz to 30,000Hz, which will be more than enough for most applications, taking a fast dive into some of the comprehensive specs on offer here.This means that you’ll have access to a total power output of 120 watts with an LF power of 75 watts and an HF driver power of 45 watts, which is amazing when you consider the lightweight and highly portable design of these speakers. It’s easy to see why Yamaha is considered one of the best in the company, bi-amped, powered, and ready to go straight out of the box.

Yamaha Hs8

There’s no doubt the HS8s will deliver if you want accuracy and precision with your mixes. Filled and overflowing in their product inventory of some of the best technologies Yamaha houses, the HS8s enables you to take the outputs and mixes to the next stage, all within a budget suitable for all.

+ These incredible-sounding studio monitors are great value for money, so they’re not going to break the bank.
+ They deliver an incredible frequency response range from 35Hz to 30kHz, which ensures that with optimum detail you will be able to hear every note and chord in absolute clarity
+ They are one of the lightest studio monitor speakers with a weight of 22lbs, meaning that you can take these speakers anywhere you need them without holding you back or getting in the way.
+ Thousands of four and five-star ratings from pleased and satisfied clients worldwide affirm the standard of service here.

-Anyone. Although these speakers may not be for everybody, there is nothing these speakers do wrong (monitor speakers generally come down to personal preference). There are plenty of adjustment philtres you can use to ensure the quality is as close to perfection as possible, even if you don’t like the sound.
Why We Like It
There are a lot of great features built into these speakers, as you can see, so narrowing it down to only one we like is a challenge, but not impossible in itself. You’ll love how simple it is in every space to use these speakers and still have a wonderful experience.The acoustics of a room matter of course, regardless of the output of your voice, but you can easily change the output to optimum sound thanks to Yamaha’s room control no matter what kind of room you might be working in. This is in addition to the high-trim response controls that are adjustable.
You’ll be primed for any scenario with this amount of change. You can purchase these speakers, confident in the knowledge that, regardless of your configuration, you will always be able to enjoy the optimal sound experience.

Yamaha HS5 Series Powered Studio Monitor 2021 Review – Branded Music Instruments Store

The Yamaha HS5 is a speaker for a powered, near-field studio display. It has a tweeter with a 1-inch dome and a woofer with a 5-inch cone. 54Hz-30kHz is the frequency response provided by the Yamaha HS5. It is an ideal speaker to be used in a recording studio for mixing or mastering.
Yamaha Hs5

For decades, Yamaha’s HS series has been earning plaudits. With their distinctive, classic white cones, these near-field, active speakers are a favourite among music producers worldwide. About why? Well, they simply offer replication of real honest sound that allows you to mix and master your music in a way that you can be genuinely pleased with.At some point in their careers, each producer found themselves using a poor-quality monitor speaker and thought they had the master just right, but then heard the music through another speaker and found it sounded entirely different.When you use a monitor speaker that has been tuned to improve low or high frequencies, that is always a possibility. When it comes to the Yamaha HS series, there is no problem of that kind, which explains its enduring success in the music world.In terms of scale, the Yamaha HS5 is an inexpensive powered speaker that sits at the lowest end of the HS range. It has a woofer with a 5-inch cone and a tweeter with a 1-inch dome. These two transducers are renowned for providing all frequencies with a smooth tone. In fact, with a frequency response between 54Hz and 30kHz, there is hardly any frequency that these transducers do not fully reproduce.Of course, transducers of this quality need a matching amp unit. And the Yamaha HS5 features a bi-amp configuration, meaning both transducers have their own amplifier. The outcome is breathtaking, as you might imagine. All over the sound spectrum, a pure, flat response, combined with crystal clear, high-definition sound quality.The Yamaha HS5 is more than just a pair of transducers, just like all the powered monitor speakers in the Yamaha HS series. With a great deal of forethought, the entire speaker was built. Extremely low resonance is given by thick MDF enclosers. Such enclosures are also extremely robust, which is yet another beneficial feature of this driven monitor speaker that makes it such a reliable long-term investment.In terms of controls, you have a few distinct choices, with the ROOM CONTROL and HIGH TRIM controls being a favourite of everyone who has in the past used an HS series speaker. As it has XLR and TRS phone jacks, networking is also a breeze, allowing you to plug in several sources that are both balanced and unbalanced.
+ The transducers and bi-amp unit mean that you get high-resolution flat sound over a very large sound spectrum from the Yamaha HS5. As a studio monitor, the honest reproduction makes a much better option than speakers that have been tuned to give an artificial boost to low or high-frequency sounds.+ There are numerous advantages to the sturdy, heavy-duty, and dense MDF enclosure. But one of its greatest features is the ability to delete inappropriate responses. It also leads to longevity, which means this speaker will last you for a long time.+ The HS series consists of multiple powered display speakers with both transducers and enclosures of various sizes. In terms of size and price, the HS5 provides a nice balance, which makes it one of the Yamaha HS series’ best-powered speakers to invest in.+ The Yamaha HS5 is an outstanding monitor speaker which works perfectly for mixing and mastering in the studio. As with all the speakers in the Yamaha HS series, they’re the best mates of the engineer.
The Yamaha HS5 speaker is not to blame for anything. Throughout the entire sound spectrum, it is sensational, has been designed to a high standard, and is ideal as a studio monitor. But if you were forced to think of the Yamaha HS5’s downside, then it would only be in terms of scale. It is the smallest of the Yamaha HS series speakers. Then again it’s more than enough for a small studio or home studio, at 70-watts of power.
Why We Like It
A flawless, active, studio monitor speaker, the Yamaha HS5 offers outstanding sound reproduction over a broad spectrum. Independent of pitch, it provides honest, smooth, natural sound because it has not been tuned to give either low or high notes a power boost. It is actually an excellent near-field studio monitor that would be suitable for use in a recording studio or for use by audiophiles at home as a high-quality speaker.

Yamaha FG830 Acoustic Guitar Review 2020 – Branded Music Instruments Store

Since the 1960s, Yamaha has produced the FG series. Their initial motive for producing the series was because they wished to demonstrate that there was no need to break the bank for a nice quality acoustic guitar. It was an inspired concept because this series has become the most popular and well-loved in acoustic guitars since the first FG was released in 1966.The FG830 belongs to the sequence FG800. The guitars that are part of this series are known, particularly in the center and low ranges, for having a much more potent and strong sound. This is because Yamaha’s R&D technicians have spent a lot of time evaluating the finest bracing design and creating the one-of – a-kind scallop bracing pattern.This guitar appeals to both beginners and professionals as it comes at such an inexpensive cost, but it’s a dream to play as well. When it comes to building quality, Yamaha prides itself on its high standards, and the FG830 does not disappoint. It has a strong Sitka spruce top, and all made of rosewood are the twenty-free fingerboard, bridge, back and sides.The rosewood really enhances the sustain, which is often lacking in the same cost range on other guitars. The sound is wealthy and seems to come from a guitar that is much more costly. Vibrant projection can be ensured, while there are also abundant overtones.There’s a nice reason why the time exam stands for the FG sequence. Yamaha lived up to their previous promise at affordable rates to create great acoustic guitars.
Yamaha FG830 Acoustic Guitar Review

 The Yamaha FG830 is an outstanding guitar at the entrance level offering a lovely sound. It is obvious that his design has passed through a lot of thought and care. Here are the main characteristics it provides:
Sitka spruce top: finding a spruce top on an entry-level guitar is uncommon, but because of that, the FG830 provides a vibrant and expressive variety.Rosewood Fretboard: This allows for playability, but also a powerful and durable feeling.Rosewood Back and Sides: Compared to other, cheaper products, these offer significantly enhanced sustainability.Dreadnought Shape: This shape has become a classic, as it will be found comfortable by almost all players.Diecast tuners: It’s simple to string these tuners.Adjustable Truss Rod: It can be readily adapted if the neck is bent.Scalloped Bracing: The sound is really beefed up, making it louder than other guitars at the entrance level. It also makes overtones richer and more harmonic.Abalone Inlay Around Sound Hole: This creates a beautiful, eye-pleasing look for the guitar.
+ It’s a great guitar playing well, sounds great and looks great, all at a low cost.+ It’s versatile and suits acoustic rock, blues, funk, and folk musicians as well as many other genres.+ High-quality materials such as spruce and rosewood are solidly constructed.+ The slim neck makes it simple to play quickly.
— Requires configuration, but this is prevalent for acoustics at the entrance level.
-The plastic pins are all produced of saddle, nut and bridge pins. However, they can be readily substituted, which for just a few bucks will improve the noise.
For whom is it appropriate?
No other acoustic guitar as the Yamaha FG series has been sold to as many individuals. Yes, it’s mainly directed at beginner-or intermediate-level players, but coupled with the inexpensive cost, the quality of this guitar implies it has a wide attraction.But if you’re a beginner and you’re looking for a great entry-level guitar that’s going to last a long time, then the Yamaha FG830 will be ideal for you. This guitar will also be enjoyed by seasoned players as it performs well regardless of your ability level.

Why We Like It?

 The pattern of scalloped bracing is a genius stroke from Yamaha’s technicians. It implies that with very excellent sustain this guitar has a strong, full-bodied sound. Neither has Yamaha scrimped on equipment. It looks like a luxurious acoustic guitar, although for an entry-level guitar the cost is very sensible. For a reason, it’s a bestseller. Playing is a dream, and it also sounds good.
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Vox MV50 AC 50-Watt Hybrid Tube Head Review – Branded Music Instruments Store

The leap from analog to digital is continually prevalent in the minds of music equipment manufacturers. This means that we’re seeing some amazing hybrid amp heads appear. Circuits and enclosures are becoming smaller and smaller, as in all modern consumer electronics.The capabilities of a lower wattage amp head are foolishly underestimated by some of us. New technological advances have moved it up a notch in the last couple of decades, and many of them now meet standards. Many have incredible levels of volume as well as lovely tones that sculpt your voice.The MV50 amp head from Vox, with a micro-stature, is a mind-boggling palm-sized powerhouse. With smooth retro curves and a mirrored front-plate, it is well-built. It has all of the classic esthetics of Vox that you associate with the brand. Given its lightweight and micro-dimensions, the structure seems fairly solid.It’s pretty darn compact, weighing in at just over 1lbs, and made with a robust carrying handle. For someone who likes to ride with their ax and have an impromptu jam on the lane, this feature makes it a top pick. A lot of choices for microamps can be a little underwhelming. Most are judged rather than a viable piece of kit as something of a novel or novelty.There are a lot of guitarists out there who are unable to consider anything but all-tube amplifiers – the MV50 is an authentic tube-tone reproduction hybrid style amplifier.It has a mixed set of circuits. This utilizes two ground-breaking Nutubes instead of an old school tube transistor preamp. They were designed and engineered by Korg initially. These modern ‘tubes’ turn many a tube-head easily.They are well built and offer the MV50 the ability to sound just with a hell of a lot more headroom like a maxed MV30. They are also an important component, setting it apart from other micro-amps.They’re the secret that gives it its excellent AC tube tones, enabling it to imitate the vintage era of British Music.It has a no-nonsense set of three dials; volume and tone gain. The most interesting is the tone dial. You can dial in a wealth of sounds, despite its simple, solitary control process. Be it Queen-like tones influenced by the Beatles or glorious. You can use it in combination with the Gain knob that has a scuzzier, blurred tip, as you would imagine, the higher you lift it after the break-up.This Tube Head also benefits from a power portion of the D Class, which means you can hook it up to most cabinets without any problems with consumption. The input-output is straightforward for such a small footprint.For your guitar or other instrument, you have a regular 1⁄4-inch TRS input and a 1⁄4-inch out to run to your cabinet or amplifier. There is also a line-out or headphone link that is full size (1⁄4-inch). This implies that you can use the micro-head as a stand-alone for practice without a taxi.Again, if you want to use it as a travel buddy, this is perfect, but it has a 19V DC power supply, so you’ll need a hook-up.
Vox MV50

So much more than a gimmicky micro-amp head, the MV50 AC. It’s built more firmly for starters than most microamp heads, but under the hood is where things vary the most. With some superior hybrid circuitry, it was decked out. We think this gives it the edge over other related items that are currently on sale.It couldn’t be easier to work with an easy one-in, one-out set-up and three basic front-mounted dials in hand. Apply to that the additional headphone performance bonus to practice without upsetting others, and you have an impressive piece of equipment.
It’s compact and lightweight. You should throw it in a backpack and take everywhere you go the classic tones of the Brit-rock revolution. In place of its preamp, it features Korg’s proprietary Nutube and has Class D circuitry that allows it to connect to any cab.
+ Amp head, micro-sized.+ Power segment Class D.+ Preamp Korg Nutube.+ Analog/digital hybrid circuits.+ Awesome-portable.+ Built well.+ tones from Britain.+ Headphones to work solo.+ DC power supply of 19V.
—Just running in DC. Given its small size and portability, the option of being able to control it with batteries may have made it the ideal travel amplifier.
Why We Like It
The MV50 is a beautiful mini-head with some excellent engineering. This helps it to hold its own in the heavy rivalry in the world of mini amps.The power section of Class D makes it capable of being compatible with powerful amp cabs, and you can practice quietly with the headphone output.With only two dials, the variety of sweet British tones you can achieve is commendable. We can’t get our heads around the sound that comes from something that’s so freaking tiny.

Vox AC4 4-Watt Combo Amp Review – Branded Music Instruments Store

A compact-sized tube amp that is ideal for home studio use is the Vox AC4 4-watt combo amp. It is small and light, but from the power and preamp tubes, it packs a decent amount of punch and sound.The speaker is a Celestion 12′ and provides a sense of clarity and punch depending on the degree at which you crank the gain. It has cosmetics in the classic era, which makes it look like it belongs with some of the rock greats in the studio.
Vox AC4

Often you want a lightweight and compact amp that can give you a huge amount of power and tonal flexibility all in one place. For decades, Vo has been supplying high-quality amps to amateurs and professionals. With the latest AC4C1 combo amp, it continues to do so.It’s operated with 12AX7 preamp tubes and an EL84 control tube using just tube technology. A pure and robust sound offers that form of tube strength. The power and the purity of a tube amp can not be balanced by transistor amps. You get a decent amount of strength and volume from the tubes, even with just four watts of power, adding to the tone that’s already available naturally.
In terms of the tone and volume controls, it comes with an effortless set-up. It’s fitted with a classic clean chime, plus a knob-turn rowdy top boost. It only utilizes knobs, pitch, treble, and bass for gain. To suit your desired sound, you can turn the knobs, but if you want to pump up the crunch, it’s the benefit you need to pay attention to.You have a pleasant and clean sound in the low gain setting, which is simple and succinct. For playing chords or plucking along to country or folk music, this would be a good sound. You get a healthy crunch when you turn up the gain knob, which will allow your guitar to scream, whine, and cut through during solos. Other than that, this amp does not provide you with any effects to play with, but with any pedalboard you are using, it will fit well.On the Vox AC4, the classic style is retro and trendy. Vox also uses the same style used on the old amps. It is not a big amp, but in any studio or on any small stage, it will look amazing. Using a vintage-looking amplifier like this adds to the charm and makes it blend just a little better into the studio ensemble.It is very lightweight and compact, which means that you can take this amp with you anywhere. Usually, they’re also much more substantial and harder to carry around as amps get into the higher power ranges. Weighing 23lbs and measuring 18x16x8, the AC4.With such a small amp, it’s incredibly loud. Due to the sound that’s produced and is loud enough to play in low volume band settings, it fits well in the studio. If you’re playing with your buddies or you need something to fill up a small space, the VOX AC4C1 is an excellent choice. In this range, it’s not the most economical of amps, but with this one you get what you pay for.
+ Slight and lightweight+ Excellent sound from Vox+ Retro Classic Style+ Strong sound of clean and rowdy crunch+ All Powered Tube
– Not as well priced— 4-watts only

Why We Like It
This is a perfect little amplifier to mess around at home with. It’s light and lightweight, but it’s still loud enough to give you a very friendly tone and volume. The classic aesthetic is elegant and attractive, and in the music room it looks fantastic.All of the power comes from tubes, which translates into a pure and robust sound that can not be produced by transistor amps. The set-up is so basic that it can be used by anyone. Even though you don’t get a lot of additional features, this amp’s natural sound is pleasing. When you want any effects that are not built-in, it works well with pedalboards.The clean tones are nice and crisp in the low-gain setting, while the higher-gain settings are crunchy and resemble British rock tones. It is relatively small and can be taken to any jam room in which you practice. When kept at a relatively low level, it can sound pretty good, but it can also go higher to keep up with a band.In terms of efficiency and reliability, you get what you pay for with this amplifier. For anyone who wants an all-tube amp that is both small and dependable, we like this product. It looks amazing and will work as well as a high-powered jam session for practice.

Vox AC30 C2 Tube Amp Review – Branded Music Instruments Store

30-watts of power is provided by the Vox AC30 C2 electric guitar tube amplifier. Inside the amplifier, there are two 12-inch Celestion G12M Greenback speakers and there are in-built reverb and tremolo effects.
Vox AC30 C2

The Vox AC30 amplifier is familiar to any electric guitarist. It has been extremely popular with the most prominent guitarists in rock-n-roll history for almost 60 years, starting, of course, with Hank Marvin, the man responsible for inventing the Vox AC30 in the first place. The Edge is maybe the guitarist most closely related to the Vox AC30.On every single recording U2 made during their long and illustrious career, he used the very same Vox AC30. So, what is it about this tube amplifier that guitarists love so much? It is made so famous by two factors.The first is essentially the sound it offers; in terms of that tone, the second is the versatility. When playing the Vox AC30, you can get everything from jangling, reverb notes, to distortion-heavy overdrive.The Vox AC30 C2 is part of the custom Vox AC30 series that was first introduced to the market in 2010. It features two Celestion-made Greenback speakers. When it comes to amplifying the vintage tone given by the Vox AC30 C2, it is these speakers that are so vital.Back in the ’70s, Celestion pioneered the Greenback amps, and if it hadn’t been for them, then we wouldn’t have the high-powered guitar amplifiers as we all know them. These speakers sound great, and the Vox AC30 C2 is a stable part of them. The luscious, popular tone you get from the Vox AC30 C2 doesn’t come down to the speakers, though. The reasons why this is such a beast of an amplifier are the three 12AX7 preamp tubes and four EL84 control tubes.Two separate channels are included in the AC30 C2, where you have a choice between the Standard and the Top Boost channels. Each has controls of its own. Two distinct in-built effects are also present. With a foot pedal, both the Tremolo and Reverb effects can be quickly turned on. There are knobs on the amplifier for Speed and Depth for the Tremelo effect. And for the Reverb effect, tone and level can be controlled.You get a tremendous amount of power from this amplifier at 30-watts, largely because it is a tube amp. The output jack means that you can plug it into a wider configuration of a speaker. This will shut off the two Greenback speakers inside the Vox AC30 C2, ensuring that the preamp and power tubes will still give you the same lovely sound, but at a quieter volume.Overall, this is an excellent amplifier that has stood the test of time. For one thing, it’s one of the world’s most popular tube amps: tone-and the range of tone you can get out of the Vox AC30 C2-is the primary reason this amplifier is so well-regarded.
+ The three preamp tubes for 12AX7 and the four power tubes for EL84 create the exceptional tone for which this amp is popular. The selection of tones at your disposal is incredible. It’ll cater to fans of the sound of the British Invasion, just as it will to fans of Indie or old-fashioned rock-n-rollers.+ The Tremelo and Reverb on-board effects are simple to monitor and also sound fantastic. If you have a footswitch, then during a success you can switch them on and off easily.+ Foot pedals can be easily integrated into the configuration of the amplifier as it has a real loop for bypass effects.+ To boost the sound, the two Greenback speakers help. But you can plug in larger speakers if you want more volume, and the Greenback speakers will turn off.
– This isn’t the cheapest guitar amplifier on the market, but it’s one of the best amplifiers out there. This amp is the option of serious guitarists who want to last a lifetime with a versatile tone and an amplifier. The Edge has, after all, been using his Vox AC30 for nearly four decades now.
Why We Like It
On the Vox AC30 C2, there’s a lot to like, but the tone is its greatest attribute. Tube amps give you the kind of sound that you can’t get from a solid-state amplifier or model amplifier. Tube amps cost more money than guitar amplifiers of other kinds.You definitely get what you’re paying for. And the price tag is certainly justified when it comes to the Vox AC30 C2. You’re paying a lot, but you’re getting one of the best guitar amps in history.

Voodoo Lab Power Pedal Supply 2 Plus (2021 Review) – Branded Music Instruments Store

The Voodoo Lab Power Pedal Supply 2 Plus, for guitar pedalboards, is an 8-output power supply pedal. It is built to give the required power to guitar players with a lot of pedals on their board while on stage or in the practice room to keep things alive.It has independent outputs, protection against short circuits and a toroidal transformer to minimize excess noise. It weights 2lbs and measures 3.4/6/1.75. It may be the answer to the reliable power they need to provide large pedalboards.
Eight Output OutputsMaximum output current of 1100mAInclusive of 11 cablesProtecting circuitsOutputs isolatedInput 120VTransformer Toroidal
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2

For guitar players, the Voodoo Lab 2 Plus pedal power supply provides a lot of power options. Many guitarists simultaneously have several pedals on the go. To keep them flowing when in use, all of these pedals need to have ample strength. Using a 9V battery or an AC adapter, most pedals are multi-powered.When batteries have a sufficient charge, they work well, but shortly after being engaged, they lose their juice and power. AC power supplies provide the pedals with a constant and sufficient amount of power, so the signal won’t fizzle out. Voodoo Lab’s 2 Plus power supply is a way to give the requisite power to the pedals.To plug your pedals in, it comes with eight outputs. This means you can simultaneously have up to 8 separate pedals plugged into the power supply. On a crowded point, it eliminates the need for extra power bars and extension cords.From the rest, each output is isolated. This ensures that there would be no bleeding or duplication of the current sent by the outputs with the others. They function independently from one another.With short circuit safety, in the event of a short breaker in the house, you don’t need to worry about your pedals getting a small blow up that might make them useless.The toroidal transformer is another excellent trait. A hum or humming noise is emitted by certain pedals that bleeds into the speaker and creates a ruckus. To curb this buzz, the toroidal transformer works and leaves your signal running cleanly and softly, enabling the sound that you want to come through.It is lightweight and compact, cutting down on the need for additional wires and cables. It weighs 2lbs and is just under 6/2. It can comfortably fit into your gig bag or right into your pedalboard bag so that you can easily take it with you to and from gigs.It is made of solid and durable materials that will ensure that after the tour it will last.To suit your pedals, the 2 Plus Power Supply comes with a number of required cables. It has six AC power adapters with right angles as well as two straight barreled adapters. It also comes with specialized adaptors for Line 6 pedals, MXR or Electro Harmonix controllers, and a battery snap without an AC connector for pedals.
Voodoo Lab 2 Plus will help remove the need to constantly purchase 9V batteries for your pedals and will continuously provide ample power. It is fairly priced and can be used if necessary for other low-powered devices which are not guitar-related. It is a pretty useful little accessory that could be helpful for many guitar players.
+ eight outputs ++ Securing circuits+ Circuits isolated+ Lasting building+ Transformer Toroidal
Not an utter necessity-Just one snap of the battery
Why We Like It
The Voodoo Lab 2 Plus power supply could be what the guitar player with pedalboard emphasis is looking for. It is comfortable and intuitive and helps to minimize additional cords and cables that you may need to use otherwise. It is very lightweight and small, making it easy to take with you everywhere with this little gadget.With eight independent power outputs, instead of having to send power from different sources, you can pedal just that many pedals from one station. Only so many outlets have to be plugged into many venues and rehearsal spaces. The 2 Plus helps give you the energy you need, regardless of where you are.It is short circuit safety, which will also protect your pedals in the event of the breaker being short. The toroidal transformer can also help reduce the amount of buzz or humming noise to which the sound is exposed by certain pedals.If you’re tired of buying new batteries for your pedals all the time, or even worse, when you need your pedal the most, you’re dying batteries, then the 2 Plus might be the next buy you need to make. Don’t think about losing the signal halfway through a gig anymore and having the strength you need.